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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  October 24, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the news that cristiano ronaldo has won the fifa best men's football award for player of the year. it's the second consecutive year that the portuguese captain has won the award. our reporter mani djazmi was in london for the gala event with news of that and other awards on offer. the london palladium behind me was the latest stop in the cristiano ronaldo trophy tour. it's back—to—back fifa best awards for him now, just like it was back—to—back champions league the railmen madrid in may. the netherlands men continue to languish, their women are flying. serena beekman is the women's coach of the year and the leak of martin is the player of the year after they both masterminded the european championship success. in his 40th year, a first for gigi buffon, the best goalkeeper. the next of football's golden gravy chain is the bullrun door when cristiano ronaldo
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will once again be hoping for back—to—back success. this is a great moment for me. i know i have fans all over the world, so know i have fans all over the world, so thank you for the support. it's great to be here around these great players, this amazing player. i am so players, this amazing player. i am so happy, guys. thank you very much and have a good night. it's been a less than impressive start to the season for everton in the english premier league — and now manager ronald koeman has paid the price. following sunday's 5—2 defeat to arsenal, he's been sacked afterjust 16 months in charge as alex gulrajani reports. the chorus of boos all but confirmed what was to come next. 5—2 defeat to arsenal, the end for ronald koeman.
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but he was convinced he could turn it around. mentally, confidence we are struggling. 0k, it around. mentally, confidence we are struggling. ok, that is what we need to change. i still, personally, i believe that i can change the whole situation. these two disagreed. chairman and owner calling for a change. what a difference a summer can make. at the start of it, everton and koeman were in buoyant mood. a seventh place finish and european football to look forward to, but there was change in the summer. romelu lukaku took his scoring touch to manchester united and the money received went straight back onto the pitch. sigurdsson, 45 million, michael keane and jordan pickford, 25 million each. and ajax captain, davy klaassen, another 2a million. but they weren't the biggest new arrivals. the return of wayne rooney and once again things
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started brightly with rooney getting in on the goals, but the mood changed. the ripper league campaign turned sour with defeat in italy and at home to lyon. in the league, only one win since the opening day of the season one win since the opening day of the season had truman looking down and out. defeat to arsenal left them in the bottom three and that seemed to be enough to call time on his time at goodison park. the opening matches in the red group were played on monday at the wta finals in singapore. new world number one simona halep was on court as the top eight ranked women's players aim to finish the season with the sports biggest prize outside of the four grand slam events and austin halewood was watching. for the first time in her career, simona halep stepped onto court as the world number one. she played like it against caroline garcia of france. known for her defence, the romanian was much for everything garcia threw at her more. halep
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dominated from the baseline, powering her way to the first set. garcia beat halep to win the china open title this month, but she was no match in singapore. halep winning for the first time as the world number one as garcia's ii for the first time as the world number one as garcia's 11 match winning streak came to an end. also in the red group, the former world number one, caroline wozniacki was looking for a first career win over elina svitolina of ukraine. she got off to the ideal start. elina svitolina broken in her third service game. caroline wozniacki was beaten twice by the ukrainian this year, but she wasn't going to let
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that happen again. she won eight consecutive games to take the match in underan hour. consecutive games to take the match in under an hour. her revenge complete. meanwhile, frenchman richard gasquet is through to the second round of the vienna open. he beat spain's feliciano lopez in straight sets 6—2, 6—3. gasquet will face either home favourite dominic thiem or rising russian star andrei rublev in the next round. another frenchman also progressed as gilles simon made his way through to the second round. he beat latvia's ernest gulbis 6—3, 6—3 injust over an hour. pakistan completed a 5—0 one day series whitewash of sri lanka in emphatic style on monday with a nine wicket victory in sharjah. they bowled the tourists out for just 103 runs. usman khan took two wickets in the first over and two in his second over, going on to get five injust 21 balls. no such problems for pakistan, they made their runs quickly and only lost one wicket, reaching their target with nine wickets and more than 29 overs
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to spare making it a ninth consecutive odi victory. the two teams now play a three—match twenty20 international series, the first two in abu dhabi and the last in lahore which will be the first in pakistan between the two sides since the sri lankan team bus was attacked by gunmen in 2009. the president of the pyeongchang 2018 organising committee, lee hee—beom, has promised that south korea will deliver a ‘safe and secure' winter olympics next year. he was speaking in greece ahead of the lighting of the olympic flame on tuesday, also said that all of the competition and non—competition venues have now been completed, ready for the games to get under way on the 9th of february. we know the world is watching. the current political situation on the
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korean peninsulas. we continue to work very closely with all the releva nt work very closely with all the relevant authorities to ensure we can deliver a safe and secure games. the opening game of this years world series will be under way in 2a hours' time as the houston astros head to the la dodgers. the dodgers haven't won the sports biggest prize since 1988 while the astros only appearance at this time of the year was in 2005 when they lost out without winning a game. some franchises have already started planning for next season though as the the new york mets introduced mickey callaway as the club's 21st manager in team history on monday. the 42—year—old has signed a three year deal taking over from terry collins who's moved into the administrative side of the organisation it is an amazing feeling right now. iamso it is an amazing feeling right now. i am so honoured and flattered i get this opportunity. i am looking forward to the best fans in the
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world, showing them every day that we ca re world, showing them every day that we care and we know we wouldn't have jobs without the fans. we are going to spend a lot of time showing that appreciation to them. as a local club runner, eyob faniel was hoping to get a decent time at the venice marathon on sunday, but thanks to a bizarre incident that saw the leaders go the wrong way, he ended up winning it. the race favourites were in the lead after around 25km, but as they followed a motorcycle guide, they realised it had led them a few hundred metres in the wrong direction. tv footage shows marshalls frantically trying to redirect them but by the time they rejoined the course, faniel had taken the lead and became the first italian to win the race in more than two decades. the french team dominated the world indoor skydiving championships. there were eight different disciplines with more than 200 competitors. it all took place in this purpose built vertical wind tunnel at laval just outside of montreal in canada.
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it's the second year it's been held and organisers are hoping to eventually get the sport into the olympics. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's until next time, goodbye for now. it isa it is a messy weather story this week. we have a run of
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south—westerly winds which will feed ina lot south—westerly winds which will feed in a lot of moisture of the sea. sunshine really will be at a premium throughout the week and we'll see whether france continuing to wax and wane across the country. that will bring outbreaks of rain as start tuesday and the weather front pushes into southern and western areas. 0n tuesday and other mild day, cloudy with further outbreaks of rain in places. that rain will be across many western areas to begin the day. for the south—west, it will be very mild. light rain and drizzle, temperatures 15, 16 degrees to start. further north weather front will bring our bricks of rain so a wet morning commute across parts of wales and western england. some of the rain will be heavy in scotland and also breezy, particularly across western areas. through the day the rain moves north and east. the
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remains breezy across northern ireland and scotland, but conditions make improved with sunshine for northern ireland. some of the sunshine getting in scotland as well. but it stays down through the central slice of the uk. to the south of the weather front it should be dry and mild, 18 or 19 degrees, closer to the upper teens further north. the weather front is waxing and waning across the uk and will be lying across central and southern parts of the uk across wednesday. the lion's share of the damp weather further north. spells of sunshine per breezy across scotland and northern ireland and plenty of showers across western scotland. temperatures in the mid teens, but whether weather front is, 18 or 19 celsius. thursday, the weatherfront moves northwards and it will be mild across the south. 18 degrees in the cloud and given sunshine we could see 21 celsius. but we start to see a change in friday, this area of
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high—pressure nudges in and also brings in cooler which will topple in and push the other weather fronts outwards to introduce brighter conditions. but it will also introduce cooler and fresh air across northern areas. a change as we had to the weekend, you will be brighterfor we had to the weekend, you will be brighter for many with sunshine but it will turn cooler, particularly in the north. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: donald trump denies being insensitive to the widow of an american serviceman. she claims the president struggled to remember the soldier's name during a condolence call. it made me cry because... i was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it.
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he couldn't remember my husband's name. the un says the global community must pledge more money to help hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees, who've fled myanmar. xijinping is confirmed as china's most powerful leader in decades. 0n the final day of congress he consolidates his position for another five year term. one of the world's most polluted cities introduces a new toxicity charge for older vehicles —
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