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try to expose younger wanted to try to expose younger players to international rugby, trying to strike a balance with being competitive this autumn and planning for the future, with the world cup two years away. the scotland head coach gregor townsend has also named his squad, including ten uncapped players. the scots face samoa, new zealand and australia. however, there is no place for edinburgh flankerjohn hardy, suspended by both club and country due to alleged cockayne use —— john—macro two. should drug cheats be made criminals? the government has ruled out criminalising doping in sport, after conducting what it calls extensive interviews with sports bodies and anti—doping organisations. in a review published today, they say criminalisation would slow down the processes already in place, to tackle cheating. well, we looked into this very carefully a nd well, we looked into this very carefully and conducted an extensive review into the issue around criminalisation and we genuinely believe that the system we have in
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place here in the uk is one of the most robust systems in the world. we felt that the idea of criminalisation would change the burden of proof, would actually make it harder to investigate these incidents and actually you could end up incidents and actually you could end up with a lesser punishment if you went through the criminal procedures. so we genuinely think the system we have in place is the right one. some other stories now. venus williams has recorded her first win at the end of season wta tour finals in singapore. after defeat in her opener, the seven—time grand slam winner beat french open champion jelena ostrapenko in a hard fought three sets, 7—5, 6—7, 7—5. karolina pliskova secured her place in the semifinals with a straight sets win over wimbledon champion muguruza. she had already beaten williams in her opening match and sort of muguruza 6—3, 6—2. —— saw
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off. kyle edmund is through to the second round of the erste bank open in vienna after a straight sets win over david ferrer. the british number two beat the spaniard 6—2 7—6 a woman from essex who finished second in the ironman world championships last week is already thinking about next year's race. lucy charles was making her professional debut in the discipline that is considered to be the toughest one—day sports event in the world. sara orchard explains. iron man could be described as an extreme triathlon, with the emphasis on extreme. competitors start the race with a 2.4 mile swim and move on to race with a 2.4 mile swim and move ontoa race with a 2.4 mile swim and move on to a 112 mile bike ride and finally run a marathon, all on the same day, without a break. last week at the world championships in hawaii, 24—year—old lucy charles finished second on her professional debut. it was my first ever time at the world champs as a professional triathlete, so to make the podium
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was kind of, i thought, way out of reach. to actually finish second was way outside of what i thought was possible. home again with her boyfriend and coach rees, training is back under way. but their bedroom has a new addition. we have just re ce ntly has a new addition. we have just recently purchased an altitude tent, which enables you to sleep at high altitude, which supposedly is meant to help with endurance performance. what's it like in there? it is actually surprisingly cosy, which is quite nice because we have come home and it is the winter. it is a lot bigger than we anticipated so pretty much our whole bedroom is an altitude chamber. lucy's achievement is even more incredible when you learn she hadn't sat on a racing bike until 2014 and her next ambition is simple. obviously there is only one place better i can go and that is what i'm going to work towards, to win the world championships next year. great britain's four—time ironman world champion chrissie wellington was
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waiting on the finishing line, with expectations that lucy has the talent is to emulate her achievements. a fantastic moment for her. finally the flame—lighting ceremony for the winter olympics in pyeongchang next year have taken place at the games origins today. place at the games' origins today. the olympic flame left ancient olympia in greece to begin its long journey to the opening ceremony of the games in south korea in february. sadly, the weather gods weren't shining — as rain fell on actors in ancient greek costume. the flame which was lit during rehearsals had to be used instead. that's all from sportsday. it is now full time in st petersburg, wales women drawing nil— nil against russia in their world cup qualifier. we'll have more throughout the evening. now, more than 200 thrillseekers
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are expecting to become the latest guinness world record holders. they gathered on a bridge in brazil — for daring mass jump from for daring massjump from a bridge, hoping to smash a world record. this is the moment they took a leap of faith. 245 thrillseekers tied to ropes jumped from a bridge that's 30 metres tall. how is it different to bungee jumping? well, jumpers don't bounce because the rope is made of nylon. they slow down as they approach the end of their freefall. the stomach—lurching adventure activity took place in hortolandia, about an hour from sao paulo in brazil. the participants all simultaneously jumped on a string and a prayer.
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tied together wearing safety helmets, they swung back and forth until stopping. then some jumpers climbed back up to the bridge. translation: it was crazy, a unique feeling, an unbelievable experience. youjump, and it's pure adrenaline, and you just go. these thrillseekers beat the previous unofficial record of 149 people in a massjump. guinness world records has not yet issued an official statement confirming the record attempt. well done to them. let's see what the weather is doing to us with tomasz schafernaker. today was very overcast across the uk. tomorrow, some sunshine on the
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way. the good news also is that it is going to stay mild, if mild weather is what you want. i think anybody will complain too much about that, with these wild south—westerly winds coming in and it won't be long before we start getting cold northerly is. trust me. for the time being, we still have some clown around this evening, some of it is rain bearing clouds are some drizzle around central areas of the uk down into wales as well. also scotland and northern ireland, some showers here and east anglia and the south—east from the staying dry tonight and this is where the mildest of the weather will be, 13 01’ mildest of the weather will be, 13 or 14 degrees, just about sub ten across scotland. here is the morning rush hour, a little drizzle and low crowd across —— cloud across dorset. maybe a bit of cloud across the south and east midlands and north woods, dry weather and in the western isles of scotland, we have some showers, so
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western isles of scotland, we have some showers, so a western isles of scotland, we have some showers, so a bit fresher here, temperatures close to nine or 10 degrees. so what is going to happen tomorrow, this weather front with all of the low—grade cloud and drizzle thrown in starts to fall apartand drizzle thrown in starts to fall apart and most of the cloud shifts a little bit further southwards, so the vast majority of the uk on wednesday will have a fine, bright if not sunny day, lovely weather across the midlands and northern england. the far south hanging on to the cloud. thursday looks like the weather front will shift back a bit further northwards, so there might be more cloud around across the uk but overall, still a bright day and still mild, 18 in london, a bit fresher across scotland, 12 or 13 and you will notice the winds are changing direction and that will be quite a feature in the weather as we head towards the end of the weekend into the weekend. you will notice we haven't got too much of the south—westerly wind anymore, it is more of a westerly, even north—westerly developing and those temperatures dropping and as we go through the weekend, look at that,
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coming straight from the north, so temperatures are set to take i wouldn't say necessarily a massive dive, but closer to what we normally expect at this time of year, so by the weekend, down to around 13. that is the latest. you're watching beyond 100 days. a top republican senator slams donald trump, saying the president is a liar. bob corker also questioned mr trump's competence and his stability. it was a stunning rebuke. all this as the president headed to the senate for a policy lunch. it doesn't sound like the easiest of gatherings. you know, it's a sad place from my perspective for our nation and i think the worst of it is going to be just the whole debasing, if you will, of our nation. the us military offers more details about the deadly ambush in niger, but there seem to be more
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questions than answers. meet and greets in the german parliament as the far—right


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