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tv   Newsday  BBC News  November 10, 2017 1:00am-1:30am GMT

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i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: beaming in beijing, where donald trump praised his host president xi. next stop vietnam, and the opening of the apec summit. yemen faces the worst famine the world has seen for several decades. that's according to the united nations. i'm kasia madera in london. also in the programme: you have two days to move. authorities in papua new guinea warn detainees in the manus island detention centre. and for the third day, delhi is covered in smog. they have declared a pollution emergency. live from our studios in singapore and london, you're watching bbc world news. it's
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newsday. iam glad i am glad you could join us. it's 1am in london, 9am in singapore, and 8am in da nang in vietnam, which is about to host the annual gathering of 21 leaders of the asian pacific economic cooperation, known as apec. for us president, donald trump, its also the fourth stop in his asia tour. he arrives in a few hours from beijing where he has been full of praise for president xi jinping. in the past, mr trump has accused china of "raping" the us economy but this time he said the big trade imbalance between the two countries was largely down to previous us presidents, and wasn't china's fault. our china editor, carrie gracie, reports from beijing. he will get a chance to meet a
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number of foreign leaders. the head of the 21 apec economies, and some of the 21 apec economies, and some of those he has already met, like shinzo abe. they are expected to make a speech in the conference hall in an hour's time. donald trump will make a big speech to the conference later on. that'll be the focus of this event. there are many people in this event. there are many people in this room who want to know what the us‘s engagement in asia in a donald trump era is going to look like. remember, this is the same president that pulled out of the trans—pacific partnership agreement, the massive us backed deal that president obama in his term really wanted to push through. 12 member economies of apec, 60% of global trade, and
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boosting economic growth for countries like vietnam. but when donald trump came into office he said this deal is not fair to american workers and the american economy and i am stepping out. i will have trade deals that would america first. will he say that in the room today in front of a tough crowd 7 many the room today in front of a tough crowd? many foreign leaders i have been speaking to have said basically if the us continues with this disengagement from the region, they will just disengagement from the region, they willjust go right ahead dealing and doing trade with one another and in effect the us is left behind. than the update from the summit. also making news today. twitter‘s method for verifying the identity of its users has been suspended, following complaints the social media platform gave a blue tick to an american neo—nazi. some of the day's other news. the sought—after blue tick is added to user names, often celebrities, and prominent people, so that other users can see that their account is genuine. our technology reporter, dave lee,
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is in san francisco. the blue tick is quite an iconic pa rt the blue tick is quite an iconic part of twitter, you could say. it was introduced as a way to show the leopard isjoining twitter was introduced as a way to show the leopard is joining twitter where indeed the ones they said they were. —— the celebrities. —— were. in recent times, twitter has widened it out and allowed less famous people without a public persona to request they get a blue tick as well with supporting documents. the issue has been that since that was widened, some people associating themselves with the far right, white supremacist, have been getting this blue tick. people saw that as a problem. for their part, twitter had said it was never an endorsement of what people were saying, instead, it isa what people were saying, instead, it is a way to make sure the account is
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valid. they say they understand the confusion. while they figure out how to solve a problem, they will temporarily suspend handing out any new blue ticks. but if you already have one, like i do, you will keep your blue tick for the foreseeable future. dave lee with the blue tick. also making news today. saudi arabia has ordered its citizens to leave lebanon following the resignation of the lebanese prime minister who is currently in the saudi kingdom. saad hariri resigned his post over the weekend raising concerns that the saudis forced the move. german prosecutors say they now believe a nurse who was convicted of murdering two of his patients. may have murdered as many as 100. niels hoegel is suspected of injecting patients with potentially lethal heart drugs, so he looked like a hero when he resuscitated them. the washington post is reporting claims by a woman
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that she was sexually abused as a 14—year—old by roy moore, the current republican candidate for an alabama senate seat. the incident is said to have happened in 1979 when mr moore was 32—years—old. mr moore has denied the charges, calling them "fake news." the former speaker of the catalan parliament, carme forcadell, has been taken into custody in madrid, after the spanish supreme court ruled that bail conditions of 150,000 euros must to be met before she is released. she was amongst six sacked catalan officials who appeared in court, accused of sedition and rebellion against the state, following the illegal declaration of independence in parliament two weeks ago. taiwan's military is searching for a missing air force pilot whose fighterjet disappeared from radar screens on tuesday night. the country's defence minister has now enlisted help from japan and the rest of the fleet has been grounded while an investigation is carried out. that same minister strongly rejected speculation the pilot had
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