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tv   Click  BBC News  November 4, 2017 1:30am-2:01am GMT

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with a first stop in hawaii. it will be mr trump's longest foreign trip so far, with visits to japan, china, vietnam and the philippines. during the tour he's expected to unveil a new american strategy for trade and security in the region. iraqi and syrian forces have recaptured two of the last remaining towns held by the islamic state group in operations near the countries' shared border. the iraqi prime minister said troops had taken the town of al-qaim. earlier, the syrian army took full control of the eastern city of deir az—zour. that is it from me. duncan will be here at two a.m.. but now on bbc news it is time for click. goodbye. this week, we're talking emojis with weather stations, xbox, and andy
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serkis. if it feels like the weather is getting weirder, that is because it is. in many parts of the world, meteorological records seem to be coming year after year. and as gets more erratic and extreme, the need for accurate forecast becomes vital. this is the bbc‘s weather centre at new broadcasting house. this is where they take their best guess at what the next two days will look like. we kind of thing at the granted, these days, but as you would expect, there is an awful lot of numbercrunching that goes on. that is what that is doing right
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now. hello ben. you might recognise them from the television. ben is taking raw data from the met office on the screen and then it into something more akin to what we see on the television. it all goes to make other familiar weather map that we and love. in the uk, each four kilometres square gets its own individual forecast from the met office. but sling around to africa, and it is a very different story. here, we are working at much lower resolution. squares here are only 25 kilometres across. one of the reasons is because data is particularly keen on the ground here. over the coming month or so, we will be looking at how technology is changing this continent. to start oui’ is changing this continent. to start our journey, is changing this continent. to start ourjourney, dan is changing this continent. to start our journey, dan simmons is changing this continent. to start ourjourney, dan simmons has travelled to tanzania to meet a chap who used to work here, but is now on a mission to improve the forecast for africa. sub saharan east africa
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is lush. the soil is rich. it is the end of a very wet rainy season. two wet for some farmers, who saw their crops rot. angus and asha farm here. they say climate change has made it difficult to predict the seasons. they have gone from drugs to flood in recent years, and have lost harvests in both. next door, peter has been planting a type of runner bean which can take as little as six weeks to grow. in september to october. the rainfall than is very harsh. it rushes the topsoil down there. but last season, he lost his entire crop to sudden heavy, early rains. the farmers here know what they are doing. theyjust don't
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quite know any more what the weather is up to. former bbc weather presenter and dean gardner, peter gibbs, wants to do something about that, and he has found a pretty neat way to explain it to me. that, and he has found a pretty neat way to explain it to meli that, and he has found a pretty neat way to explain it to me. i think you are like this. the big reveal... 0h my word! wow! look at this! is that grand or what? that is huge! that goes on forever, doesn't it? this gives you some idea of the scale of africa. the drop here is about 1000 metres from where we are. no, no, no, that is close enough! from the west mountains where we're standing down to the mass i plan. we are looking at hundreds of square kilometres. —— masai plain. lots of whether going on. you can see clouds building over in the distance. most
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of its fund, as well... exactly. there are a lot of people farming there, but no weather station you can see. so how do you do a good forecast for here without the information? that is incredible. backin information? that is incredible. back in the uk, you would have, at least, half a dozen, vaas 15 weather stations in that sort of area. so you can see the problem. —— perhaps 15. the satellites can do some of it. they can pick up some of the clouds, but can only estimate the rain how much each plant can produce. you need those measurements of the ground. was the other parameters, like temperature, humidity, and pressure... you know, it is like any commuter programme. garbage in, garbage out. peter is advising a start—up that wants to pepper africa with these. they are fully automated self reporting low—cost weather stations. they can be monitored from anywhere, looking
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up be monitored from anywhere, looking up to africa's extensive mobile cell network. they place their first station last year, and will have more than 100 operating by christmas. so what do we get on our fully automatic weather station? well, we have a bucket up here, which measures rainfall. there is a little seesaw device out there which goes backwards and forwards for every drip that comes through. that tells us how quickly the rain is falling, as well as how much rain is falling. and an anemometer a bit of giving us the wind speed and direction by the then there at the top. —— vane. this is the solar panel which powers the whole thing and is cleverly used to tell us how much such an we're getting. just behind this high kind of affair is the temperature gauge. it also measures humidity and it is stuck in there so it cannot be affected by direct sunlight or more heat coming
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from the ground, which is dissipated by this housing. all of that data need to be collected by a panel round at the back, which is sent to this communications unit. it has a sink that works in every african country. what some of us would do for one of those... and then it uses this transmitter to send it all back to base. that goes back to europe, and then from the guys in europe, they will produce a model, which will give people back here a more accurate weather forecast. it is already making a difference. farmers like peter gant daily text alerts, giving them a steer as to what to expect. this farmer told us his texts have helped him decide when to add pesticides. —— peter get. texts have helped him decide when to add pesticides. -- peter get. up to 80% yield increases. that makes the difference between eating to stay alive and sending your children to
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school. and it is notjust the personal impact. health agencies can use forecast to predict outbreaks of malaria or cholera. and insurers wa nt to malaria or cholera. and insurers want to know they need to pay out on policies. the coco belt in africa is shifting. investors want to know where to and by how much. across the whole of africa at the moment, there are around 500, just 500, reliable reporting weather stations. to get good coverage, or you need to get down to something closer. this is fantastic to me that i feel i can make use of that experience, to actually make a difference to people's lies. that was dan simmons with peter gibbs in tanzania. we
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will have more reports from the african continent later this month on click. microsoft boasts its new xbox one x is the most powerful games console in the world! they have stopped short of calling it the most powerful console in the galaxy. i suspect they are saving that accolade for the machine comes after this one. but there is good reason for this talk of power. and that is down to what lurks under the hood of this console. it has an eight core processor. it has a fork a blu—ray player thrown in as well. —— this means that the machine can throw out 4k graphics in high—definition. what
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those numbers and specs mean is that it can generate better graphics than the old xbox one s, which had a maximum resolution of 1080p. what it does mean is that there is an incredible level of detail in the graphics. look at this porsche i am driving in porsche. i have bumped and grace of a couple of times, and you can see every single debt and dean, every single bit of chipped paintwork. it is very detailed. —— matt abood. some titles will be enhanced, like rise of the tomb raider. he has would be standardised. microsoft says it is
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up standardised. microsoft says it is up to developers to choose how they will use the brunt. —— rise of the tomb raider. this new digital virtuosity is great if you own a 4k tv. but how do they achieve these graphics? witchcraft? or more precisely, super sampling, a technique that allows all the detail and information in a 4k image to be scaled down to fit into a 1080p screen. it is a form of silicon sorcery. the new machine should enjoy fast to load times and, unlike its 4k rival, the playstation four pro, is very advanced. this might be
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the biggest hurdle for the xbox one x! its price. and, as he gave the machine plays are essentially the same as those on its most powerful, older sibling, the xbox one s, this will probably appeal only to those with spare cash burning a hole in their pocket, or those with a 4k tv. that casts gloom over everything, doesn't it, lads? hello and welcome to the week in tech. it has been a bad week for tesla as they reveal that they are months behind schedule of production on a new model three. whatsapp allowed a delete messages for everyone function to allow users
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to retract comments after they have said that. and bitcoin reached a record high of one bitcoin worth over £5,000, up 8000% in the last year. facebook and twitter face a grilling this week from us congress, over possible russian interference in last you's election. it firms had to explain why they failed to prevent foreign posts. i use it in co mforta ble prevent foreign posts. i use it in comfortable in? ford's new robot certainly is. this contraption tests castis certainly is. this contraption tests cast is by moving like a passenger by getting in and out of a vehicle. it sits thousands of times to create the same wear and tear as achieved after ten yea rs the same wear and tear as achieved after ten years of use. this robopup
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comes with artificial intelligence to learn what makes its own is happy. the original can under scanned ten years ago to save the japanese giant cash. whether you love them all loathe them, it looks like imagine is i hear to stay —— emojis. so we have been investigating the future of emojis. in case you missed it, the new iphones have been released this week but was it may be seen hard to comprehend how a phone is worth
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$1000, it does bring with it are quirky feature that says a lot about the way we will communicate in the future. emojis allows users to animate the expressions of a chosen emojis. it tracks over 50 muscle movements to create the appropriate expressions of and they are clearly not the only company that i thinking in pictures. action emojis... what has happened to good old—fashioned words? every day, six billion emojis yes. they have come a long way since these, created by japanese yes. they have come a long way since these, created byjapanese phone company in 1999. there are emojis to
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satisfy your every need. apple and google seem to be struggling what order burger ingredients should be loaded in. surely the meat at the bottom! and on tender, you can throw a virtual drink on someone. while some gestures are universally understood, not everybody interprets every picture in the same way. understood, not everybody interprets every picture in the same waym understood, not everybody interprets every picture in the same way. it is like a friendly keys. that is whistling. that is a bit confusing. can you pout for me? a kiss. something. a secret. i have nothing to say. keep an eye out. so is
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facial recognition the future of the humble emojis. a new social app certainly hope so. let's see the options. that is a pretty weird. wow. it also uses artificial intelligence to map facial expressions, allowing them to respond with emojis replicating theirfacial reactions. respond with emojis replicating their facial reactions. snapchat action emojis were launched a few months ago. it combines gps location and their tracking of our fast they are moving to guess what they are doing at that moment and that will now be placed on what they call the snap map. there is even a film, raising over $211 million worldwide.
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there is also a world emojis day. depending on context, what seems like a harmless picture could cause offence. something instagram is trying to overcome. nearly half posted comments contained emojis said they had been listed a machine to block anything they believe to be offensive. that is not to say they can provide a bit of fun. what film title is? the lying king. apple time... pitch time... clockwork orange. so maybe they will have the last work after all. that is amazing! does this phrase look familiar? how about this one? these
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are some of the most iconic car is ina are some of the most iconic car is in a modern cinema. all of them created using groundbreaking performance capture technology and, although they do not look like it, they are all the same face. and the circus is himself the world ‘s most iconic performance capture actor. his latest role breathes an astonishing amount of emotion into these character, calling for an oscar nomination by some. the release of a new sony ps for platform extends the world ‘s of the planet of the apes. it is a decision based game that plays out more like a cross between a movie and a choose your own adventure. i sat down with them and behind the mask. you kind of art the king of performance
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ca ptu re. of art the king of performance capture. to you believe that? you have a movie coming out you have directed, videogames is not a love it. it is the most extraordinary tool for the 21st century actor, to embody all play anything across multi— platforms. it is the end of typecasting. it is the most egalitarian form of a thing. a creature, a character, a humanoid. bringing them into existence. the art of transformation becoming, to me, and different at this act in different ways, but it drove me as an actor. this technology allows you to do that to the nth degree. it is climbing deeply inside a character, being that character and it can be as extreme as king kong. you him,
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you overseas. i fight only to protect the aids. is the performance that i am looking at what you gave on the day? if you look at modern filmmaking now, the amount of times that you can take a blink out, you can add it here is somebody is supposed to be crying and they did not manage to do it in the tag. augmentation is at a crossover of what you think you are seeing is being real and in this day and age visual effects are read every single shot of every movie, apart from low—budget movies who cannot afford it. when we are being directed, the director takes my performance and
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then he cuts it with woody's that is what he lives with. they even start testing movies with the faces in them. it has to live or die on the performance. the performance is not created after the fact, it is the manifestation of the performance after the fact which is obviously incredible visual effects and artistry. matt lives with the cut of the entire movie. of all your performance captured ross, which stand out as something monumental happened here? i have a very soft spot for:. with caesar, they have
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played apart from birth all the way through to death and not onlyjust growing older but the character evolving from one thing into another. going from a pure chimpanzee to almost human. the technology that allows any actor to do that is all right by me. the legendary andy circus. before we go, we have a tongue of click contact on our facebook page throughout the week like this, showcasing research from switzerland which built a curved concrete roof using new building techniques. algorithmic calculations means less concrete and fewer support structures are needed. the researchers said the
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manufacturing process uses a minimal amount of concrete and support structures of meaning less waste and reduce the environmental impact. the whole prototype weighs 20 tons with just 100 kilograms of supporting ca bles just 100 kilograms of supporting cables and textile. they think with resources disappearing and having only one planet, we need to design better and, as a structural designer, i care about exactly that and also showing that actually we can make quite a big difference and make exciting buildings that are not wasteful but actually quite the opposite. that do things much better, much thinner, much more integrated, much more efficient. and you can see more short stories from the world of tack on our facebook page. thank you for watching and we
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will see you soon. hello once again. the weekend is upon us, let us see if the weather is going to fit in with your plans, whatever they may be. the weekend certainly turning colder eventually across all parts of the british isles. eventually many of us will get to sunny spells and showers, but for some we'll have to contend with a rather wet start to the weekend, especially so across england and wales because yes we have the weather front getting in across scotland and northern ireland, but i suspect it's this cloud coming in from the south that will be the thing that many of you notice first up as the two weather systems combine to produce just a lot of rain across a good part of england and wales to start off the day. especially here concentrated down through lincolnshire, east anglia and into the east
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midlands, parts of the south—east and away across the channel. further to the west, the rain becoming a wee bit more patchy and you've really got to get up into scotland or northern ireland to see a brighter start to the day, a glorious start i would have thought in the eastern side of scotland but from the word go, showers aplenty in northern and western parts of scotland and into the western side of northern ireland. slowly, oh, so slowly, as we get on through the morning towards lunchtime, into the early part of the afternoon, yes, it will be that late until we see the last of that persistent rain getting towards the east anglia coast and getting away from kent. with somewhat brighter skies following in towards the midlands and across the south—west as well, where we will keep a peppering of showers for a good portion of the evening, so if you've got plans for bonfires and fireworks, across many northern and western parts, you'll have to contend with quite a noticeable wind, so safety first of course, and the peppering of showers, drier i would think further east and this is how we start sunday.
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the showers there in northern and western parts but you get the sense there are fewer of them. if you're holding off with your firework plans until sunday evening, many more of you i think will be dry by this stage although there will be a few showers flirting with the eastern shores. underneath the clearing skies, a widespread frost to start the new day on monday, certainly in the countryside, but there is a sign of a change. after that dry enough start for many parts of the british isles, eventually we”ll bring weather systems in from the atlantic so it's a combination not only of wet weather but also quite windy weather getting into northern and western scotland through northern ireland. generally speaking the further south and east you are the drier, finer and brighter the day will be. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: while thousands
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protest in catalonia, belgium receives an arrest warrant for the independence leader, carles puigdemont. translation: with the government in jail, these elections won't be neutral, independent, or normal. first stop hawaii — president trump is on his way to asia, with north korea high on the agenda. spared jail by a militaryjudge, the american soldier who abandoned his post in afghanistan. and police in new york say they have a viable case against the disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein.
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