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this is bbc news. will i'm alpa patel. the un secretary general antonio guterres is in the caribbean to see the devastation caused by hurricane irma. i'll be talking to him live on this programme. as thousands rally for spanish unity, the prime minister says there will be no compromise or mediation with the catalan government. in russia, arrests as people take to the streets to support opposition leader alexey navalny. and, preparations on the us gulf coast as another hurricane is set to hit in the coming hours. it has already caused damage and ta ke it has already caused damage and take on life in south central america. hello and welcome to bbc news.
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starting with an extended live interview with the un secretary general. there has been extensive damage in the caribbean after back—to—back hurricane ‘s. people have been left homeless without power or clean water. in the last few hours, mr guterres has been visiting antigua and barbuda. thank you very much for joining us. firstly, you have visited the areas devastated by these hurricane ‘s. what is your assessment? well it is horrible to see a paradise island like barbuda turned in to help. 95% of the houses
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have been destroyed. total devastation. the people had to be com pletely devastation. the people had to be completely evacuated. this is something we are seeing more and more, there is an increasing intensity of hurricanes and increased frequency and increased devastation. the origin is clear, we are facing the consequences of climate change. we hear the most appalling stories of people who are homeless, without clean water, the hospitals are without electricity. do you think the response to these hurricane is just was do you think the response to these hurricane isjust was not do you think the response to these hurricane is just was not good enough? well... there is an enormous effort first of all by the caribbean states themselves and the caribbean emergency mechanisms that are working. the un is doing its best to support the island ‘s. we launched an appealand support the island ‘s. we launched an appeal and the appeal is
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insufficiently funded so i strongly ask the international community to increase humanitarian aid to the caribbean states and especially to be able to support these states for reconstruction and to build resilience. there will be a very important conference for the imf and world bank in their meeting, i appealfor strong world bank in their meeting, i appeal for strong solidarity with the people of the caribbean. these people have not contributed to climate change but they are in the first line of victimisation. they need the support of all the international community. you said you had not seen the donations flowing into these countries. why do you think that is? well, i think the world is so focused on so many crises and so many situations that, naturally, these things tend to be forgotten. but this level of
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destruction and devastation is such that i believe we have all... because we all contribute to climate change around the world, we have a moral obligation to express solidarity with these first victims of the dramatic increases we are seeing is a consequence of climate change. you talk about climate change. you talk about climate change and as we speak another hurricane is on its way through this area. what do you make of that? will we be seeing more and more hurricanes? the scientific proof is there. warmer oceans, more heat in there. warmer oceans, more heat in the atmosphere and as the oceans warm there is more evaporation and vapour in the atmosphere and that means heavier rainstorms. when a hurricane moves over the ocean its intensity increases dramatically. when it reaches land it has a
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devastating impact, as we have seen. instead of dissipating over the ocean, the intensity is, indeed, enormously enhanced. it is clear that a warmer climate means more hurricanes and more devastating hurricanes and more devastating hurricanes and more devastating hurricanes and we need to do everything to stop this. we need to make sure that the paris agreement on climate change is implemented and more. the paris agreement is not enough. be on hand commitments need to be made by countries around the world in order to make sure we are able to dominate this dramatic evolution. if we could live now to north korea because president trump has tweeted about his frustrations over korea's nuclear programme. despite sanctions, the regime is pressing ahead with its programme. how concerned pressing ahead with its programme. how concerned are pressing ahead with its programme. how concerned are you about its current and future programme?”
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believe that it is very important, above all, to preserve the unity of the security council and keep the countries together. i think the sanctions were an important step. unity, on one hand, imports enormous pressure on north korea but on the other hand it opens the possibility and the opportunity for diplomatic engagement. i am a believer that there is no military solution for this crisis. a nuclear solution would be devastating. i am a believer that the opportunity created by the unity of the civil council must be —— security council must be put in place. on iran, donald trump is expected next week to withdraw his support from the nuclear deal. do you think that will harm the future security of the deal? well, it depends of course on what congress will decide and other
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important partners to the deal that corresponds to the resolution. i am a strong believer that the deal was an important step forward for our collective security and i hope that the deal will stand. moving on to the deal will stand. moving on to the rohingyas. the un has repeatedly asked myanmarfor the rohingyas. the un has repeatedly asked myanmar for access to the rohingyas. the un has repeatedly asked myanmarfor access to rakhine state. will you be able to access this area where there have been alleged human rights abuses? well, i hope that that will be possible. we have insisted on the need to stop military operations and the need to have unrestricted humanitarian access to the areas impacted, and also to affirm the right of return of the people who fled to bangladesh. that return needs to be involu nta ry bangladesh. that return needs to be involuntary and bangladesh. that return needs to be involu nta ry a nd safety bangladesh. that return needs to be involuntary and safety and dignity and to their areas of origin. i
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strongly hope that these, together with the recommendations of the group led by cosier naan, trying to find a solution to this dramatic problem, i hope that what i have asked for will be implemented by the government of myanmar. —— the group led by kofi annan. we have heard the most horrendous stories. will the un be pushing to hold people accountable for the abuses? as you know, the human rights council has appointed a aid commission of enquiry which will be travelling soon to bangladesh. be asked to be allowed to visit myanmar and that authorisation was not given that i strongly urge the government of myanmar to allow this commission of enquiry to be able to enter and to witness what has happened and, obviously, that is a basic condition for accountability. moving on out to
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the un itself, president donald trump has said he wants to see the organisation reformed. i believe you have expressed support for that. what might we see in the future when it comes to the un and reforms? since the beginning of my presence in the un, i have said that we needed a number of very important reforms to make it more effective and more cost—effective, more nimble, quicker at to answer and respond to different situations of emergency we face in the world. more able to have a preventative or mediate if capacity facing the enormous conflicts we have. we launched a number of important processes in relation to peace and security architecture, the management aspect of the reform. the un development system, making it
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more able to respond to the needs of member states, implementing the agenda 2030. all of these aspects are now presented to the member states, to the general assembly, to the different bodies of the un and i hope that countries will come together and be able to support these reforms. i think that is essential for the un will to these reforms. i think that is essentialfor the un will to regain full confidence of the peoples of this world. we are here to serve, to serve the people. it is necessary that the people see the un as an instrument that supports them. for that we cannot be bureaucratic nor slow. we need to be effective and we need to also respect people around the world who support our activity, making sure their money is well spent. what concrete steps will you be taking, however, and when might we see those steps in action? we have started. we have created an office to respond to one of the most
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pressing problems of co—ordination. we launched a roadmap and i am, in my appointments, guaranteeing full gender parity in the new heads of the different apartments of the un that i appoint. we will move to full gender parity in 2028. we have launched a very strong set of measures against sexual exploitation and abuse, both in civilian setups and abuse, both in civilian setups and dinkies capers. we have a victim ‘s advocate at a global level. we have situations that are more dramatic. we are presenting a number of very important changes in relation to our budgetary system, to our staffrooms, in relation to the architecture of our peace and security mechanisms, increasing the capacity of prevention and mediation. at the same time we want more co—ordination, and transparency
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in the way agencies work together to make sure that the un in each country, especially in the developing world, is much more effective in delivering to the people who need our support and assistance. and finally, you have beenin assistance. and finally, you have been in this role for a few months now. how are you finding being the un secretary general?” now. how are you finding being the un secretary general? i don't think you can find a more difficultjob but i don't think you could find something in which you are so enthusiastic about what you do do and what you can do, hoping that the international community will be able to support us to do the right thing. to really create the conditions for peace to prevail, create conditions for sustainable and inclusive development and create conditions for a development and create conditions fora human development and create conditions for a human rights agenda. thank you very much for being with the bbc. for a human rights agenda. thank you very much for being with the bbcw isa very much for being with the bbcw is a pleasure. stay with us here on
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bbc news. still much more to come. preparations are under way as the next hurricane barrels towards the us gulf coast. this was a celebration by people who we re this was a celebration by people who were relishing their freedom. this was a celebration by people who were relishing theirfreedom. they believe everything will be different from now on, they think their country will be respected in the world once more as it used to be before slobbered and took power. the dalai lama, the spiritual leader of tibet, has won this year's nobel peace prize. as the parade reached its climax two grenades exploded and a group of soldiersjumped from a military truck and ran towards the president, firing from kalashnikov automatic rifles. after 437 years, the skeletal ribs of henry viii's tragic warship emerged. even as
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divers work to bully her up, the mary rose went through another heart stopping drama. i want to be the people's governor. i want to represent everybody. i believe in the people of california. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: after a week of turmoil, the spanish prime minister has reiterated that he declaration of independence by catalonia would have no effect. in an interview with the spanish newspaper, he insisted there would be no mediation or compromise. it comes as thousands of people have been demonstrating in madrid calling for spanish unity. it was in
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reaction to the controversial independence referendum in catalonia last week. james reynolds reports. in spain's capital, demonstrators came out to deliver a simple message — this country should not be broken into pieces. the region of catalonia must give up its plans to declare independence. translation: this is horrible. i don't agree with any of it. and i hope we reach a solution soon, because it's very bad for spain. translation: we have come to ask for the unity of spain. we don't want spaniards to fight amongst each other. there is a minority of separatists, but i think the majority of catalans want to be with us. these spanish demonstrators in the southern city of alicante are fed up with flag—waving. they choose to wear neutral white. they are from a new movement called shall we talk? the middle ground of spain is now trying to make itself heard. campaigners here want the authorities in madrid
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and barcelona to end their brinkmanship and begin real talks. translation: i'm here because i want unity for spain. i don't want division for anything in the world, because the most important thing is that we unite with love and help each other. what's the solution? dialogue. dialogue between both parts. madrid and barcelona? yes, of course. will that happen? i don't think so. the campaign for dialogue extends to barcelona, the heart of catalonia's pro—independence movement. politicians on either side have shown recent signs of wanting to find a way out of the current crisis. these mass demonstrations may help them to make up their mind. thousands of protesters have rallied across russia, calling for alexey navalny, a kremlin critic, to be allowed
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to stand in next year's presidential election. in st petersburg, dozens were arrested for taking part in the anti—kremlin protests, which are being held in some 80 cities across the country. the rallies coincide with president vladimir putin's 65th birthday. most are unauthorised, including one taking place in moscow from where our correspondent sarah rainsford sent this report. these are really extraordinary scenes for russia. this crowd is now heading down russia's main street towards the kremlin, and they are chanting slogans against president putin, calling him a thief and corrupt. they are now heading to the kremlin. the riot police are accompanying them. for the moment, though, they are not intervening. they are just escorting them down the street. you're not afraid to be here? we have no choice, we must be here. we have no future with putin.
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the only chance for us in this country, not to live abroad, is alexei navalny. the whole point of this protest is to support alexei navalny‘s right to run for president. he has been gathering crowds in support of his bid for the presidency. officially, he is not allowed to run because he has a criminal sentence. but he says he has huge support and wants to prove that by being allowed to run. they are heading to the underpass and the police have moved in to block the way through to red square and the kremlin. they have done the same above ground, too. they're trying to keep protesters as far away as possible from the seat of power. perhaps the strangest thing about all of this is that it appears to have ended without mass arrests. the riot police normally move in quickly in situations like this, but this time the police seem to have stood back and let the protest take place. let's ta ke
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let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. the interior ministry in saudi arabia says two soldiers have been killed in an attack on a guard post outside the king's palace in jeddah. they say a man drove up to the gate and began shooting. the gunman, identified as a 28—year—old saudi national, was killed by royal guards. police in denmark say they have found the head and other missing body parts of swedish journalist, kim wall. she disappeared in august after boarding a submarine with its inventor. peter madsen has been accused of killing her but denies the charges. he's being detained while investigations continue. in london, a woman has been arrested after trying to scale the front gates of buckingham palace. police say the woman, in her 30s, was detained on suspicion of trespass, but that the incident
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was not thought to be terror—related. ports have been closed and evacuations ordered in the united states, as another hurricane is set to hit. it's a category 2 hurricane, and it's intensifying as it moves the outer edge of hurricane nate has already reached the us gulf coast. the hurricane is expected to make landfall in the coming hours. warnings are in place from new orleans in the west, to panama city in florida to the east. well, the storm has already caused devastation across the central americas, killing at least twenty five people and causing heavy rain, landslides and floods. julia macfarlane reports. last—minute scrambles at the supermarket — food, supplies, fuel, anything that might be needed. new orleans is not taking any chances. as citizens make their final preparations, shipping lanes have been closed, curfews have been set, and evacuations ordered for some areas.
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our greatest threat from this particular storm, because everyone is different, is not necessarily rain, but strong winds and storm surge. i am ordering a mandatory evacuation of venetian isles, lake catherine, and areas of the city of new orleans. nate is the ninth hurricane to form in the atlantic in this busy season. louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and parts of florida have issued written warnings and evacuation orders. what do you pray for at a time like this? for god to help us through this storm, you know, and everything to be ok when we get back home, and everybody is safe. although it is less powerful than other recent storms, the governor of louisiana warned citizens to take it seriously that nate has the potential to do a lot of damage. you can already see the damage in central america, still dealing with the tail end of the storm.
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at least 25 people have died in costa rica, nicaragua, and honduras. in costa rica, 400,000 people were reported to be without running water. the intense rains and winds made short work of homes, trees, even roads. it is expected to make landfall in the us on saturday night. president trump has said that "only one thing will work" when dealing with north korea. he took to twitter to say this. 0ur correspondent, laura bicker, is in washington and i asked her
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what she thought president trump meant by this. this is a rather cryptic announcement by the us president on twitter and is open to interpretation. he has said in the past the us is prepared to do anything to protect itself and its allies. last week, he had what seemed to be an open spat with his secretary of state, rex tillerson, when he found out they were back—channels between the us and north korea to try to get them to talk. at that time, he tweeted he told rex tillerson he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with "the rocket man." if this is bluster, it is incredibly dangerous. it is open to interpretation in pyongyang. when it comes to that interpretation, they will take that as an act of war, as they have in the past. catholic have held a special and controversial day of prayer along pollen's borders. the gathering took
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place. people were bussed from more than 300 churches to points all along the polish borders. lines of the faithful stood in the sand as the waves of the baltic sea lapped behind them. 0thers prayed in fields and towns. translation: we come to the borders of poland to pray for the poles and the whole world. we wa nt we want our catholic faith to continue to keep our children safe. the prayer fell on the feast of our lady of the rosary, when catholics commemorate the victory of the christian forces over the ottomans in 1571. some priests and church commentators said the event could be seen as support for the government's refusal to accept muslim migrants. polish bishops have urged the government to assist selected syrian refugees, but the plan has failed to secure political backing. 0rganisers say there is nothing political about the event. translation: we turn to god for peace and reconciliation
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in our region and throughout the world, so the same values can dominate throughout europe and the world. the border was chosen, they said, because it symbolised their desire to encompass the world with prayer. and that brings to an end this programme. goodbye from me and the team. the month of october can offer a mishmash of weather. you can get a mix injust one mishmash of weather. you can get a mix in just one day. that was the case on saturdays to be the north—east of scotland, putting clouds eventually. they never did in the south—west. it wasn'tjust plymouth. a lot of cloud in the british isles. helping to keep temperatures up. the first part of sunday, not great for most. sunshine
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across the western side of scotland. cloud in the north violence. the last of the overnight showers in scotland. more cloud running in the irish sea to the of wales, merseyside, greater manchester. generally speaking, the further south and east, more likely you will have a dry start to the day. as the day goes on, beginning to break up. central and eastern parts of scotland, doing nicely. the south—east and east anglia as well. more cloud in western areas. but don't give up hope. with the sunshine, you could get a boost of temperatures to possibly 18 degrees. the later part of the afternoon,
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northern ireland filling in cloud. the same in scotland. rain becoming more widespread. perhaps scotland is seeing some of the better weather. slovenia, but when you, it could be wet for england as they take on with when you. —— lithuania. monday, not a bad day. the rain i am showing you is not intense. ramping up later on. as we see a more active weather system coming in from the atlantic, gradually through the day on tuesday, it will push this area of cloud and wind and quite heavy rain at times ever further towards the south—east. at least that opens up the opportunity following on behind of dry and bright weather. showers in the west of scotland. feeling more cool as well. decent and proper sunshine. another set of fronts
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moving in through wednesday. that leads us in to a breezy midweek period through all parts of the british isles. this is bbc news, the headlines. rallies have been held across spain as tensions continue over catalonia's bid for independence. prime minister mariano rajoy says he could use constitutional powers to suspend the region's autonomy. protests have taken place in cities across russia, with dozens of arrests in st petersburg after clashes with police. protestors were demanding that opposition leader alexei navalny be allowed to stand in next year's presidential elections. president trump has issued an emergency declaration as hurricane nate approaches the gulf coast of the united states. evacuation orders have been issued for some low—lying areas. < the storm is forecast to make landfall as a category two the interior ministry in saudi arabia says two soldiers have been killed in an attack on a guard post outside the king's
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palace in jeddah. the attacker — a saudi national — was killed. now on bbc news, a special programme recorded at the edinburgh festival where listeners to the bbc 0uch podcast share awkward and funny
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