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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 23, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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had been despondent and begging for help last week. the widow of an american soldier, who died in action, says president trump struggled to remember her husband's name, when he called to offer sympathy. drivers of some older and more polluting vehicles will now pay almost double to drive in central london , in new measures to tackle pollution. the world's coral reefs are being turned into "bleached deserts" , a warning today from sir david attenborough. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday. but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news: if in beyond 100 days at if 7 o'clock tonight, we'll hear from a white house correspondent on the row over how president trump dealt with the widow of an american soldier, who died in action. there'll be an interview with a us army special ops veteran, and the programme will hearfrom ian duncan smith with his take on the state of the brexit negotiations. as bangladesh tells a united nations conference that the number of rohingya refugees, who've fled violence in myanmar now totals nearly a million, we'll get the views of the red cross and unhcr at 8:30 tonight. and in the papers at10:1i0,
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i'll be joined by lucy fisher, senior political correspondent for the times, and henry mance, political correspondent at the ft. dojoin me for that. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh woozencroft. our main headlines this evening: a sticky situation at the the toffees, everton are searching for a new manager, following the sacking of ronald koeman. difficult times ahaed for china's 0lympic association as their former doctor alleges state—sponsored doping during the 1980s and 90s. and the world number one simona halep is smiling after a very good start to her campaign at the wta finals in singapore. good evening, plenty to come
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but we start with the big news of the day in the premier league. everton have sacked their manager ronald koeman with the club having dropped into the relegation zone following another defeat yesterday. for some it may come as a surprise, others not so much. 0ur reporter richard askam is outside goodison park. it's fair to say that the pressure had been building over recent weeks on manager ronald koeman, just two victories in the opening nine premier league matches. and a poor showing in the europa league at all. high hopes at the start of the season, £140 million spent on new players, seventh place last season got eve rto n players, seventh place last season got everton into europe, and a new stadium on the horizon as well. but it has unravelled in recent weeks
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ronald koeman, culminating in a 5—2 thrashing by arsenal at goodison park yesterday. that proved to be the final straw. the chorus of pooing confirmed what was to come. a 5-2 pooing confirmed what was to come. a 5—2 defeat to ours, jensen ronald koeman. he was convinced he could turnit koeman. he was convinced he could turn it all around. mentally, confidence, we are struggling. 0k, that's what we need to change. i still, personally, i believe thati can change the whole situation. these two disagree, chairman and owner calling for a change. what a difference a summer can make. at the start of it, koeman and everton were in buoyant mood, a seventh place finish and european football show look forward to, a successful first season on merseyside, but there was change in the summer. romelu lukaku took his goal—scoring touch to
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manchester united. and the money received went straight back onto the pitch. gylfi sigurdsson, £45 million. michael keane and jordan pickford, £25 million each. ajax captain davy klaassen, another £24 million. but those were the biggest new arrivals. the return of wayne rooney, and once again, things started brightly. rooney getting in on the goals, but the mood quickly changed. the europa league campaign turned sour after defeats. in the league, only one win since the opening day of the season. it had crewmen looking down and out. defeat to arsenal left them in the bottom three. that seemed to be enough to call time on his time at goodison park. everton will be keen to make an appointment as soon as possible. they have chelsea in the efl cup on wednesday. they travel to leicester city in the premier league the following sunday. sean dyche is the
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leader with the bookmakers. 0ther men mentioned in connection with the job is david unsworth, a former player. the former everton manager david moyes, and former england manager sam alla rdyce. from david moyes, and former england manager sam allardyce. from goodison park, back to you. well, earlier i spoke to the former everton midfielder pat nevin, i asked him about some of the intricacies around koeman's departure, including, whether it came as a surprise to him. everyone expected him, a lot of people expected them to go upwards from here, because they spent a lot of money. for them to go backwards, or downwards as it is in the league, it has been a shock to everyone.
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there have been a lot of different reasons for it. some important players are ageing a little bit, which doesn't help. the new group hasn't melded in particularly well. i think it looks as if there has been a lack of belief from the players and the manager. i have been to see everton a couple of times this season at goodison park, and there really isn't an understanding between the players. it doesn't look... it looks like a group of players, as opposed to a team. 0n the left—hand side, for a period of time, leighton baines was brilliant as a left full—back, seamus coleman was brilliant on the right. you put the ball in for lukaku. right. you put the ball in for lu ka ku. that was right. you put the ball in for lukaku. that was the core of the team. lu ka ku has lukaku. that was the core of the team. lukaku has gone, coleman has been injured, and leighton baines hasn't had anyone to link up with. in technical terms, their best players, and their most creative ideas have not been there. they have brought one or two players in who will be good players for them, but u nfortu nately for will be good players for them, but unfortunately for them, they have not all started well. given all that we have just not all started well. given all that we havejust said, do not all started well. given all that we have just said, do you think this comes as a surprise? is it good timing in terms of the sacking? there isn't a good time, but they had to make a decision before
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christmas. christmas time and new yeartime, christmas. christmas time and new year time, they need to get new players in. the big thing is, i do think the squad is good enough yet. if you look at the group of players, they were trying to get in towards they were trying to get in towards the top six or top four, how many of the top six or top four, how many of the players will be stolen off them just now? the answer is very few or none. lots of people want to take thisjob, it is a big job and it is in the premier league. everton have an amazing history, and have amazing support as well. you are taking them from a low base. if you do that, in many ways, you can bring them out of the relegation area. on the other hand, if you don't think that group of players is good enough, you have to find some really, really sophisticated and clever way of getting points. it is not easy to do in the premier league. it is not easy to do with a group of players that don't look confident. it will bea that don't look confident. it will be a tough one. i think the everton board and the new everton owner will
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be looking worldwide. if you are looking for the biggest name in world football right now, you have to try to bring him into everton. the problem is, he has the money to do it, but does he have the club or the group of players to do itjust now? that is the big question. changes ahead at everton. more football news to come in just a moment, but first, also coming up in the programme: we'll tell you how to take a racehorse from ‘the sales' to success as we go behind the scenes with a top trainer. and ‘led down the garden path‘ — the favourites for the venice marathon lose their chance of victory after being taken the wrong way. chelsea ladies manager emma hayes has signed a new three—and—a—half—year contract. the announcement comes with her side having made a perfect start to the women's super league campaign as well as progressing past bayern munich into the last 16 of the uefa women's champions league.
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this time tomorrow wales' women will be taking on russia in their second world cup qualifier. following recent disappointment with the men's side, the liverpool and wales winger tash harding says it's their responsibility to raise morale and they're aiming to get at least a draw in st petersburg. here's tomos dafydd. it took something special to win their opening qualifier in kaza khsta n last their opening qualifier in kazakhstan last month. now, wales go into the game with russia with real confidence, having won four of their last six games. the players acclimatising to the conditions in snowy saint petersburg this week, or where temperatures are below freezing. they are preparing to face a russia side humiliated 6—0 by the greek‘s top seeds england last month. but as second seeds in the group, russia will be favourites tomorrow. i will watch it with a smile on my face, knowing that we can now go out and beat them. but i watched them in the euros, and they
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we re watched them in the euros, and they were a different team. whether it was an off day for them, whether they had injuries, i know it will not be easy out there. having picked up not be easy out there. having picked up three points during a 6000 mile round trip to kazakhstan last month, wales are getting potentially difficult trips out of the way early. they need to finish in the top two in their group to have a chance of reaching the finals. we have got a really good group, and we have got a really good group, and we have a good chance to get out of the group. for us, it is minimum a point, and hopefully, if we get things right on the day, we can get three points as well. avoiding defeat tomorrow would represent a good day for wales. 0r their first home match next month, when they host kazakhstan. lionel messi, cristiano ronaldo and neymar will battle it out in london this evening to be named best men's player at the fifa football awards. ronaldo will be trying to repeat his victory from last year. former manchester city women's player carli lloyd is one of three nominations in the female equivalent. chelsea boss antonia conte is shortlisted for coach of the year. china's former 0lympic doctor has claimed that more than 10,000
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of the country's athletes used banned substances during the 1980s and 90s. the world anti—doping agency will investigate the claims made by dr yin—zian zue to german broadcaster ard. the doctor says all international medals won by her country during that period should be declared void because they are "tainted by doping". she also alleges athletes as young as 11 were doped, and the state—run system covered sports from athletics to weightlifting. let's round up some of days other sports stories now and world number one simona halep overcame caroline garcia in their opening round—robin match on day two of the wta finals in singapore. france's garcia, who's number eight in the rankings, beat halep to win the china open title earlier this month. but the romanian put in a solid performance in herfirst match as number one to win 6—4, 6—2. in the other match in that group, world number six caroline wozniacki
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of denmark had an even easier time beating ukraine's world numberfour elina svitolina 6—2, 6—0 in under an hour. now, you don't see this very often in tennis, watch carefully as you might miss bernard tomic serving underarm at the erste open in vienna. the australian was 40—0 up with the first set at 5—5 against frenchman pierre—hugues herbert. the crowd loved the serve, but it didn't pay off. tomic lost the point and went on to lose the set and the match 7—6, 7—5. gloucestershire's jack taylor has been suspended from bowling after his action was found to be illegal for the second time within a 12—month period. the off—spinner, who has served two previous bans from bowling, was again reported for throwing this summer. his suspension runs until september next year. britain's 0lympic swimming champion adam peaty looks in great form ahead of next
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april's commonwealth games peaty returned to action with win in the 50m and 100m breaststroke events, at the manchester international swimming meet over the weekend. he also finsihed second in the 200m, but said he has no plans to compete regualrly over that distance. 200, i haven't swum for two years. but it will always benefit the 100 and it'sjust something different to do and gives people something different to watch when i'm dying on the last 25. probably one of the best games, the commonwealth games, obviously olympics is very good but commonwealth is a bit more, i don't know, more competitive because it's the home nations and you against each other so i'm looking forward to it. the belfast boxer ryan burnett unified the wba and ibf bantamweight titles on saturday night. he was ahead on all the judges cards in a unanimous decision over zhanet zhakiayanov. but his celebrations were cut short when he was taken to hospital for post—fight headaches. thankfully he's fine — and today thomas kane paid him a visit at home. it was brutal from start to finish, it was a brutal fight. he it was brutal from start to finish, it was a brutalfight. he is it was brutal from start to finish, it was a brutal fight. he is the animal in the division. not a lot of
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people would fight him. what kind of reaction have you had since?” people would fight him. what kind of reaction have you had since? i have shut my self away a bit. people were concerned that i wasn't hanging about, i went straight out and went to hospital. people have been concerned about what's been going on. but i'm glad to say that everything is good. much to a belief of his mother and father. last time when he cut his forehead, he was able to be stitched up —— much to the relief. to see him stretchered out, to go to hospital, was absolutely no fracking. it's hard being a parent. it's a difficult job. but as for me, bernie and myself, to see our boy up there taking and giving ryan came out on top. there is a lot of meat left on the table for him, and he will take every bit of it. next, plans for a match outside the ring. every time i have brought up the wedding, it has been pushed to the side until now. but there was a wedding yesterday, on sunday, and i said, " on sunday,
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there is a wedding we can go to. " but it was the last thing on our minds! it has been a dream year for the 25—year—old. minds! it has been a dream year for the 25-year-old. beating two world champion is on the trot, not many people out there do that. i have given my life to boxing, and now it is starting to pay off. and he is now one of the hottest properties in the sport he loves. a nasty shinerfor him. we've seen the glory that comes with a grand national or cheltenham gold cup winner but what really goes into training racehorses? cumbrian trainerjimmy moffatt looks after 30 horses compared with more than 200 at the biggest stables, but is ranked in the top 20 in the uk. stuart pollitt reports. it's given us some of the most famous sporting moments, a high—stakes famous sporting moments, a high—sta kes world of famous sporting moments, a high—stakes world of glitz and glamour will but what is the reality
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for men and women whose job it is to train horses for races like the grand national? we have spent the last few months here at one of the most picturesque and unique stables in the country to find out. we've followed one—horse, from the sales to success. we paid 10,000 guineas for him. but hopefully, he should be winning the owner's purchase price back within a few months. the story started here in may at doncaster with trainerjimmy moffatt. hundreds of horses are available, and only a few are potential champions. you have had no problems with him? no. it is important, because if you buy one that is not up to the job, you are not going to train any winners. thenifs are not going to train any winners. then it's back to the yard in the beautiful cardwell fells.
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how many hours would you say you put ina how many hours would you say you put in a week? we start at six, and you are working all day, every day, really. but it is a lovely dog. as soon as you really. but it is a lovely dog. as soon as you get here, it is physical from the word go. if you we are not feeding, we are mucking out, emptying wheelbarrows. a lot of hard work. they all get special treatment by each of us. they are individuals. they have all got characters, definitely. august and it is race day. this is a wealthy world, but not every owner isa wealthy world, but not every owner is a millionaire. the boys that bought this horse have a bunch of mates from cumbria. this one loves fast ground. you look at us nine lads that work up the road. you are up lads that work up the road. you are up against people who are millionaires. you are in with the big boys now, so we see how we go. hopefully, one day, we will be in a
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winner '5 enclosure. hopefully, one day, we will be in a winner 's enclosure. two months later at wetherby, their dream came true. commentator: winning in some style! it is great to prove the big guys wrong. it is a bit like david and goliath, of course it is. that is the end, to have more winning runners in the cumbrian fells. we'll leave with something a little bit different now, the latest leg of the vertical world circuit. it took place yesterday inside shanghai's landmark tower, over 1,600 participants scaled the rather daunting 1,460 steps and 54 floors. australia's mark bourne reached the top in seven minutes 44 seconds, two seconds short of the record set last year. and there was more australian success in the women's race, suzy walsham broke her own record to reach the summit first in nine
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minutes and eight seconds. an italian has won the venice marathon for the first time in 22 years after a bizarre incident in which leading runners were misdirected off the course. the leading group of six runners were 16 miles into the race when the motorcycle guiding them took a wrong turn. they covered several hundred metres before being made aware of the error costing them around two minutes. it allowed local runner eyob faniel to win in a time of two hours, 12 minutes and 16 seconds. disappointment for them. disappointment, too, for ronald koeman, to recap the top story. the everton manager has been sacked today, that is all from sports day. we'll have more throughout the evening. thanks forjoining us.
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