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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 1, 2017 6:50pm-7:00pm GMT

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this is exactly what you would want for the world series, coming down to the last match. this has been brilliant, nail—biting, roller coasters. we are in the hollywood hills, just around the corner from the dodger stadium. the love drama here. this one has a movie written all over it. if you wa nted movie written all over it. if you wanted tickets behind the dugout, $550,000. we are in game seven, we had the brilliant games sex for dodgerfans. we'll show had the brilliant games sex for dodger fans. we'll show you some of the highlights. there was silence all around dodger stadium the couege all around dodger stadium the college george garton had a dinner for the astros, a big home and that put them one up. there were a couple of singles coming out for the dodgers which put them back to 2—1. at the end, a big home from jock peterson. that puts the dodgers 3—1 up. it occasionally patients at the
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side in game seven. —— pushes a decider in the game seven. as i was told last night, less —— let's like a grip. game seven. we'll see you soon. that's all from sportsday. police in north yorkshire have charged two 14—year—old boys with conspiracy to murder. let's go to our correspondent spencer stokes, who's in northallerton. police have been questioning these
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214—year—olds since the weekend. they carried out raids, involving investigations in various properties. they were arrested and taken to properties. they were arrested and ta ken to west properties. they were arrested and taken to west yorkshire were questioned with police from the northeast counterterror unit and then in the last hour, charges paid to them this evening, the first 14—year—old boy charged with conspiracy to murder and aggravated burglary. the second 14—year—old boy is charged with conspiracy to murder. the two boys go to the local high school here and the skill has played a central role in the investigation, since the weekend. north yorkshire police released a statement tonight seem able to reassure the public that local officers are committed to ensuring the public remains safe and are
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working hard to reassure those communities. the 214—year—olds who have been charged will appear before leeds magistrates' court in west yorkshire tomorrow morning. a survey of men dealing with fertility issues suggests their needs are often ignored. network uk says infertility can affect a man's mental health, career and finances, but warns emotional support remains scarce. sheridan voysey and aaron deemer have shared their stories with us. graham satchell reports. i remember it was the year 2000, and my wife, merryn, walked into the kitchen and she said, honey, i think it's time. we started trying. we assumed that it was just going to happen fairly normally. and then, after nine months or so, we decided it was time to go and get some tests done. those tests revealed that there was a problem on my side, significantly. so we went and tried a whole heap of rounds of nf — let's just go and do as many rounds of nf as it takes to get the success that we longed for. what about you, aaron?
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how long was it for the two of you? from when we were trying, it's about eight years of essentially not really having any explained reason why we weren't getting pregnant. and we had three miscarriages during that time, which — yeah, sort of that unspeakable pain. for me, there was a deep sense of guilt. when you're holding your sobbing wife at the starts of month after month, and then when you're going through something like ivf, it can be week after week, and later on, towards the end of ten years on thisjourney, sometimes it's night after night. you go, i'm the reason for this. i'm the cause of you not getting what you so desperately want.
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so that led to a great sense of guilt for me. when we were married, we were, like, 0k, we're going to have five kids. and i remember that, i remember being in this... the conversation where you decide how many you'll have. i thought, i want five kids, that would be amazing. and to think back, ten or 12 years on, it's like — ok, no. what — my big expectations in life, and these plans have all shifted. yes, very much. do you have that experience of seeing fathers and kids playing, does that affect you? walking through a park, you do see a guy with his daughter. i would have loved a daughter. and the other thing, aaron, i actually would have been a pretty good dad. looking back on it, i think, yeah, we are stronger because of it. some days, some weeks, some months, we were pulled apart. for sure, we are. and other weeks and months, it pulls us together, and we are really as a team going through it. if you handle it well, it can also lead to much more
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intimate friendships, where you do actually take that bold step of sharing yourself with someone else. so, if you handle it well, it can actually be a good thing. time for a look at the weather with darren bett. the first day of november was a male pawn but it will turn more cold. a small band of clout this evening, rain and drizzle sinking settlers. on either side of that, we will find clearer skies. we may well find some fog across southern england. in the cold beer, it will be shallow fog and it won't last long. showers,
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retreating back into the north sea. huge as the main band of clouds, probably north of london in the south wales, south of that, look out for some fog in the rush hour in the morning. it will thicken up about that time and it could be dense in somerset and wiltshire. should be pleading way by late morning. the band of rain stuck in place for much of the day. on either side, we get some sunshine. it will be called across many northern areas, and this is where we will see the best of the sunshine. the weather front does tend to pull away and things calm down as we move into the day. they are waiting for this weather from the patient of the northwest and is a big area of low pressure that could come into play by the weekend. otherwise quite a lot of dry weather. a fair bit of cloud developing through the day. one of the showers picking out and most of the showers picking out and most of the rain in the north—west of
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scotland, temperatures again, 12 or 14 celsius. pretty normal for this time of year. wet weather will develop into the evening and overnight. these two systems will combine and tried to re—eastwards across england and wales. slow to clear week and then we get a north—westerly wind, dragging down cold beer, which you will feel more at night than during the day because we will have sunshine and showers. some of rain across the morning. it will ta ke take a way, fenwick leaving the south—east and the afternoon. otherwise she sunshine and showers coming down. fewer showers from the second half of the weekend. pressure sta rts second half of the weekend. pressure starts to build and many places will be dry with a bit more sunshine. you're watching beyond one hundred days. there will now be more police on the streets of new york after the worst terror attack there since 9/11. we're learning more
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about the suspect who killed eight people by driving a truck along a bike lane. authorities say sayfullo saipov from uzbekistan, was radicalised in the us and had been planning this attack for weeks in the name of islamic state. but the city that never sleeps won't be stopped — the famous halloween parade went ahead as planned and families turned out en masse. american politics is less united — president trump swiftly attacked democrats blaming them for failing to keep dangerous immigrants out. what we have right now is a joke. it's a laughing stock and no wonder that so much of this stuff takes place.
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