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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 2, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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this is bbc news — the headlines at 6.30pm: the bank of england raises interest rates, for the first time in a decade. it's part of the bank's fight against inflation, and there could be more to come. at westminster the new defence secretary is gavin williamson, who used to be the conservative chief whip — he says it is an immense privilege to be given the job he says it is an immense privilege to be given thejob but some of his colleagues are not happy with the appointment. it is an immense privilege to be given thejob... the ousted catalan leader carles puigdemont is facing a spanish arrest warrant, as eight former colleagues are detained in the wake of the disputed independence referendum. and the most endangered ape in the world, a new species of orangutan, is discovered in indonesia. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news: coming up in 100 days — president trump will announce who will be the new chair of the central reserve, the fed, the world's most powerful central bank. the bbc gets rare access to the restoration work taking place
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in westminster‘s elizabeth tower, better known as the home of big ben. and at 10.35 we'll be taking our nightly look ahead to tomorrow's papers, with the new statesman‘s stephen bush, and david wooding, political editor of the sun on sunday. that's all i heard on bbc news. —— that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. coming up tonight: new names in the england frame. is it time for england's seniors to build on the success of its youth teams? two games to stake his claim — david unsworth leads everton in europe for the first time. everton eve rto n fa ce everton face lyon. also coming up in the programme: philippa york, the former tour de france rider robert millar,
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revisits her home town of glasgow, as she gives us her first tv interview since her gender change. and if you could make the choice, would you have transitioned before? yes. i would would you have transitioned before? yes. iwould have would you have transitioned before? yes. i would have transitioned would you have transitioned before? yes. iwould have transitioned in would you have transitioned before? yes. i would have transitioned in my teenage years. also, england are preparing for their first warm up match ahead of the ashes, but already have injury concerns. you wait 51 years to win a world cup and suddenly two come along at once. england's u205 and ui7s capping what's been a tremendous run for the young lions. which may explain gareth southgate's decision to include three uncapped youngsters in his senior squad forfriendlies against germany and brazil. so does this signal a change in the manager's approach going forward? ian dennis was at today's squad annoucement. after some eye—catching results for in the champions league this week manager gareth southgate believes that could have positive spin off as far as the national team is
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concerned, not only in terms of experience but also in the sheer number of english players playing in europe's elite competition, and one of them is of course tottenham's harry winks, who keeps his place in what is a 25 man squad, but it also involves a recall for ashley young. there are three first call ups, to my players on loan for chelsea, ruben loftus—cheek at crystal palace, and the swansea city striker tammy abraham, as well as the liverpool defenderjoe gomes, and gareth southgate certainly has a firm emphasis on youth in his squad. i spoke after the last games about how we needed to qualify. we kept the squad together to do that, then one of the keys was, ok, how do we evolve the team and improve our performances between now and the summer? and we want a bit of experimentation within that. these are two brilliant games to have a look at people, because if they can go in and perform at this level we will know a lot more about them. gareth southgate on his squad
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looking ahead to the forthcoming games at wembley against germany and brazil. regarding the captaincy, no change in that situation from the england manager, but having a word with him, certainly there is no place ensured for anybodyjust yet looking ahead to that 23 man squad for russia next summer. that was ian dennis reporting from wembley today. and the full squad can be found on the bbc sport website. after the departure of ronald koeman, david unwosth — caretaker manager at everton — believes he has two games to stake to stake his claim for the job permanaently, and that begins in the euopa league against lyon tonight. this ahead of their match with watford in the premier league on sunday afternoon. so far they have relied onjordan pickford to keep the ball—mac out. a busy night tonight in the champions league with europa league action
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tonight —— to keep the ball out. arsene wenger will continue to rotate his arsenal squad in their match with red star belgrade. jack wilshere, theo walcott and 0livier giroud are all likely to come into the team — with mesut 0zil, alexandre lacazette and alexis sanchez rested. the gunners have won all three group games so far and will reach the knockout stages if they win. they all want competition, they all deserve competition, because of their quality. and if you look at their quality. and if you look at the number of minutes played by all of these players since the start of the season, many of them are in competitive shape, which should be an advantage for us for the rest of the season. of star all—rounder ben stokes, and batsmen mark stoneman was again the start of the ashes series has been dominated by the absence of star all—rounder ben stokes, and batsmen mark stoneman was again agsked over the players omission.
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the opener though hopes he could still a play a part. the team do have injurty concerns despite only arriving in australia this week. as henry mirran reports. warming up after the warm up match but after today's training session there were couple of injury concerns, steven finn with a sore left knee and perhaps more worryingly moeen ali with a side strain. there will be scans for both tomorrow to determine the nature of injuries. for the rest of the side, business as usual as they build towards that first ashes test on november the 3rd. you feel the lads who have experienced it before, they say the atmosphere of an ashes test is like nothing you have experience, and every morning, practising, realising what you are working with, and wejust realising what you are working with, and we just can't wait for the 23rd of november. there will be a nervous wait for news of the injuries to steven finn and particularly moeen ali. its importance as an all—rounder in the state is even greater with the absence of ben stokes. meanwhile england's women have added three players to their squad ahead of the ashes test. kate cross, tash farrant and amyjones were already in australia playing club cricket.
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they've been included mainly to improve training but could be called up to the team if needed. australia lead the series by 4—2. still to come on the programme: the world series wind that gives houston something to celebrate. and i'm at the england rugby team's warm weather training camp in portugal where head coach eddiejones will be discussing the injury problems in the squad. yes, more from chrisjones, but for smaller lines to bring you. mark allen is due to the semifinals of snookehs allen is due to the semifinals of snooker‘s international open, after he earned a deciding frame victory overjudd trump in china. he will play 17—year—old prodigy yan bingtao
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in the last four, who thrashed ronnie 0'sullivan 6—1 earlier in the week. english golfers florentina parker and georgia hall are in contention at the abu dhabi 0pen. they're eight under—par, four shots behind south africa's lee—anne pace. hall's impressive round of 67 included six birdies and only one dropped shot. great britain's boccia team topped the leaderboard with five medals from seven events at the european championships in portugal. david smith claimed was one of three golds. boccia is a precision ball game similar to bowls or petanque. next tonight, robert millar was the tour de france rider from glasgow, who took on the world's best to win
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the famous king of the mountains polka dot jersey in 1984. but after his cycling career ended, millar disappeared from public life for almost two decades, amidst rumours of a gender change. injuly of this year a statement was released confirming the new identity of philippa york. 0ur reporter rhona mcleod has been to meet her and given a first tv interview. 0n on his way to becoming king of the mountains, but in his 20s millar was private. he began his change at the start of the millennium, but philip has never been seen on camera, until 110w. “— has never been seen on camera, until now. —— phillipa. she agreed to meet me during a returned home city of glasgow in an attempt to read connect with her past. this is the coach and father figure who guided young robert's career. after he said he was coming, i was quite touched. are you looking forward to meeting her? yes, i am looking forward, yeah. we go back a long time. a long time. what a bell. hi, phillipa. great to see you. you are looking
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great. who would've thought? the skinny kid from shawlands would be the first british rider to wind the polka dot jersey of the first british rider to wind the polka dotjersey of the tour de france. don't cry. my best boy's coming back. my best girl, rather! from the past to the present philippa york's first visit to the city's velodrome. i met you once but you would not remember this, it was the national track championships, and you walked past and you said, well done, champ, and i hadjust one might my first ever national title. that's nice, i was nice to you. and irememberjust that's nice, i was nice to you. and i remember just thinking, that's nice, i was nice to you. and i rememberjust thinking, my god, they know who i am! if i had to make they know who i am! if i had to make the choice again —— if you had to make the choice again, if you could, would you have transitioned before?
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yes. i would have transitioned in my teenage years. and they wouldn't have been a cyclist. and not provide the same... no, not have been famous 01’ the same... no, not have been famous or whatever it is a known for. i would have transitioned when i younger. another bridge crossed on her emotionaljourney. she looks forward to the future and living the life she has wanted for decades. bbc news. the 2015 rugby world cup proved a disaster for england, an early exit on home soil. but today's draw for the 2019 tournament was called perfect by head coach eddiejones. by head coach eddiejones. not that it is all good news for the head coach, who's squad have picked up a number of injuries ahead of the autumn internatioanls. they're preparing in portugal, and chrisjones is with the squad. this port in the algarve, a lovely spot for warm weather training, but not all sunshine for england this week. eddiejones, not all sunshine for england this week. eddie jones, the not all sunshine for england this
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week. eddiejones, the boss, has admitted to us the injury situation has affected preparations ahead of the autumn test series. england have had to cancel some training sessions with a host of players carrying bumps and bruises, and three men picking up injuries out here, including when you'rejonny may who isa including when you'rejonny may who is a serious doubt for that clash with the pumas. we have not been able to do the training we would like to, have missed a significant amount of running that we would have liked to do, but we willjust adjust and adapt to meet the challenge we have in front of us. jones says england will assess their options before deciding to call another winger to the squad, and marland yarde is a clear contender, but eddiejones worries his recent switch of clubs may have had an adverse affect on his mindset. england are of course notjust building up to this autumn series but looking ahead the whole time to the 2019 rugby world cup. the schedule was confirmed this morning and england start off against tonga for playing the usa, france and argentina, so building the bigger
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challenges the whole time and jones says the favourable draw will mean england have no excuses. says the favourable draw will mean england have no excuseslj says the favourable draw will mean england have no excuses. i think it isa england have no excuses. i think it is a great start for us. you have to wind the four games anyway, but to play tonga and the usa at the start, then france and argentina at the end, it is great for us, and we are playing some great cities, a real variety in the cities we play for and it willjust be stimulating for the players and great for the fans. it might include fly home on friday, a couple of days at home before returning to camp on sunday night and gearing up for the match against argentina on the 11th of november —— england will fly home on friday. argentina on the 11th of november —— england will fly home on fridaym is those injuries chris was speaking about in the england camp that have added to the focus on the demands being placed on players at the moment this season. the leicester and england centre manu tuilagi has called the plans to extend the season called the plans to extend the season ridiculous, and says if adopted it could cause more injuries to players tuilagi is currently recovering from the latest of
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setbacks. they are big and fast and the collisions are much higher, so i think the risk is a lot higher, but ijust think the risk is a lot higher, but i just can't believe they are trying, they are even thinking, of extending it. yes, i debate set to rumble on. yes, a debate set to rumble on. it was won in the deciding game, a victory dedicated to a city devastated by hurricane harvey, and it even had a propsal — the culmination to baseball's world series had it all. the astros beating the la dodgers 11—3 in a thrilling game all watched by our sports correspondent katie gornall. every baseball team dreams of a world series win. perhaps the houston astros needed one. we did it! we are history! nine weeks ago the players returned home from a road trip to find their city devastated by hurricane harvey. dramaticjourney to the top has been
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before and face the the deciding game seven front of a boisterous wore it lightly. and one of the sport's most memorable series will be given a magical finish memorable series will be given a magicalfinish as one memorable series will be given a magical finish as one of the players propose to his girlfriend during the post game celebrations. of course, she said yes. huston, this was a hollywood ending. great scenes in los angeles, and i'm sure they will be given a heroes welcome when they return home. paralympic sport has beenin return home. paralympic sport has been in the spotlight this week over claims that athletes are trying to cheat the system, and perhaps more worrying are suggestions that are athletes have been told not to air
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concerns over competitors who they feel have overstated their disability to gain an advantage. dame tanni grey—thompson told said this week that the classification system was not fit for purpose. last year we investigated 80 athletes from 2a countries across six ports over allegations, some anonymous, some from coaches or parents, saying athletes were in the wrong class. the conclusion when we investigated all of them was that the athletes we re all of them was that the athletes were in the correct class, so you have to balance it out. there are lots grievances about classification. i think that tanni is wrong, and the classification system is fit for purpose. just because people have concerns doesn't mean it is not fit for purpose,
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because people have issues with classification and they are not a lwa ys classification and they are not always correct. craig spence from the international pa ralympic committee. that debate is set to continue. but the success of para gb and team gb at the olympics and paralympic games continues to aspire the next graphics. tae kwon do has enjoyed a boost in popularity. anotherjade, jade slevin, was beaten by the reigning elliptic champion, and her old training base at county durham is thriving, as market explains. slaving's old at the old stomping ground at the
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leisure centre... she has been doing it since she was two years old. i started the classes to target kids earlier, get them into tae kwon do earlier, pick them up into tae kwon do earlier, pick them up as early as we can, and obviously they have more chance. what is the best pa rt they have more chance. what is the best part about tae kwon do? fighting, winning, getting medals and trophies. since she started fighting raged for, poppy has been doing well, and her mum recognises the role played by lottery funding. yes, i think it has made a massive
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difference. 0bviously yes, i think it has made a massive difference. obviously there are now more opportunities for people all over the country, easier access, tea m over the country, easier access, team gb, training, living down in manchester, yes, it has definitely improved since the time i was competing. this member was only introduced a few months ago at a taster session, kai. i didn't know how to do it, so they got me into it by doing sessions, doing obstacles, clicking on the pads. what would you like to achieve in the sport? get to the olympics. look at kai go! with spinning kicks like that you certainly would not bet against him enjoying success in the future on the international stage. just to let you know, everton are currently drawing against lyon in the europa league with that match coming to half—time. arsenal are also in
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action against red star belgrade. those matches to come in a later edition of sportsday at 10:30pm. but for now, from all


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