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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  October 13, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello, i'm nick marshall—mccormack and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: roger federer is after a shanghai —— the latest from the major league play—offs. roger federer is after a shanghai surprise. the swiss is chasing down the world number one crown. and molinari is the man to catch. francesco molinari shoots a 64 at the italian open. hi, there. the defending world series champions the chicago cubs are trying to keep their season alive. game 5 against the washington nationals is underway. so far it's looking solid for the cubs. the first runs were scored off antony rizzo. washington forced to decide yesterday with a victory. the
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winner goes to the divisional championship series against the adelaide dodgers. the latest score from national park, 1—0 to the chicago cubs. we will keep you updated. the american league championship series starts on friday. houston astros host the new york yankees in the first of the best of seven games. the texans have been waiting since monday to find out their opponents but their manager aj hinch wasn't surprised by the yankees game five win over the cleveland indians. bruce a lot of resolve for them to be down to nothing, especially with the stress that came with it and how they got their —— there is a lot of resolve. these guys were the wild ca rd resolve. these guys were the wild card team to win. then all of a sudden they find themselves back against one of the best teams in baseball. there is something right
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going on over there, so i'm not surprised. when the series started if you talk me we were going to play the yankees i wouldn't have believed it. world noi rafa nadal blew away italy's fabio fognini in straight sets as he chases the shanghai title he has never won. also through to the last eight is roger federer, who did thejob in quicktime speed, against alexandr dolgopolov. austin halewood reports. with just over one month of the season with just over one month of the season to go, the race for the year and world number one is on. roger federer is hot on the heels of rafael nadal. in shanghai he was at his ruthless best. he took the first set 6—4 and powered his way the ukrainian in the second. roger federer is constantly through to the quarter—finals. fabio fognini was fined $100,000 on
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wednesday for abusing a female umpire at the us open. back on court in shanghai, things didn't get any better. rafael nadal rammed the italian braggart as he took the first set. and into the second the world number one's dominance continued. nadal‘s never won the title in shanghai, but paying like this you would be brave to bet against him this year. next up for him is record dimitrov who continues to look after his best on court. —— gregor. he won in straight sets against sam querrey. perhaps the match of the day was against del potro and the world number four. after the first set was taken, the experience of del potro showed as he hit on the second. into a decider, the pressure all got a bit much for zverev. his frustrations were pretty clear. and he never quite recovered.
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del potro through in three. 50 in the world rankings is marrin chill each and he has been quietly going about his business in shanghai —— cilic. he safely made his way past stevejohnson. defending champion francesco molinari has a six—way share of the lead at the italian open in milan. it was perfect weather for low scoring on day one but englishman tommy fleetwood couldn't make the most of it. the race to dubai leader finished level par. 0n the other hand, molinari's golf was close to faultless in front of the home crowd with a 64 beautiful bunker shot. 0bviously another good day starting pretty much where i left off last year, so it was great to see the crowds. i think there's a nice buzz around the place and i'm happy and
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proud to be part of it. australian cameron smith fired an eight—under—par 64 to take a one shot lead after the first round of the pga tour‘s cimb classic in kuala lumpur on thursday. this was one of his eight birdies as he went bogey—free on the first round. smith holds a one shot lead over thailand's poom saksansin and american's keegan bradley and xander schauffele. justin thomas is looking to win the title for a third year in a row, but he's currently six off the lead after a first round of 70. the former england and liverpool goalkeeper chris kirkland has admitted he contemplated suicide before eventually retiring from the game due to severe depression and anxiety. kirkland was part of the liverpool side which won the 2005 champions league title. it isa it is a big problem, notjust in
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sport but in the world we live in today. it started for me around 2012 when i left wigan. i never wanted to leave, i loved it there. i then went to sheffield wednesday, but with the travelling i was panicking and anxiety keep him. it progressed from there and it got to a place where i was worried what i would do. my phone was going crazy. that's what it was for. not just to help phone was going crazy. that's what it was for. notjust to help myself as well, but to help other people, because there is a big problem in the game and in life. notjust for people involved in sport, this is for everyone. it's ok to talk. don't be ashamed or embarrassed. that's why i'm here today. the former fifa secretary general jerome valcke says his reputation has been destroyed by his 10—year ban from football. the frenchman was right—hand man to the now banned president sepp blatter, before both were embroiled in a corruption scandal. valcke appeared before a hearing to overturn the punishment
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at sport's highest appeal court on wednesday. it takes years to make your reputation and it takes one second to destroy it and that's where i am andi to destroy it and that's where i am and i am leaving in peace with my family and that's the only thing that remained strong in my world and that's what will protect. scotland's national football team is looking for a new manager. gordon strachan is leaving the role after failing to get them to the world cup. some names being suggested include former manchester united manager david moyes or even ex—england boss sam alla rdyce. in the campaign he has been brought in and has helped scotland qualify to be european championships and now the world cup. but the sfa have stood by him and that's why i am surprised now that even such a good run they have said that his tenure is over. the united states may be out of the world cup for the first time
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in more than 30 years, but there are a lot of other teams that will be heading to russia in 2018. and it turns out many younger fans were supporting them anyway. iam sad i am sad because the usa is my favourite team. they are really good team, but also easy to beat. we lost against england. it was an easy team. i feel kind of happy. the native states aren't my favourite team —— united states. they are my top 20, but i don't really care. i'm going to go for peru. why? because i am from peru. peru and barcelona. i vote for spain, argentina, brazil and portugal. spain. peru. my mum is
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from germany and i have three germany jerseys and they from germany and i have three germanyjerseys and they are my favourite team. i think i'm going to make it into the world cup in 2025 and i'll play for the usa. make it into the world cup in 2025 and i'll play for the usai make it into the world cup in 2025 and i'll play for the usa. i hope i will be playing for germany are usa. 2006. 2028. 2028. then going to play ——iam 2006. 2028. 2028. then going to play —— i am going to play for the united states. i'm going to play for peru. i think states. i'm going to play for peru. ithinkl states. i'm going to play for peru. i think i might play in 2000... 30. that's good stuff! that's all we've got time for right now. washington nationals have levelled
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their play—off decider with the chicago cubs. it's now 1—1 in the bottom of the second innings, thanks toa bottom of the second innings, thanks to a daniel murphy solo home run. that's it for now and see you soon. hi there. i'm going to talk about hurricane 0phelia in a moment, but first of all the weather here in the uk. this is the set up. low pressure to the north of the uk. a weather front moving in with some wet weather and tightly packed isobars, telling you it will be a windy day with gales around coasts and hills in the north and west. temperatures starting the day into double figures everywhere. so it will be a mild start. but windy as well. this area of rain will be slow moving across scotland and northern ireland. a damp start to the day across parts of northern england, and the rainfall totals really mounting up across the high ground, the cumbrian fels in particular,
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could see around 60—80 millimetres of rain before the weather system is through. behind that across scotland and northern ireland, yes, some sunshine through the afternoon but to the south of the front things turn increasingly wet through the afternoon. in wales the winds pick up in england and they should blow some holes into the clouds and occasional sunny spells are possible but overall we are looking at a lot of cloud. now, through friday evening and overnight the weather front stops moving southwards and returns back northwards. we will be left with further rain across northern england and north wales for a time. slightly fresher air for scotland and northern ireland but it is not exactly cold, is it? 16 degrees overnight taking us into saturday morning across parts of northern england and wales as well. here is the chart as we start the weekend. the weather front pushing its way northwards with the wind coming from a long way south, dredging up some very mild air. where it is cloudy temperatures into the high teens. where we see some sunshine this weekend we could see highs up to 23 degrees. way, way warmer than it should be at this stage of october. now here is the chart for saturday.
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most starting on a cloudy note. rain moving away from northern england but turning increasingly damp for western scotland. rain for a time in northern ireland. a lot of cloud, yes, but mild everywhere and where we see sunshine it will be pleasantly warm, the best across eastern england. maybe the chance of a few breaks of cloud on sunday, and where we see those breaks, temperatures up to 23 degrees but cloudy and wet and cool in the north—west of scotland. now beyond that we have to look at this, hurricane 0phelia, which this weekend is going to pass pretty close to the eastern azores. from there is stops being a hurricane on sunday. the winds expand as it moves underneath a powerfuljet stream and this storm system works towards the british isles. it could go to the west of ireland. it could go across the uk. a lot of uncertainty about the track. it won't be a hurricane when it reaches our shores but it could bring some stormy, disruptive weather, so make sure you stay in touch with the weather forecast over the next few days. that's your weather.
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welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: police in the us and uk launch investigations into sexual assault claims against the hollywood producer harvey weinstein. oscar winner emma thompson tells us... this man is at the top of a very particular iceberg — i don't think you can describe him as a sex addict, he's a predator. held hostage by the afghan taliban for five years: pakistani forces rescue a north american couple — and their 3 young children. fears for a new civil war in iraq — as iraqi troops head north towards the country's kurdish population. and london's monsterfatberg.
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