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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 20, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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from one manager under pressure to another everton boss ronald koeman admits events surrounding the club at the moment aren't helping his postion. the club has been charged by uefa after their players and some fans were involved in a brawl with lyon players during last night's europa league defeat. captain ashley williams‘ shove on the lyon goal keeper sparked a brawl between the players and fans. one of those fans was holding a small child, he's since been banned by the club. lyon went on to win two one leaving everton with only one point from three games in europe so far. and with his team lying fifth from bottom in the league, manager ronald koeman accepts there will be question marks over his future. i'm still the man, and we fight for everything, to turn around it, and of course, the pressure is on, the pressure is on the manager, but 0k, i watch television, i am sometimes on social media, and i know what's going around, and that's normal, because that's football. i don't step back, and i go forward, and
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let's hope for three points, and after sunday, everyone will be more happy than maybe today. england's women lost their first match under interim manager mo marley, beaten one nil ina friendly against france. but the build up to the game was dominated by more contraversy for the fa who are investigating the goal keeping coach lee kendall after allegations of innapproriate behaviour. —— controversy. our reporterjo currie was watching the match in valencienne. the lioness has had to take to the field this evening without their usual goalkeeping coach. that follows the fa launch a gimmick riley after the allegations of alleged unacceptable behaviour. it concerns the england but nigerian born striker,, and it is alleged that he used a fake caribbean accents towards herjonah time in the squad. the lioness is lost 1—0,
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a bit ofa the squad. the lioness is lost 1—0, a bit of a blow for the lioness is as they held their own against a tea m as they held their own against a team ranked fourth in the world. as for the manager, she's got two more matches next month, is to show what you can do. she said she has put her application in, and has been the butt of the lioness is, but... lots of things have happened recently, and it's been a tough time for the players, all the staff, for sure. i don't think it appropriate for me to comment at this moment in time. you put this application in this league for the permanentjob, put this application in this league for the permanent job, it put this application in this league for the permanentjob, it is thejob that you want after tonight with nigella mac about me, it's about the players, grubby games, and we had a good start today, it's about altercation he next two games, moving board, and then when its time and it's right, maybe i will be able to reflect on myself and say is this
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something that i want to do long time, draw up —— or do ijust want to... lewis hamilton's road towards a fourth fi world title appears to be clear after he dominated practice for this weekend's us grand prix. his title rival sebastian vettel was having a tough time in austin, texas. he was more than half a second slower than the briton, who topped the time sheets in both of today's sessions at the circuit of the americas. hamilton can wrap up the championship early if he finishes first or second on sunday, and other results go his way. bath's hopes of reaching the quarter finals of rugby union's european champions cup we re boosted with victory against the scarlets tonight. rhys priestland punishing his former club by kicking all the points in the 18—13 victory. patrick geary reports. for most of the last century, winning this match meant winning this goal, as the right to dress it in your colours. a rad, grabbed goal
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google would be more practical, it was hard to see straight let alone strict straight. most of his career was spent here. in such weather, progress as a bridge to be slow, but the scarlet but it idle whim on almost cavalier attacking. red riders on the storm, one of the other, stepping over the line. bath edged back, his local knowledge helped them up to, and passed their hosts. as things grew more ragged, it began to open up. girls in first football, and then diving. only denied a try by handling, a knock—on. no problem, bath could rely on his boots. the forwards muscles discoloured into submission, then they were kicked when they were down. a crucial european victory, plus of course the cuddly toy. so confirmation of that result and the night's two other european games involving british clubs. sale are still without a victory in the european challenge cup after they lost 27 2a to lyon
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and there was a good win for cardiff who beat toulouse, who are currently second in the french league, 17—15. and one other rugby union story tonight, scotland have suffered another blow ahead of next month's autumn internationals as hooker fraser brown will miss all three games with a knee injury. although he doesn't require surgery, brown is set to be out for up to eight weeks, so he'll sit out the tests against samoa, new zealand and australia. now it has been announced that hardy will sit it out as well. captain greig laidlaw has already been ruled out of scotland's autumn series. now this is an ‘and finally‘ because you don't see
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many of these in top level golf. dutchman joost luiten was playing his second shot at the par five 11th hole during on day two of the valderrama masters in spain. he launched his ball up the hill, it rolled onto the green and wouldn't you know it, into the hole. it's called an albatross that's three under par on one hole. luiten is leading the tournament by one shot on six under. with britain's scott jamieson, with britain's scottjamieson, tied for second alongside masters champion sergio garcia. that is all from me and the sports teams are now, but coming up in a moment, it's the papers. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are laura hughes, political correspondent at the telegraph, and the huffington post's political correspondent, kate forrester. tomorrow's front pages. the i leads with the outcome of the crunch summit in brussels — eu leaders have agreed trade talks can begin in december if enough progress is made. the telegraph claims that eu leaders have softened their stance on brexit talks because of fears that theresa may's government could collapse if the negotiations remain deadlocked the ft headlines allegations from two board members of the weinstein company who say they were denied access to the hollywood producer's personal file by his lawyers, while attempting to investigate rumours of sexual misconduct. the times claims that the 50mph speed limit imposed on drivers going passed roadworks could be increased to 60mph, to cut congestion and improve traffic flows, according to highways england. and the express leads
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with storm brian, which is expected to bring gales of up to 80 mph to the uk in the next 2a hours. is going to be a windy weekend. know whether edibles for the brexit talks, but perhaps some blue skies on the horizon, laura, would you say? that seem to be the mood music possibly coming from brussels. yes, it was quite interesting, because we saw a little bit more they can sell it to tone from eu leaders. it adds a little bit to me as if some of them felt a bit sorry for theresa may, and others felt really worried for theresa may. worried that the brexit and negotiations could com pletely brexit and negotiations could completely fall apart, and we would
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really be faced with a no deal, if theresa may would be ousted as leader, and replaced with someone such as borisjohnson. that is what we have sort of written in the telegraph, as the main driving factor, main driving force of this slight shift in tone, and this new approach which is meant to be, we will start discussing trade, we need more clarity or the brexit ‘s divorce bill, but they are strained to say, give us a bit here, we're giving you some, will be bizarre back, let's keep borrowers out of downing street. why would they be so televised of boris becoming prime minister? i didn't think the bin strong stable far. recent polls have shown that people on sides of the debate, their stances are sort of hardening. there is a port of peoples whose aborted leave and remain, that nothing is really happening. but i think to make some
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progress, the minister be seen to be happening. but, ithink progress, the minister be seen to be happening. but, i think theresa may has made it down quite a lot. she has made it down quite a lot. she has not overblown this small step forward today, she has said, we've still got a long way to go, she has made that very clear. i think, she doesn't want to raise the bar too high. to being there is an element that it was always good to be hard, because both sides would have to make it look hard, if you like? the eu don't want it to look easy for a member stick to leave, and this the theresa may, she's got some of her brexiteer backbenchers to satisfy. yes, she's got to look at if she is standing up to the eu. the eu needs to make it look to the rest of the world like brexit is ready difficult, nobody else should attempt it. don't try at! don't try it at home. so, that is definitely a point. and also, theresa may is having to stand her ground on so many different point. she is having to stand up to prominent leave campaigners, who called for her to
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go to brussels and say, we are prepared to leave, we without a deal. and then she has also got to stand up to the eu and say, no, we are not to pay x amount, because her own back bench mps, some of them feel we do not own anything. wherever she is, she's up against someone, or an opinion, wherever she is, she's up against someone, oran opinion, and wherever she is, she's up against someone, or an opinion, and she is ina very someone, or an opinion, and she is in a very difficult position. is against the guardian front page. this is the photograph, of a very lonely looking theresa may, who seems to be all by herself. around the negotiating table. maybe negotiating with those pots of flowers, or whatever they are, negotiating with those pots of flowers, orwhateverthey are, but slightly sad picture, nobody said it would be easy if the caption. yes, it does look like a loneliness advert, that united would add by a charity ahead of christmas time or something. poor theresa may won't see anything for eight days or whatever over christmas. i do wonder how this picture has been allowed to
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be taken, because it is not a great look, is it? and i'm not sure how... allowed by who, by her advisers kiss by her advisers and her deep. it is a strange dog to be —— it is a strange shots to be getting on a bit. tenner that the point, you'd think if you were part of the prime minister's team, you'd be so on top of this sort of thing, and... this isa of this sort of thing, and... this is a gift! this is a gift of the media, and it was waiting to happen. what is your hard on the talks. do you think there is going to be a breakthrough come december, and suddenly, they are going to start looking at a trade deal? yes, i think so, because they believe that eve ryo ne think so, because they believe that everyone thinks that it is really in their interest to leave without a deal? i don't think theresa may think that a good idea, and i don't think that a good idea, and i don't think the eu want to do that. it is
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just about who is going to give in first. do think there are some brexit supporters here who wouldn't mind there were no deal. line fingers a lot of bruno bardo runner. the brexit committee took place this week, and they remedy indications of walking away without a deal. the experts there, they had experts from universities, from eu law, and they said, basically, whatever happens, they think at the 11th hour, in any event, there will be some sort of deal. i didn't anybody certainly believes that we will walk away with nothing. so, let's walk away from brexit just nothing. so, let's walk away from brexitjust a minute. the financial times, they've got the harvey weinstein story. an interesting new angle. they are two of the corporations board members tried for yea rs corporations board members tried for years to corporations board members tried for yea rs to investigate corporations board members tried for years to investigate harvey weinstein, the co—founder of the company, but they were not able to. they were 20 get access to his
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personalfile, and they were 20 get access to his personal file, and they were not able to. yes, exactly, which lay da mocles able to. yes, exactly, which lay damocles is a whole load of questions, as did actually, hammond people knew what was done at what he was doing long before that came out, and had the abbey power, and hazards you have these lawyers blocking these independent board members accessing something that you would think would be really simple, and you would automatically have to give up. how do these lawyers make this case, how is it possible that someone in such significant position, is able to refuse the to do such a thing, and to cover all of this up for so long? hasan—mac yes. obviously this is good with ongoing case, i think the wider point is, the snowball effect that it has had, because this week, we have seen huge levels of the becoming ford, online, the need to campaign, counters and women coming forwards. —— me too campaign. tom jones came up and said
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that something similar at happen to him." an excited, the huge fact that it was good to have. i think will secret a few more on that. as a woman working in the media, do you welcome mat? the way that this story is coming out as may be having a cathartic effect not just is coming out as may be having a cathartic effect notjust in the film industry, but in lots of industries. apsley, yes. side it feels like a watershed moment. industries. apsley, yes. side it feels like a watershed momentlj think feels like a watershed moment.” think so. particular young men and women, have twitter and facebook. i think if this had happened 2030 yea rs think if this had happened 2030 years ago, you'd be more isolated. but, you can see other people saying it, and everyone is commenting on it, and everyone is commenting on it, and everyone is commenting on it, and sharing it. it is very much safety in numbers, and that is one positive part of the internet, which is that everything done at everyone is that everything done at everyone is in it together, and


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