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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 23, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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because it's being sold in a contemporary art sale... yes. which begs thejoke, of course, that it was made in the last 30 years. there are many copies of this painting, and i can assure you that we are doing a large catalogue. we are reproducing quite a few of them. believe me, you don't need to be the most subtle connoisseur to recognise immediately that they are not by leonardo. and this is. the technique he uses, which is really idiosyncratic, the complexity of the way the orb is painted, where every inclusion in this quartz crystal is individually painted, it's a crazy level of perfectionism that only a sort of obsessive scientist painter like leonardo would ever really do, and we find it in none of the copies. we'll see what kind of crazy level of money the painting goes for at next month's auction, where it is already guaranteed to be sold for at least $100 million — a record—breaking figure in the old master category. will gompertz, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. so—called islamic state was driven
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from its own self—declared capital last week but hundreds of brits had gone out to fight with them and so hundreds of brits may now due to return. we ask what kind of welcome we will offer them? —— choose to return. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh woozencroft. our headlines this evening: everton are searching for a new manager after dismissing ronald koeman afterjust i9 premier league games. a far better day for real madrid's cristiano ronaldo as he is named fifa's best men's player of the year for a second straight year. and scotland and edinburgh flankerjohn hardie has been suspended by club and country for alleged cocaine use. good evening, plenty
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to come but we start with the big news of the day in the premier league. everton have sacked their manager ronald koeman with the club having dropped into the relegation zone following another defeat yesterday. for some it may come as a surprise, others not so much. our reporter richard askam is outside goodison park. it is fairto it is fair to say the pressure had been building in recent weeks on manager ronald koeman, just two victories in the opening nine premier league matches and a poor showing at the europa league, this after such high hopes when the season after such high hopes when the season started, £140 million spent ona season started, £140 million spent on a host of new players. it has really unravelled in recent weeks for ronald koeman, culminating in that 5—2 thrashing by arsenal
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here at goodison park yesterday, which proved to be the final straw. the chorus of booing is all but confirmed what was to come. a 5—2 defeat at arsenal bm for ronald koeman, yet he was convinced he could turn it all around. -- meant the end. mentally, our confidence is what we need to change. i still believe that i can change the whole situation. these two disagreed, chairman and owner calling for a change. what a difference a summer can make. at the start of it, ronald koeman endeavour when were in buoyant mood, a seventh place finish and european football to look forward to, a successful first season, but there was a change in the summer. romalu lukaku went to manchester united, and the money received went straight back on the
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pitch. gylfi sigurdsson, £45 million. michael keane and jordan pickford, £25 million each. claassen, another £24 million. but those were the biggest new arrivals. the return of wayne rooney, and once again, things started brightly, rooney getting in on the goals, but the mood quickly changed. the europa league campaign turned sour, with defeats in italy and at home. in the lead, only one win since the opening day of the season had ronald koeman looking down and out. defeat to arsenal left them in the bottom three, and that seemed to be enough to call time on his time at goodison park. everton will be keen to make an appointment as soon as possible. they have chelsea in the efl cup on wednesday and travel to leicester city in the premier league on the following sunday. sean dyche is an
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early leader with many bookmakers. 0ther early leader with many bookmakers. other men being mentioned in connection with the job are the current under 23 spas, david unsworth, a former player. former everton manager david moyes, and former england manager sam alla rdyce. former england manager sam allardyce. back to you. under 23's manager and former defender david unsworth will lead but the side against chelsea in the league cup on wednesday, thought should get the job permanently? there are lots of people who want to ta ke there are lots of people who want to take thisjob, there are lots of people who want to take this job, it's a there are lots of people who want to take thisjob, it's a big job in there are lots of people who want to take this job, it's a big job in the premier league. everton have an amazing history and an amazing support. also, you taking them from a low base, so many ways you can't fail because you would just bring them out of the relegation area. if they look around, i think the everton board and a new everton owner would be looking worldwide, looking for the biggest name that is available in world football right now to bring him into everton. he
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has the money to do it, but does he have the club for the group of players to do thatjust now? that is a big question. it was a great night for real madrid fans as cristiano ronaldo was named the world's best male player at the 2017 best fifa football awards in london. the real madrid and portugal forward beat lionel messi of barcelona, and paris st germain's neymar to the honour. ronaldo helped real to a champions league la liga double in 201617. thanks a lot. i would like to mention messi and neymar, who are here. this is a great moment for me. i know i have fans all over the world, so thank you a lot for the support. lieke martens of barcelona and the netherlands won best female player. she was player of the tournament
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at euro 2017 as her country won the title her international manager sarina wiegman was named ‘best female coach'. chelsea ladies manager emma hayes has signed a new three and a half year contract. the announcement comes with her side having made a perfect start to the women's super league campaign as well as progressing past bayern munich into the last 16 of the uefa women's champions league. hayes had been tipped as a leading contender to get the permanent england job. bbc sport understands scotland flankerjohn hardie's suspension from edinburgh and scotland duty is because of alleged cocaine use. scottish rugby announced on friday that hardie would not be considered for selection pending an internal investigation. hardie will be omitted from scotland's squad for the autumn international tests, when it's announced on tuesday. it's understood hardie, 29, has not failed any drugs tests. simon zebo will effectively sacrifice his place at the 2019 rugby world cup by leaving munster and heading overseas at the end of the season. munster have confirmed that the ireland wing will leave
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the province next summer, with french club pau leading the chase for his signature. zebo has been capped 35 times by ireland since his 2012 debut, but the irfu policy of refusing to select overseas based players means he will not be in head coachjoe schmidt's plans next season. china's former 0lympic doctor has claimed that more than 10,000 of the country's athletes used banned substances during the 1980s and ‘90s. the world anti—doping agency will investigate the claims made by dr yin zian zue to german broadcaster ard. the doctor says all international medals won by her country during that period should be declared void because they are "tainted by doping". she also alleges athletes as young as 11 were doped, and the state—run system covered sports from athletics to weightlifting. caroline wozniacki and simona halep have both won their opening round robin matches on day two at the end of season wta finals in singapore.
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world number one simona halep saw off caroline garcia in straight sets, while wozniacki beat elina svitolina 6—2, 6—0 in under an hour. now you don't see this very often in tennis, watch carefully as you might miss bernard tomic serving underarm at the erste open in vienna. the australian was 40—0 up with the first set at 5—5 against frenchman pierre hugues herbert. the crowd loved the serve, but it didn't pay off. tomic lost the point and went on to lose the set and the match 7—6, 7—5. gloucestershire's jack taylor has been suspended from bowling for a year after his action was found to be illegal for the second time within a 12 month period. the off spinner, who has served two previous bans from bowling, was again reported for throwing this summer. his suspension runs until the 26th of september next year, after which he'll be able to ask for a re evaluation of his action. that is all, but a recap of our top
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story: everton are on the lookout for a new manager having sacked ronald koeman after nine premier league games this season. the search is on. it could be david moyes. we will see in the next few days who they name. coming up: the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me is henry mance, political correspondent at the financial times, and lucy fisher, senior political correspondent at the times. tomorrow's front pages now. the metro leads with labour mp jared 0'mara quitting his place on a commons equality committee after derogatory comments he made in the past about gay
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and overweight people surfaced online. the ft leads with the story that a russian tycoon is looking to increase the value of his aluminium and hydropower empire, ahead of its initial public offering in london. the daily express calls for an end to foreign aid spending on its front page, saying it should be directed towards health and social care funding here instead. the 'i" has more on theresa may shrugging off reports that she asked eu commission chief jean—claude juncker for help with stalled brexit talks. the telegraph says gps are ignoring advice by the nhs to put more people on statins to decrease their risk of heart attacks and strokes. and the mirror has details of a new expenses scandal in the house of lords. let's kick off, then, with the 'i', on the brexit row — theresa may
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shrugging off the alleged jean—claude juncker lakes. it shrugging off the alleged jean—claudejuncker lakes. it was alleged that she had begged for help, and needlessly, in the view of jean—claude juncker. help, and needlessly, in the view of jean-claude juncker. after the bombshell leak in april, the first confidential, private meeting between theresa may and jean—claude juncker, when he was then set out that she was delusional, combat of the scale of the man she was making the scale of the man she was making the brexit, and again, a leak has occurred to the same german newspaper. interestingly, her former chief of staff, nick timothy, accused his european counterpart of being behind the leaks. the counterpart denied this and said it played into a broader narrative of the uk trying to characterise the eu as punishing the uk per brexit. i have enjoyed their handbags at dawn on twitter today. what you make of
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it was mike downing street were briefing that theresa may was going to say, i need help on this from you guys. it is a different -- what do you make of this? downing street we re you make of this? downing street were briefing... theresa may went and talked about the divorce bill, and talked about the divorce bill, and now the fallout from a dinner, the belief that communications, even a private dinners, are not particularly private. a lot of things need to be negotiated over the next year, and it doesn't look like the best relationship to start from. jean-claude juncker denied this when he was doorstep by the bbc amongst other people today, 100% denial. with a twinkle in his eye, it might be said. theresa may stood at the dispatch box today and claim she made significant progress at the
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summit last week, and frank were, as far as summit last week, and frank were, as farasi summit last week, and frank were, as far as i see it, jeremy corbyn called it when he said it was groundhog day. the guardian, their headline is: to keep britain in the single market and the customs union for a couple of years is that aim. what she said today in the commons was, if we don't get a deal on trade that goes well beyond that, even those two years of standing still, giving businesses time, they won't exist, we will be out in march 2019, and there will be a cliff edge. that isa and there will be a cliff edge. that is a way of trying to push the eu towards negotiations on trade, but it creates the risk that if they don't do what she says, then we had a very hard exit within two years. businesses are getting more and more worried that time is running out?
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absolutely, the story in the last 24 hours of five leading business organisations warning that the time period before march 2019, they're planning period, it's coming to a crunch point now when they need to know what the transition looks like, and beyond that, the trade deal. you mentioned jeremy corbyn and as a picture is not actually off


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