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tv   Newsday  BBC News  October 16, 2017 12:00am-12:31am BST

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this is a newsday on the bbc. the headlines. days of severe flooding and landslides kill 60 people in vietnam and now a tropical storm threatens to dump more rain over the north of the country. a huge bomb explosion in the somali capital kills are least 230 people and the worst terrorist attack in the country to date. what happened yesterday was incredible. i have never seen yesterday was incredible. i have never seen such yesterday was incredible. i have never seen such a yesterday was incredible. i have never seen such a thing before and the death toll is uncountable. also on the programme, three women in the uk allege they were sexually assaulted by the hollywood producer harvey weinstein. and as china prepares to showcase its new leaders to the world, we report on how it is keeping a tight rein on the social media debate. you can't say this, you can't say that. how are you supposed to interact in china? glad you could join us. it is 7am in
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singapore, midnight in london and six in the morning in vietnam's wet days of floods and landslides have le pt days of floods and landslides have lept 60 people dead and almost a0 missing. entire villages, roads and homes across several provinces are underwater and to make matters worse, a tropical storm is heading to the region, threatening to dump even more rain over northern vietnam. it is one of the world's most disaster prone nations. vietnam is no stranger to massive storms and rains but this one is different. heavy rains have triggered flash
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floods in northern and central vietnam's over just two floods in northern and central vietnam's overjust two days but it took away bridges, houses, animals and people at a scale and speed the country has not seen in decades. the local government in this province has declared a state of emergency and opened several gates to discharge water at the country's largest hydro—electric dam, the first time it has done so in years. the decision had an immediate impact on communities downstream. as you can see on my left—hand side is whether farmers and fishermen live. what happened was, a portion of the dyke was broken. a government official was quoted as saying they broke the dyke deliberately to release the water pressure in other parts of the river. whatever is the reason, now hundreds of families are suffering the disaster. translation:
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it's been flooded like this for five days. our lives are badly disrupted. my days. our lives are badly disrupted. my 85—year—old mother and all my children were evacuated. all the pharmacy have lost their crops, livestock, almost everything. the local people here are resilient to natural disasters and they are helping design —— each other as much as possible. those living in flooded areas are receiving help to get in and out boats. translation: we use megaphone to alert people, we mobilise rescue team to support villages and evacuate all people like children. as extreme weather events appear to become more frequent, one of the country's deputy prime minister is said over the weekend that vietnam has two significantly improve its forecasting capabilities.
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our other top stories now and the us secretary of state has insisted that president trump wants to resolve the confrontation with north korea through diplomacy. he added that any deal with north korea over its nuclear programme would be very different to the current agreement with iran, which president trump wants to see reviewed. we had a similar agreement in place with north koreans back in the 19905, with north koreans back in the 1990s, almost like this uranium agreement and it leads us to where we see ourselves today. the message to the north koreans is, we have a policy towards north korea's nuclear programme the same as the chinese, the same as the russians, the same as the nuclear players, there will be at the nuclear is peninsular and any agreement will be different than the kind we are dealing with in a run. “ the kind we are dealing with in a run. —— iran. also this hour — voters
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in kyrgyzstan have chosen a new president in a historic election. sooronbaijeenbekov, a former prime minister, won outright, confounding predictions of a tight race. the former soviet republic, a close ally of russia, is now on track for its first peaceful power transfer since independence in 1991. amnesty international has urged eu foreign ministers‘ — meeting in luxembourg — to discuss the ongoing rohingya crisis in myanmar. the human rights group wants an extension of the current arms embargo and targeted financial sanctions against senior burmese officials. more han half a million rohingyas have fled the military offensive in myanmar, with many now in camps in bangladesh. the head of austria's conservative people's party — sebastian kurtz — is on course to become the youngest national leader in the world. he is 31 years old. with nearly all the results counted in the country's general election, his party has just under 32% of the vote. mr kurz is expected to invite the far right freedom party to join a coalition government. to china now — where a six year
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old girl had a lucky escape after becoming stuck in a narrow gap between two walls at a primary school. firefighters in suzhou city tried to demolish one of the walls, but abandoned the plan when they realised it was load—bearing. the girl was eventually freed when the wall was sanded down and lubricated with oil. amazingly, she suffered no injuries. police in somalia say saturday's bombing in the capital mogadishu has now claimed the lives of at least 230 people and wounded hundreds. it was the deadliest attack on civilians since the islamist al—shabab group launched its insurgency ten years ago. from nairobi, our senior africa correspondent anne soy reports. search and rescue efforts continue more than 2a hours after the blast. hopes of finding people alive are fading. those who recover the remains of their loved ones can
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be counted lucky. many bodies cannot be identified. it is one of the worst bomb blasts ever on somali soil. a truck laden with explosives struck at a busy intersection on saturday, reducing buildings to rubble and setting vehicles alight. the scale of casualties is unprecedented. president mohamed abdullahi farmajo visited some of the injured in hospital. he also donated blood. the president is in no doubt as to who is responsible for the attack. translation: indeed, it is a hard period. yesterday's truck bomb attack is a national disaster that claimed many people's lives and it signifies that the terrorist group al—shabab are cruel and nasty people who kill anyone. a city with just a handful of hospitals has been tested to its limit.
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medics are overwhelmed. translation: what happened yesterday was incredible. i've never seen such a thing before and the death toll is uncountable. corpses were burned and no—one could recognise them. somalia has been battling insurgency for years. the un—backed government is supported by a regional african union force but al—shabab has shown it remains capable of staging high—profile attacks in the capital. and every so often they test the resilience of a country determined to emerge from the rubble. in a rare show of anger, residents protest on the streets of mogadishu. they want the government to avenge the deaths of their loved ones and end a decade of attacks from the home—grown militants. anne soy, bbc news. anies baswedan will be sworn
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in on monday as governor ofjakarta, nearly six months after he won a contentious election in a landslide. the former minister of education — who during his campaign allied with hardline islamist groups — will have to handle the huge developmental issues facing jakarta, a city of nearly 10 million. with me to tell us more about the challenges ahead is our indonesia correspondent rebecca henschke. enormous challenges going forward? the fourth governor in three years to ta ke the fourth governor in three years to take on possibly the world's worst traffic in the city, huge economic divides between the haves and have—nots, has made some very controversial promises. , talking about zero deposits on state housing for low income earners, promising to
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stop a reclamation project in ja ka rta stop a reclamation project in jakarta bay and he made a number of controversial alliances during this very divisive campaign with the islamic defenders front, a group that has had its leaderjailed for inciting religious violence so he's going to have to prove that he can bea going to have to prove that he can be a leader of this economically challenging capital but also bring together this city which is made up of all the ethnic groups across this island and is also very much a multifaith capital city. what does his election tell us about the next presidential election? it was very much seen as a proxy for that upcoming presidential election. he was backed by pribowo, who has said he will run against the president. it is being seen by many political
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a nalysts as it is being seen by many political analysts as a signal for what me —— what we may see in the presidential election, dirty campaigning, bringing up race and religion, personality becoming a factor, and this is people concerned about the fa ct this is people concerned about the fact that indonesia is a fragile country brought together under this motto of unity and diversity and it is likely that the same tricks that we re is likely that the same tricks that were used to win this election very effectively will likely be used again in the presidential election. what kind of relation does he have briefly with president widodo? he has a tense relationship. he was his former minister for education and he was sent out of that cabinet by the president for not performing to a level that president widodo was was
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hoping for but the president backed governor ahok, they were very close, but the issues that will come up is the reclamation project, in that of —— in thejakarta the reclamation project, in that of —— in the jakarta bay the reclamation project, in that of —— in thejakarta bay and the reclamation project, in that of —— in the jakarta bay and anies baswedan is promising to stop. voters in venezuela have had their chance to deliver a verdict on the ruling party —— amidst a deepening economic crisis. polls have closed in elections for the governors of 23 states. that despite allegations of authoritarianism the country is a democracy. katy watson, our south america correspondent, is in caracas with the latest. a peaceful end to this process? it has been peaceful. this is a different country to the one we saw
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almost a few days ago. the opposition has participated in this election. and they say that is the best way to pressure the maduro administration to bring back democracy because they say this is a country that is a dictatorship. the government says these elections are proof that the country is still a democracy, that the voting centres are starting to close. we should be getting some kind of result from these regional elections. we have been covering this for some time. a crucial test for president maduro. when are we going to get the results and what next for his government?- the moment, the opposition has 23 states. if the polls are correct and the turnout is what the opposition
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is expecting, there is an expectation the opposition could win more than half. that is the crucial issue, it has been a test for the maduro government but also a test for the opposition to see if they can get disillusioned voters out to vote. that has been the biggest challenge. some people think there is no point. people need to be able to show that the opposition has support in government, and that will put pressure on. but it's very early days. the test will be in the next few months. how will opposition parties be able to govern? that is the most important thing once they are in power. this is newsday. still to come,
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police in britain investigate allegations by three more women that they were sexually assaulted by the hollywood film producer harvey weinstein. and we hearfrom a woman who's created a niche for herself as a drummer in the men's world of bhangra beats. parts of san francisco least affected by the earthquake are returning to life. but in the marina area, where most of the damage was done, they're more conscious than ever of how much has been destroyed. in the 19 years since he was last here, he's gone from being a little—known revolutionary to an experienced and successful diplomatic operator. it was a 20 pound bomb that exploded on the fifth floor of the grand hotel, ripping a hole in the front of the building. this government will not weaken. democracy will prevail. it fills me with humility and gratitude to know that i have been chosen as the recipient of this foremost of earthly honours. this catholic nation held its breath for the men they call the 33.
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and then... bells toll bells tolled nationwide to announce the first rescue and chile let out an almighty roar. let out an almighty roar. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm in singapore. i'm in london. our top stories: the north of vietnam braces itself for more rainfall as a tropical storm approaches after days of flooding which has left 60 people dead. bombings in the somali capital, mogadishu, have killed 200 and thirty people in its worst terror attack. marriage rates are falling while more and more people are getting divorced in china. a report into the fate and fortunes of chinese families also reveals that despite overturning the country's one—child policy in 2015, its legacy will continue to be a problem for years to come.
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more on that story on asia news edition at police in london are investigating allegations of sexual assault made by three women against the hollywood film producer, harvey weinstein. one of them, actress lysette anthony, says she was raped by weinstein at her flat in the late 1980s. another woman has made allegations of an attack in 1992, while a third says she was assaulted on three separate occasions since 2010. daniel sandford reports. being battered by a storm of sexual abuse allegations in america, the clouds are gathering over harvey weinstein in the uk too. this was british actress lysette anthony in 1982, 19 years old and at the start of her career, filming the science—fiction fantasy krull. that was when she met harvey weinstein. and in today's sunday times,
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she claims that a few years later, he raped her at her london home. harvey weinstein, who has been lauded as a hollywood a—lister for decades, has now conceded he made mistakes and needs help, but has categorically denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. the metropolitan police started investigating the allegations by lysette anthony last week. the force now says two more women have come forward. 0ne claims harvey weinstein assaulted her in 1992, the other that he assaulted her three times, in 2010, 2011 and 2015. but if detectives decide they do want to charge harvey weinstein, bringing him here would not necessarily happen quickly.
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the courts in america would want to deal with all the cases there before extraditing him to britain. actress, alice evans, says she managed to avoid weinstein's advances in cannes in 2002 when he asked to feel her breasts, but she thinks it damaged her career. it was very odd. the overtures were nothing to do with, "wow, you're really pretty." or, you know, "i'm really enjoying your..." it was nothing to do with me. it was, i want to touch your... they say your blood runs cold, but it's not really your blood, it's almost like your stomach turns. last night, the academy of motion pictures, which hands out 0scars, expelled harvey weinstein and today, the french president, emmanuel macron, said the film producer would lose his legion d'honneur, one of france's highest decorations. but he now faces the real possibility of a criminal prosecution either in america or in britain. daniel sandford, bbc news, at new scotland yard. this week the chinese communist party holds its five—yearly congress
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at the great hall of the people in beijing. the climax will be the revealing of the new leadership team behind president xijinping. at a time like this the authorities believe they must do everything in their power to stamp out anything potentially embarrassing for the government. so, the censors are in full swing, as china correspondent, stephen mcdonell, has been finding out. in order to land the 2008 beijing 0lympics, in order to land the 2008 beijing olympics, china made some promises in terms of opening up and freedom of expression. at the time, it seemed like things were getting better and better in that regard. but as we get further and further from the olympic games, the censors have been cracking down hard. phone applications are powerful tools for control. pretty much everyone in
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china uses wechat. at sensitive times, like during the party congress, keywords and phrases are a blot. using them can mean being reported to the authorities. —— are blocked. and now, if you set up a discussion group on wechat, as administrator, you are responsible for what he said on the out chart. the restriction of chat apps not by the chinese government has also been tested. whatsapp has been blocked, or example. if you cannot talk, how do you interact? this is what the communist party wanted to talk about. this has been opened to mark the achievements of the chinese government with president xi jinping as the leader. the fastest trains, the deepest submarines, and ever
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more powerful military, and hundreds of images of the man credited with all of this, xijinping. xijinping. xijinping... xijinping... stephen o'donnell, talking about the opening of the five—year annually held communist congress at the great hall of the people. the hindu festival of light, diwali, is coming up this week and you can be sure that some of the celebrations will be punctuated by lively bhangra beats. drummers are mostly male, but one woman has created a niche for herself in this world. her name is parv kaur, and this is her story. i used to get djs and other
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musicians looking at me and giving me the eye, wondering what am i doing? but then as soon as i play, there is the shock factor. and that is what i love about myjob. female drummers like these are rare around the world. when i was a little girl, i performed onstage with my father who with it in the industry. it has been 50 years since we were performing. it gave me confidence that the mouse can do this. —— females. come on! knees up! knees up! knees
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i babita sharma, that is so much fun! that festival is coming up this week. i can already feel the excitement in singapore! everyone is waiting for it. how are you spending it? eating. lots and lots and lots of food, and plenty of sweets. it is truly a special time for everyone. but i have to say, that girl has got it going on. every function i have been too with that incredible sound has always been about the men playing it. iam has always been about the men playing it. i am so thrilled she is out there doing her thing. i wish her success! this week, we'll be taking a look at china's economy as the country gets ready for that highly sensitive communist party congress.
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that's all for now. stay with bbc world news. we will be back with the headlines soon. we will be back with the headlines soon. see you we will be back with the headlines soon. see you soon. fairly quiet conditions at the moment. 0n fairly quiet conditions at the moment. on monday, things turn more stormy to the west of the uk, especially in northern ireland. the met offers authority we —— has already issued amber weather warnings. the worst will be in southern ireland. 0phelia, an ex—hurricane, moves towards the shores. there is a red warning here. danger to life and property across the country. the wind will strengthen in the west. scotland will have rain come and go. the winds start to pick up in the irish
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sea in particular as we go into the afternoon. wales, the isle of man, northern ireland, parts of south—west scotland in particular. winds in excess of 80 miles per hour. that will cause loose debris and travel disruption. monday, rain across the board in ireland. cool conditions in scotland. england and wales, away from western coasts, blustery days. 23. evening rush—hour, northern england, gusty winds. the strongest of the wind in the north. it will transfer to northern scotland. these areas could see 60— 70 miles per hour winds. they could cause disruption. temperatures going up into tuesday morning. monday and tuesday, just a reminder, problems around, notjust with transport, power supply problems as well. check on the website and on the bbc weather
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application. the wind will go down on tuesday. england and wales, a lot of dry weather. light winds. hazy sunshine. feeling pleasant, even without tropical layout on monday. later in the day, rain in the english channel. this system will just go north through tuesday night in the wednesday. the warm as their confined to east anglia and the south—east. wet weather in southern counties of england. wednesday, the midlands, northern england, the heaviest of the rain in the east of the pennines to be part of scotland as well. western areas, dry and bright. quite a wedding day here. 0verall bright. quite a wedding day here. overall this week, a stormy start to the week. things get brighter, but stronger winds as well. this is bbc world news.
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our top story. days of severe floods and landslides in vietnam have left 60 people dead and almost a0 missing. entire villages, roads and homes across several provinces are under water. a tropical storm is heading to the region, threatening to dump even more rain over the north of the country. police in somalia say the massive bomb attack in the capital mogadishu has killed at least 230 people — and wounded hundreds. it's the deadliest attack on civilians in the country to date. and harvey weinstein investigation continues to be one of the most read stories online. another woman has contacted police in britain to say she was sexually assaulted by the hollywood producer, harvey weinstein. the metropolitan police are now examining five allegations made by three women. mr weinstein has denied allegations of non—consensual sex. that's all from me now. stay with bbc world news. now on bbc news in a special episode of hardtalk, stephen sackur speaks to the hollywood icon and activist
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