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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  October 27, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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of a blaze at a fireworks factory, where a series of explosions killed at least 47 people. thick plumes of dark smoke billowed from a factory warehouse in the tangerang district, near the capital jakarta. president trump has officially declared a public health emergency in the united states because of widespread addiction to prescription painkillers, heroin and other opioids. he said more than 140 americans died each day as a result of overdoses. this video is trending on the website... pope francis has made a call to the international space station. he asked the crew about their views on humanity and the universe. an italian astronaut translated for his american and russian colleagues. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk... a 21—year—old woman from birmingham has been found guilty of helping her husband prepare to carry out an act of terrorism.
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madihah taheer had bought him a large combat knife to use in an attack. now on bbc news all the latest business news live from singapore. anderson and alphabet do not disappoint their investors as shares surged beyond expectations. a sign of the times, the last day of floor trading on the hong kong stock exchange. welcome to asia business report. a bumper crop of tech earnings have shown stellar results. online companies like amazon and alphabet, google+ parent company, delivered better earnings and sent stocks soaring. i spoke to our north america technology reporter in san francisco
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and asked if twitter could turn a profit in the not too distant future... this is one of the best days on the stock market that twitter has had since it went public inafew twitter has had since it went public in a few years ago. the ceo says that in the next quarter, because they could raise costs and revenue in the licensing side of the business, for the first time in the company's business, for the first time in the compa ny‘s history they business, for the first time in the company's history they could turn a profit. it was a busy day in terms of earnings, we heard from amazon as well as alphabet, what did they tell us? a busy day indeed. amazon had an incredibly strong showing, not a great increase in profit but investors are often more worried about growth at amazon and they have excelled there today. revenues at $43.7 billion in the last quarter, up $43.7 billion in the last quarter, up 34% on this time last year. a big jump. some of the money has come from all foods, you will remember that amazon bought them back in
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august forjust over that amazon bought them back in august for just over $13 that amazon bought them back in august forjust over $13 billion. —— whole foods. bringing in extra revenue for the company, contributing to an enormous figure of $43.7 billion for the last quarter. alphabet has had a strong quarter, their profits are the key figure. 833% rise in profits compared to this time last year. but, there are a of slightly troubling alphabet earnings. the tac, the amount of money that google has to pay in order to get people looking at its ads, placing those in certain areas of the internet. they spent more than $5 billion on traffic acquisition in the last quarter, up considerably more than a nalysts quarter, up considerably more than analysts hoped. good news for alphabet but there are troubling signs in there as well. and another business news... toymaker mattel is
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suspending its quarterly dividends after they suffered a head from the ba n kru ptcy after they suffered a head from the ba nkru ptcy of after they suffered a head from the bankruptcy of its largest retailer, toys " r" bankruptcy of its largest retailer, toys "r" us. their shares sell 16% to $13 when the company said they suffered a loss of more than $600 million in the three months which endedin million in the three months which ended in september. the california —based company was also heard by wea k —based company was also heard by weak demand of its core products like barbie, hot wheels, thomas and friends and monster hi. his message will focus on creating a sustainable wealth for all. earlier, will focus on creating a sustainable wealth forall. earlier, i will focus on creating a sustainable wealth for all. earlier, i was joined byjoss and asked if the prime minister can offer to entice voters. i think the point is malaysia is in a good place now. growth is on an upswing and
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government revenues have recovered. there is an improvement in the reve nu es there is an improvement in the revenues from the oil and the sector, with additional dividends for the second half of the year. there is a lot of flexibility to continue with fiscal consolidation, which is lower budget deficits, moving towards a neutral deficit. suspending wages which have been on an upward trend over the years. increasing measures which help private consumption. what will be puzzling to viewers, especially outside of malaysia, that he remains quite popular in spite of the ongoing scandals surrounding one adb. is that partly because of the economy performance? most of the data suggests the economy and malaysia has seen one of the strongest recoveries, and the growth is broad—based. consumption is above trend in recent years. we have seen a growth in exports in addition to
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investment so the economic outlook is quite bright in malaysia and for the most part, we expect it to continue into the next two years. what kinds of measures can we expect which would help ordinary people? on the revenue side, tax has been a large driver of revenue and has a negative impact for the lower income brackets in the population. part of the spending can offset the impact of gst, boosting revenues. that's where we have welfare payments in addition to broader spending on wages. that is something the prime minister promised or at least suggested to civil servants a few weeks back. we can expect the trend to continue. it doesn't mean that the economy will be deprived of infrastructure spending. the coalition government is good at incorporating budget financing like contributions from private
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investors, as well as in chinese infrastructure. p45th tokyo motor show opens its doors to the public at the weekend where japanese car—makers will be showing off the latest technology. it comes at a time where the image ofjapanese quality has taken a hit from scandals like the nissan airbag recalls. earlier, ispoke scandals like the nissan airbag recalls. earlier, i spoke to an a nalyst recalls. earlier, i spoke to an analyst in tokyo. we have a lot of companies introducing automatic driving cars, all of those old companies are eager to start using those models. and it comes at a time when we've had quite a lot of scandals from japanese companies, nissan and kobe steel. those scandals are quite different but has it been talked about in the industry a lot? the quality of made injapan?
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ido a lot? the quality of made injapan? i do not think there is any major problem in the quality front of japanese products. at this point, the biggest questions are surrounding compliance and especially nissan, the day did not really follow. the procedure of inspection in japan. really follow. the procedure of inspection injapan. that's been the case because many of those companies are getting used to 20 or 30 years of traditional practice. they are providing —— it is busy. these different factors relating to those companies and the procedure of inspections, but it does not necessarily mean that there is an immediate threat. the end of an era,
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the hong kong stock exchange will close the trading floor after 31 yea rs on close the trading floor after 31 years on friday. in its heyday, the floor was home to more than 1000 stockbrokers but the rise of electronic and internet training has changed the industry. funky music translation: the world is changing, financial technology is changing. we should get with the times, even if we don't want to go. translation: i started as a broker after finishing school. it's been over 40 years. they used to be four exchanges. it combined to become one exchange in
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1986, and we moved into this hole. —— wall. we have a deep affinity with the place. we work together side by side chatting all to —— chatting all day. at the time, the electronic trading system was not as developed as it is now. all transactions had to go through a centralised system. there were thousands of people here. printers we re thousands of people here. printers were running all the time. it was a noisy and busy atmosphere. we started as just a small regional stock exchange. then it became an international financial centre. stockbrokers have gone through cou ntless stockbrokers have gone through countless financial crises that we have persevered. stockbrokers make great contributions. this is something we are very proud of. next
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hour, we will be speaking tojuliana at the stock exchange. stay tuned for that. in the markets... this is how asia has opened. we will continue to monitor shares in kobe steel and nissan as well. that's all for this edition of asia business report. sport today is coming up next. thank you for watching. the top stories this hour. police in indonesia are investigating a fire and explosions at a firework factory on the outskirts of jakarta, which killed nearly 50 people. president trump has blamed chinese suppliers for an epidemic of opioid abuse in the united states and said he'll be raising the issue with president xi next week. a woman from birmingham who bought her husband a combat
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knife that he planned to use in a terror attack has been found guilty of preparing an act of terrorism. dominic casciani reports. wrestled to the ground by armed police, a birmingham man setting out to kill. this was the man arrested, ummariyat mirza. he wanted to rampage in his home city. now convicted alongside his wife, madihah taheer, and his sister, zainub, who encouraged them both. mirza was obsessed with knives and replica guns. he wanted to fight in syria but then turned his attention to home. his pregnant wife bought him this combat knife on her credit card and he trained on this martial arts dummy. mirza's attack plan wasn't fully formed when he was arrested but he has admitted preparing an act of terrorism by researching targets, including a synagogue and this raf careers office in the city. it is one of seven foiled plots so far this year. typical of the kinds of terrorist threat we are now seeing in the united kingdom. small groups of individuals, or in this case family members, or it could equally have been friends, sharing very
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explicit extremist material, being inspired by other attacks they have seen either in the united kingdom or abroad. taheer told the jury she wanted to escape her abusive father. she fell in love with mirza and he brainwashed her into supporting the so—called islamic state. as their wedding approached, taheer messaged her boyfriend, saying, "i want you to kill people for me. i have a list." mirza said, "the day of the marriage i will kill them all. give me the list." her reply: "you can't have it until you put a ring on it." radicalisation experts say her conviction is symptomatic of the new role that some women now play. what we have seen is a woman who seems to be in control, she is confident. she is not someone who is going to stand there but she is actively encouraging. so i think that needs to be borne in mind in terms of a shift in gender roles. the jury concluded madihah taheer
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was no naive young woman. she was her husband's willing partner in crime. she had wanted a hero, like the painting she placed on her facebook profile, and she found him and now they both face jail. dominic casciani, bbc news. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, i'm sarah mulkerrins and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme... venus williams is through to the final four at the world tour finals — she beat wimbledon champion garbine muguruza to progress. and us open champion brooks koepka makes a strong start to the wgc event in shanghai. and we'll look ahead to the 15th rugby league world cup which gets under way later on friday. co—hosts australia begin the defence of their title in melbourne — against england.
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hello and welcome to the programme. venus williams beat wimbledon champion garbine muguruza in straight sets to reach the last four of the wta finals in singapore. the loss for muguruza end her hopes of finishing the year as world number one. austin halewood has this report. for venus williams and garbine muguruza, the equation was simple on thursday in singapore. the winner goes through to the semifinals and the loser goes home. at 37, venus is the loser goes home. at 37, venus is the oldest player in singapore but you would not have known it in the first set as she took an early lead. the american hasn't been knocked out of the tour finals at this stage before. she was determined to keep a


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