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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 31, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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it's up to those around the negotiating table to decide the future of the uk's farming landscape. claire marshall, bbc news, cheshire. hastings pier, which seven years ago was all but destroyed in a huge fire, has won britain's most prestigious architectural prize. the pier, rebuilt in collaboration with the local community, was described by judges of the stirling prize as "a masterpiece of regeneration." our arts correspondent, david sillito, reports. seven years ago, it was an inferno. people that i'd never spoken to before were stopping me to talk about the pier and everyone was devastated. today, a phoenix from the ashes. my parents met in the ballroom on the pier. here? what i cast myself as a pier baby. jill suden‘s been coming to the pier all her life.
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but all that's left of the original ballroom are these footprints. 1, 2, 3. hastings pier has been rebuilt, reborn and reinvented for the 21st century. this is wonderful. the woodwork here is the original timber from the pier. there are still some of the scorch marks from the fire of 2010, but the most important innovation is this — nothing. what they chose not to build, the empty space. if this pier was going to survive, it needed flexibility. and tonight the community that took ownership watched, hoping for a hallowe‘en treat. hastings pier... cheering i would like to acknowledge that
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you've all done fine buildings, but it seems that this year what really captured the imagination was not doing one! indeed, it's nickname is "the plank", but what they've actually created is a park over the ocean. 145 years after it was first opened it is, once again, a new building. britain's best new building. what are your thoughts looking out on this now? oh, i love it. it's just so peaceful. david sillito, bbc news, hastings. before we go, a reminder of our main story tonight: at least eight people have been killed and a dozen injured in a terror attack in new york. a truck ploughed into a pedestrian and cycle path and the driver got out with two handguns before he was shot by police. he's now in custody and has been named as sayfullo saipov. the city's mayor said the city would
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be resilient in the face of an act that aimed to intimidate. there is more on that story on the bbc news khannel. mchlt hello. this is bbc news with me rebecca jones. more on our breaking news tonight — the mayor of new york has said at least eight people have been killed and more than a dozen injured in a terrorist attack in which a rented pick—up truck was driven across a pedestrian and bicycle lane. police said the vehicle hit several people in lower manhattan before it crashed into a school bus and the driver was shot and detained by police. in a tweet, president trump has called it "another attack by a very sick and deranged person". our correspondent nick bryant has the latest. a riverside bike path in lower manhattan, where cyclists were mown down by a vehicle that appears to have deliberately
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mounted the curb. eyewitnesses described the white pick—up truck being driven at high speed. the path was scattered with damaged bikes and injured riders. moments afterwards, the truck appears to have rammed another vehicle, outside one of new york's most prestigious schools, and this footage appears to show this suspect leaving the vehicle and brandishing what police later said was an imitation firearm. pupils at the school told us help gunfire then erupted. he was running round with a gun. police came out and people called the cops, so they were coming in. the guy fired a couple of shots before and then there was a shoot out between the police and the guy and that's when they started to close down everything and we had to go. he was screaming in the street, looked frustrated, panicked, confused. from there a whole load of customers started running past me, a whole bunch of people came running past my way shouting "he has a gun".
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police cleared some of manhattan's busiest streets and on the police scanner, the panic of the moment. be advised, multiple people on the ground. multiple people on the ground. all this and folded within the shadow of the new world trade center, when new yorkers are reminded daily of the ever present threat of terror. this is one of the most heavily policed areas in the whole of the united states, just yards from ground zero. and the emergency services were here in heavy numbers almost immediately. and it didn't take them long to confirm that new york city had again been the target of terror. it's a very painful day in our city, horrible tragedy on the west side. let me be clear that based on information
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we have at this moment, this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at people going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them. once again, new york has been attacked on a beautiful autumn day, and just yards from one of its most sacred and one of its sacred and most fortified sites. donald trump as drift tweeted again... —— hasjust tweeted again. there has been a reaction from downing street as well. the prime
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minister theresa may says... arash aramesh is a us national security expert and foreign policy analyst and joins us from san francisco. thanks forjoining us. i want to start with that interesting president trump, he is linking this attack with so—called islamic state. let's for a second attempt the president hadn't heard of recent outbreaks on twitter, yes the attacker might have been inspired by isis all the signals would tell a
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national security professional that is was fully bland, but this guy was just inspired by isis online. —— pulu plan. there is a check list, a weather it is planned in syria or iraq or simply inspired. the committee inspired by isis. the president should reminded himself that this gentleman from uzbekistan, as this country is not on the travel ban, it is the french base that has nothing to do with national security. —— fringe base. i want to explain what's happening, you have nypd intelligence unit and the fbi
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right now going through what they have collected in terms of data, in terms of footage, audiovideo, and any other digital footprint to see what they already have on this individual. the second think that's going on is the big question, was this person already under surveillance? one of the worst on a law enforcement or official is someone law enforcement or official is someone who's already under surveillance carrying out an act of terror. these are two big things going on in ten league in the nypd intelligence unit and the fbi, counterterrorism unit in new york city which obviously has a large operation. how much will they be helped by the fact that our understanding is that the suspect has been detained a life? how much will that help the investigation? it's very important because now you have a live suspect, you have a live
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suspect who can be interrogated, can talk about how he was inspired by online propaganda, and perhaps there is that possibility though i don't think there is, that he was in touch with isis central, then we can get those links, find out more about his training, his thought process, and for us to better understand how young men, sometimes in many cases young men, sometimes in many cases young women, are attracted to radical organisations and are willing to carry out lone wolf attacks inspired by the isis ideology and bettered. it helps us better confront them and prevent them from happening. it is important we have a live suspect as most of these guys when they carry out these attacks, they are ready to die and go to paradise. it is important that i applaud the nypd and the officers who bought this man down, they have someone who bought this man down, they have someone alive to talk to. what do
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you make of the nature of the attack, this was a man in a truck driving, hitting innocent people on the streets, similar attacks in london and barcelona but not necessarily the united states? when i say there are a lot of signs telling us this was a lone wolf loser sort of poorly organised attack, you have to look at what is happening. first and foremost, last month isis published in the monthly publication, they had a huge article on how easy it is to get access to weapons in the united states and encouraged the operatives to go and buy weapons. all this guy could do at best, was to get a pellet gun and at best, was to get a pellet gun and a paint gun. it tells us what we need to do to close gun loopholes so people can stop spraying people in downtown new york. if you look at
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the round he had, he is not next to the round he had, he is not next to the world trade center, there is a four lane hydrates devising where he was and the world trade center. all he had to do to inflict more casualties was drive north. they could not, he sees going south, wave your people, much smaller room for manoeuvre and much less congestion. if this was a sophisticated terror attack organised by isis, one would think that those capable advertise would plan these things out. these are the signs that i think, would tell one that this was a sort of lone wolf inspired by online propaganda. it doesn't reduce from the significance of this heinous attack but it also tells us that we don't have isis itself in this country that has links to syria and iraq, that is important to keep in mind. we must keep in mind that
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eight people have died and there have been multiple injuries. the new york governor has said as a precaution, expectancy increased security at high—profile locations. new yorkers should be new yorkers, he adds, we will not be deterred. tell us a little bit about the terror threat in the united states at the moment. what level is attached? let's not forget today is halloween. i can't think, i can't possibly think, that this was not pa rt possibly think, that this was not part of the plan to inflict some kind of pain to disrupt the normal life in america. tonight is halloween and what happens in halloween and what happens in halloween is parents after work, ta ke halloween is parents after work, take the kids trick or treating, there will be parties across the party including new york city and its hard when you have people in costu mes, its hard when you have people in costumes, people in masks, people
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walking down the street wearing night dearfrom walking down the street wearing night dear from lord walking down the street wearing night dearfrom lord of walking down the street wearing night dear from lord of the walking down the street wearing night dearfrom lord of the rings or this show or that tv show, with their faces covered, it's really ha rd to their faces covered, it's really hard to play out an effective law enforcement strategy especially at a time like this. people are concerned but new york city has been too much worse, new york being new york is an
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