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this is bbc news, the headlines at lipm. the bbc understands the met police are investigating a further three sexual assault allegations made by one woman against film producer harvey weinstein. they relate to incidents in london since 2010. the government insists it's confident of reaching a deal with the eu — but the transport secretary said ministers are preparing for the possibility of a no—deal brexit. of course we have to plan for an option where there is no deal, don't expect that and i don't think that's where we are going to end up. polls close in austria — the 31—year—old conservative party leader sebastian kurz is tipped to become europe's youngest leader and form an alliance with the far—right gusts of up to eighty miles an hour are expected to batter the british isles. there's an amber weather alert in northern ireland and in parts of ireland, schools will be closed tomorrow and gavin esler is in cannes to interview michelin star chef galton blackiston on his passion for cookery in talking books good afternoon and
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welcome to bbc news. the bbc understands the metropolitan police is investigating a further three sexual assault allegations made by one woman against film producer harvey weinstein. alexandra mackenzie is here. the british police very much involved now in this investigation. what have we learned? we got a statement from them within the last hour, this statement, they have not named the hollywood producer but the bbc understands that is who they are referring to in this statement, they
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have reminded us that on the 11th of robert merseyside police had referred an allegation of sexual assault to the metropolitan police service and what they said is that it's alleged that a man sexually assaulted a woman in the late 80s in west london. we understand that to be the british actress lysette anthony, she has spoken to a sunday newspaper and she met the bridges in 1982 can she was given the lead role inafilm, 1982 can she was given the lead role in a film, she is now in hollyoaks and she is the fifth woman to claim that she was sexually assaulted by the film producer in her london home. that has not been confirmed by the metropolitan police but she has spoken to a sunday newspaper. —— she met the producer. the statement says on the 14th of october there were further allegations made against the same man, again but you're not naming the man the allegations were
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made against. what they said it's alleged the man sexually assaulted a woman, a different woman, this is a second victim and three new allegations, these allegations were in westminster 2010 and 2011 and in camden more recently in 2015. they have also said there has been no arrest at this stage, they have not named anyone but harvey weinstein has denied all claims of sexual assault. in a statement last week, harvey weinstein insisted that any sexual contacts he had were consensual, and he denied accusations of criminal sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault. the government has insisted that it's confident of reaching a brexit deal with the european union and that "britain will succeed" whatever happens. but the transport secretary chris grayling said ministers were fully preparing for the possibility of leaving without agreement. labour meanwhile said it is working
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with mps in other parties to prevent a ‘no deal‘ brexit. it comes as the chairman of sainsburys warns that food prices will rise sharply if britain leaves without an agreement. our political correspondent susannah mendonca reports. no deal is better than a bad deal, that's what the government keeps telling us, but what might that mean for your supermarket shop? retail giant sainsbury‘s has warned that food prices could go up by 22% if britain leaves the european union without a trade deal. if that happens, it looks like we might have to start growing more of our own food. we will grow more here and buy more from around the world, but that will mean bad news for continental farmers, that is why it will not happen, because it is actually in their interest to reach a deal. there have been questions around whether our seaports like dover could cope with backed up lorries in the event of no trade deal with the eu. the transport secretary said he thought a deal would be done, but if it wasn't we already have operation stack set up to cope
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with it, and he rejected suggestions that planes would be grounded. the deadlock in the latest negotiations with the eu has made the prospect of no deal one that the government insists it is now planning for. but parliament is gearing up for a fight, with labour suggesting it will join forces with tory remainers to try to change the legislation in the eu withdrawal bill to stop the government from being able to opt for no deal. i think on a cross—party basis, you will see in the debates in the coming week, the government will get the message, there will be a deal. when we amend the legislation, which i think we will, i think there is a majority to do that, have a meaningful vote, what we've said all the way along, we can say to the government that whatever you are negotiating will not be on the basis of no deal, because the damage to this economy will be so great. with the lay of the land on a future trade deal looking uncertain, the advice seems to be that we might have to become more self—sufficient, and as far as the future of eu citizens go, one brexit minister has said that they would be able to stay
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in the uk whatever happens. susana mendonca, bbc news. four hundred jobs are to go at the vauxhall car plant in ellesmere port by the end of the year. the car maker is moving to just one production shift a day because of a fall in demand. it says it's struggling in european markets and hopes job cuts can be made by voluntary redundancies. our business correspondent, joe lynam, says demand for vauxhall‘s c class cars has dropped. people are preferring to opt for suvs, sports utility vehicles, instead, and in order to get the company shipshape for bidding for the next generation of astras in 2020, they will have to cut down the shifts from two shifts around the clock to one shift. now, 400 jobs, they are hoping they will be voluntary before the end of the year. they have been in talks with unite, the union, but obviously if they can't get the 400 names, they might have to proceed
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to a different type of redundancy. that is 22% of the workforce, that is a significant number of jobs, but what the company is saying is that this is not related to brexit and this is not related to the takeover of vauxhall by the french group psa last year. people who kill someone on the roads could face life sentences under new laws being proposed by the government. motorists who cause death by speeding, street racing or driving while on a mobile phone are among those who could face the maximum penalty. andy moore reports. joseph was known to his friends as the gentle giant, at six but six inches he towered over his parents. he was killed three years ago in rochdale by a driver travelling at 80 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone. a deal was sentenced to
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six years injail, the government says drivers like him could face life behind bars. we do think the cards —— court should have the power to impose life sentences on the worst cases, perhaps for their arm victims, looking at a mobile phone, speeding or racing. the wreckage of joseph scar was displayed in front of the houses of ornament by a road safety charity and the organisation welcomes this latest announcement. it's a victory for years of campaigning by families of breed crash but ernst and charities including ours but we would like the government to go further and increase resources for enforcement so increase resources for enforcement so below can be properly enforced. the parliamentary advisory council for transport safety says there was no evidence of sentences would act asa no evidence of sentences would act as a deterrent. i think it's understandable for its coming from but i think there is a danger that it will disappoint victims families and it will have no effect on road safety. this lorry driver was
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scrolling through music on his mobile phonejust scrolling through music on his mobile phone just seconds scrolling through music on his mobile phonejust seconds before he ploughed into a line of stationary traffic killing four people, he was sentenced to ten years in jail. the government says cases like this should be seen as similar to manslaughter and the prison term should reflect that. andy murray, bbc news. us backed forces who are battling to ca ptu re us backed forces who are battling to capture the syrian city of raqqa say they have launched their final assault on the city. local forces began the offensive on sunday after a number of islamic state fighters and their families left the city. earlier, i spoke to alanjohnson who has been following the story. we have heard a lot by graco, it has ground along through the hot summer months, the city has been reduced largely to ruins, reports of civilian casualties. we seem to be entering the final phase. —— heard a
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lot about raqqa. the surrey and democratic forces said there has been a lot of negotiation with militants who are holding out, about 275 of them surrendered, gave up the fight effect of lee and about 3000 civilians who they had been holding as human shields were also freed but the syrian democratic forces say 300 foreign fighters had refused to surrender and they continue to hold out with some of their family members in a small area in the centre of raqqa and the sdf has announced it has launched what it calls the final offensive, the last drive against this group is that our holding out and it says it will continue until they had been cleared away. it's impossible to know quite how long that might take on it could be hours, days, slightly longer at its really just a be hours, days, slightly longer at its reallyjust a matter of time. what does it mean to the wider
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so—called islamic state movement, people say if raqqa is taken they may well hold them back elsewhere or will they simply move somewhere else and carry on what they have in doing. raqqa is tremendously important in symbolic terms, it was the capital of the so—called caliphate, the centre of the state but islamic state wanted to found and hoped would continue to flourish and hoped would continue to flourish and expand. obviously the loss of the city speaks as clearly as anything could that those dreams of state building have been brought to nothing for islamic state. they continue to hold a small area of territory straddling the iraqi syrian border but it's under pressure there are two but nobody who watches this group closely believes that will be the end of the story, it will disappear, feeling very much is that iis will go underground and operate much more
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conventionally bull attack x, hit and run and maybe become more dangerous in other ways, may be more determined to strike out in places like the cities of europe in an effort to hit back at the forces that routed them from the islamic state. the met office has issued an amber warning for northern ireland meaning there's a potential danger to life there's a potential danger to life the head of the expected arrival of hurricane ophelia tomorrow. let's cross now to the belfast newsroom and speak to sarah gergen. i presume eve ryo ne and speak to sarah gergen. i presume everyone is bracing themselves for what is to come? preparation is very much under way on both sides of the irish border before former hurricane ophelia hits the surety in northern ireland and the republic. and amber warning is in place for northern ireland meaning there is a potential for injury and a danger to life. gusts of wind of up to 70 miles an
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hour are expected when the storm hit northern ireland at around 3pm tomorrow afternoon. the met office has warned that could mean flying debris, damage to trees and a risk to electricity lines. in the republic of ireland a red weather warning is in place for tomorrow morning, that comes into play at around 9am, that could mean high winds of up to 80 miles an hour, storm surges, possible structural damage to buildings and the potential for flooding. damage to buildings and the potentialforflooding. but damage to buildings and the potential for flooding. but warning did originally take in five counties, it's since been extended to eight. this morning an emergency meeting was held in dublin to discuss preparations ahead of the storm and add the mini —— the meeting, the irish met office warned what to expect. the track is consistent, we have seen it for days, it will impact the south—west coast, the strongest winds along the south coast, i think that will be
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tomorrow morning, monday morning, tracking up the centre again going along the western part of the country, the strongest winds across most of the country but it's the coastal counties from wexford, waterford, cork and kerry of two claire, galway and mail, limerick, they will get the strongest winds but that's not to see other places would have stormy conditions also. following that meeting in dublin all schools and child care facilities within those red weather warning counties have been advised to close and school buses within those same areas had been cancelled as well. in terms of advice in northern ireland, it simply to take care and be aware of those incoming stormy conditions. northern ireland electricity have said they are monitoring the situation and emergency plans are being put in place. people travelling in the evening rush hour tomorrow are being asked to take particular care as travel delays are
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very much expected. for anyone considering making long journeys tomorrow from late tomorrow afternoon in northern ireland on words, they are being asked to reconsider those plans. thank you. the bulls are closed in austria in an election which could see a far right anti—immigration party brought into government. the conservatives are expected to win the most seats but they may have to rely on the nationalist freedom party to take power. in the last few minutes projected results have come through and they show conservatives in first place with the freedom party in second. we can join place with the freedom party in second. we canjoin our correspondent in dnr, bethany bell, as expected, looking like the conservatives or ahead, immigration dominating the election? —— in vienna. this election has taken place very much under the shadow of
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the migrant crisis in europe, back in 2015, 16. this country has moved to the right and now in these first projected results, 42% of the votes counted, the conservatives coming out first with around 30%, the freedom party just in out first with around 30%, the freedom partyjust in second place at the moment with 26 ahead of the social democrats with 26.2%. it seems this country has shifted to the right, one of the biggest campaigns is the question of migrants and it was interesting, immediately after the migrant crisis the freedom party, the far right party, surged in popularity but then sebastian kurz of the conservatives, packaged up many of their themes, softened and in many ways, there is only 4% between him and the far
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right party. how quickly is that sort of thing sorted out? that is something double take a lot of haggling. all of the party leaders will keep their cards quite close to their chest when it came to possible coalition partners. the appetite here for another grand coalition of the centre—left and the centre—right is not particularly high. the last coalition collapsed in may which is why we have got elections now but the other choice is of course this more controversial coalition with the far right freedom party. the last time there was a conservative far right freedom party coalition was back in 2000, a that point there we re was back in 2000, a that point there were sanctions by the eu, it's unlikely that will be the case this time but certainly there will be a lot of people in the eu, concerned about a nationalist eurosceptic anti migrant party having part of the
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power here in austria. 0k, bethany, we will get more from you as the results come in. thank you so much. the headlines in bbc news. the bbc understands the met police are investigating a further treat sexual assault allegations made by one woman against film producer harvey weinstein. they relate to incidents in london since 2010. the transport secretary chris grayling says he does not lead to believe the eu sent without a trade agreement but insists the country would succeed kumquat made. ireland's national emergency coordination group warns against all unnecessary travel as forecasters said the storm due to hit the british isles tomorrow has the potential to be a life—threatening event. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's olly foster.
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two matches in the premier league, it kicked off if you minutes ago, southampton and newcastle goal is, brighton heading to victory against everton, rooney scoring a 90th minute equaliser from the penalty spot, the seagulls taking a lead inside the last ten minutes. both teams three points above the relegation zone. a result that will do little to ease the pressure on the everton boss ronald koeman, with two league wins in eight, despite heavy spending in the transfer window over the summer. we lost control a little bit after one or two mistakes, the opposition, maybe that's the problem of confidence. but there is one way to come out of this difficult situation, is working hard. to show the belief and commitment between the players and that was what we showed today.
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commitment between the players and that was what we showed todaylj said that was what we showed today.” said it was goalless at st mary's, just being a goalfor said it was goalless at st mary's, just being a goal for newcastle, isaac hayden putting them ahead. derby county jumping above nottingham forest in the championship after a 2—0 win in the east midlands derby. this contest only 2a seconds old when derby were put at ahead. he then teed up the vetera n put at ahead. he then teed up the veteran striker david nugent for a second. county's first win in five games, up second. county's first win in five games, up to 13th in the table. roger federer has continued his holdover rafael nadal, winning the three previous matches in 2017, now four after victory at the shanghai masters. this was could now knock the spaniard of the top of the rankings by the end of the year. adam wild reporting. it is one of modern sport was my most injuring rivalries, the dial and federer, two of the greatest tennis has ever
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seen, the advancing years still failing to quell the hunger. in shanghai that was on the mind of both, now only federer could stop nadal ending the year with that title. this was a chance of the world number two to tighten. a break in the first game, display of intent, one from which the spaniard felt to emerge. federer‘s fan base spans the globe, he blasted his way to the first set, reminding everyone for he commands adoration. the 24th final between the pair, no dull‘s aggression in bursts but like on so many occasions, it wasn't quite enough. another title in the extraordinary year of roger federer, the great rivalry is to seek which of these two ends up the very top.” said the best for last, played some great matches against del potro, and these sets here today. in a way, not
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that surprised and because i felt good all week, it pays off to arrive early to an event, you can't do it all the time but i was here since thirsty late—night, its five, six days to prepare for a wins the match, i was ready. maria sharapova has won herfirst tournament since returning to the circuit in april following her 15—month doping ban. she beat the belarussian aryna sabalenka in straight sets to win the tianjin open. she trailed 4—1 in both sets before seeing off the teenager. it's sharapova's first title for over two years. there are four more rugby union champions cup matches today. the two—time european champions munster opened their campaign with a 17—all draw at castres. the lead changed hands a number of times in the south of france with simon zebo and david kilcoyne crossing for munster. last year's pro 12 runners up had to hang on for the draw at the end, with a last gasp castres drop goal missing the target. they both pick up two points for the draw.
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that's all the sport for now. i'll have more for you in the next hour. check the website for an update on all of those scores. much more in the next hour. 230 people are now known to have been killed in two bomb blasts that struck the heart of somalia's capital mogadishu. it's unclear who was responsible, but it's one of the deadliest attacks in somalia since the islamist al—shabab movement began its insurgency ten years ago. at least a0 people are now known to have been killed by wildfires which have devastated a major californian wine region. hundreds of others are missing, as the fires continue to spread. large parts of the state, including sonoma and napa counties, and the city of santa rosa, have been affected. dave lee has the latest. while huge fires continue to burn over the hills,
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the unimaginable task of finding and identifying the dead is now under way. this part of santa rosa was known hauntingly as journey's end. it was a mobile home park, more than 100 people lived here. specially trained dogs are being used to find human remains in the ash. it is heartbreaking. it happened so fast and there was nothing you could do. attempts to contain the fire are beginning to work. fire lines are being established by digging in and purposefully burning the vegetation. in this area, there is rugged terrain, a heavy fuel bed with oak and timber. it's all very volatile and dry. still, the exhausted firefighters remain at the mercy of the wind, which has picked up again this weekend, forcing more evacuations. more than 90,000 people have been displaced so far. emergency services here
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estimate it will take some time before people can rebuild their lives. but there is no impatience. this community knows it owes a lot to those who are facing the fires head on. health professionals in england are to ask patients aged 16 or over about their sexual orientation, under new nhs guidelines. nhs england said no—one would be forced to answer the question but recording the data would help to avoid discrimination. lesbian, gay and bisexual people are currently disproportionately affected by health inequalities such as poor mental health and a higher risk of self—harm and suicide. a woman is in a critical condition in hospital with "life threatening injuries", after becoming trapped under a carnival cart in somerset. the woman, who's in herforties, was part of the road crew at the chard carnival.
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an investigation has been launched and the health and safety executive and the local authority have been notified. today is officially the last day to spend your old round pound coins, although some stores will continue to accept them for a limited period, and banks will still take them. the new 12—sided pound was introduced in march to thwart counterfeiters, as annie shaw — who's a money expert — told my colleague ben brown earlier. the problem with counterfeiting, it's surprising, you would think, a fairly small value thing but it was apparently, i am fairly small value thing but it was apparently, iam not fairly small value thing but it was apparently, i am not an expert on counterfeiting, but apparently counterfeiters founded reasonably easy to copy and they were saying there is as many as one in 30 were fa ke there is as many as one in 30 were fake coins. you know that time you went to the vending machine, put you're pounding and it dropped through, you did not get your
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chocolate are, that was probably because it was a fake. let's talk about what you have to do, the deadline tech weekly is midnight tonight, isn't it? midnight tonight. i expect there is quite a few sweet shops doing trade today filed people get rid of small change but not to worry, you can change them at the bank anyway, take them in and swap them 1—1, various stores have said they will continue to accept them, i think sainsbury‘s, m&s and little will not, a lot of small traders have said they will, poundland, they are making hay out of this, come and spend your pounds with us. i think you don't need to panic about it, you don't need to panic about it, you will need to be aware that these new account —— coins, you may not be able to spend a dog in the future. there might be some people coming back from holiday who if they did
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know they have forgotten and suddenly realise, i cannot spend my pounds any more. i think so and that there is anybody from overseas, those are notorious, watching this programme on the news, they may have brought some offer with them that they have had for a couple of years, idid they have had for a couple of years, i did that when currencies changed abroad, i have turned up with an old currency that is no longer accept it. tourists certainly need to be aware, anybody who has been abroad and not been awake to this change, been away for a couple of months, certainly. they are nice little things, two colours, like the £2 coin, pub of a more attractive than the others, one thing i would say, some of the old ones could be quite valuable, i been seeing some things on forums and in the papers, i think the metro has a thing about which old £1 coin is more valuable, got a bit of a trade going on of the more valuable old designs so if you do
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find a few rattling around, perhaps check that they have more than the face value of a pound, you might be able to sell it for a bit more. and also, i know you could give them to charity as well, the british legion for example saying they would take old pound coins any time, that's a lwa ys old pound coins any time, that's always a good thing. £1 coins, anything, if you have spare change, give it to charity because they can a lwa ys give it to charity because they can always do with it, they have special agreements with banks and things like that. anni shaw there. with the latest on hurricane ophelia, here is ben rich. some turbulence and potentially destructive weather on the wait for the west. further south try with clear spells, the wind picking up to the south—west, exceptionally mild, temperatures nola work than 1a—15d.
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tomorrow the big weather maker is this, currently hurricane ophelia in the atlantic, it will not be a hurricane as it approaches are sure is public at this chart, very strong winds indeed wind gusts of 60—70 mph in western areas, particularly coasts and hills. part of northern ireland later could see gusts of 80 miles an hour, rain in north—western areas, completely different further south and east, warm sunshine and highs of 23—24d but for northern ireland, the met office amber be prepared warning for the strength of winds tomorrow.


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