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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 31, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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two weeks' time. first world cup in two weeks' time. sol first world cup in two weeks‘ time. so i need to find new kit, all my kit and not just the so i need to find new kit, all my kit and notjust the board, it is everything. add all that kit has been modified and customised to me. so not just buying been modified and customised to me. so notjust buying a new board from the shelf, i then have to put wax on it, said my bindings up and get the boots refitted. so it is not great. what kind of position were you in any way? it is hard, it is an expensive sport. and now, it is hard to find the money to get to all the races and the training. and get the equipment i need. and then to have to find more money to get new kit that i already had it hard. but i have a good team behind me. so hopefully we can do it. and best of luck to james who was
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speaking to olly foster there. finally, the olympic torch has been formally handed over from greece to pyeongchang ahead of the winter games next year. the panathenaic stadium, which hosted the first modern olympics in 1896, provided the backdrop as the torch was presented to the president of the pyeongchang 2018 organising committee lee hee beom. that‘s all from sportsday. we‘ll have more throughout the evening. this year‘s award for britain‘s best new building the riba stirling prize for architecture will be presented at a special ceremony tonight. among the nominations are a crowd—funded renovated sea side pier, a mega campus for students in glasgow and a new housing development with wicker balconies.
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our media correspondent david sillito is at the roundhouse in north london where tonight‘s prize will be presented. good evening. and welcome to the roundhouse. at 8:30pm will have the announcement of the winner of the iba stirling prize this year. but before that lets take a look at the six nominated buildings. ollie wainwright and architectural critic is here. we begin with hastings pier, officially opened 145 years ago but it has had a bit of a referral. it is fair to say it is not what you would imagine. it burned down and has been rebuilt,
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risen from the ashes. it is quite radical, conceived as a blank canvas for activities to occur. a large pavilion in the middle but again multipurpose. it is not the old seaside pier. it is not prescriptive, it can host everything from carousels to music concerts. now glasgow college, this is altogether different. and one of the favourites. it is this kind of gleaming temple to practical skills in the centre of glasgow. a sector that often does not get celebrated. when you meet the stewardesses, what you think. it is a real feat, they‘ve squeezed in all the functions of a city in one building. all these different skills in one
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building. the second year running that the same client and architect have been on the short list so i would take away the winner. and right on top of the hill to give it a degree of civic status. it is like the parthenon, really gleaming on the parthenon, really gleaming on the rare occasions you have glasgow sunshine. and chat, tiny in comparison, a little black building on the old dockyard. it is very subtle, like a kind of surgical intervention. in the middle of a rambling series of old ship shared. and an old man a historical discovery. you're taking on a atmospheric journey to discover these old ships timbers. and again altogether different, the huge jewish museum, the back offices. 70% of this project is underground so you just see a small part of it and asa you just see a small part of it and as a visitor hardly any of that. but
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it is providing essential services to the museum. and one of my favourites, held up entirely by plywood. a series of six apartments in stoke newington, a model of how ci’oss in stoke newington, a model of how cross laminated timber can be used, it is very sustainable and cheaper than conventional construction. you described it as the three little pigs house! i did, and right next to a primary school. the three little pigs use sticks and straw but this is proving that you can use them. and then they‘ve covered in a brick envelope. and finally the photographic studio. this gets my juices flowing, this is the favourite amongst architects. an exquisite piece of concrete construction in ladbroke grove on the site of an old builders merchant. so fragments of the original building retained. you progress through the site. original building retained. you
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progress through the sitem original building retained. you progress through the site. it is a lot of concrete. it is but the photographer who works there say it is change the way he works and had a big impact on his practice. and he has got to eat their words, worked there, multifunctional. a kind of monastic space in a busy city, this calm oasis. so the six buildings are all very different. does that say anything about the state of architecture at the moment?” anything about the state of architecture at the moment? i think it shows that architects are almost trying to fade into the background. none of these big show what iconic buildings. and for me the tate modern switch house really should be up modern switch house really should be up there. the great pyramid twisting up up there. the great pyramid twisting up behind the existing tate modern. one of the most inventive buildings you could see. of the six, do you have a favourite? my favourite would have a favourite? my favourite would
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have to be glasgow city college. just such a fiendishly complex brief are trying to squeeze in all these different functions. the architects have come up with an elegant way of resolving the problem. and it has a bit of stature, as well. it is like going into the national parliament ofa going into the national parliament of a small nation state, it has this proud civic stature in a way so many comparable buildings do not. we will be back here again at 8:30pm with a special programme. starting here on the news channel. we will introduce you to all these buildings once again. and then we have the results of the are a ba sterling building of the year prize. stay with us for a whole 30 minutes programme as we look at the winner, the announcement injust over an look at the winner, the announcement in just over an hour‘s time. we look forward to that. let‘s catch up with the weather now.
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some developing mist patches tonight could add to the halloween atmosphere. further north the rain is getting heavier through the night. breezy conditions as well. further south under the clearer air we see temperatures dropping into single figures. a chance of some frost. but some mist and fog around in the morning commute. for england and wales if anything a bit brighter than to date with more sunshine breaking through. central and southern scotland and the lost of northern ireland, the rain heaviest in the morning but lighter into the afternoon. quickly turning cool to wednesday night and into thursday morning. cloud pushing its way south. i decided that temperatures dropping and we have a frost on
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thursday morning. —— either side of that. you‘re watching beyond one hundred days. the big three internet giants are called to testify in congress. lawmakers are demanding to know what facebook, twitter and google have learnt of russia‘s interference in the 2016 election. new reports show russian—backed posts may have reached 126 million americans on facebook during the campaign. president trump calls george papadopoulos a liar — the campaign advisor who is now co—operating with the russia probe is not popular in the white house. the head of catalonia‘s independence bid says he isn‘t seeking asylum in brussels to avoid possible rebellion charges. also on the programme: a woman tells the bbc how a senior british labour party figure persuaded her to drop allegations of rape by a party member.
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