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sebastian kurz is in a strong position to form a new coalition government, but may have to rely on the far—right freedom party. the leader of the spanish region of catalonia, carles puigdemont, hasjust hours to tell the central government in madrid whether or not he has actually declared independence. now it is time for our news review. the guardian leads with somalia, where over 500 people are thought to have been killed in a bomb attack in the capital mogadishu. it's considered to be one of the worst terror attacks anywhere in the world for many years. on the front of the independent is a picture of austrian sebastian kurz who, at age 31, is set to become the world's youngest leader. mr kurz, whose conservative people's
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party won victory in sunday's general election, is still short of a majority and may have to rely on austria's far—right freedom party to form a government. the philippine daily inquirer follows the continuing sexual assault allegations surrounding hollywood film mogul harvey weinstein. mr weinstein is now under police investigation in the united states and the uk and over the weekend, the body that awards the oscars voted to expel him. looking at this in the philippines gives you a sense of how it is right gci’oss gives you a sense of how it is right across the world, this story. the gulf news business section says artificial intelligence could add £630 billion pounds to the uk economy, according to a uk government—commissioned report. the boost could come from areas such as healthcare services adopting machine learning.
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the telegraph carries a warning from the uk's 0ffice for national statistics that britain is {190 billion poorer than thought and no longer has any reserve of net foreign assets to help protect against any economic damage that could possibly follow brexit. that is a scary thought, isn't it? it is, in precarious times. and finally, the irish times reports ireland and northern ireland are on red alert as the tail end of hurricane 0phelia sweeps through the area today. that's our main story today. all schools will be closed and people have been asked not to travel unless absolutely necessary. it is coming on to britain as well. 30 years since the great storm. a long time. with me is priya lakhani, a successful entrepreneur and founder and ceo of century tech. good morning. good morning. which is
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ai? it is. good morning. good morning. which is ai ? it is. let's good morning. good morning. which is ai? it is. let's start with somalia, the guardian, reeling as terrorist attack leaves so many dead and some are saying they could be moving from casualties to deaths, reeling is not really a strong enough word in my view. no, this is one of the most lethal terrorist attacks we've seen and what is really disturbing actually about the story is that this truck packed with explosives that was aimed at the somali foreign ministry had deemed through several checkpoints on its way to the city centre. and it went to the final checkpoint and accelerated as it was stopped the race obviously something wrong in terms of the security services in somalia, the result of u nrest services in somalia, the result of unrest in that region but this is tragic. al-shabaab have set -- not said they have done it yet but it seems extraordinary that got on top
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of this in a bigger way. how much trade has gone in and money from the us in the uk to fight al—shabaab.m is the state of the army in somalia and the state of the fact it is a lwa ys and the state of the fact it is always trying to send people over there to help train and it's incredibly difficult and how are they going to recover from this? i think it is all about how we are now going to be providing the correct date to the area and then how we will move forward. absolutely, something we will talk about i'm sure as this week progresses. let's look at austria and the front page of the independent, there he is, 31 yea rs of the independent, there he is, 31 years old. younger than me. younger than me as well. a lot younger than me! sebastian kurz head of the people's party, that is in casting his forehead with his wife. an interesting outcome. -- casting his vote. phenomenal, inspired by the french president obviously and it is
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incredible. it doesn't have enough of the votes to lead austria by himself so he is looking to form a coalition, the politics in austria has shifted now to the right and there has been... significantly. yes, significantly to the right, with the antiestablishment, anti—immigration party, and what sebastian kurz is looking at is to form a coalition with the freedom party. which is a real worry because they are in far right party. yes, they are in far right party. yes, they are in far right party. yes, they are an anti— islam party. they are talking about fascism is long, and muslim symbols. it is worrying. definitely a rise in these parties. it will be interesting to see with the coalition how it is formed and the coalition how it is formed and the kind of weight is given to the freedom party. i mean, very similar campaign and the extra what donald trump did. austria first for example, trump, america first, and appealing to those instincts in a
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very populist way. too much migration. absolutely, there has been a real focus on the country, who you are and what we should be doing andi who you are and what we should be doing and i think the problem is it that the president for elections going forward at how the world response to this. this talk about this harvey weinstein story, there are many, many pictures of many famous, beautiful actresses, we all know many of them, impacted by this. interesting i was listening this morning to the hardtalk interview between stephen saca and jane fonda and she talked about it extensively, she said to stop calling it a hollywood problem because it isn't. —— sackur. everywhere. that is something you said to me this morning, you are in the technology industry and you have experienced this. absolutely, this is a story -- this. absolutely, this is a story -- this is a story about abuse of power. the reckless representation
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when it comes to women in some sectors and this is rife and over the summer we had several stories in the summer we had several stories in the technology sector, my sector, of investors and very prominent individuals, male figures, admitting they had harassed women. so, it is absolutely everywhere and it's about creating a culture where women feel co mforta ble, creating a culture where women feel comfortable, where they can go into a meeting and we were discussing earlier how eating on our different. they are not in offices, they could be in they are not in offices, they could beina they are not in offices, they could be in a bar or... exactly, in a coffee shop, in a bar, meetings in a social setting. it is no excuse to like that. also there is no such thing as office hours anymore either because i have talked to two women in technology who have said often i've been asked to a meeting in a bar in the evening and did my mind i've been thinking ok, what kind of meeting is this? but in a 20 47 world, you know, the boundaries have changed —— 2a— seven.
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world, you know, the boundaries have changed -- 24- seven. when you are entering into the sector, i started my career in tech and had no experience in tech sir i was going to evening events and skiing with with groups of founders and you can see now you are in these environments where... a blurring of the boundaries. abuse of power. it's about consent in this culture of silence and these women are incredibly great and brave. i know he has been expelled from the oscars but what will you do next? we have seen it with bill cosby and jimmy saville and through my sector in the summerandi saville and through my sector in the summer and i don't want this to be a story that werrap dies down, this will affect lives. and they are saying if they do this for him what about roman polanski? tell us about this story quickly because you know all about it, a huge amount of ai influx to the uk, by 2035. targeting
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£630 billion more into the uk and there's been a review part of the industrial strategy, and they really have honed in on 18 recommendations as to how we can think about al, how we can make our lives more personalised in terms of healthcare. they talk about new academic post in funding in that but it isn't very much. it is a masters degree i think with 300 places. the hd is. actually it goes deeper than that, they talk about stem education and teaching and schools and absolutely it is the right thing to hone in on but the only issue with this is that obviously the reason skills shortage and we need to think about how we going to address that and how are we going to address that and how are we going to address the issue about shortage of eu. we are out of time. lovely to see you. thank you very much. take care. bye—bye. hello there.
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fairly quiet conditions out there at the moment. on monday, things turn more stormy to the west of the uk, especially in northern ireland. the met office has already issued an amber be prepared warning for strong winds from monday afternoon. damaging and disruptive gusts are expected. the worst will be in southern ireland. ophelia, an ex—hurricane, moves towards the shores. the met service in ireland has issued a red warning. danger to life and property across the entire country. the wind will steadily strengthen in the west. scotland will have rain come and go. dry conditions in england and wales. the winds start to pick up through the irish sea in particular as we go into the afternoon. western parts of wales, the isle of man, northern ireland, parts of south—west scotland in particular. we can see winds in excess of 80 miles per hour in a few spots. that will cause loose debris to fly around and travel disruption. only part of the story, of course. on monday, rain across the board in ireland. cool conditions in scotland with outbreaks of rain. england and wales, away from western coasts, blustery day but quite
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a warm and sunny one, 23 degrees. evening rush—hour, midlands, northern england, gusty winds. the strongest of the wind in the north. the low pressure system will transfer to northern scotland. these areas could see 60—70 miles per hour winds. they could cause disruption. temperatures holding up into tuesday morning. through monday and tuesday, just a reminder, some problems around, not just with transport, power supply problems as well. check for warnings on the website and on the bbc weather app. the strongest winds will go down on tuesday. outbreaks of rain continue in scotland and northern ireland. a cold day there. england and wales, a lot of dry weather. light winds, hazy sunshine. feeling pleasant, even without the tropical layer of monday. later in the day, rain spreads in through the english channel. this system willjust go north through tuesday night into wednesday. the warmest air confined to east anglia and the south—east. wet weather in southern
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counties of england. on wednesday, the midlands into northern england, southeasterly winds, the heaviest of the rain in the east of the pennines. part of eastern scotland as well. western areas, dry and bright. still feeling cool away from southern counties where it will be pleasant. overall this week, a stormy start to the week. things turn quieter but stronger winds as well. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and naga munchetty. warnings of major disruption across northern ireland and the republic as storm ophelia is expected to bring hurricane—force winds. all schools both north and south of the border are closed. the irish army has sent troops to areas likely to be worst affected. wanna is expected to arrive in northern ireland this afternoon and in the republic people are being told to stay indoors all day.
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the met office has an amber warning out for northern ireland, expecting gust of wind at 80 mph, especially in exposure, but areas adjacent to the irish sea and western scotland, of 70 mph. further east, a much quieter picture with some sunshine.
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