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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  November 5, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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scene is handled properly, it crime scene is handled properly, it takes time and, unfortunately, that leaves a lot of victims families wanting ans is which we do not have at the moment. we will provide that information as soon as we can say they have the information they need. we appreciate the work of all law enforcement. we do not feel the reason it continuing threat and i think the media has done a pretty good job to make sure that has been pronounced to the public. we are working diligently both to inform the family and preserve the crime scene so the family and preserve the crime scene so it can be investigated properly. the dps regional director is next. everybody here wants facts and information. but if you want to know the motive, you'll be disappointed. we have certain facts we can
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release, but to protect the investigation's integrity, we will have two release it in a timely fashion and collect the facts and make sure it is correct before we release it. we are here assisting the sheriff. there are multiple agencies involved. where are all working together to support the sheriff in this situation. at approximately 11:20, a suspect was seen approximately 11:20, a suspect was seen at a petrol station, crossed the street to the church, and started a fire at the church. that suspect into the church and continued to fire. as he exited the church, a local resident grabbed this rifle and in gauge that suspect. the suspect dropped this rifle, which was a worker assault
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rifle, which was a worker assault rifle will stop a local citizen pursued him at that time. —— ruger. a short time later, at the suspect, right at the county line, it he crashed out and was found deceased in this vehicle. at this time, we do not know who was self—inflicted or if he was shot by a local resident who engaged in gunfire. we know that he was damp in the vehicle. he has not been completely identified. he was a young light male, maybe in this early 20s, dressed in all black tactical type gear and was wearing a ballistic vest. the way of getting him identified is that there were multiple weapons in the vehicle, which is being processed by our special operations group. there is a lot of work to be done in this investigation. we know that there
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are 23 found deceased inside the church. two were deceased outside the church. one that was being transported, injured, has deceased, bringing the total to 26. we have approximately 20 that are being transported with injuries that range from minor to very severe. we know that ages range from five years old to 75. there is a lot of work to be done. we are only hours into this investigation, which is going to ta ke investigation, which is going to take a significant length of time. we will continue to provide information as it becomes available. we know that you have many questions and many we cannot answer. we have multiple crime scenes. where the church, outside the church, where the vehicle was located... we have following up on the suspect and where he is from, this residence. we have many people to interview. web
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texas ranger is that all the hospitals, identifying those who are injured. so not a lot of information at this time. but we have many people working on this. every resource we have available is working. at the end of this investigation, we will be out to a nswer investigation, we will be out to answer any reasonable question as to what happened. so we're going to ta ke what happened. so we're going to take you away from that press conference at this point in time. the central message you would have heard from greg abbott was that 26 people have been confirmed damp at that shooting in sutherland spring ‘s. he said the shooting was the worst in the state's history, and pressed the work of the emergency
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services. —— confirmed dead. we interrupted the press review in order to bring you the latest air from texas. 50 it makes sense at this time to turn to what the papers we re this time to turn to what the papers were already saying about events in texas prior to the press conference. this is the daily express, with the front page strapped with a photograph of the church, saint 27 we re photograph of the church, saint 27 were dead. we now know 26. but a lot of detail inside. yes, you just shrug your head in despair when you read the story. i ramble when ben and are deeply pavers last time, we we re and are deeply pavers last time, we were on the back of the lost leg shootings, and all the debate was about gun control in the united states, where it seems too easy to get lethal weapons and use them. whether anything will happen after
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this is extremely doubtful. but these massacres were just go on and on and on because there is nothing to stop them. it is dreadful. is that you're reading as well, ben? —— your. yes. this is within weeks of the lost leg as massacre where more than 50 people were killed and hundreds injured. there is a numbing effect to these massacres. when they come in this sort of succession, people, you know, cannot process, and cannot think of a response. just listen to that testimony, one of things struck me was that he wasn't —a things struck me was that he wasn't — a memberof things struck me was that he wasn't — a member of the public to the arrival of certifying on him. and this is the myth in america that you have your guns to protect against maniacs and criminals. but they don't stabilise. this guy managed to
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kill six people. he might have stopped going higher, but arming people to the teeth is hardly a way to create a safe society. you cannot protect a church, can you? you cannot protect an open society. las vegas was extraordinary. airy was in the hotel and smash through the window and shot at random at these defenceless people. it was extraordinary. the front of the financial times. then, this is interesting, because we don't necessarily talk about saudi arabia having a crackdown on corruption, but here is a front page to that effect. yes, usually when we talk about corruption, it is them trying to cover it up, if you remember the bae story from a few years ago. but this is the opposite way. a crackdown, as you say. the real power in saudi arabia now, prince
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mohammed salman, he gets information if you weeks ago that there was going to be a crackdown, and this is being played out in dramatic style with 11 princes, at dozens of senior officials, and businessmen, including a big investor in twitter and citigroup amongst those detained. so a big and unusual story, underlying that something big is happening in saudi arabia. people who might have thought they were untouchable, ruth? yes. the crown princess novy will escape regardless if he was a minister or a prince. and there are plenty of princes in saudi arabia, because the founder of saudi arabia, because the founder of saudi arabia, because the founder of saudi arabia had thousands of children, and they had thousands of children, and they had thousands of children, and they are all princes, or princesses, as it may be. but this crown prince is being extremely progressive because obviously women can now drive cars, which is insured
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nri. that in which amused me about this was that they had to close the private airport at riyadh, because they did not want these arrested people to get in their private jets and fly away. so there you are. moral tale: don't have a private jet. it is not a bit worry for me... really? you don't have one? —— big worry. then, looking at the times. this story is about wait times. yes, now using just get your phone and use and app, and talk to agree to the gb. and that might be offputting to some people, because they want to speak to a gp, and you might get a second—rate service. speak to a gp, and you might get a second— rate service. but speak to a gp, and you might get a second—rate service. but others might say this is great, because you don't have to walk down to the gp's surgery when you just need some
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advice or sunny whatever, but it is coming. the nhs bosses have signed up coming. the nhs bosses have signed up on it. we will see how it goes. it is early days. we will see how the public will like it.|j it is early days. we will see how the public will like it. i mean, there are one or two concerns being added this piece, ruth? yes, i think added this piece, ruth? yes, i think a lot of doctors, they would like to the patients, and vice—versa. but if your symptoms are vice —— straightforward, it could be useful. we will see hard work. this is only a trial. what worries me about it is that if something goes is really wrong, and somebody has a false analysis over the phone, then there will be all hell to play, i suspect, and that could damage the whole idea. but an idea. there is an interesting warning there about
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greeting a two tier nhs. yes. this is sort of saying that with all the smart phone patients be the young fit ones, and the ones clogging up the surgery will be the old abercraf at once. i don't see that as an issue. it could be, but isn't that the best use of nhs resources? —— old unhealthy ones. you could use less resources than you are using at the moment. if it works. yes, and on that note, you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it is all at their seven days a week. and if you missed the programme and evening, you can watch it later on the bbc iplayer. thank you ruth and ben and good night. hello. those temperatures are really
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taking a tumble now out there under clear skies. most of the showers have fizzled out, just the odd one peppering the western coast of wales and into the south—west. but the northern ireland and was in scotland, this system is moving in, with thickening cloud and breeze increasing. not as cold, but any south end is, really cold this a monday morning, with widespread frost and mist fog. temperatures could be as low as —6 or —5. we start of a kolbert with plenty of sunshine. beginning that outbreaks pushing into northern ireland. —— cold and with plenty. slightly colder here than in other areas with cloud. that rain will push is words without increasing wind and milder air. these temperatures will be different to what we are
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experiencing to night. heading to tuesday, that wet and windy weather will slide is woods, leaving brighter but colder conditions. good night. i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: 26 people have been killed in a small texas town after a mass shooting at a church. asa as a state, we are dealing with the largest mass shooting in our state's history. he's met his best friend in asia, shinzo abe, now president trump is off to meet the japanese emperor. i'm kasia madera in london. also in the programme: a huge new leak of financial documents — known as the paradise papers — has revealed how the powerful and wealthy secretly invest vast amounts of money in offshore tax havens. the papers disclose how donald trump's commerce secretary has business links with russian allies of president putin
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