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to the world news used to top stories... catalonia's former president vows to resist direct rule was peaceful opposition. the government in madrid says it would be happy if puigdemont would take pa rt be happy if puigdemont would take part in new elections to two explosions in the capital of somalia kill people. and in neighbouring kenya we report on attempts to ease tensions after the bitter election. hello and welcome to bbc world news.
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the crisis over catalonia continues. the crisis over catalonia continues. the spanish government has stripped the authorities of their powers and taken charge of the government. the crackdown began after the region declared independence on friday. the deputy prime minister says she has taken overfrom deputy prime minister says she has ta ken over from the deputy prime minister says she has taken over from the former catalan president, puigdemont who was sacked on friday. the central government says new elections will be held on december and mr puigdemont will be able to take part. in a speech earlier, the separatist leader calls for direct democratic opposition. this is the first full day of direct rule from madrid. and no one's yet sure quite what to make of it. catalan organisations have told people here to carry on as normal.
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local catalan police officers still guard this, the catalan political headquarters. and separatist leaders, who have technically been sacked by madrid, are now trying to work out their next move. carles puigdemont, the catalan leader, featured on today's front pages, refuses to accept that he has been fired. translation: we do not deviate. we continue persevering in the only way that can make us winners. without violence, without insults, in an inclusive way, respecting people, symbols and opinions. many here are worried about what may come next. antonio and pilar, here queueing up for lottery tickets, just want a fresh start. "elections, elections, elections", he tells me. and over in madrid, demonstrators have come out to support the imposition of direct rule in the catalan region. you
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why do they want to break up spain? there is no sense. it is a problem that is not only affecting catalonia. it is affecting the whole of spain. it is affecting the whole of europe. and we cannot just stay and see what happens, we have to act. # viva espa na! tonight, catalans may wonder who exactly is running their lives. they are ruled directly by madrid, but their own deposed leader continues to try to govern, leaving people here in a strange half world. james reynolds, bbc news, barcelona. let's go to somalia where two powerful explosions have killed at least 14 people in the capital. car bomb packed with explosives blew
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up car bomb packed with explosives blew up close to a hotel in the second bomb exploded nearby. the islamist group al—shabaab says it is responsible. ministers were gathering in the hotel ahead of the security meeting. our correspondent is in kenya and asking who the target the attacks were. al-shabaab says they carried out this attack to target government and intelligence officials who were in the hotel. that a hotel is known to be a place that attract a lot of high—profile officials, high profile government officials. al—sha baab officials, high profile government officials. al—shabaab is targeted similar venues where personnel like this frequent. the group has been quick to release this statement and it is not... it is very much in line with what they do, these kind of truck bombings and car bombings and
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then storming a building using gunman. this comes just two weeks after rate this comes just two weeks after rate this comes just two weeks after a devastating attack that killed so many people. can the country cope with this sort of islamist terrorism 7 country cope with this sort of islamist terrorism? it is difficult for somalia at this time considering the history it has had instability and warand now the history it has had instability and war and now this constant attack, not just in and war and now this constant attack, notjust in mogadishu but in other parts of the country. somalia has recently had pledges of support from around the world from neighbours, uganda and several other countries including the us, which is also stepping up its counterterrorism operations in africa. theories that and the need for it. also, i think, africa. theories that and the need for it. also, ithink, the africa. theories that and the need for it. also, i think, the problem goes much deeper. it is not merely a military offensive needed against
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al—shabaab but military offensive needed against al—sha baab but the military offensive needed against al—shabaab but the sense that they also need to tackle some of the local problems to do with rivalries between the different level of government as well as different pla nts government as well as different plants in the system of somalia. in neighbouring kenya, verging on the disputed election remains on hold with the poll suspended in several areas because of clashes between rival groups. the opposition leader refused to run in the contest against the sitting president. attem pts against the sitting president. atte m pts a re against the sitting president. attempts are being made on the ground to defence tensions. we joined a peace convoy led by two local governors touring villages. if this country is to end its political crisis, this convoy might be an inspiration. two leaders, from different tribes and with different politics, but one message. governor paul kiprono is a kalenjin and supported the elections.
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it was important we came here today with a message of peace, he says. the governor of kisumu, anyang nyong'o, is a luo and an opposition leader. from today, there will be no more roadblocks, he promised. this is a significant event. because so often in the past, powerful men have used ethnic rivalry to their political advantage. this is quite the opposite. the two governors are going into their respective communities together, to preach a message of tolerance. these kalenjin farmers say their luo neighbours stopped the election taking place here. they refused our people to vote. they wouldn't allow you to vote? yeah, and our people don't like it. we drove past the barricades set up to prevent voting. these sugar cane fields. just a few minutes from the land occupied by one group,
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to the land of another. these are luo. but it's a great deal more complex here than tribal enmity. poverty, deepened by corruption and misrule, has inflamed local divisions. the young men said they had armed in self defence. they claimed they had been attacked and had cattle stolen a few hours earlier. there were moments of tension, some shouted at the visiting kalenjin governor. in the morning, when we took our people to work out there, they started beating them and chasing them away. what is the solution? the solution is, it's good that the governors have come. we need those people to bring back our cattle, fast. so we can sit down and find a solution. the peace initiative follows
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election violence that took the life of this man's son george. the 19—year—old was shot by police during demonstrations before polling in nearby kisumu. translation: i feel pain. ifeel pain because my baby was not sick. he died from a bullet. ifeel much pain. it is the human toll that makes today's peace move something far greater than the politics of gesture. we have de—escalated a tension that was there by almost 100%. this is the way forward for kenya. this is the way forward for africa. the bigger crisis remains unresolved. but across the west, it felt calmer tonight. fergal keane, bbc news, kisumu. let's get some other news for you
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this an hour. italian—american actress annabella sciorra has accused harvey weinstein of rape. she told the new yorker that he forced her way into her apartment and assaulted her in 1992. the spokeswoman for harvey weinstein again said that he denies claims of nonconsensual sex. reports from kurdistan suggests that the region's president is about to step down just weeks after he held a controversial referendum on independence. a kurdish officials said the president would not extend his presidential term beyond november. it is believed that the announcement is contained ina that the announcement is contained in a letter which is to be read in the kurdish parliament on sunday. rescue workers in central nepal are searching a river for survivors of a bus crash which killed 31 people including children. the overcrowded
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bus skidded off the road. 80 kilometres west of the capital kathmandu and plunged into the river. let's go to the syrian city of raqqa which was captured by us —based —— led forces less than two weeks ago. it was these self—declared capital of islamic state. it will be sometime before the people can feel normal again but in the first since the liberation of the city, women and men have celebrated together by dancing this would have been unimaginable months ago. in traditional manner, women swirl and ululated in wedding celebration in one of raqqa's western neighbourhoods. this is the first such neighbourhoods. this is the first such evergreens neighbourhoods. this is the first such evergreens since the so—called islamic state were driven from the city by a coalition of kurdish arab
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and syrian fighters. 0ut city by a coalition of kurdish arab and syrian fighters. out on the patio, a man spins his prayer beads to the beat as he leads a line of men and women in a traditional dance. dancers often sway as children run a wound and elders logon. almost everything in this scene would have been impossible during the three years of brutal is ruled that it is a group band music and dancing, imposed a strict dress code preventing women from wearing make—up and forcibly prohibited the mixing of men and women. the groom's family, unlike many others who fled during the fighting, has been able to return to their neighbour would and celebrate. translation: this is the first time we have gotten together like this. women used to have to stay here and mendes, there was no mixing. now that they are gone we can mix and we no longer have to wear covering. female guests, forced under jihadist have to wear covering. female guests, forced underjihadist rule to wear all enveloping black now
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enjoy a patterned robes and bright red lipstick. for now, raqqa is close to uninhabitable with many buildings destroyed and large parts of the city of limits for fear of unexploded ordnance. hundreds of civilians would killed in the fighting and many residents are still searching for missing family members. but for the wedding guests, the celebration is a glimmer of hope for the future. stay with us here on bbc news. still to come, the pakistani cricket team prepare to host sri lanka. is the first time in nine years after an attack by gunmen. indira garnsey, ruler of the world's largest democracy died today. 0nly yesterday she had spoken of dying in service of her country and said she would be proud of it. every drop of
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my blood will contribute to the growth of this nation. after 46 yea rs of growth of this nation. after 46 years of unhappiness, these two countries have concluded a chapter of history. no more suspicion, no more fear. no more uncertainty. of what each day may bring. boost to ignition and lift of discovery with a crew of six american astronauts and one hero. it is beautiful. a milestone in human history. born today, this girl in india is the 7,000,000,000th person on the planet. this is bbc world news. our headlines this hour: catalonia's
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dismissed leader as suggested peaceful opposition to madrid's crore. stay with a story, i has been speaking to two different people on different sides of the debate. —— i have. i asked different sides of the debate. —— i have. iasked if different sides of the debate. —— i have. i asked if they would support direct rule from spain or its resistance. we ask our politicians to engage the process, and now it is time for us to support them and support the birth of our new republic. how will you be doing that? it is to demonstrate specifically and not to allow the central government to apply this 155 regulation that would see them sees the government and institutions. i
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don't understand that i'm doing anything wrong. i just demonstrating. until now, that might change in spain, given the developments, but dennis reding is not illegal. yet. -- demonstrating. how do you feel when you hear arguments like what ernest is saying? good evening. first of all, i think he is right. demonstrating is not illegal. we have demonstrations in spain and we have many times. he is within his rights. ijust think that many times. he is within his rights. i just think that we are, u nfortu nately, i just think that we are, unfortunately, divided on this. just as catalan is divided. ijust feel sad that they have brought down our institutions. what action will you be taking, if any? actually, i will be taking, if any? actually, i will be waiting for the next credit
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collections. there is not a more democratic process than to go to elections themselves. 0n democratic process than to go to elections themselves. on december 21, we have a snap election that has been called by the prime minister will stop so i will participate in encouraging people going into those elections. do you have friends and family who differ in the opinions that you have, and do you try to convince them of your opinion? we all do. we all do have people on both sides. if you don't, you live ina both sides. if you don't, you live in a bubble. because it is a divided society. so i just in a bubble. because it is a divided society. so ijust try in a bubble. because it is a divided society. so i just try to in a bubble. because it is a divided society. so ijust try to convince them, especially, it is a pro— independence people, you have the hard—core nationalists, independence people, you have the ha rd—core nationalists, then independence people, you have the hard—core nationalists, then those who have been convinced by arguments that you had fort brexit or the scottish independence movement. all
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the calls and claims made by the regional minister were actually fake. companies are moving out. we will suffer economically in an independent situation. ernest, javier was talking about the economics. i understand you have a business. what will you be doing? i understand you will be taking strike action, but would you open your business to employees that have the different opinion? yes, obviously. the right for a strike is a right, not an obligation. i would like to make a comment on companies leaving. that is a partial vision and, in fa ct, that is a partial vision and, in fact, there are few companies that are moving, only on the social side, which is not moving economic activity. that has even been companies that have said the king of spain asked them to leave. so we are
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living in an economic sabotage. and these things that javier said, they are not true. reality is obligated thing, javier. what might be real for you may not be real for us and the other way round. to me, what will happen in the next two years and catalonia: we live spain, —— in catalonia, we live spain. otherwise we will be in economic trouble. join us. we will be in economic trouble. join us. you will see. moving on, if —— a former adviser to donald trump has had his twitter account suspended after directing
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abusive tweets towards journalists. mr stine lashed out on friday night after the news media reported that robert mueller had filed the first charges in his russia investigation. the pakistani cricket team are preparing to host sri lanka on sunday. it is the first sizes are attacked by militants nine years ago. a people were killed when gunmen opened fire on the jamaican tea m gunmen opened fire on the jamaican team bus. but now, many see the return of the sri lankan team is the return of the sri lankan team is the return of the sri lankan team is the return of international cricket to the country. —— opened fire on the sri lankan team. this empty plot of land is host to three simultaneous games of cricket. but the most that iran is talking about will take place a few kilometres away when pakistan take a sri lanka. translation: i'm happy the sri lankan team is coming here. a long time, there has been no cricket in
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pakistan. that has been really damaging for lump to make young players. translation:. we will be supporting both teams. —— really damaging for young players. who ever wins, it is a victory for cricket. this is what happened last time the sri lankan tea m happened last time the sri lankan team came to lahore. eight people we re team came to lahore. eight people were killed, and a number of players injured. following the attack, pakistan have held their home games in the united arab emirates. given the top domestic cricket championship is played there. all at a huge cost to the cricket board. playing our home series away from home grounds in foreign lands, like goodbye, means expenses are literally 100% increase. —— like dubai. money is kept internally if we can play at home. all of the
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industries associated have suffered. at the gaddafi stadium, they are preparing for sunday's mash. —— match. a world 11 team visited. cricket will not be back to normal until everyone feels comfortable visiting. if we have regular bilateral series, then you can honestly say that cricket has come back. but right now, it is just a 1—off event. it is like me starting to get teams back, so that at the world gets comfortable with the idea that cricket is returning to pakistan. terrorist attacks have reduced in pakistan in recent years. but there will still be tight security for this game. the next step, though, is for matches to played in other cities across the country, and then for a full international series. cricketing authorities here say that they hope
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that happens within the next two yea rs. the fourth and final challenge of bbc 100 women has ended in brazil. women have been coming up with ways to tackle sexism in sport. it is finally the big day. after a week debating how to tackle sexism in football, we have come to a school in bahia to present solutions that our experts can we then to try them out on the pitch. so let's meet some of the experts and find out what they have been up to. this is a former adviser to brazil international. you have five different rules you have created. what are these different rules? so it is all equal opportunities of
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the pitch. maira liguri is focusing on visibility. what are you doing there? we are creating a youtube channel so that we can gather information and free tutorials and media is inspiring women playing football, so they can inspire others to start playing. there no such information on the internet about man. we want this to be strong. maira, thank you. at the crucial thing is how it works on the pitch. now the match is going really well. it is very competitive in a great game. they are all wearing t—shirts that have been especially made for
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today. that is part of the solution is the experts came up with will slogans say that the girls are proud to play as girls, and the boys are ploughed to play with them. —— the boys are proud to play with them. the match is just boys are proud to play with them. the match isjust finished. the 100 women team lost. it was 9—3 to the other team. the girls are a little upset, but we shall see how maria, how did you enjoy the game? now, of course this was just about winning or losing. this was really about starting a debate, is trying new methods, and hopefully and inspiring women in brazil and around the world. julia carneiro reporting there. goodbye for now.
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hello. a change in the clock is going to bring a big change in the weather as well. on saturday, we had some interesting cloud formations helped by some gusty westerly winds, which brought temperatures of 17 degrees in aberdeen. so relatively mild. but that is changing because oui’ mild. but that is changing because ourair is starting mild. but that is changing because our air is starting to come from the arctic. much colder northerly winds especially to the north—east of the uk. there will be much more sunshine and a brighter day on sunday, but for many of us, you will notice that it is colder. the colder air coming in behind this weak weather front is more a band of power. a little rain oi’ more a band of power. a little rain or drizzle on it as well. gusty winds with that. that is keeping temperatures up across southern part of england and wales. but in the clear skies, sunday would will be much colder. there will be more sunshine around on sunday. we will
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see that cloud in the south and south—west. it eventually clears away from devon and cornwall. good spells of sunshine throughout the day. some showers down those north sea coasts where the wind will be strongest. here it will feel particularly cold. a drop in temperature for the likes of newcastle in aberdeen. but the south and west, it would be a sweetie. 40 degrees will be much more pleasant. however, we will find this area of high pressure building in across the uk overnight. so it will push away any remaining strong winds and we will have clear skies and a cold night. temperatures probably in rural areas close to orjust below freezing. not much frost at all so far, but it will start pretty chilly monday, on at least on grass. it won't warm up much of the day. it may turn milder through the week, because the westerly winds will return, many more cloud. that means
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more rain, not much, mostly in the north—west. starting monday, bright, sunny but cold. it will total hazy and more cloud will come in from the north—west, where we could see a little rain in the north—west scotla nd little rain in the north—west scotland and northern ireland. temperatures 9— 12 degrees. moving into tuesday, we so to get more influence from the atlantic west to south—westerly winds. that means more cloud around on tuesday. that means bits and pieces of rain, most across the northern half of the uk, temperatures returning to about 14, perhaps 15 degrees. on wednesday, we start to see those winds strengthening today. more rain coming in to scotland and northern ireland, but for most of england and wales, it should be dry and rather mild. this is bbc news. the sack as leader of catalonia has given a defiant response to its takeover by the spanish government calling for a
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credit research she and —— resistant the spanish government has said it would welcome the participation of puigdemont in newark is elections. explosions of rock capital of somalia, mogadishu. at least 14 people dead with many more injured. officials in the iraqi kurdistan say that the president will step down at the end of this month, just weeks after he held a controversial referendum on independence. and oil crewmembers on submarines are to undergo drugs tests. now coming up on bbc news, we have
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