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this is bbc news. i'm reeta chakrabarti. the headlines at 4:00 — first secretary of state damian green insists police never told him about pornography allegedly found on his computers. he says the allegations have an ulterior motive. the bbc understands the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, has contacted the husband of a british woman who's in prison in iran. his cabinet colleague, michael gove, says tehran should be facing criticism over the case, as he rejects calls for mrjohnson to resign. the prince of wales has led the nation in honouring britain's war dead on remembrance sunday. also in the next hour — vhe spanish prime minister visits catalonia for the first time since he imposed direct rule on the region. ahead of next month's early regional elections, mariano rajoy launched his people's party's campaign in barcelona. and the dateline panel discuss whether priti patel‘s resignation
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was a missed opportunity for the prime minister. good afternoon, and welcome to bbc news. theresa may's closest ally in the cabinet, damian green, has insisted that the police never informed him of allegations that pornography had been found on a computer at his office in parliament. a former head of the metropolitan police, sir paul stephenson, has said his force was aware that material had been found in a search of the offices, back in 2008. previously, damian green had described the claims as "completely untrue". our home affairs correspondent dominic casciani's report contains some flashing images. at the heart of the government, the prime minister's right—hand man. but now damian green, first secretary of state and de facto deputy
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prime minister, is under increasing pressure over allegations that he says are untrue and a smear. it all goes back to this 2008 raid on mr green's office. special scotland yard detectives were hunting a home office insider who was leaking documents to the then shadow front bencher. they never got to the bottom of, but nine years on, claims of what they did find have surfaced. they never got to the bottom of it, but nine years on, claims of what they did find have surfaced. last weekend, the sunday times reported that officers had found pornographic material on one of damian green's parliamentary computers. no action was taken at the time. in a statement, mr green said... but now, the former metropolitan police commissioner, sir paul stephenson, seen here in 2010 with theresa may,
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says he, too, was aware of the pornography claim. he told the bbc that the find involved no criminality, no victims, and in his view, no extraordinary public interest. this morning, damian green reiterated that the police had not told him about the alleged find. he can only assume that it had now surfaced for ulterior motives. this statement did not repeat last week's assertion that the allegation was completely untrue. last week, mr green gave evidence to the whitehall inquiry into the claim, which could report as early as next week. he says he has done nothing wrong, and with two cabinet resignations in a fortnight, the prime minister can ill afford to lose one of her most trusted confidants. the environment secretary, michael gove, has said he doesn't know what a british—iranian mother, jailed in iran, had been doing in the country before her arrest. he told the andrew marr show that too much focus on borisjohnson‘s comments — which gave the false impression nazanin zaghari ratcliffe was training journalists — was playing into the hands of the iranian authorities.
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0ur political correspondent tom barton explained the political ramifications of mrjohnson‘s comments. this row all started with boris johnson earlier this month telling the foreign affairs committee that nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe had been in iran training journalists rather than on holiday, as herfamily and her employer said. as a result of those comments, pressure piled on borisjohnson, and forced him, to the house of commons on tuesday last week, to make the government's position clear. and he did make it crystal clear. he said, the government has no doubt that she was on holiday and that that was the sole purpose of her visit. hearing that statement, it makes it very interesting to hear what michael gove had to say to andrew marr this morning. what was she doing when she went to iran? i don't know, one of the things i want to stress is that there is no reason why nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe should be in prison in iran.
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so far as any of us know, no evidence has been produced which suggests that she should be detained. we know that the iranian regime is capable of abusing human rights of its own citizens, and it now appears to be harming the human rights of someone whose plight necessarily moves us all. you say that you do not know what she was doing. her husband is very clear that she was there on holiday with her child. in that case, i take exactly her husband's assurance in that regard. labour are accusing michael gove of compounding the problems caused by borisjohnson, saying that he is more interested in protecting his colleague's job than in the liberty of a british citizen. meanwhile, pressure is growing on mrjohnson himself. we had jeremy corbyn calling on him earlier today to resign. similar comments were made earlier by the london mayor, sadiq khan. he's offended the libyans in relation to what he said about sirte being the new dubai
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if they get rid of the dead bodies. he's offended the americans, saying president 0bama is anti—british because he's part kenyan. he offended the spanish. he's offended the sikhs with what he said about whiskey tariffs in the gurdwara. he's got to go. he's our foreign secretary, whose job is diplomacy and representing the best interests of our country. if theresa may was a strong prime minister, she'd have sacked him a long time ago. there are questions about why she appointed him in the first place. she did, but surely he must have done enough to go. michael gove defended boris johnson in that interview today, saying that the focus of criticism should not be on a british democratic politician, but instead on the regime in iran, which is holding mrs zaghari—ratcliffe. we make a big mistake, andrew, if we think that the right thing to do is to blame politicians in a democracy who are trying to do the right thing for the plight of a woman who is being imprisoned by a regime that is a serial abuser of human rights. who is in the dock here?
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iran. it should be the actions of the judiciary. so this controversy about nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe has been continuing for the last few days, but in a way, it is the culmination of a very difficult ten days for the prime minister. it has been an extremely turbulent period for the prime minister. she has lost two cabinet ministers, the defence secretary, michael fallon, and the international development secretary, priti patel. of course, there is the developing row around damian green, who is, of course, her closest ally in the cabinet. the first secretary of state, essentially her deputy prime minister. pressure building there, and then of course, this row around boris johnson, and today's intervention from michael gove as well. it has been a difficult period for theresa may, and as we head into this week, where the government is facing the scrutiny of the eu withdrawal bill, she is good to be really hoping that she can stabilise
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things as brexit comes back front and centre onto the political agenda. joining us now from west hampstead is the labour mp, tulip siddiq. thanks forjoining us. you are the mpfor thanks forjoining us. you are the mp for nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe‘s constituency. i want to ask you what you think of what michael gove had to say about this case today. you think of what michael gove had to say about this case todaylj you think of what michael gove had to say about this case today. i have been talking about this case for 19 months now, when richard first came to me, criticising iran for putting my innocent constituent in jail on trumped up charges, and tried in a kangaroo court. and the government did not agree to meet with me, boris johnson would not meet with my constituent, nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe‘s husband, for 19
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months now. when he finally did make a comment on it, he decided to get it wrong. borisjohnson does not even know the most basic fact of the most important case at the moment. his mainjob is to protect british citizens, and he did not know that she was on holiday even though i repeatedly raised it, whether it is westminster hall debates are parliamentary questions or even at prime minister's questions, i repeatedly said, nazanin was on holiday in iran with her small child. so for michael gove to go on tv today and say that he was not sure, taking the husband's words for it, he should know that nazanin was on holiday, and that henman compounding the lie he was told about her training journalss is on the grid to make life worse for my constituent. batjournalists. michael gove also made the point that the people to blame here are the iranians, to turn all this anger ona
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the iranians, to turn all this anger on a democratically elected minister who may have misspoken, is misguided and misdirected. there is no doubt about the fact that the iranians are at fault here. i have been saying that for 19 months now, but i have also been appealing to our foreign secretary to help a young mother separated from her daughter, denied medical access, denied consular access, has been on hunger strike, is suicidal. i have been appealing for help, and what he has done is not a gaffe, not a blunder, it is a serious mistake. it is a grave error, which as a result, my constituent is facing fresh charges, and may have to stay in jail for longer. we are told that boris johnson has this morning spoken to nazanin‘s husband, richard. you may not be able to comment on that, but do you think that the foreign secretary is now belatedly tried to
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get to grips with this case? iambic to make this clear, i am not here to make party political points. i want to get my constituent back home and reunited with her family. to get my constituent back home and reunited with herfamily. some to get my constituent back home and reunited with her family. some good tory ministers have been dealing with this well. if borisjohnson is finally taking this case seriously, i cut finally taking this case seriously, icuta finally taking this case seriously, i cut a couple of asks for him, and i know that richard shares my sentiments on this. we have discussed many times. the number one thing thing he needs to do it is formally retract his statement, and apologise for saying that nazanin wasn't on holiday in iran. the second thing he needs to do is agree to meet richard face—to—face to discuss the fact that, when he goes to run later on this year or next year, he takes richard with him, because richard has not been able to get a visa to go to run, and he knows that he may not be able to see his wife in but he might at least be
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able to see his daughter, who he has not seen for 19 months now. and finally, when boris johnson not seen for 19 months now. and finally, when borisjohnson goes to iran, iwant finally, when borisjohnson goes to iran, i want to meet my constituent, who is injail, face—to—face. 0ther british diplomats have gone to iran, have been to the same prison that nazanin is, and yet have not met with her. if borisjohnson goes to iran, he needs to meet with nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe face—to—face. those are the demands that richard andi those are the demands that richard and i are both making our foreign secretary. and tulip siddiq, you spoke to richard yesterday, what is his state of mind at the moment? richard is trying to stay calm under very distressing circumstances. his wife called him after the foreign secretary made the remark that he did, sobbing down the phone. he had been hauled into court after boris johnson said that she was training journalss. she fell to the ground, it was an unscheduled court hearing. she thought she was coming home before christmas. this is a woman
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who has been separated from her family for so long, an iranian state tv, they should borisjohnson‘s comments and said it was proof that she was guilty. 0n the official website of the arabian judiciary, it says that the foreign secretary's statement shed fresh light on nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, and as a result, she is guilty. herfamily are extremely distressed, richard is extremely distressed, the foreign secretary needs to go to iran, bring back my constituent and reunited this family. this is not funny, it is not a gaffe or a blunder, it is life or death. tulip siddiq, we have to leave it there. many thanks for speaking to us on bbc news. veterans, politicians, and members of the royal family have taken part in remembrance sunday services, commemorating those who've lost their lives in conflict. a two—minute silence was held across the country at 11:00. prince charles led tributes by laying a wreath at the cenotaph, with the queen watching on from a nearby balcony. it's the first time she's not carried out the symbolic duty whilst at the service. 0ur royal correspondent nicholas witchell reports. it is, there is little doubt,
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the way things will increasingly be. forfirst time in her reign, the queen took her place on a balcony overlooking the cenotaph. still presiding as head of state, but in a way which recognises her advancing years. beside her on the balcony was her husband, the duke of edinburgh. below, on whitehall, the prince of wales led other senior members of the royal family to their positions at the cenotaph in readiness for 11:00, and the start of the national two—minute silence. big ben chimes last post plays
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in whitehall, after the sounding of the last post, the prince of wales laid the queen's wreath on behalf of the united kingdom and the commonwealth in memory of all those who lost their lives in the world wars and other more recent conflicts. and then, on a morning which had been damp and cold, the veterans who had been waiting in their columns began their tribute, marching past the cenotaph to lay their wreaths. very few of those on parade now have memories of the second world war, for that generation has passed the obligation to remember to its successors, to men like bill speakman who won the victoria cross in korea, and johnson beharry, awarded the vc in iraq. and to the many thousands of other service men and women, who are today
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remembering those who never came home from war. coalition forces in afghanistan have also been paying their respects on remembrance sunday. british troops joined with forces from other countries, including new zealand and australia, for a service this morning. the headlines on bbc news — first secretary of state damian green insists police never told him about pornography allegedly found on his computers. he says the allegations have an ulterior motive. the husband of a british—iranian womanjailed in iran has told the bbc he's to speak to the foreign secretary borisjohnson later today. the prince of wales has led the nation in honouring britain's war dead on remembrance sunday.
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now for a full round up from the bbc sport centre. we'll start with this evening's huge match for northern ireland. they face switzerland in the second leg of their world cup qualifier with kick off less than an hour away now. jessica is in basel for that much. i suppose northern ireland know what they have to do in the scheme, knowing that switzerland have the 1-0 knowing that switzerland have the 1—0 advantage from that first leg. yes, exactly. what a momentous occasion, one of the biggest football matches in northern ireland's history. the atmosphere is really building here outside the stadium. thousands of switzerland fans and northern ireland funds coming together, singing, chanting,
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lots of fancy dress as well. but they seem to be getting on very well at the moment. just to bring you up—to—date with the northern ireland tea m up—to—date with the northern ireland team news george saville makes his first start for northern ireland, coming into midfield to replace the suspended corry evans. kyle lafferty who played as a lone striker in the first leg loses his place, having a tough time of it of late. it has been a year since he has scored an international goal. 0n been a year since he has scored an international goal. on paper, you have to say that northern ireland are massive underdogs in this match, quite a bit below switzerland in the world rankings. they are only three match losing streak, scoring just one goal. in the first leg against switzerland, they did not manage a single shot on target. but you have to say, northern ireland have been one of the surprise packages in european football in recent years.
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they had that incredible run in the european championships just last summer, reaching the last 16, fantastic result for them. and although, you have to say this is a formidable task for northern ireland, because they have shown themselves to be quite a formidable force in recent years, quite a resilient years, you would be hard pressed to bet against them. and thatis pressed to bet against them. and that is exactly why we love football. despite the odds are a lwa ys football. despite the odds are always being stacked against you, it is about what happens on that pitch, in those 90 minutes, that really matters. you would be hard pressed to bet against northern ireland tonight. looking forward to it, thank you very much. that game kicks off at 5pm. england captain, heather knight, led from the front as england forced a draw against australia to keep the ashes alive. australia would have retained the trophy if they had won this inaugural day—night test, but hosts needed to bowl england out on the final day in sydney. england began 128 runs behind, but after losing their openers, knight added a stubborn 117
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with georgia elwiss to frustrate australia. a draw was agreed with england on 206—2. australia lead the series 6—4 on points which means england need to win all three twenty20 internationals in order to regain the ashes trophy. england have progressed to the quarter finals of the rugby league world cup after beating france by 36 points to 6 in perth. england ran in three tries, in the first eight minutes and had five by the break, the fifth try courtesy ofjohn bateman. it wasn't quite as easy in the second half but two more scores came from jermaine mcgillvary to complete a comfortble victory. england will play papa new guinea in the last eight of the world cup next sunday. marc marquez has claimed his fourth motogp title in five years afterfinishing third at the season—ending valencia race. the 24—year—old honda rider, who needed to finish in the top 11 to beat andrea dovizioso to the crown, is the youngest driver to win four titles in the class. dovizioso crashed out of the race
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while honda's dani pedrosa finished first, with yamaha rookie johann zarco in second. f1 world champion, lewis hamilton, starting the brazilian grand prix from the back of the grid. team—mate, valtteri bottas, started on pole. that's all the sport for now. i'll have more for you in the next hour. spain's prime minister says regional elections next month will help end what he called the "separatist havoc" in catalonia. mariano rajoy was addressing a campaign event during his first visit since imposing direct rule a fortnight ago. he told supporters a victory for his party would boost spain's economic growth. he also called on people opposed to catalan independence to vote. translation: we want the december 21st election to have a massive turnout, so a new political stage can be set in motion, bringing peace, normality and coexistence. we want to bring back the catalonia
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that belongs to everyone, with democracy and freedom. we will achieve this if the silent majority turns out to voice their vote. 0ur correspondentjames reynolds is in barcelona. he explained how the spanish prime minister's speech went down with his supporters. they were all gathered in a hotel ballroom, just next to barcelona's main train station. perhaps it had been booked anyway to overflow. several hundred of them cheered and listened to the prime minister during his 25—minute speech. he talks about the past, why he had imposed direct rule here in barcelona. he said it was in order to return to legality and normality, to stand up for those who were fed up with what he called the separatists‘ actions. he also looked to the future, calling regional elections here for the 21st of december. he wanted what he called a silent majority of catalans to go out and vote for a pro—spain movement, be it his party or others. the prize for him is simple —
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if a pro—spain majority wins the elections in december, the crisis for him, the attempts to break away for catalonia, those will recede. a man has died after being beaten by a gang thought to be wielding baseball bats in east london. the attack took place on high road in ilford in the early hours of this morning. the metropolitan police has launched a murder inquiry. a man has died after being struck by a number of vehicles on a motorway in south wales. the m4 at bridgend was closed in both directions for more than ten hours, as police investigated the incident between pencoed and sam. south wales police said the man died at the scene after the incident at 9:00 last night. officers are urging motorists driving on that section of the motorway around the time of the incident to contact them. president trump and the north korean leader have
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resumed their war of words over pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme. in response to being called a "dotard" by north korea's foreign ministry, mr trump has tweeted, wondering why kim jong—un would insult him by calling him "old". the us president added that he would never call the north korean leader "short and fat". the fresh exchange came as the president began the latest leg of his five—nation tour of asia, a tour described by kim jong—un as a warmonger‘s visit. karishma vaswani reports. foes now turned new friends. us president donald trump received the official state welcome in vietnam. the two nations were once at war, but now there's pomp and ceremony at an event to show how close they've become. president trump needs his asian partners by him on trade and denuclearising north korea. and that's what he's made this trip about. he even made an offer of friendship to north korean leader kimjong—un. i think anything's a possibility. strange things happen in life. that might be a strange thing to happen, but it's certainly a possibility.
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if that did happen, it would be a good thing for, i can tell you, for north korea, but it would also be good for lots of other places, and it would be good for the world. but even on this international trip, domestic politics have taken control of the agenda. president trump had to clarify what he meant when he said russia's president putin didn't believe he had meddled in the us election. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm, with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership, i believe in our intel agencies, our intelligence agencies, i've worked with them very strongly. donald trump's asian tour was supposed to be a chance for him to show off us strength in the region and build new relationships with his partners here by putting america first in matters to do with trade, as well as tackle the issue of north korea. but, instead, this trip has been overshadowed by the issue
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of whether russia meddled in the election in the united states, questions that will follow him as he makes his final stop on the last leg of his tour in manila. karishma vaswani, bbc news. a 100—year—old former soldier who fought in the second world war and survived more than two years in auschwitz is marking 35 years as a poppy seller. ron jones, from newport, says he will never retire from carrying out charity work in memory of his fallen comrades. tomos morgan reports. every year you'll find him selling poppies, as he has done for over 35 years. and even at 100 years old... in the box, love. ..ronjones is still doing his part in making sure we remember those that gave their lives. thank you very much. why do you still do it at 100 years old? well, i'm able. as long as i can get a lift, taking me back and forth.
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so you will be there next year, 101? well, i say, i don't know. i'm getting a bit shaky on my legs. as an ex—serviceman, remembrance sunday and the poppy is personalfor ron. in world war two he endured horrors that scarred him for years, after his squad was captured and they spent two years as prisoners of war near auschwitz. by far the worst experience they endured was the death march. they marched us through the carpathian mountains, czechoslovakia, bohemia, saxony, bavaria and down into austria. i was on a march for about 17 weeks. we lost... around about 100 men died. and when you finally came home, just describe the state and the toll that auschwitz... i was in a shocking
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state when i came home. for instance, my wife put me in the bath that first night and she started to cry cos i looked like somebody from belsen. isaid, "0h, don't cry, love. "i left men out there who's never going to come home". ron suffered with post—traumatic stress, flashbacks, and nightmares that haunted him for years, but he overcame it all thanks in no small part to the woman he will never forget. i think my wife saved my life. i think my wife was marvellous. super woman. today, britain remembers all of those that have fought for our country over the years. ronjones will be doing the same for the friends he lost more than 70 years ago. time now to take a look at the weather forecast.
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some sunshine and some heavy showers, particularly on the north sea coast. elsewhere, temperatures coming down to give a widespread frost. temperature colder in the countryside, well below freezing for some of us, parts of northern ireland, southern scotland and northern england particularly. some of us will be scraping the ice off the car. still one or two showers clipping coastal england along the north sea coast, into tomorrow, fading in the afternoon. cloud increasing for england and wales, rain and snow to higher ground in scotla nd rain and snow to higher ground in scotland and parts of the pennines as well perhaps. how much for how long stalled into question, so keep checking the forecast going into tomorrow morning. it'll be another cold day with the cloud increasing across the uk. but we are seeing malware coming in for choosing
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wednesday, but with of cloud. by now. hello, this is bbc news with me, reeta chakrabarti. the headlines: first secretary of state damian green insists police never told him about pornography allegedly found on his parliamentary computers. he says the allegations have an ulterior motive.


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