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to the beach and that's an awful long swim with a big four metre tiger shark. the sharkjust kept pace behind me, every time i looked back i could see its huge head next to my fins and i had my spear gun pointed at my fins so it wouldn't get close enough to actually touch them. his lucky escape. time for a look at the weather. here's ben rich. nothing that frightening in the weather. things a lot calmer the winds lighter and it. to feel warmer, temperatures creeping up for a little bit. thanks to the south—westerly winds for that, the wind direction tending to bring warm are, bringing some pretty moist air, are, bringing some pretty moist air, a lot of cloud and outbreaks of rain. after a gloomy start today then slowly brightening from the west, heavy showers into the far
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north—west, temperatures a couple of notches up on yesterday. this evening, clear skies, notches up on yesterday. this evening, clearskies, lots of notches up on yesterday. this evening, clear skies, lots of dry weather initially, over night we see increasing cloud blown in on the south—westerly wind, misty and perky with hill fog, quite windy for northern scotland, very mild down through the far south—west. tomorrow morning very mild, 15—16d, 8am, lots of cloud and hill fog, misty and perky, drizzly, persistent rain across the midlands, wells, north—west england, some of that heavy. wet weather in northern ireland, 13 in belfast, rain spreading eastwards across scotland, with strong and gusty winds, deals in the far north—west. throughout the day, the first area of rain pushing through, for many things improving, but we are going to be left with this handbag of a weather front into wales, the rain continuing for a good part of the
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day, cloudy but mild in the south, brighter with showers in the north. this wriggling weather front will be a big feature of the weather through the week, moving south, northwards, the week, moving south, northwards, the position open to question but a lwa ys the position open to question but always to the south of this weather front we will feel the warmest of the air. taking it day by day, wednesday, sitting across southern counties, some rain, the mildest weather here, more sunshine for the north, a little cooler. the front migrating further north on thursday, 17 degrees in the south, if you keep cloud, if the sun comes out, you could get 20 degrees. but as we head through the end of the week and into the weekend, the front finally clears to the south, and as it clears, it will open the floodgates toa clears, it will open the floodgates to a chilly north—west wind, the rise in temperatures this week will not last long. by the weekend, feeling quite a lot cooler. a reminder of our main
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story this lunchtime. theresa may will update mps and brexit talks amid a row over leaked comments made at a dinner with the eu commission president. that's all from the bbc good afternoon. time now for a look at the day's sports news with me, jessica creighton. breaking news, ronald koeman has been sacked by everton football club. there had been increasing speculation about his future. our sports correspondent is with me. what more do we know? the situation this morning was that ronald koeman took training at the club's base ahead of the meeting with chelsea in the league cup on wednesday. 0ur
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information was he was expected to ta ke information was he was expected to take charge of this match. sources close to ronald koeman saying he felt he had the backing of the club's owners. but in the last few minutes everton have released a statement saying everton football clu b statement saying everton football club can confirm that ronald koeman has left the club. the chairman and the board of directors and the majority shareholder would all like to express their gratitude to ronald for the service he has given to the clu b for the service he has given to the club over the past 16 months and for guiding the club to seventh place in last season's premier league campaign. that's the statement, ronald koeman has been sacked after what has been a disastrous start to this season for everton. presumably 110w this season for everton. presumably now a massive task for the next manager who comes in. how bad is it for everton because they are not playing well and their losing streak just goes on and on. it's not a club you would expect to be languishing in the bottom three of the premier league. not after spending in excess of £100 million on new signings
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during the summer transfer window and a now sit 18th in the premier league, sojust and a now sit 18th in the premier league, so just above the relegation zone. they have won just two of their premier league matches this season. their premier league matches this season. two of their nine matches this season. none in the last five and their last win came one month ago on the 23rd of september against bournemouth so they are languishing, and they face leicester city on saturday, they have the league cup and then they have a run of matches they could win the perhaps the owners wanted to make the change for the new manager to have a reasonable period of games to get into the job. next three games away from home and when you consider they are yet to win on the road perhaps it will get worse before it gets better. thank you for the moment. a chinese doctor has claimed that more than 10,000 chinese athletes used banned substances during the 19805 and 1990s. the world anti—doping agency will investigate the claims made to german broadcaster ard. the doctor says all international medals won by her country
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during that period should be declared void because they are "tainted by doping." she also alleges athletes as young as 11 were doped, and the state—run system covered every sport from athletics to weightlifting. briatin's 0lympic swimming champion adam peaty looks in great form ahead of next aprils commonwealth games. peaty returned to action with win in the 50 metres and 100 metres breaststroke events, at the manchester international swimming meet over the weekend. he also finsihed second in the 200 metres, but said he has no plans to compete regualrly over that distance. 200 i've been swimming for two years but it will always benefit the 100 injuries wise and it's just some indifferent to do and gives people something different to watch when i'm dying on the last 25. probably one of the best games, the commonwealth games, obviously
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0lympics commonwealth games, obviously olympics is very good but commonwealth is a bit more, i don't know, more competitive because it's the home nations and you against each other so i'm looking forward to it. that's all the sport for now. 0ur our top story, ronald koeman has been sacked by everton. more on that story and all the other stories on the bbc sport website. more for you in the next hour. a 23—year—old woman has been charged with the murder of a toddler, who fell from a sixth—floor window in bradford. elliot procter, who was 18 months old, died on saturday at newcastle house, a seven story block of flats in the city centre. gemma procter, who's 23, will appear before magistrates in bradford a us serviceman who left his post in afghanistan in 2009 is due to be sentenced today. bowe bergdahl faces a maximum sentence of life after pleading guilty to desertion and misbehaviour before the enemy. he spent five years as a prisoner of the taliban. gary 0'donoghue reports.
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the case of bowe bergdahl has divided america. for some he is a traitor but the other is a vulnerable young man who should never have been sent to afghanistan in the first place. injune 2009, bowe bergdahl walked off his base and was captured by the taliban two 01’ and was captured by the taliban two or three hours later. the us military spent 45 days actively looking for him and say three service men suffered life changing injuries in the search. but five yea rs injuries in the search. but five years passed before he was released ina swap years passed before he was released in a swap for five members of the taliban who had been held at guantanamo bay. he had been held in a cage for three years. then, president 0bama hosted his parents at the white house on his release but ten months later the military announced he would be court—martialed. his case became
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even more controversial during in the election campaign when donald trump appeared to prejudge the military court. he's a traitor, a no good traitor. he should have been executed. we get bowe bergdahl and they get five of the biggest killers they get five of the biggest killers they have wanted. bowe bergdahl said he left his post to highlight failings in leadership and in a recently released interview he appeared to have little faith in the justice he was facing. at least they had the decency saying i'm the guy going to cut your head off but being back here the guy you just passed in the hallway with a piece of pace work he had you sign could be the person or very easily be representing the people who are going to make sure that you spend the rest of your years in prison or they make sure they hit you with
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everything they can. bowe bergdahl could face life in prison for the offences he has admitted and the army will press hard for a sentence thatis army will press hard for a sentence that is tough at his lawyers will urge leniency saying he has already suffered enough at the hands of the taliban. his fate will be known shortly. a government minister has said british extremists who've gone to fight with the islamic state group in syria will have to be be killed, in almost every case, because of the threat they pose to the uk. rory stewart, who's a minister at the foreign office and the department for international development, said there were difficult moral issues involved. he's told the bbc that british recruits to is had "essentially moved away from any kind of allegiance" towards the uk. he has had the support of cabinet minister priti patel. earlier, my colleague rebecca jones discussed this with clive baldwin from human rights watch and raffaello pa ntucci from the royal united services institute. we have to look at them on a
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case—by—case basis and i think if we are looking at those out on the battlefield certainly from a uk government perspective it is a far easier and more tidy, clean solution in many ways if theyjust don't come home and if they end up dead on the battlefields. can i ask you the question again, what do you think? look, my view is i think people who have gone off to fight alongside so—called islamic state have signed up so—called islamic state have signed upforan so—called islamic state have signed up for an organisation who has made an attempt to attack the west. if they end up dying on the battlefield it doesn't surprise me and i think this is something they ultimately would expect and were looking for. if we look at some of the cases and individuals who tried to come back who appear to want to change their ways, who are willing to come back and be open about what they have done on the battlefield and will show evidence of what they have participated in and go through due process is in the court of law here that and it that will solution as well. i don't think we'd execute them on the battlefield. if some of
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them on the battlefield. if some of them come back and they are willing to demonstrate and atone for their sins and pay their dues as the requires then we have a system in place to handle these people so that's fine. what do you think is the best way to deal with british extremists who go to syria to fight alongside islamic state is to mark there are two sets of rules, one is for the battlefield and if you are on the battlefield you are fighting fighters, you can kill those fighters. but after the battle is over and the battle against isis is coming to an end in iraq and syria at the moment, what do you do with the people who are captured and others? those responsible for crimes need to be prosecuted, especially the worst crimes and that is why the british government is also supporting a strong system of justice in iraq to prosecute isis, responsible for genocide and some of the worst crimes possible. that's why i find remarks like mr stewart's
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taken as they are as a sound bite quite unfortunate because it's not the situation that everyone can or should be killed and even the rules on the battlefield say when you capture soldier you detain them, you don't execute them. i'm grateful to you both for making that distinction, that's very useful. to stay with you on the battlefield for a moment if i may, what about this argument that if they are killed they have brought it upon themselves? fighters who are fighting usually choose to do that so fighting usually choose to do that so they do take it on that they can then be targeted and killed but it's really important that the message gets out that the british government as well, mr stuart has try to qualify his arms points, we respect the laws on the battlefield, we don't permit war crimes such as the execution of business because those laws protect british prisoners as well. a group of mps has launched an inquiry into so called ‘pop—up' brothels — that's where one or more sex workers set up in residential or holiday
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premises for a short period. it follows a huge increase in their prevalence, and accusations that they are a hotbed for criminal and human trafficking. sex work campaigners said women have had to resort to this after a number of well—established brothels were raided and subsequently closed, leaving them with nowhere to go. in a moment a summary of the business news this hour but first, the headlines on bbc news... borisjohnson has boris johnson has urged borisjohnson has urged the eu to think creatively to strike a deal on brexit as business lobby groups called for a transition deal. the cost of driving older, dirty cars into central london goes up by £10 in order to combat air pollution. a government minister backs her colleague who said the only way to deal with britain's fighting for the islamic state group is to kill them. —— deal with british people fighting for the islamic state group is to kill them. business lobby groups representing millions of workers are warning jobs are at risk if there isn't a quick
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brexit transition deal .five five of the biggest groups in britain have drafted a letter to brexit secretary david davis saying time is running out. drivers of older — more polluting — vehicles are now facing an extra charge to drive into central london. the £10 t—charge mainly applies to diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2006 — and covers the same area as the existing congestion charge. the financial conduct authority says complaints about payment protection insurance are continuing to rise. they rose by almost a quarter in the first half of the year, tojust over a million. consumers have until august 2019 to apply for compensation. it's thought that around 700,000 people in the uk have autism. that's about one in every hundred. but the rates of employment are not very strong, in fact its thought that only around 16% of people with autism have a full time job. well our next guest is trying to do
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something about that. ray coyle runs the social enterprise auticon — which is an it consultancy specialising in hiring consultants with autism. thank you forjoining us. tell us how this works. we are an it consultancy like other businesses, we hire bright people and send them to our clients to solve our clients‘ most difficult technical problems. the difference all of our co nsulta nts the difference all of our consultants are on the autism spectrum. when we were talking before coming on air, you were saying that there are some advantages to hiring people with autism. yes, there are certain skills and abilities much more prevalent among people on the autism spectrum. we find the consultants we hire have greater skills in attention to detail, cognitive pattern recognition, error
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detection, logical gap analysis and informing completely unbiased assessment of data. if you think about the way business is going now in terms of artificial intelligence, data analytics, things that i‘m ported to business, combine that with what we know is a skills shortage in the uk, it‘s obvious to me that the government should be looking to the autism community is to make companies more successful —— businesses should be looking to the autism community. what about disadvantages? there are challenges that autistic people face within the workplace. challenges can be contradictory and there can be unwritten rules and it can be difficult for autistic people to deal with. the model we run is we provide a level of support for our co nsulta nts provide a level of support for our consultants and we also make sure that teams that our consultants are going into our trained and prepared so going into our trained and prepared so that the businesses can get the most out of the talent they are bringing in. if i am most out of the talent they are bringing in. ifi am hiring someone
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who is on the autism spectrum, what provisions have i got to make in order to make them more effective? the first thing you need to think about is your hiring process in itself. a lot of the elements of bringing people into the workplace just aren‘t very suited to the schools of autistic people. the interview process is really a test of social interaction and that‘s not a great weight to assess the skills of autistic people. what‘s required the businesses to rethink the whole process all all the way through and to get to know the consultant and the autistic employee because it‘s a very person centric condition. every autistic person is different and generally speaking only requires small, minoradjustments generally speaking only requires small, minor adjustments to create an environment people to thrive but employers take the effort to understand people well enough to make this adjustment is then the commercial benefits are fantastic. thank you forjoining us. a quick look at the markets. the
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ftse is continuing to fire away on all cylinders. the pound is down and that means the companies trading on the ftse who are exporting are seeing a lot of support. shares in spire, the uk private hospital chain have been on the rise. this comes after the company rejected a takeover bid from a south african firm. but shares in car dealership company pendragon have taken a dive after it issued a profit warning. that‘s all the business news. plans to bring in a minimum price for alcohol will be announced by the welsh government later. ministers say the measures would help to reduce hospital admissions and alcohol related deaths. the scottish government has been trying introduce a similiar policy, but has faced challenges from the drinks industry. geraint thomas has more. strong alcohol at low prices. contributing to a significant health problem across the uk.
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tackling the issue hasn‘t been straightforward. scotland wants to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol, but the policy has been challenged and is currently awaiting supreme court judgment. even so, the welsh government is preparing to follow suit with a subjected minimum of 50 pence per unit. those whose drinking is on the increase and people who are considered high—risk consumers make up 26% of the welsh drinking population. however, they account for 65% of spending on booze and 72% of all alcohol consumed. the research tells us that if we set the price at 50 pence for example that we could save over 50 lives a year here in wales through that minimum unit pricing and we could save around 1,400 unnecessary admissions to hospital and 10,000 days of lost work due to alcohol as well which obviously has an impact on the economy. the imminent supreme court ruling on similar plans for scotland
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will no doubt have an impact in wales, but the aim is that minimum pricing will be enforced here by the summer and that strong, cheap alcohol will become a thing of the past. a couple whose car was destroyed in what police believe was a racially motivated arson attack, have been describing their shock at what happened. it was one of three vehicles set on fire in east belfast in the early hours of yesterday morning. dan stanton reports. the family car destroyed in an arson attack. it happened at around 4pm on sunday morning —— 4am on sunday morning. two other vehicles were also set on fire. it was released out and pathetic. you just come out and you don‘t have a car. we have five children. we had to tell them
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oui’ five children. we had to tell them our car has been burned because we are black, not white. i looked different, i don‘t understand it. there is a fraction of people who for whatever reason hold a lot of hatred in the heart and feel they need to express that on vulnerable people and it's just a very cowardly act i think as well to attack a family car. in the middle of the night when the families are asleep in the shadow of darkness, you know, and then you run away and hide wherever you come from. just around the corner on florida street this ban was also torched. they had remained in number plates and belonged to a remaining family living nearby. the third arson attack which happened around the same time as the others was on a street half a mile away from the
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other vehicles and was owned by a family from norway. 0ur series on the challenges facing women in the 21st century has moved on to sport where female athletes have often struggled to gain the same recognition. at 93, nora ronai is still winning medals and setting records in swimming. she admits she‘s faced gender discrimination in her life, but has never let it stand in her way. nora is one of the bbc‘s 100 women this year. time for a look at the weather now. thank you. good afternoon. a gloomy start for many of us today. a lot of cloud around and at times through the week ahead there will be a fair amount of cloud. we have a south—westerly wind, an area of low pressure here in the atlantic driving our weather at the moment and south—westerly winds at this time of year ten to bring high temperatures and a lot of cloud. after that cloudy start things are
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starting to brighten up in western areas and through the rest of the afternoon those brighter skies will spread further eastwards. in the evening it will initially be dry with clear spells but overnight the mild south—westerly wind does its work and neighbouring cloud and outbreaks of rain, also misty and murky conditions. the minimum temperature in plymouth is 15 celsius overnight. we start off choose a morning with mild, murky conditions across the south—west along the south coast. a lot of cloud around and rain from the south—east, the london area, the midlands and wales. some heavy rain here. north—east england perhaps starting drivers. rave in northern ireland, west of scotland but 13 celsius even here at atm but it will be windy in the west and north—west scotland. through the day tomorrow we push the first batch of rain through. in many places things perk up through. in many places things perk up but we have this hang back of a
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weather front from northern up but we have this hang back of a weatherfront from northern england into wales so the rain will continue in these areas for good part of the day. a fair in these areas for good part of the day. afairamount in these areas for good part of the day. a fair amount of cloud in the south, brightness with showers further north. this riding weather front is the main feature of our weather through the middle heart of the week. the move further south and north, the position open to question to some extent but to the south of the weather front that‘s where we see the highest temperatures. 0n wednesday we expect the front to sit in southern areas, here temperatures up in southern areas, here temperatures up to 18 celsius. further north not as warm but brighter with sunshine. the front migrates further north on thursday, gain to the south a lot of cloud, 17 celsius. if the sun breaks through those temperatures could be in the low 20s but cooler further north and as we head into the weekend that front finally died the way out of the picture and what it opens up is this north—westerly wind. not the mild south—westerly but a north—westerly wind and that means the rising temperatures this
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week will not last long. the weekend will turn a lot colder. that‘s all from me for now. hello, you‘re watching afternoon live — i‘m simon mccoy. today at 2pm... as theresa may prepares to give the commons an update on brexit talks — anger over the leaks at an eu dinner. i suggest humbly to our friends and partners in brussels, now is the time to get on with it. the drive for clean air — london starts to charge owners of older, more—polluting cars. seeing red over the effects of rising levels of c02 — blue planet‘s david attenborough. big areas of coral reefs that are white, bleached, crumbling deserts. if you've ever seen a coral reef and you think what that once was, that's enough to make you weep. coming up on afternoon live all the sport — withjess... everton‘s manager has gone. it was inevitable. it was, i think you have the kiss of death. it was thought to have the support of the
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clu b thought to have the support of the club despite everton‘s
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