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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 15, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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problems. 50 monday, particularly from the problems. so monday, particularly from the night and tuesday morning, some disruption possible and damage as well. on tuesday, the winds will gradually eased down. it stays wet and radical gci’oss eased down. it stays wet and radical across scotland and the further north of northern ireland. england, are largely dry day. splashes of rain arriving in the south later. nowhere near as warm as monday afternoon. pleasant enough in the sunshine. overnight rain from the south will work its way into parts of northern england wednesday and then into southern scotland. cool wind here, feeling warmerfurther south. goodbye for now. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: police in britain are now investigating claims of sexual assault by two women against film producer harvey weinstein. the actress lysette anthony says she is the woman who alleged she was raped by weinstein, at her london home in the late—1980s. a warning of steep rises in food prices if we leave the eu without a
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trade deal, but a cabinet minister says british farmers would produce more food for the nation if the uk left the eu without a trade deal. ireland is bracing itself for hurricane ophelia, with winds of up to 80 miles an hour expected. it's due to hit in the early hours of tomorrow morning. many schools are closing for the day. austria looks set to be the latest european nation to return a strong showing for an anti immigration party, according to exit polls. the conservatives led by 31—year—old christian kern are in the lead, with the far right freedom party in second place. now on bbc news, sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me holly hamilton. the headlines this evening... a gabbiadini double denies newcastle victory — as southampton twice come from behind to salvage a draw at st mary's.
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the world number two fighting for number one — roger federer produces a masterclass to beat rafa nadal at the shanghai masters. a missed penalty from leigh halfpenny sees scarlets narrowly lose out to toulon in their champions cup opener. good evening, manolo gabbiadini's double rescued southampton, as his side twice came from behind to salvage a 2—2 draw against newcastle. but it was an opportunity missed for rafa benitez‘s side — a team struggling for goals this season — as alex worsick reports. the mental —— the mantle and his prodigy, mauricio pellegrino played under rafael benitez and played alongside him, but that is french it must be put aside for the sake of
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three points. newcastle opened the scoring in the 20th minute, isaac had's 20 odd shot a fading everyone. southampton had failed to score in eight of their last nine milligrams is but shortly after the break, they made a breakthrough. migratory with this great solo effort. before applauding fans had the chance to ta ke applauding fans had the chance to take their seats, newcastle were ahead again, perez finding the back of the net at the second attempt. and then a clumsy attempt on shane long game the home side a penalty expertly slotted home by gabbiadini to make it 2—2. this header was cleared off the line. honours even at st mary's, a friendship intact. yes, i have to be grateful with the people, with the fans, because they we re people, with the fans, because they were pushing our team. i think at the end, we had our best moment. but
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always, we never, never controlled the game totally. my bigger disappointment was to see 3,500 fans oi'i disappointment was to see 3,500 fans on sunday, playing away here, supporting the team, and we could not get three points. but i think they will be happy with one point and hopefully they can enjoy the travel back. there was also a long trip for everton supporters, who probably set off pretty early for their side's lunchtime clash at brighton. the hosts were heading for victory, but wayne rooney scored a 90th minute equaliser from the penalty spot. the seagulls had taken a deserved lead inside the last ten minutes through anthony knockaert. both teams are three points above the relegation zone, and it's a result that will do little to ease the pressure on everton boss ronald koeman, with just two league wins in eight, despite their heavy spending in the transfer window over the summer. we lost a little bit of control after one of two mistakes in our ball position, maybe that's the problem of confidence, but it's one
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way to come out of this difficult situation, is working hard. to show the belief and the commitment between the players, and that was what we showed today. between the players, and that was what we showed todaylj between the players, and that was what we showed today. i thought we would probably decide more likely to score. that, we did, and ijust felt in general play, even with the quality that they've got, that they probably would not carve us open. that was the case, so a bit more disappointed that we have not come away with three points. derby county have jumped above nottingham forest in the championship after a 2—0 win in the east midlands derby this afternoon the contest was only 2a seconds old when vidra opened the scoring for derby, firing home from 25 yards. he then teed up the veteran striker david nugent. it's county's first win in five games, and they are up to 13th in the table. roger federer has continued his hold over rafa nadal. he'd won their three previous matches in 2017 and it's now four, after victory
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in the shanghai masters final. the swiss could now knock the spaniard off the top of the rankings by the end of the year. adam wild reports. rafa nadal! it is one of modern sport's most enduring rivalries. rafa nadal and roger federer, two of the greatest tennis has ever seen. the advancing years still failing to quell the hunger to be the world's best. in shanghai, that was on the minds of both. now only federer can stop nadal ending the year with that title. this was a chance for the world number two to tighten the gap. a break in the very first game, a display of intent, and one from which the spaniard failed to recover. federer‘s fan base span the globe like no others. blasting his way to the first set, a reminder to all of why he commands such adoration. this the 24th final between the pair. nadal‘s aggression coming in bursts.
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but like on so many occasions before, it wasn't quite enough. another title in federer‘s extraordinary year. the great rivalry now is to see which of these pair ends it at the very top. i guess i saved the best for last. i played some great matches now. and also the set here today. in a way, not that surprising because i did feel good all week. and it does pay off to arrive early to an event. you cannot do it all the time, but i was here since thursday, late—night, and it is five, six days to prepare for a wednesday match, so i was ready. very difficult match for me. he played very fast and he played well. i don't know how many unforced errors he made, i don't remember. he played so well, i think, and... yes, i could maybe do some things better, but that's it. he played too good. that's my point of view.
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maria sharapova has won her first tournament since returning from a doping ban. the former world number one won the tianjin open. aryna sabalenka. that gave maria sharapova her first title in over two years. there is still one more event to go. actually really looking forward to playing in my home country as the last event of the year. obviously coming there with the title already means a lot, but i do want to finish strong, even though it is a very fast turnaround andi though it is a very fast turnaround and i don't remember the last time i played three events in a row! but i will give it everything i have and i know i have so many amazing fans there. lions full—back leigh halfpenny missed a late penalty against his former club as pro 12 champions scarlets narrowly lost their 2i—20 champions cup opener in toulon. it's a ninth straight defeat on the road in the champions cup for scarlets — but they did pick up a losing bonus point.
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katie gornall reports. the sad mile can be an intimidating place for visitors. here, the sad mile can be an intimidating place forvisitors. here, scarlets would need to rise to the occasion. but early on, they seemed daunted. a stray pass from aled davies was insta ntly stray pass from aled davies was instantly punished. this pace a reminder that toulon can strike in a second. even leigh halfpenny, back at his former club for the first time, was struggling to get off the mark, and this mess was compounded when seconds later, he was swatted aside as three chimes champion cup winners came back for more. 18—3 down, scarlets needed to act fast and johnny mcnicol rose out of nowhere. fortunately, the board met him. now it was the french on the back foot as halfpenny hit the gap and suddenly his afternoon looked a lot brighter. remarkably, victory was in sight for the welsh but after the two sides traded penalties, toulon reasserted themselves to win
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21-20. but a toulon reasserted themselves to win 2i—20. but a losing bonus point means scarlets do not leave empty—handed. saracens already have a bonus point, liam williams has scored two tries and captain greg are another two to put them in control at the break. they got another at the start of the second half, so it is now 3a—6. ospreys are in action against againt clermont at the liberty stadium, and the french side started the quickest scoring two tries in the opening ten minutes. ospreys did hit back with a try of their own through rhys webb, but they currently trail by 20—7. two—time european champions munster started with a i7—all draw at french side castres. simon zebo and david kilcoyne crossed for munster, who managed to weather a strong second—half castres onslaught to pick up two points for the draw. now, the statistics have been piling up at the start of this rugby season.
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before the weekend, ten of the 12 premiership clubs, have suffered a combined 82 injuries to first—team players. the former saracens flanker will fraser won a domestic and european double in 2016. but he was forced to retire from playing in the summer, because of a neck injury — and he told tom fordyce that he was left with no option but to quit. i still get sore when i sleep and i still feel stiff in the morning. neck, shoulders, ankles, itjust all... ijust think because you spend, what, the best part of ten, at 11 years hammering your body every single day, even just running around every single day, yourjoints ta ke around every single day, yourjoints take such a hammering, a lot of lads would be absolutely fine, but when you have joint issues and i would be absolutely fine, but when you havejoint issues and i have had almost everyjoint you havejoint issues and i have had almost every joint operated you havejoint issues and i have had almost everyjoint operated on, you have consequences of them. it is almost your body kind of decompressing in a way i'm getting used... see you get a fewer aches
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and pains. hopefully, that will pass because it has still only been a couple of months since i finished. so hopefully, that will pass. yes, it is better but i am not going to lie, to be honest, it is still sore. i'm sure you want to have kids at some point with your partner, do you ever think it is going to be tough playing football? not really, the difference now is because when i was playing, and cannot do anything else outside of rugby because i had to training the next day. if i went and kicked a ball about in the afternoon or whatever and i was sore, it meant i could not train the next day, whereas now i do not have that added element. if i go and kick a ball around or do whatever and i am sore, iamjust around or do whatever and i am sore, i am just sore, it doesn't matter, it is not going to impact anything, ijust deal with being sore. in terms of that, i am not going to let it stop me from doing anything. it's not been a bad birthday week for englishman tyrrell hatton. after successfully defending his dunhill links championship
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title last weekend, he's gone and snatched a one—shot victory at the italian open, ending with a superb final round of 65. winning the two tournaments in a week have earned him around one and a half millions pounds. that is more than i got in my birthday card! that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. now on the bbc news channel, it's time for click. i've worn plenty of protective suits in my time, but they have always been to protect the environment from my body. this time, it's different.
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