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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 2, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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let's look at some of the other stories. we will quickly talk you through those, we are struggling with our graphics. the ft says jay powell is expected to be the president's nominee to chair the us federal reserve. that will be in february next year, if that is in place. also in the ft, oil has rallied above $60 a barrel. and finally the atlantic asks whether social media giant facebook has in fact become too big and ubiquitous for the company to be able to effectively control itself. well, let's welcome back cordelia. she has been in the green room drinking strong coffee looking at the stories for us. good to see you again. so let's start with the
5:46 am the visit of thessy programme is very important. many people across africa have entered into the us and set up a life in the united states and become citizens through this programme. —— let's start with daily news. notjust aggregate, but the world. this is a diversity programme. you cannot put your hand in the hat. in most countries, it is true. in america are always stood for the welcoming country. and the american dream! the welcoming country and the american dream, and it was a happy place. and this is important. this was aspirationalfor this is important. this was aspirational for so this is important. this was aspirationalfor so many this is important. this was aspirational for so many people this is important. this was aspirationalfor so many people in africa, and asia, who could maybe not see a future for themselves in their own countries. and they could go to america. so this is a sad day. putting this into question... is this a necessary way of controlling immigration ina this a necessary way of controlling immigration in a country that is facing terrorism and facing that
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threat? i doubt it. because you can wind the lottery, and then you can still have to go through some vetting process. a stringent vetting process , vetting process. a stringent vetting process, too. yes, so there is something still too... leading america wants to be seen as that aspirational place. now, the guardian is looking at donald trump's correction to all of this. he has been tweeting pretty avidly since it happened. also we have heard what he has been saying at press c0 nfe re nces . heard what he has been saying at press conferences. this most recent tweet talks about the fact that the attacker, the suspect, should face the death penalty. yes, welll attacker, the suspect, should face the death penalty. yes, well! am not an advocate of the death penalty, so i am not even going to comment on this. but you know, the guardian says two things. it says contrast what he has done here. how vociferously he has commented on this attack, and then how would the
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loss figures shooting, which killed by far more people, he was very presidential. and you know what? the two things, i would like to add to this, when donald trump says this is a joke and this, when donald trump says this is ajoke and a this, when donald trump says this is a joke and a laughing stock, for the president to criticise the legislation in this country with such strong language is one thing, and as some people have said, these tweets were divisive. and is this really the time to be so divisive? but these are harsh times. i am not the commander—in—chief. i can't criticise this. but i am very concerned that the world at large is becoming so anti— muslim. and personally i find that a hard thing to swallow. yes. let's look at the big financial story of the day, which will be, assuming donald trump does not surprise us later today with this nomination, thatjerome
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pal could be the next boss of the federal reserve. we've spoken about this before. but this speaks about the fact that this is the continuity candidate. and in this instance, he will not be destructor, donald trump. —— jerome powell. will not be destructor, donald trump. ——jerome powell. other people have been spoken about, like kevin walsh, who are less late janet yellen. yes, but who is donald trump? it comes from real estate. he needs a darvish candidate who does not want to shrink the balance sheet of the fed too quickly. —— he needs eight doveish candidate. he has a real connection to the sector. —— the one thing it does not have is the one thing it does not have is the phd and economics which could come in handy. -- a doveish. is that
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a sensual and european?” come in handy. -- a doveish. is that a sensual and european? i am a phd level, must. so opinion, yes it is. -- is level, must. so opinion, yes it is. —— is that essential, here. level, must. so opinion, yes it is. -- is that essential, here. send him some tips. let's now look at opec. i requested this for you, cornelia. you hang out with all the top guns at opec, including oil companies et cetera. this article in the financial times talks about the fact that oil is now above $60 a barrel. they are giving opec the credit for that. what will happen next, though? will they try to keep the production cuts longer than they originally said? there is concern that there will keep them in place through 2018. opec producers do need i all prices. let's not forget saudi arabia was to embark on its new policy vision. it needs muggy from
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privatisation. and if you want to privatise an oil company, it is only 596 privatise an oil company, it is only 5% that are privatising, but a higher oil price probably does wonders. it does help, yes. a very good point. let's look at the atla ntic good point. let's look at the atlantic now. does facebook know how to control facebook? that is the question that everyone is asking on the day that they can so strong earnings. you don't use facebook, do you? i don't do facebook but i do twitter. i do whatsapp. but i don't do facebook. you don't do facebook? give us your take on this issue of controlling it and it trying to police itself, and, in front of the congress, the lawyers and drink quite tough questions. —— the lawyers entering. where i have an issue and a problem, and i'm sure there is a solution, but i can't see
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how they can police themselves, because there is no algorithm for policing. so yes they want to hire 10,000 more people, but if they do that, that will eat into profits. these will not be cheap people. they won't be, but they need to be seen to be doing something, but at the same time, are they reallyjust a platform, and do we, as users, and had to be savvy about what we are reading and a current choices on whether it is good, bad, or other? absolutely. or they could do like they do with tobacco, with a warning. some images, maybe. let's see what some of the readers are saying. james says that it should be self policing. he feels that regulation is not the answer. and then we have somebody writing from berlin, tweeting that facebook operates internationally. at a deal
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with different laws in different countries are they such a regulated? but that is the issue with global companies. that is how it is, isn't it? that is how it is. if you're working across the world, you need to work in every country and respect the law of the land. yes, but if! am an oil company, i respect the various laws, but this is a platform, so yes, you have to respect the laws of the country, but a platform with billions of users, thatis a platform with billions of users, that is very difficult, a different kettle of fish. that is customer interfacing. that is interesting and i will talk about another day. thank you for coming in today. we will see you for coming in today. we will see you again soon. thank you for your company as well today. of course, stay with us here one bbc news. we have all the latest on the top stories and about five minutes. if you are with us on bbc one, you
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could join the breakfast teens. they will be briefing you want everything you need to know. if you are with bbc world news, i will be back. i will see you very soon. don't forget, check out our website for all the updates on the stories that you are all the updates on the stories that you a re interested all the updates on the stories that you are interested in as well. so for now good—bye, and have a good day. see you soon. hello once again. the end of wednesday brought the opportunity for some to gaze in all and wonder at the moon. that was certainly the case in basingstoke in hampshire. drift a little bit further north to aberdeenshire, and difficulty in seeing the end of the road at times. the reason for the difference —
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quite an active weather front in the north. clearer skies in the south. hence some fog patches to start the day in some of the southern counties. and a chilly start underneath the clearer skies across northern scotland. but at last, at last, some good news for the northern parts of the british isles, especially scotland and northern ireland, which saw quite a bit of rain during the course of wednesday. clearer skies, a chilly start. yes, maybe the odd mist fog patch, but some sunshine and dry weather. there, the remnants of the old front strung out across wales, the midlands, and east anglia. the further south and west you are, the more likely it is you'll have those dense fog patches — a real issue, perhaps, for the commute. but as we get on through the morning, so as the cloud comes in from the north, it will help to lift the fog in many places, but it could be well on into the morning before it really gets away from some of the west country. so bear that one in mind. the afternoon, though, marked by plenty of sunshine across the north of england, north midlands, the north of wales too.
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more in the way of cloud further south. despite all the sunshine, struggling to get to double figures in parts of scotland and northern ireland. out of thursday into friday, not too much in the way of breeze across the south. clear skies for some. so again, fog could be an issue first up. more cloud, i think, as you get into the midlands, wales, and then up into scotland and northern ireland. but a lot of dry weather around. just the odd bit and piece of rain coming in off the irish sea. a new set of weather fronts bringing cloud, wind and rain eventually into scotland and perhaps the far north—west of northern ireland. again, rather cool in some northern spots, 9, 10, 11 degrees. double figures in the south, but as we get on into the weekend, that may not be the case for some, because we could see quite a bit of cool air rushing towards the british isles on an increasingly fresh and dominant north—westerly wind. but before we see that, we have to get this banner of cloud and rain away from this south—eastern quarter. and here's the thing — it may well take a good part of the daylight hours on saturday before it eventually quits the scene.
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there, that cooler, fresher air moving in across northern and western parts, keeping the temperatures in single figures. and we'll do something pretty similar as we get on through sunday. by this stage, it certainly will feel a good deal cooler, even in the south—east. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and louise minchin. the sexual harassment scandal at westminster claims its first scalp, as defence secretary michael fallon resigns. he says his conduct had fallen short of the standards now expected, and that it is right to step down. culture has changed over the years. what was... might have been a cce pta ble what was... might have been acceptable 15 or ten years ago is clearly not acceptable now. it is thought fresh claims about sir michael's behaviour have been raised in the last 2a hours. we are live in westminster all morning with the latest.
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