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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 1, 2017 3:00am-3:31am GMT

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: at least eight people are killed in new york by a man who drove a truck into pedestrians and cyclists in lower manhattan. five of those killed were visiting from argentina. police say the suspect moved to the us from uzbekistan in 2010. the mayor of new york says the attack is being treated as deliberate, but says there is no evidence so far of a wider plot. based on the information we have at this moment, this was an act of terror, and a particularly cowardly act of terror. president trump describes the attacker as sick and deranged, tweeting that the us must not allow the islamic state group to return or enter the country after being defeated in the middle east. hello.
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at least eight people have been killed in new york, 12 people hurt, by a man who drove a pick—up truck into pedestrians and cyclists, before crashing into a school bus. he then came out of the vehicle carrying two imitation guns. he was shot by police and arrested. police sources have named him as sayfullo saipov, aged 29. reports say he is from uzbekistan and arrived in the united states in 2010. 0ur correspondent is at the scene. more information coming through about the victims. yes, we are starting to learn that they were tourists, five apparently were from argentina, someone from the foreign ministry confirmed that there was a group of five cyclist who were here celebrating the 30th year since their graduation. separately, we
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have heard from an official from belgium saying that one of those that was killed by this was from brussels. all of this, we are starting to see this pattern emerging of tourists caught up in what we now know was a terror attack just blocks away from where i am standing. police say this was the act of a lone wolf. 0ur courage, coverage begins with this report. man: oh, my god. oh, my god. 0k, ok, i need an ambulance right here! frantic scenes in new york city. a school bus partly crushed, with children still trapped inside. eyewitnesses said it was rammed by a truck travelling at speed. moments earlier, on this bike path in lower manhattan, cyclists and pedestrians were mowed down. bodies and bikes strewn along the street. the city again the target of terror, a vehicle used
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as a weapon to kill. and dramatic footage filmed from a classroom shows what happened next. the driver of a white pickup truck emerged carrying two fake guns, he was shot by police and arrested. i saw a couple of bodies laying on the bike path and when i was looking — seeing if there was anybody else, i heard gunshots. nine or ten shots went off, and i saw two cops were there. a lot of police running towards where i was. they were confused. he was screaming in the street. he looked frustrated, panicked, and confused. the attack happened close to the school, and just yards from the 9/11 memorial. and, on the police scanner, the panic of the moment. police radio: central, be advised, we have multiple people on the ground, from chambers all the way up to houston.
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all the way from houston up to chambers. multiple people on the ground. the suspect has been named as sayfullo saipov, who came from central asia to the us. authorities believe it was a lone wolf attack. it is a very painful day in our city. a horrible tragedy on the west side. let me be clear, based on the information we have, this was an act of terror, and a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at people going about their lives who had no idea about what was going to hit them. and on twitter president trump wrote... at the moment, the authorities say there is no evidence of a wider terror plot. but why here, and why now, in the shadow of the new
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world trade center, and when children were coming out to celebrate halloween? extra police have been deployed on the streets and at airports. sarah corker, bbc news. as we learn more about those who we re as we learn more about those who were injured and killed in this attack, the worst since 9/11, occurring just a few blocks from the side of the world trade center. many new yorkers consider themselves a fairly resilient bunch, but nonetheless, this is a city that once again finds itself facing off a terror attack. the president has mentioned the so—called islamic state group. no claim of responsibility, i think, state group. no claim of responsibility, ithink, at state group. no claim of responsibility, i think, at the moment, though is has been giving details recently on its website of how to commit these attacks. there we re how to commit these attacks. there were reports of a note found in the vehicle. law enforcement officials have said there was a note found
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near the vehicle that pledged allegiance to isis. we don't know more than that. i don't know if you can see, there are forensics investigators with flashlights combing through the road, looking for any signs to try and piece together what exactly happens, how the events played out. the fbi set out a plea asking for people to submitany out a plea asking for people to submit any footage they have. this is all part of efforts to try and piece together a picture of how events unfolded here, but also to try and establish what is his motive, why did he carry this out, and also who did he speak to? did he have any associates, did anyone else possibly know about this attack ‘s who inspired him? these are going to be the questions that authorities are looking into over the coming days. thank you very much for that. as we have mentioned, president trump posted a message about the incident on twitter.
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he added that the us must not allow the islamic state group to return or enter the country after being defeated in the middle east. kamran bokhari is a senior analyst with the intelligence firm geopolitical futures. hejoins me now from washington. what are your first thoughts on this? honestly, i am not surprised, given that it is very probable that a person like that would emerge in a city like new york, which has a very large population. and you just can't seem to know, you know, who these people are, that are living amongst you. and, you know, when do they flip, you. and, you know, when do they flip, when did they decide to engage in this horrific attack of mowing down innocent people, going about
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their business on the road? so, i mean, it is something at least professionally i have come to expect. this is, of course, one of the most heavily policed areas in the most heavily policed areas in the us. not far, of course, from ground zero, the site of the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers, the first terror related deaths since 2011. no, i think first terror related deaths since 2011. no, ithink we first terror related deaths since 2011. no, i think we are forgetting the orlando attacks in florida, though that is not new york, and the san bernardino a attacks in california. but yes, we haven't seen an attack in new york city in quite awhile. and unfortunately, the world that we live in, there is only so much you can do, in terms of security. you can't stop every single person who is committed to this form of barbarism. forgive me, thatis this form of barbarism. forgive me, that is what i meant to say, of course. very hard, of course. you
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can perhaps deal with vehicle tax by more physical obstructions, people have talked about that. —— vehicle attacks. hard from a surveillance point of view to track people who may be low—level, on the fringes, and suddenly become violently active. indeed. i mean, as i was saying earlier, this individual, or other such individuals that we are not currently aware of, come to a country like the united states or the united kingdom, or elsewhere, for perhaps economic reasons. their intent may not have been originally to engage in terrorism. but, along the way, i mean, their own life, frustrations, the circumstances, the people that they encounter, the ideologies that they get seduced with, they lead them down this dark path, where they become so mentally and emotionally conditioned that they would commit such a horrific
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attack on people who are fellow citizens, and people who are just like them, going about their business, trying to either enjoy or go to work. thank you very much. the mayor of new york described this asa the mayor of new york described this as a cowardly act of terror, particularly cowardly attack, he said, and that innocent civilians. —— aimed at. it is a very painful day in our city. a horrible tragedy on the west side. let me be clear, based on the information we have, this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at people going about their lives, who had no idea about what was going to hit them. we, at this moment, based on the information we have,
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we know of eight innocent people who have lost their lives, and over a dozen more injured. we know that this action was intended to break our spirit but we also know new yorkers are strong, new yorkers are resilient, and our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence, an act meant to intimidate us. we have been tested before, as a city, very near the site of today's tragedy, and new yorkers do not give in in the face of these kinds of actions. we'll respond as we always do. we will be undeterred. and i want to thank everyone at the nypd, all our first responders, for their extraordinary efforts in the midst of this tragedy, starting with the officer who stopped this tragedy from continuing. all of the first responders
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who came to the aid of those who were injured. an investigation is underway to get all the facts, and what we'll tell you today, of course, will be preliminary, but we know we will get down to the bottom of what happened. i want to ask all new yorkers, all americans, to keep the families of those lost in your thoughts and prayers. they will need our support. and i want to ask all new yorkers to be vigilant. we will have more on events in new york in a few moments. don't forget to check out our website, which has full coverage, including reaction from around the world. just go to, or download the bbc news app. indira gandhi, ruler of the world's largest
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democracy, died today. 0nly yesterday she'd spoken of dying in the service of her country and said, "i would be proud of it, every drop of my blood will contribute to the growth of this nation." after 46 years of unhappiness, these two countries have concluded a chapter of history. no more suspicion, no more fear, no more uncertainty of what each day might bring. booster ignition and liftoff of discovery, with a crew of six astronaut heroes and one american legend. well, enjoying the show is right — this is beautiful. a milestone in human history. born today, this girl in india is the 7 billionth person on the planet. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: at least eight people have been
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killed in new york by a man who drove a truck into pedestrians and cyclists in lower manhattan. he's been shot and is in custody. police sources have named the suspect as 29—year—old sayfullo saipov, who's thought to originally be from uzbekistan, he moved to america in 2010 and was living in florida. more analysis forjon sopel, he was talking to babita sharma —— from jon sopel it says, "our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of today's terrorist attack in new york city, and their family. my administration will provide its full support to the new york city police department, including tyhrough a joint investigation with the federal bureau of investigation. we offer our thanks
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to the first responders, who stopped the suspect and rendered immediate aid to the victims of this cowardly attack. these brave men and women embody the true american spirit of resilience and courage. i will continue to follow developments closely." and you can be sure the president is being briefed by his law enforcement officials and national security chiefs on just what they know about this person. we heard michelle talking about it being a lone wolf attacker. there are those in the white house who believe there is no such thing as a lone wolf attacker, that the person must have been radicalised somewhere and they will be doing their utmost to trace any threads that could lead to other people who may be planning something similar. as we said earlier, jon, donald trump mentioned islamic state in his tweet — we should just remind our viewers that as yet, nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack — but judging by that statement, as we would expect, joint—investigations kicking in straightaway with the fbi. give us an idea, if you can, of what might be happening right now behind the scenes, with your experience. i know you have covered 9/11
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and all the many other attacks in the us. what would be the precedure now? just stay on the tweets for a minute. i think there is something very interesting. he talked about "we mustn't allow isis back into the country" but donald trump has steered cleared on some of the rhetoric he has used in previous tweets, after previous terroridty attacks. whether under barack 0bama, in san bernardino and in orlando, florida, where he talked about radical islamic terror. which is a phrase he used again when there had been terror attacks in europe. and he has not used at at all in his tweets that he's issued tonight. in terms of the security, you can be sure that the fbi, in cooperation with friendly nations, will be doing their upmost to try to find out the maximum they can about this person. what his last movements were. who he has last been in contact with. and maybe — i you remember, the enormous lengths the fbi went to to get hold of the phone of the person involved in the san bernardino attack, to see what they could get from a locked apple iphone. and the kind of enornous legal battle that went on. there will be absolute determination
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that they find out everything. and i'm sure and fbi field office, a special investigation team is already up and running and state department people will be looking at when he came from uzbekistan, who he knew in uzbekistan, who his family knew in uzbekistan. what he may have done in tampa. this will be a multi—agency investigation and it will be involving hundreds of people, you can be absolutely sure. and indeed a global one, jon. a short time ago we spoke to a counter terrorism expert involved in the uk counter—terrorism department here, talking about finsbury park and westminster and the attack in london bridge and also the berlin christmas market attacks. saying the lone wolf attackers have now become the modus operandi of terrorist organizations, if you like, but, as you were just saying, the link and the web spreads much further than that? exactly and they will be doing everything they can and also examining the security implications of how you remain in a liberal, democratic, open society yet keep your people safe.
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if you could go for 100% security but does that mean it you would have to have airport style checks on anyone going into the new york subway? i mean, that is inconceivable that a city could continue to function like that. there are also gonig to be what additional security measures on a practical level can be taken and you will be sure to hear donald trump talking about the measures he has wanted to introduced, but has been thwarted by the courts, namely the travel ban from a number of mainly muslim countries. i am sure he will say if i am the president and it is myjob to keep the us people safe then we need to do this. his opponents will say this guy was from tampa and tamps is not on the ban list — how would that have helped? will we see president trump make a statement? it is unlikely. unlikely he will be going to new
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york tomorrow largely because it ta kes york tomorrow largely because it takes time to set up a president to visit. everything has to be swept and that's going to take a bit of time. the expectation is donald trump will continue to monitor events from here in washington tomorrow that he's very determined about this and if he decides he wants to go it will be up to the secret service to make sure everything is ready. my expectation is it will not be until later in the week. it was interesting that the white house was cautious about how it should refer to the attack. some eyewitnesses describe what they saw. it's 3:00pm in the afternoon and i hear the noise. and i go back and look, and i see a truck a few blocks down, going down the bike path.
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and for some reason i went that way, and when i went that way, i saw a couple of bodies laying right there on the bike path. when i was looking to see if there was anyone else, i heard gunshots. around nine or ten gunshots were going off. i see cops ducking out, a lot of police came running towards where i was. they didn't know what was going on. they were confused as much as everybody else was. two gentlemen running over by the pickup truck. we saw the car, surrounded by rubble. and we saw the guy, he was wearing dark colours and he had a beard. but he was holding two guns, so it was a little scary. we were just wondering, who is that guy? we were told to run in. we were getting freaked out. it was scary. we were all anticipating a gunshot at any minute, or i was. i was worried that one of us would get shot, like, any of us. eyewitnesses from lower manhattan.
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let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. the spanish government has told the ousted catalan leader, carles puigdemont, that he must return to spain to answer charges of rebellion and sedition. he's now in brussels and says he will only go back if the spanish authorities drop the threat of a long prison sentence. google, facebook and twitter, have been defending themselves to us senators investigating whether russia used social media to try to influence the 2016 presidential election. their representatives told the senate intelligence committee that they were confident that changes they were making would help to prevent a repetition. an american nurse who was handcuffed and dragged to a police car after refusing to let officers take a blood sample from a patient has accepted a financial settlement of $500,000. the arrest of alex wubbels provoked widespread outrage when footage of it was released by her lawyer in august. the policeman was later sacked. the olympic flame has arrived in south korea marking 100 days
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to the opening ceremony for the 2018 winter olympic games. the flame is set to begin a relay through the country covering more than 2,000 kilometres to the host city pyeongchang. but the run up to the games has been somewhat over shadowed by the escalating crisis triggered by north korea's recent nuclear tests. a short time ago i got the latest from the bbc‘s mark lowen in seoul. we are in the centre of soul were a concert is going to take place, the clock is counting down to the ninth of february, the start of the winter 0lympics of february, the start of the winter olympics in south korea and here you can see the mascots of the games, the white tiger and the grey there and figures from korean folk tales that are mascots of the games. if we go back in this direction, you can see they are setting up for a huge concert in front of the city hall in seoul this evening to mark the start of the torch relay in south korea. the olympic flame has now arrived,
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it went from greece where it was lit, as is traditional, in olympia in south—western greece, then it went to athens to the side of the first modern 0lympics, then to geneva, to the united nations, then came here at the start of a 2018 kilometre long relay, of course the same number as the year of the winter olympics. it will be carried by 7500 port there is until the ninth of february when the winter 0lympics hair in pyeongchang in south korea begin. a bit of a gig going on at the airport welcoming the flame, all of this overshadowed by the crisis surrounding north korea? of course the winter olympics will take place against a backdrop of heightened tension with north korea on the korean peninsular. northern north korea having fired two into intercontinental ballistic missiles and a sixth nuclear test in september, then of course there's been that hugely bombastic exchange of rhetoric between north korea and
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the us. south korea hoping that won't overshadow the dams, that they will celtic it's to attract foreign audience members and a north korean skating duo have qualified for the games but there's no sign at the moment whether or not they will take pa rt moment whether or not they will take part —— will sell tickets. a reminder of the main news and a man has deliberately driven a pickup truck into cyclists and pedestrians in new york and at least eight people had been killed, 12 others injured, 11 of those seriously hurt. five argentine citizens were among the dead, they were visiting new york for a reunion, 30 years since they graduated together. 0fficials are describing it as a terrorist act. this is the scene in lower manhattan right now. this is one of the most heavily policed areas of new york. not far from ground zero, the site of the 9/11 attacks on the
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twin towers of the world trade center in 2001. is the first terror related deaths in new york since 9/11. police sources have named the suspect as... he came out of his vehicle shouting and was shot by police, carrying two imitation guns and he is now in hospital under guard. a note was found in sayfullo saipov‘s vehicle referring to the so—called islamic state extremist group. on the website is has recently been giving details of how to carry out vehicle attacks. that's all from me for the moment. much more any time on this and all the international news on the bbc website. you can reach me and most of the team on twitter. thank you for watching. hello there.
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mixed fortunes in our weather during the day ahead. southern areas should see more in the way of sunshine than they did during tuesday. a feed of drier air from the near continent, around this area of high pressure. but, up to the north, it is all about this weather front, a weather front which will bring a slow—moving band of rain, heavy rain for a time, across southern and south—western scotland, particularly during the first part of the morning. to the north of the frontal system, there'll be a mixture of sunny spells and heavy showers. but it's this rain, around the glasgow area, for instance, stretching towards edinburgh, that could actually cause some spot issues and persistent heavy rain during the morning rush hour. into the midlands and east anglia and the south—east, there'll be the odd fog patch through the first part of the morning. fog tending to clear, though, and it'll be a fairly bright day, with increasing amounts of sunshine. the south—west of england starting off on a bright note. again, there could be the odd fog patch. similar story across parts of wales. temperatures nine degrees in cardiff at 8:00am in the morning.
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more cloud in northern ireland, and here is our weatherfront again, just beginning to fringe in towards the north coast at this stage. as we go on through the day, our frontal system will only move very slowly southwards, although the rain along it will tend to ease. to the north, it's a mixture of sunshine and heavy showers. to the south, certainly for much of england and wales, we're looking at a dry day and an increasingly bright one. there should be some spells of sunshine into the afternoon. 16 in london. that won't feel too bad, if the skies are blue. now, during wednesday night, our frontal system finally gets a move on and pushes its way southwards. at this stage, reallyjust a band of cloud and some spots of drizzle. underneath the cloud it will be fairly mild, but to the north and south, will be fairly chilly, and certainly across southern areas of england, could be some fog around on thursday morning. now, on thursday, this area of cloud from our old weather front, with some spots of patchy rain and drizzle, will drift slowly southwards. further north, sunny skies, but generally a dip in the temperatures. eight degrees in aberdeen, 12 in cardiff. friday will be dry and bright enough for many of us.
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but a change up here to the north—west, another weather front sinking in, initially a fairly weak affair. but, as we go through friday night, that frontal system is likely to bump in some warm air pushing in temporarily from the continent. that will bring some heavy rain across england and wales, and once all of that clears away, some really cold air for the weekend, the air coming all the way from the arctic. so yes, there will be some sunny spells, but also some showers too, perhaps wintry over the high ground in the north, and for all of us, a chilly wind. this is bbc news. the headlines: at least eight people have been killed and 12 injured in new york, after a man drove a truck at pedestrians and cyclists in lower manhattan. he was shot by police as he left his vehicle, carrying two imitation guns, and is now in hospital under guard. officials have described it as a terrorist act. police sources have named the suspect as 29—year—old sayfullo saipov, from uzbekistan,
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who moved to america in 2010. us media reports say a note was found in his vehicle referring to the islamic state group. president trump says he has ordered the us department of homeland security to step up its already strict vetting programme for foreigners travelling to the united states, following the attack in new york. in a tweet, he described the attacker as sick and deranged. hastings pier, which seven years ago was all but destroyed in a huge fire, has won britain's most prestigious architectural prize. the pier, rebuilt in collaboration with the local community,
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