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tv   Newsnight  BBC News  October 31, 2017 11:15pm-12:01am GMT

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everybody else was. two gentlemen running over by the pickup truck. and the noise you heard was the truck.. 7 and the noise you heard was the truck. . ? a lot and the noise you heard was the truck.. ? a lot of females screening, it was halloween but it was an eerie scream. there was one female who must have seen the body and must have seen it happened, she kept screaming. it was... these college students were in class as the commotion began. we were having a class and a couple of my classmates heard the shots and then we went to the window and we saw two of the bodies laying down. first we saw one in the bike lane and a second body was next to the tree. we saw a bunch of police and ambulance people, they were running. after that they covered the body but it was windy so the guy huddled up. of bunch of bicycles were on the floor. it was really chaotic. family
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bicycles did you see on the floor?‘ good bicycles did you see on the floor?l good four. did it surprise you? you never normally see something like this happen around here, especially around here, we looked outside the window and they were laying dead, they weren't even covered yet. what did you hear, did you hear the gunshots? we didn't hear the gunshots. wejust gunshots? we didn't hear the gunshots. we just got up in class, we heard someone was shot and we ran to the window and there were bodies lying there. an eyewitness has described the incident. what i saw was that the driver, he didn't look like he was bleeding or anything per se. but he did have a noticeable limp as he got out the car, he looked like he was breaking his foot a little bit and he was screaming in the street, he looked frustrated, panicked and confused. from there a whole bunch of customers started running past me, a
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whole bunch of people started running my weight yelling, he's got a gun, he's got a gun. did you see the gun? i did not see the gun, i didn't see any blood or see any of anything of a gun of the driver of the white pickup truck he was injured, maybe that was another person. he looked pretty bad without looking for bleeding or anything like that. president trump has just issued this statement from the white house, saying that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of today's terrorist attack in new york city and their families. he says terrorist attack in new york city and theirfamilies. he says my administration will provide its full support to the new york city police department, including through a joint investigation with the federal bureau of investigation. we offer
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oui’ bureau of investigation. we offer our thanks to the first responders who stop the subject and rendered immediate aid to the victims that stopped. these brave american women and men embody the american spirit of courage and i will continue to follow developments shortly —— stopped. that from donald trump on the terror attack in new york city. earlier we heard from howard safir, former new york police commissioner. u nfortu nately unfortunately it's the new normal. as we make strides against isis and terrorism overseas, a lot of self—radicalised people think they're helping the cause. i think this is probably an individual, i don't think it is a cell. u nfortu nately don't think it is a cell. unfortunately in a large city, as you note in london, and as we've experienced here, you can't put bollards and protection on every single is weak and building. this
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was obviously an individual who decided he was going to hurt as many people as possible. i'm familiar with that particular bike path and it's right on the west side highway right in the open. what do we know about the suspected attacker? we hear that the suspect appears to have acted alone. he told appears to have acted alone. he told a news conference: a short time ago president trump tweeted: earlier i spoke to a us national security adviser the analyst and i started by asking him what he made
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of donald trump linking the attack with so—called islamic state. let's for a second pretend that the president hadn't uttered that recent outburst on twitter. yes, the attacker may have been inspired by isis but all the signs and all the signals of this attack would tell any national security professional that this was poorly planned, at the very best this guy was just inspired by isis propaganda online. there's a list of... there's a checklist you can go through to see what are the odds of this plan having been planned by isis in syria or in iraq, oi’ planned by isis in syria or in iraq, orjust inspired by online propaganda. secondly, the president would like to take political advantage of this attack, again, he should remind himself that this gentleman, who happens to be from as uzbekistan, that country isn't under
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the muslim travel ban, the president went after a targeted list of muslim countries to appease his fringe base, which has nothing to do with national security. briefly, base, which has nothing to do with nationalsecurity. briefly, iwant to explain to the viewers what's happening in new york city, you have the nypd and the fbi, the nypd and the nypd and the fbi, the nypd and the fbi right now going through what they have collected in terms of data, in terms of footage, in terms of audio, video and any other digital footprint to see what they already have on this individual. the second thing that's going on is the big question, was this person already under surveillance? one of the worst fears of any law enforcement operative or official, for someone already under southwell islands to carry out an act of terror. these are the two big things right now going on in turn leads within the nypd intelligence unit.
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how much will they be helped by the fa ct how much will they be helped by the fact the suspect has been detained alive, how much will that help the investigation? it's very important because now you have a live suspect, a live suspect that can be interrogated and can talk about how he was inspired by online propaganda. perhaps there's the small possibility, but i don't think there is, there's the small possibility that he was in touch with isis central, then we can get those links and find out more about his training and his thought process. but also for us to better understand how young men and sometimes in many cases young women get attracted to these radical organisations and are willing to carry out the sort of lone wolf attacks inspired by the isis ideology and isis message, that will
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help us better confront them and better prevent these things from happening. is very important and it's a good thing that now we have a live suspect. most of these guys when they carry out an attack are ready to die and go to paradise, i commend the nypd and those two officers that brought this man down and captured him alive so we've got someone and captured him alive so we've got someone to talk to. what do you make of the nature of the attack, that this was a man in a truck driving it into innocent people on the streets, attacks we have seen in london and barcelona but not necessarily in the united states? when i say there are a lot of signs telling us this was a lone wolf loser sort of poorly organised attack, this was not an organised attack, this was not an organised attack, this was not an organised attack, you've got to look at what's been happening. first and foremost, last month as a matter of fa ct foremost, last month as a matter of fact isis published in their monthly publication, they had a huge article on how easy it is to get access to
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weapons in the united states and they encouraged their operatives to go and buy weapons. all this guy could do at best was get a pellet gun andi could do at best was get a pellet gun and i think a paint gun. thankfully. it also tells us what we need to do to close some of those gun loopholes so people can't go and buy an ar 15 and start spraying people in downtown new york. looking at what he hit, he's not next to the world trade center, there's a a—lane highway and a divider between him and the world trade center. secondly all he had to do to inflict more tragedy is going or, if you look at the map he is going south, fewer people, less room for mover in and more congested —— less congested. if this was a sophisticated isis organised attack, one would think those capable adversaries would plan these things out. these are all the signs that i think would tell one that this was a lone wolf inspired
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by online propaganda. it doesn't reduce anything from the significance of this heinous attack but it's also telling us that we don't really have active isis cells in this country with direct links to syria or iraq. that's important to keepin syria or iraq. that's important to keep in mind. we must keep in mind that eight people have died and there have been multiple injuries. the new york governor, q i'm oh, has said asa the new york governor, q i'm oh, has said as a precaution, expect to see increased security at high—profile locations. —— cuomo. new yorkers should be new yorkers, he adds, we should be new yorkers, he adds, we should not be deterred. tell us a bit about the terror threat in the united states at the moment, what sort of level is it at? let's not also forget that today is halloween, the light was halloween. i can't think... i can't really possibly believe that this was not part of this individual‘s plan to inflict
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some kind of pain to disrupt the normal life in america. tonight is halloween, parents take their kids trick—or—treating, there will be many parties across the country and in new york, it is hard when you have people in costumes and masks and people going down the street wearing nike gearfrom lord of the rings or this show all that tv show and theirfaces rings or this show all that tv show and their faces are covered —— rings or this show all that tv show and theirfaces are covered —— night dear. it is hard to have an effective law enforcement strategy ata time effective law enforcement strategy at a time like this. people are concerned but new york city has been through much worse and new york being new york is an incredible city, people are extremely strong, this is a very diverse city and this is nothing that's going to shake up new yorkers, they've seen much worse
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and they've triumphed so i'm not worried about that. the us national security analyst there. on the line now is an eyewitness to the terror attack. thanks forjoining us on bbc news. where were you when this attack happened? i was driving down the west side highway near the high school, i don't remember the cross street, maybe mike moy or charmers. you were close by, what did you see? i was looking down at my phone and then my uber driver started screaming, saying, look, the car is ploughing down people. then i looked andi ploughing down people. then i looked and i saw three or four people lying
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on the ground with bikes smashed and they all were covered in blood. because it was a cross from the high school i thought it was a halloween performance. today there are people wearing lots of masks and make up. the driver says no, no, no, wearing lots of masks and make up. the driversays no, no, no, i wearing lots of masks and make up. the driver says no, no, no, isaw the car driving in the bike lane. then the police car came and two policemen ran forward and we were at the intersection, probably the fourth car at the intersection. then there were eight or nine very loud gunshots. then they started waving at us to go forward. the next thing i see was a large delivery truck and the small school bus, not a large one, but a van sized schoolbus. it
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was badly damaged by the looks of it. then on the west side highway right on the pavement i saw a gentleman with blood in the middle of his abdomen —— west side highway. i presumed he was shot but i didn't see it. the police were then kneeling. inaudible... sorry to interrupt you, dimitry, the line was breaking up but we got a vivid description. you are clearly incredibly close to this attack. it must have been very frightening? the people who were mowed down, they we re people who were mowed down, they were two road lengths from me, very, very close but separated by two lanes of other cars. i haven't seen
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people actually being mowed down, but i saw it right in the next second after it happened. presumably the pavements were packed with people, or it was busy at any rate? it was normally busy, it wasn't very busy. it was 3pm or something, around the time when parents... when people are not leaving work yet. there wasn't too many people but definitely it was crowded, new york is always crowded. what was the reaction of those people? i saw people running in pointing. i saw people running in pointinglj presumed this was some sort of halloween performance because today,
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early in the day, so many people in different outfits. before i heard the guns, i did not connect the dots. i could not believe the driver telling me know, he saw the people we re telling me know, he saw the people were just mowed down, telling me know, he saw the people werejust mowed down, run down. telling me know, he saw the people were just mowed down, run down. we are so grateful for your time. were just mowed down, run down. we are so gratefulfor your time. i'm sure it's been a very harrowing day. thank you for talking to us. i think it's very important that everybody knows that it really happened. thank you again. we are very grateful, thank you. we can now speak to daniel benjamin, the former co—ordinator of the counterterrorism at the us state department. the new york governor has said the suspect appeared to be acting alone. is that your assessment? with very little to go on, yes, i'm
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relying on what law enforcement is telling us and an attack like this is typically someone who is working on the road. i wonder what you made of the fact that president trump in a tweet as linked to the attack with so—called islamic state. a tweet as linked to the attack with so—called islamic statelj a tweet as linked to the attack with so-called islamic state. i make of that the fact that the president often communicates without any information whatsoever and it is not an uncharacteristic of him to simply lump all terrorists or all jihadist terrorists or even islamic terrorists or even islamic terrorists together and assume they are islamic state. it's too early to make any conclusion in that regard. can you give us any insights into the nature of an attack which appears to be a man driving a truck into innocent people? we have seen these kinds of attacks in london and berlin and barcelona and other cities but perhaps not so much in
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the united states. we haven't seen them very much in the united states for a number of reasons but one big one is, the easy availability of firearms. firearms am much more an effective way to kill people and vehicles. my sense is that if this individual couldn't procure any firearms to carry out an attack, that he was probably not a very competent first time terrorist or someone competent first time terrorist or someone getting into this line of activity and the fact that he carried around a pellet gun and a paintball gun also suggests that this was not someone who had trained ina this was not someone who had trained in a foreign camp or anything like that or had even been out in the woods training with friends. it is something that we have seen in the past in the us. my sense is that he
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is self—motivated, as self—starter, home—grown and probably not terribly competent. we have seen a number of people like this who were psychologically disturbed and i would not be surprised if we found that out as well. how difficult is it for the authorities to keep track of these kinds of people. extremely difficult if they have no criminal record. we have had good success in the united states in having muslim communities police themselves and report people who are radicalising and showing worrying behaviour. several tips that come enough on those communities but we are a large western free country and there are a lot of people who are loners and not really under any screed and people who have psychological problems, it
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is often difficult to identify what their problem is and what direction they are headed in in terms of behaviour. we are seeing —— we see people who radicalise quickly or slowly and authorities are quite goodin slowly and authorities are quite good in ensuring there are no cells operating in the us and people who have shown sustained periods of dangerous behaviour and a determination to carry out attacks are trapped. we have had a very good track record in that regard september 11 but it's very hard to catch every single individual, especially using such a low—tech approach. how much will the authorities be helped by the attack that the —— helped by the fact that the attacker is alive? dead men tell no tales are they now have somebody who they can interrogate and who is in considerable pain as well so they have certainly got a running start.
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it is quite fortunate. we've had quite a number of cases like this in the us, the last person who tried to carry out a bombing in new york was apprehended alive. the times square would—be bomber was apprehended alive. a tremendous amount of information from that. we will find out what the motivation was. whereas, for example, with the case of the las vegas shooter, whereas a dead—endin of the las vegas shooter, whereas a dead—end in terms of having hard fa cts dead—end in terms of having hard facts to talk about. daniel benjamin, former co—ordinator for counterterror at the state department, thank you. good evening. another dry night to come across the southern half of the uk with clear skies around, and if few mist and fog patches. scotland, northern ireland, a lot more loud
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and breeze with heavy outbreaks of rain, persistent across western scotland. the temperatures up with breeze in the south, temperatures in single figures, around five or six. a cool start in the south. mr and fog an issue for the morning rush where is in argyll and clyde go at ayrshire, easing off into the afternoon and evening. —— glasgow. the far north of scotland, by today with sunshine and showers but england and wales, dry and a bit warm with a bit more sunshine around by the afternoon. into wednesday night, temperatures drop either side of this weather front which will work its way southwards reducing cloud and patchy rain and drizzle and clearer skies on either side with a touch of frost into thursday morning. goodbye for now. hello. this is bbc news with rebecca jones. the headlines now: terror in new york — at least eight people are killed and dozens injured after a truck
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ploughs into pedestrians and cyclists. this was an act of terror and particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians. there were about another ten gunshots coming out, i saw police ducking out. they came out towards where i was, they didn't know what was going on. president trump describes the suspect as a ‘sick and deranged' person while theresa may says she's appalled by the attack. the driver, who's in police custody, has been named in the us as sayfullo saipov — who came to the country in 2010. and in other news — a woman tells the bbc how a senior labour party figure persuaded her to drop allegations of rape by a party member. at least eight people have been
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killed in an attack in new york in which a rented pick—up truck was driven across a bicycle lane. several people in lower manhattan we re several people in lower manhattan were hit before it crashed into a school bus and a driver was shot and the state —— detained by the police. he has been named as sayfullo saipov, who came to the united states in 2010. earlier tonight, the governor of new york spoke at a news conference alongside the city's police and fire commissioner. first, our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives. they left their house this morning. they left their house this morning. they were enjoying the beautiful west side of manhattan on a beautiful all day and they are not
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returning home. that shock and that pain is going to be very real and our thoughts and our prayers are with all of them. our first responders did an extraordinaryjob. the nypd, the ftn wire, the fbi, and the state police, ems. —— fdny. we have the finest security on the globe and to see them in action today proved that, once again. the new terrorist tactic which they have called for publicly are these lone wolves who commit an act of terror. this is all very preliminary. it's only been a couple of hours but there is notice —— no evidence to suggest a wider plot or a wide scheme but the actions of one individual who meant to cause pain and harm and probably death and the
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resulting terror. that was the purpose. we will be vigilant. more police everywhere. you will see them many airports and those tunnels —— and the tunnels. it's not because there is any evidence of any ongoing threat or any additional prat. it is just out of vigilance and out of caution. the truth is new york is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. that's what we are. we are proud of it. it also makes us a target for those people who oppose those concepts. we have lived with this before. we felt the pain before. we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward is stronger than ever. we
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are not going to let them win. and if we change our lives, we contoured ourselves to them, then they win and we lose. —— we contort. we go about our business. there is no ongoing threat. there is no evidence of that at this time is there no reason to have any undue anxiety. you will see more security forces. that is only because it is an abundance of caution and no other reason. there will be continued investigation and justice will be done. but again, to those we lost, they are in our thoughts and our prayers. to the first responders, thank you, thank you, thank you for the job you do. you put your life on the line every
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day and you do it better than anyone else. to new yorkers, being new yorkers and live your life and don't let them change us or deter us in any manner, shape orform. thank you. asi any manner, shape orform. thank you. as i said, i'm going to go through the chronology. we will have a lot of questions but not go too deep into it. after i am done with the chronology, we will talk about the chronology, we will talk about the injuries. at 3:05 pm, a mail driving a rented home depo pick—up truck entered the west highway bicycle path at houston street and struck a number of pedestrians and bicycles. at chambers street, the truck collided with a school bus in doing —— injuring two adults and two children and after the collision, the driver of the truck, a
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29—year—old mail, exited brandishing two handguns and a uniformed police officer from the first precinct in front of the subject and shot him in the abdomen. the subject was transported to the local hospital. a paintball and pellet gun were re cove red. paintball and pellet gun were recovered. his identity is not being released at this time pending further investigation. at this point, there are eight fatalities reported in connection as well are several people injured. as the police commissioner said, six of the people died. they were pronounced at the scene between houston street and chambers street, all mail. two others were transported in traumatic arrest and were pronounced at the hospital. we also can't 11 people, all with serious but at this point
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not life—threatening injuries. the injuries are what you may expect as a truck went at high speed down the bicycle path and struck cyclists and pedestrians. there may be more injuries as people evacuated themselves and we will determine that later. that is the patient count on the depths as we know it now. i want to show you an image now. it's the first picture from our colleagues at cbs news who are naming the driver of the vehicle involved in tonight's attack as 29—year—old sayfullo saipov, who reportedly came to the united states in 2010. this is a picture from our collea g u es this is a picture from our colleagues at cbs, the first picture we have of the suspect. well, president trump has taken to twitter this evening. in his first message he called the incident: but he's since been more outspoken, as our north america editor,
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jon sopel, has been explaining. it's quite interesting the white house was cautious at first about how it should refer to the attack. the president, not using the phrase radical islamic terror that he has in previous occasions when barack obama was president or in response to european attacks. the first tweet, "looks like another attack by a deranged person, law enforcement is following this closely," followed by another one saying that, "we should not allow isis to return after defeating them in the middle east and elsewhere. enough." in the past few moments: the president has set out kind of his concern and this is,
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of course, the first terrorist attack since donald trump became president and also the first terrorist attack in new york where someone has died since september 11. what happens next from donald trump do you think? i don't know. i'm sure he is being briefed by the fbi and national security people around him to try to find out as much information about this individual as possible. it was interesting that the mayor of new york, bill deblasio, came out and said he was a lone wolf attacker. there are some who believe there is no such thing as a lone wolf attacker, that you must have contacts and have been radicalised, that there are footprints in the sand which will lead to other people. i would imagine there will be intense activity to try to find out more about this person, whether he was acting in concert with anyone, whether he had had training and the potential, of course, if you are an american
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national security person, what the potential is for further attacks like this but it follows a pattern we have seen in europe, in paris, in london, in nice and berlin, where someone has gotten behind a car and found it is easy to cause carnage. the softest of targets. jon sopel, our north american editor. in other news: a former member of labour's national executive committee has told the bbc she was raped at the age of 19 at a party event by a party member and was then persuaded by a senior labour official to drop her allegations. bex bailey is now calling for an independent agency to investigate reports of assault and harassment within the party. our political correspondent vicki young reports. bex bailey has decided to speak out. she hopes talking about her personal ordeal will help change the way all political parties handle allegations of sexual misconduct. she says she was raped at the age
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of 19 and her party didn't do enough to help her. i was seriously sexually assaulted at a labour party event by... it wasn't an mp, but someone who was more senior to me. i told a senior member of staff. it was suggested to me that i not report it. i was told that if i did, it might damage me. i wasn't given good advice, i wasn't given a procedure when i asked for it, so that i could sort of see what would happen if i did report it and then make a decision. it seemed to be that there wasn't one that existed. bex bailey believes this is a problem that goes right through politics at every level. one of the things that it needs is an element of independence. women need to be able to report to an independent agency, so that they know that these issues will be dealt with fairly, that the political bias will be taken out of them, and so that they feel that they can have the confidence to report these difficult issues, without feeling that they will be
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penalised as a result. the labour party has responded to the interview saying: they added: the labour party's extremely serious about tackling any form of abuse and making sure that we have a transparent structure in place. we have implemented new structures this year. we have a helpline that's available for people to call. speaker: order. yesterday, the prime minister watched on as mps from all parties described a culture of sexual harassment in westminster. the bbc has seen a document, compiled it's thought by parliamentary staff, detailing a range of
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allegations against several conservative mps and ministers. it lists inappropriate behaviour with junior members of staff, use of prostitutes, as well as relationships between mps. for years, rumours have circulated at westminster about alleged sexual misbehaviour by politicians, some of it is nothing more than gossip. but tonight there are signs that some are starting to speak out about more serious incidents, and the real concern here is that all the parties have been too slow to support the victims of bullying, harassment and sexual assault. vicki young, bbc news, westminster. british police investigating the american film producer harvey weinstein are now investigating sexual assault allegations made by seven women. officers are investigating incidents alleged to have taken place between the early 1980s and 2015 in london and across the uk. officers in new york and los angeles have also opened investigations into allegations made against the movie mogul. harvey weinstein has denied any
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allegations of non—consensual sex. netflix has announced that it's suspending production of season six of house of cards following claims of sexual misconduct made against the show‘s lead actor, kevin spacey. the actor has apologised after he was accused of making a sexual advance towards a 14—year—old more than 30 years ago. the company had said it would be the last season in the tv series. spain's high court has called the sacked leader of catalonia, carles puigdemont, and 13 colleagues to testify in court on thursday as part of the investigation into allegations of sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds. at a news conference in brussels, mr puigdemont said that he isn't trying to escape justice but that he wanted to be able to speak freely. it comes after his party voted
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for catalonia to break away from spain last week. police say they now believe one man and five of his children, aged between four and 11, died in the fire that ripped through a farmhouse in mid—wales yesterday. tributes have been paid to david cuthbertson, who lived at the property with other members of his family. three children managed to escape unharmed. an investigation into the cause of the fire is under way, as our wales correspondent sian lloyd reports. flowers and messages remembering five children who died. the youngest was four, the eldest 11 years old. the farmhouse where they lived with their father david cuthbertson was completely destroyed. police believe the 68—year—old also died in the fire in the early hours of yesterday morning. the damage is so severe police can't yet formally identify the victims. mary ann gilchrist
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is a family friend. she describes david cuthbertson as a devoted father, who also had grown up children living nearby. i mean, what i find so horrific is that one of the people who were responding was his son—in—law who works for, you know, our retained firemen. can you imagine? his children are all sweet, intelligent, and he should... i'm sure he was very proud of them. but i really don't think i can say any more, not at the moment. i'm sorry, it's too raw. that sadness is shared in the local village. in the post office, funds and clothes are being collected for the three children, aged 13, 12 and 10, who managed to escape the fire. we just wanted to feel that we were doing something as a community, and we've had
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people putting piggy banks in there, their piggy bank money in this morning. in the local church, thoughts and prayers are with the family. a book of condolence has been opened, and it's planned that a special service will be held later. sian lloyd, bbc news. the maximum stake that can be gambled on fixed—odds betting terminals could be reduced to £2 under new proposals being examined by the government. currently you can bet up to £100 every 20 seconds. it's believed almost a quarter of gamblers online are at risk of addiction. before we head to the weather, let's remind you of our main news tonight and that is at least eight people have been killed in an attack in new york in which a rented pickup truck was driven across a pedestrian and
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bicycle lane. american media have named the suspect as sayfullo saipov and we are seeing the picture of him here, he came to the united states in 2010. let's get the weather with ben rich. hello, rebecca, thank you and good evening. quiet weatherfor hello, rebecca, thank you and good evening. quiet weather for most of us over evening. quiet weather for most of us over the next couple of days but differences tomorrow depending on where you are. in southern areas we will see more sunshine because we will see more sunshine because we will drag in drier will see more sunshine because we willdrag in drierair will see more sunshine because we will drag in drier airfrom the near continent but further north, a lot of heavy rain along this slow—moving weather front, the rain of heavy rain along this slow—moving weatherfront, the rain setting in through the night in parts of northern ireland and especially south—west scotland where the rain will pile up overnight. further south, largely dry with clear spells developing and perhaps some fog patches. tomorrow morning if you're off to work at 8am, sunshine and showers in the far north of scotland but the south—west of scotland especially around glasgow, poor
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travelling conditions as the heavy rain continues. some of the wet weather fringing into rain continues. some of the wet weatherfringing into northern ireland, generally a lot of cloud here. in england and wales, a fairly cloudy start but bright as well, quite chilly, eight or nine. one or two fog patches, although the fog won't last long. through the day, especially in central and southern areas, the cloud will break up and we will get more sunshine in the afternoon. further north it's all about our weather front, which will only slowly go south, but will wea ken only slowly go south, but will weaken as it goes so the rain in places like glasgow and edinburgh easing off into the afternoon, 12 to 16, those are the maximum temperatures. into tomorrow night that weather front in the north will finally get a move on and shift southwards, although the rain will tend to use a way as it goes, just a band of cloud by thursday morning. to the north and south of our weather front, a chilly to the north and south of our weatherfront, a chilly start to the north and south of our weather front, a chilly start to thursday with a few fog patches in the south. on thursday this lump of cloud will drift slowly south across
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england and wales, somebody in, nothing more. further north, some sunshine but a cool feel, eight in aberdeen, maybe 13 in london. friday a decent day for many, patchy cloud and sunny spells but in the north—west you can see this weather front easing its way, initially a week feature. but on friday night it is likely tojoin week feature. but on friday night it is likely to join forces with some warm air pushing up from the south temporarily and it could give heavy rain in parts of england and wales for a time to start the weekend, but the most noticeable change is this front the most noticeable change is this fro nt m oves the most noticeable change is this front moves through and it will leave us plunged into this cold air all the way from the arctic. through the weekend if you're making plans, yes, some sunshine but showers too, the showers perhaps wintry over high ground in the north and for all of us, chilly winds. that's all from me for now, good night. i'm rico hizon in singapore, the headlines: eight dead in new york and at least twelve others injured after a truck eight dead in new york and at least 12 others injured after a truck
11:59 pm
strikes people on a bike path in lower manhattan. the mayor of new york says the attack is being seen as deliberate but that there's no evidence so far of a wider plot. let me be clear, based on the information we have at this moment, this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror. i'm babita sharma in london. also in the programme: president trump takes to twitter to address the events in manhattan, describing the attacker as sick and deranged.
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