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tv   World News Today  BBC News  October 27, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. after catalonia declares independent spain's prime ministers sacks the cabinet, the prime minister and announces new elections. translation:, announces new elections. translation: , today i announces new elections. translation:, today i have dissolved the catalonian parliament and there will be elections for that autonomous community. a ship carrying spanish police dogs in barcelona awaiting orders from the government. catalan separatists say they no longer fall under spanish jurisdiction. and the assassination
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of kennedy. thousands of files are released. but many more are kept secret. welcome to world news today. spain's prime minister has announced that he is sacking catalonia's regional government, including president ca rles government, including president carles puigdemont. and dissolving its parliament. mariano rajoy was speaking after the catalan parliament unilaterally declared independence. rajoy said that elections would be held in december. the senate in madrid earlier approved plans for parliament to be dissolved. let's take you live to barcelona where people are waving flags outside the regional parliament building. the
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independence vote triggered jubilation there but it clearly continues. however, the situation has caused alarm across europe. european presidentjean—claude juncker says it is important to avoid any splits and fractures in the eu bloc. we begin our coverage with this report from james reynolds. for centuries, catalonia has been part of the kingdom of spain. this afternoon, after years of growing crisis, those who seek a state of their own took their chance. in barcelona, catalan independence was declared. cheering and applause. some campaigners here have worked for decades for an independent catalonia and they believe this is now their moment and that they should be free from spain. this independent state,
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such as it is, has no control of its supposed borders and no single country has come forward to recognise it. but to these demonstrators, the declaration feels real. translation: we are finally free. we are oppressed here. we are fighting for our freedom. finally catalonia will be a free country. but you know that madrid has the power to stop all this. it has the constitutional power. no, madrid has nothing. we have the reason, we are the people. i am thinking about my parents and my grandparents and also about my children and my grandchildren. butjust around the corner, we found a man waving a spanish flag, and anti—independence emotions. translation: i am not happy. i am not represented. the catalan people as a whole did not vote. translation: it is disastrous, the result of an extended
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manipulation that does not reflect the will of the catalan people. earlier, in catalonia's regional parliament, pro— and anti—independence groups argued bitterly about the declaration. the opposition speaks for around half the population here which does not want to leave spain. but in parliament, it was outnumbered. some walked out. those on the other side unfurled catalan flags to mark their territory. si, si... the si, the yes vote, came out ahead. translation: citizens of catalonia, in the coming days we must keep the momentum going. we must remain peaceful, civilised and dignified. the central government in spain will not let the independence declaration stand. to spain it is a simple
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matter of obeying the law. the senate will give the prime minister mariano rajoy emergency powers to take control of catalonia. translation: we are not prepared to allow some people to liquidate our constitution and rules that have served our country for the last a0 years. singing. tonight, catalan leaders stand on land they now claim as their own. but they and their opponents in madrid are now both in unknown territory. james reynolds, bbc news, barcelona. mariano rajoy emerged from a crisis meeting of the spanish government in the last few minutes to announce the sacking of the regional government. this is what he had to say. translation: i have dissolved
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parliament and there will be elections in december for the autonomous territory. they had a chance to return to legality and call elections. it is what the majority of catalonia has four. they didn't want to do it so the government of spain takes measures necessary necessary to recover legality and also has decided to call elections in catalonia. we believe it is very important to return their voice to catalan citizens, all of them, and to democratic conditions so that they may decide their future and so nobody can commit further illegalities in their name. mariano rajoy speaking just over an hour ago. there are signs that the
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spanish government is ready to impose direct rule. these pictures came ina impose direct rule. these pictures came in a little earlier. it shows a ship carrying spanish police which has dogged in barcelona. it's thought they could assume —— docked. on october one they tried to prevent the referendum using force and plastic bullets. here is what the president of the european council donnas tusk tweeted in reaction to events. —— donald tusk. our europe editor is in barcelona.
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she gave her views on how the latest views will be unsettling eu leaders. it is extremely unsettling for the people here who are living to separate realities. there are those who believe they are living in an independent catalan republic and those who are against independence who are waiting for the spanish government to return what they see as normality to the region. spaniards right across the country are worried. it is notjust the basques who are worried by this situation. eu leaders are watching this very carefully because issues of nationalism, separatism and economic effects are relevant to every single economic leader. to
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1500 businesses have taken away their legal headquarters out of catalonia. that economic unrest is having a knock—on effect on growth prospects for spain which has just clawed its way out of a double dip recession. it's the fourth largest economy in the eurozone. that's why we've heard from the eu economic chief on what is happening here. historians, journalists and conspiracy theorists have been poring over thousands of newly declassified files relating to presidentjohn f. kennedy. but presidentjohn f. kennedy. but president trump has decided to keep hundreds of other so file secret for the moment at least on the request of security agencies. president kennedy was shot dead in november 1963 as each other through dallas in an open top car. a day that shocked
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america and the world, and became the holy grail for conspiracy theorists. newsreel: president kennedy has been assassinated. the official version of events is that the gunman, lee harvey oswald, acted alone. newsreel: after the shots were fired, he happened to look up at about the fifth or sixth floor of the texas book depository. he said he saw the rifle being pulled back in. but more than half a century on, polls show most americans still don't believe that to be true. were the cia involved? the russians, the cubans or the mafia 7 analysts are now poring over almost 3,000 government documents released from the national archive. there is nothing really of a bombshell there than understanding that bureaucrats in 1960 operated probably much like bureaucrats do today. there is some fuel, though,
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for the conspiracy theorists, and even a british angle. an fbi memo tells of how a local newspaper in cambridge received an anonymous phone call 25 minutes before the assassination, warning to expect some big news out of america. and what of the some would say convenient murder of lee harvey oswald, shot by nightclub ownerjack ruby? the new documents reveal the fbi had warned dallas police about death threats towards oswald. in downtown dallas today, a whole industry has been built around the mystery surrounding president kennedy's death. president trump, who indulged some of the conspiracy theories himself, in the end decided to hold back some of the most sensitive files, at least for now. and whether they're eventually released or not, the speculation over one of the defining events of the 20th century is unlikely to end. jon donnison, bbc news. until easy and police have started
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questioning the owner of a firework factory that exploded in the capital. dozens were wounded in the blast in the industrial zone just west of ja ka rta. blast in the industrial zone just west of jakarta. us defence secretary james mattis has visited the demilitarisation between north and south korea and says that the us is seeking a diplomatic solution to ease tensions on the peninsular. general matters who is visiting south korea criticised the young yang's pursuit of nuclear weapons and their testing of recent months. president trump's promised to build a great ball with his frontier on
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mexico has stepped closer to reality with eight prototypes in southern california but the project still faces huge challenges. democrats will fight to stop the wall being built and even some republicans say the barrier won't work and they will vote against funding it. james cook reports. these eight prototypes for a while, minus the solar panels that donald trump said might powder wall. scientists insist that the designs are innovative. we are using creativity and ingenuity to come up with new creative designs. i've been a border patrol agent for 32 years
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and where we put up tactical infrastructure we have seen a decline in arrests. now that the prototypes are finished, they are going to leave them for 30 days to set and then they are going to test them. for one to two months, they will try to smash through them, climb over them and tunnel underneath. mexican cartels have been doing that for years. this smuggle was designed to smuggle vast quantities of drugs to california. no war is going to quench america's voracious thirst for not context. —— narcotics. as you can see, this tunnel is reasonably spacious. there isa tunnel is reasonably spacious. there is a reasonable amount of room. in this sector of the border alone, they find a couple of tunnels of this size every year. this one has now been sealed off but somewhere below, the borrowing continues. we
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talk about sophisticated tunnels, involving rail systems, lighting, ventilation. how big an operation is this and how lucrative? between one and $2 million for construction. it's very expensive to build but the amount of product that comes through can offset those expenses. for many americans securing this border is about economic nationalism and for many mexicans desperate for a better life in the united states, it is a challenge. translation: it's a very ugly wall and even if they build it, the immigrant will keep crossing to the immigrant will keep crossing to the other side. they are causing more death. people will look formal places that —— for more places that more dangerous. the promise of the wall propelled donald to power but
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he is nowhere near persuading congress to fund the barrier. critics say that this is not a beauty contest at a vanity project. stay with us because still to come the case that shocked south africa. two white farmers are jailed for shoving a black man into coughing and threatening set it on fire. —— coffin. indira gandhi ruler of the world's largest democracy died today. she said that every drop of her blood would contribute to the growth of the nation. after 46 years of unhappiness these two countries have concluded a chapter of history. no more suspicion, no more fear, no
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more suspicion, no more fear, no more uncertainty of watching ebay might bring. liftoff of discovery. this is beautiful. a milestone in human history. born today, this girl in india is the seven billion person on the planet. hello. this is world news. our top story, have to catalonia declares independence spain's prime minister and nancy ‘s tough new measures including sacking the catalan leader, his cabinet and chief of police and announces new elections.
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but catalan separatists say the independence of —— vote says they no longerfall under independence of —— vote says they no longer fall under spanish jurisdiction. a case that caused outrage in south africa after a video of an attack went viral. two white farmers forced the black man into a coffin and threatening to burn him alive. they were reached sentenced to ten years in prison. the video caused outrage and highlighted racial tensions in farming communities across the country. to white farmers filmed themselves shoving a black man into themselves shoving a black man into the coffin with their boots threatening to bury him alive as he screamed and begged for mercy. the
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video sparked widespread protests. today was no different. various parties protested against racism outside the court while others gathered in support of the accused. the defendants argued that they'd never meant any harm but wanted to teach their victim for trespassing on theirfarm. thejudge teach their victim for trespassing on their farm. the judge dismissed their claim saying it was clear that their claim saying it was clear that the intention was to commit murder. accused number one, sentenced to 16 yea rs accused number one, sentenced to 16 years in prison, five years suspended. accused number two, sentenced to 19 years imprisonment, five—year suspended for a period of eight years. mixed reaction after sentencing was sent down. the accused said they wanted to appeal their sentences but the judge turned down their request saying she did
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not think that another court would reach a different conclusion. most have welcomed the lengthyjail sentences saying they are unnecessary warning to others. too many in south africa the assault revealed the continuing racism that exists in some areas. time for the sport. second practices coming to an end for the mexican grand prix. lewis currently second—fastest behind red bowl‘s daniel ricciardo. finish fifth or better on saturday and he will be world champion. sebastian vettel, his closest rival is currently fourth fastest. an explosive start to the rugby league world cup as defending champions australia beat england. only six points between the sides as the game entered the final few minutes but a crucial cameron smith penalty
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extended the lead followed by a josh duggan try a minute from the end. it was a fitting way to start the tournament which lasts 36 days. let's hear from england tournament which lasts 36 days. let's hearfrom england coach wayne bennett who isn't too worried about an injury to star player sam burgess. we have a good team here. some is going to be a loss in any tea m some is going to be a loss in any team but we managed for 60 minutes without him and we didn't lose a lot of momentum. tonight wasn't a destination, just a part of a journey. we've got to remind ourselves of that. in the next four or five weeks, we ourselves of that. in the next four orfive weeks, we need ourselves of that. in the next four or five weeks, we need to get these things right. anthony joshua has weighed in the heaviest he's ever been for a professional fight at 18 stones and to lb. he is defending his two world titles against the standing challenger takam. his bull
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gehry and challenger had to withdraw through injury. the opponent weighed in to stones lighter. some big games in the english premier league this weekend. two german manager go up against each other. jurgen klopp and david clarke, who are good friends. harry kane will mesh spurs game at manchester united. —— miss the game. let's hear from some of the managers. normally we have good performances at home. we trust our game. yes, the results, we can say positive at home. i cannot make the la st positive at home. i cannot make the last game bigger than all the other games. but it was the freshest impression and it didn't feel good after the game. we said everything about it. it was not enough. we had
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to show more in pretty much each department. we should have confidence with the number of goals we scored at everton but we need to be on our highly focused and this is an important game for us. we realise the last few games have difficult everything is. we are focused on what we have to do. caroline garcia is through to last four of the wta finals at the expense of world number one halep. a stunning fightback against caroline wozniacki. pliskova could take the world number one spot from simona halep if she proceeds. roger federer is in a
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final deciding set up the quarterfinals of the swiss indoors. he lost the first set but fought back to win the second 6—1. final set on serve at the moment. that's all for now. just before we go, a reminder of the main story. the spanish government has dissolved the cata la n spanish government has dissolved the catalan regional parliament after the catalans voted to unilaterally declare independence. in barcelona people have been lining the streets in celebration and our correspondence gavin lee is there. this is the situation now opposite the government's office. just look around. thousands of people. the flag of catalonia flying high. pensioners, children, dogs here wrapped in the flags. people watching earlier today the voting in
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parliament. they've been watching on the big screen outside and partying all day. they believe this is a moment to claim independence on the streets. there are many people who aren't coming out who feel that unity is being lost here. they think that ca rles unity is being lost here. they think that carles puigdemont the catalan president is inside and they are calling on him to come to the balcony. prime minister mariano rajoy says they will be moved by the gist of the reasons with a election to come here. that is for another day. for now, there are celebrations here. don't forget, you can get in touch with me and the team on twitter. in the meantime, keep up—to—date with that breaking story, events in catalonia on our website.
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more coming up on the top of the hour. lovely sunshine around today but it will get chilly overnight in some areas. a westerly wind strengthening blowing more cloud into northern and western parts. further south and east lighter winds and clearer skies. those are the numbers in towns and cities. in rural places quite a bit colder. rain and drizzle over some of the hills. more sunshine towards the south east. so, temperatures could get as high as 16 with some sunshine. bumpy winds in scotland. cold air will come crashing down tomorrow night to sunday. tomorrow night particularly chilly where we have got the strong winds. further west,
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chilly where we have got the strong winds. furtherwest, lots of sunshine. temperatures are bit higher. 14 or 15. now, the firing line pays tribute to the skill of the freelance journalist nominated for the rory peck awards. some scenes some viewers may find disturbing. extraordinary scenes from some of the most remarkable events of the year. captured, often at great risk, and after much endeavour. who are the journalists who bring as these films? and what motivates them
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to tell such tories? —— stories. some of the most striking news footage we see on screen doesn't come from mainstream media and reporters. somejournalists operate independently working in places few are willing to visit to bring as some of the most important stories of our time. these freelancers are honoured by the rory peck award named after the freelance cameraman who was killed in moscow covering the october coup in 1993. his memory
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lives on in the award on behalf of freelance camera crews. this year's films have been dominated by the war in syria. they've also featured conflict in washington and on the streets of la paz. first, the sony impact award for current affairs for films that really dig into an issue. the film—maker patrick wells spent months on a painstaking investigation into allegations of torture, execution and sectarian cleansing in iraq, working with a producer and actor, he spent a year milling the trust of whistle—blowers, to shed light on the actions of shia militia. ——
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winning the trust. iraq is so difficult to report from, so much suspicion of the media, the amount of time it takes to infiltrate a extremely hostile group who may be guilty of war crimes was incredibly difficult. patrick researches and directs and produces briley, the judges said, his film was incredibly impressive —— brilliantly. judges said, his film was incredibly impressive -- brilliantly. it has got quite chaotic they are accusing him of being an isis fight and we don't know where they have taken him. -- don't know where they have taken him. —— fighter. don't know where they have taken him. -- fighter. patrick found evidence of shia militia infiltrating the iraqi government, and torturing innocent people. the most galling scene was when we found the women sitting in this


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