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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 14, 2017 5:45am-6:00am GMT

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it has many images from various parts of iraq and iran affected by the earthquake. pictured here is sarpol—e zahab, a city in western iran. it's reported that at least 236 people have died in the city. the south china morning post also has a story from the asean summit, reporting that chinese officials are watching meetings between the united states, india, australia and japan, with a wary eye. turning to europe and le figaro, reports that 23 of the 28 eu countries have declared they will participate in a new eu defence pact, as part of a broader push to advance european integration. italian sports paper la gazzetta dello sport has tragic news for italian football fans, after italy failed to qualify for the world cup after a goalless second—leg draw against sweden. national geographic takes a close look at rising co2 emissions. we cannot seem to show you the
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graphic on that one so let's move on to the guardian. they have an interesting story about pets. apparently in the uk, our cramped housing means less of us have pets and that could have sad consequences for us. so let's begin. with me is liam booth smith, ceo of the independent, non—profit think tank localis which promotes neo—localist ideas in the uk through research, events and commentary. welcome. again. you have been busy reading all these stories since i last saw you. let's begin with the new york times. what is they take on this earthquake, the deadliest we have seen this year. obviously with any tragedy like this it is escalating situation in terms of understanding. we start with a few hundred people who have lost their
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lives. but we can not —— we do not yet know how me people have been affected by the loss of a home. we can lose something important if we focus just on topline figures. there have been concerns raised about the response of the iranian government. it has worrying echoes of 2012 when there was a similar earthquake there. there were concerns at that point as well about the iranian government's ability to respond to the needs of people. people are already reporting on ground that they want tense, water and aid and it is not coming. i know humanitarian agencies are trying to respond as well. you talk about criticism of the response from to run. also there is criticism of their lack of preparedness for this. in the light of the fact that this has happened before and, actually, building infrastructure is not as solid as it should be given the fact
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that this is an area that is susceptible to these big earthquakes. it was reported in the story and in other newspapers that one of the region's most affected by the earth ‘s quake has to rebuild infrastructure. it is a large port area with you big kurdish population and limited government investment. moving on to the story dominating the asian press, president trump arriving in japan the asian press, president trump arriving injapan and now ending this trip in the philippines. this is the south china morning post which calls china wary on a quarter block watch after india, japan, the us and australia meet on the sidelines of the summit. this idea has been in the works for more than a decade now and was first floated by japan. wood is a decade now and was first floated byjapan. wood is interesting, two
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things. the first, this is a continuation of an 0bama era policy. a muscular tilt for a greater —— for a greater us presence in asia which does not fit nicely into trouble's retreat the second interesting thing is that it comes at a time when president trump is over there selling us business interests and been vocal about this success. the question i have is how much of that isa question i have is how much of that is a deliberate strategy and how much of it is just business? is a deliberate strategy and how much of it isjust business? how much of it isjust business? how much of it isjust business? how much of it is just what has unfolded. exactly. how much of it, however, works in terms of the us stands in terms of sorting out the huge trade deficit between the us and china and perhaps us and fired down. it is a difficult balancing act for president trump. he wants the deals he wants the trade but he also wants to send strong minds
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about manipulation of currency and that kind of thing as well. the dumping of goods... this rhetoric has calmed down and in this comments with president xi he said that the chinese would doing what they should be doing, getting the best deals for their people. it is the other nations who wish for greater us involvement and i think he is following through. moving on now to a story that is a little under the radarfor a story that is a little under the radar for some a story that is a little under the radarfor some in europe is very important. the european union defence pact described in les figaro as historic. it is part of the franco german push to deepen integration after brexit. so now we are leaving the eu, europe can go ahead with its grand vision of a european army. the fact we have been talking about or decades is not fill me with confidence it will happen. it is interesting, there are tensions emerged —— emerging already between the two major backers.
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germany wants a strategic alignment. and france... he wants a lot more, emmanuel macron, doesn't it? you wa nt emmanuel macron, doesn't it? you want something more militarily ambitious. and what is hidden within the story is the vagueness of these commitments as well. 23 of 28 have committed to working with the view of achieving a 2% defence mandate, the current level of nato commitment to the fact that many of these countries are unwilling and unable to make that commitment already does not fill me with great confidence that this will amount to much. the feeling in italy this morning is one we are quite familiar with here in england. that terrible feeling in grappling with the emotion following the fact that italy, with a goalless game against sweden, has not qualify for the world cup next year in russia. the first time they have not since 1958. this is the sports
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newspaper in early talking through. as an england does fan i feel i can empathise with them. but i won't. in recent history, italy has had a glorious run of success. italian football fa ns glorious run of success. italian football fans and their common terrier should get a dose of perspective. they have been complacent. is that what you are saying? 0r complacent. they just need to calm down. we do it here as well. whenever the national football tea m well. whenever the national football team does not deliver an overi nflated team does not deliver an overinflated promises, the national game is in an existential crisis. and it is a sign of a broader sense of malaise. you know what? you warm cup in 2006. your league is among the best in the world. you have an immense level of supporting —— sporting success. to settle down and enjoy the football. we asked our viewers what they thought the italian fans should do. there is one
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suggestion that they go to wales for a holiday. another one is saying to come to scotland. and there's another paying tribute to a key player who has announced this retirement. as soon as the tournament style, we tend to forget all this. moving on to something lighthearted but serious. were being robbed of one of life ‘s joys, pets. multiple studies have shown that your environment has a huge impact on your mental well—being. again, showing the pets are an important source of joy showing the pets are an important source ofjoy in our life. and because our home is a small we do not have gardens, many of us don't have outside space. we are not opting for a pet. is absolutely. and
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because increasing numbers of us live in rented accommodation, landlords do not allow pets. i had one growing up but i do not have one 110w. one growing up but i do not have one now. i live in a rented flat... we have a dog and a cat. maybe it is great for mental well—being that it isa great for mental well—being that it is a lot of work. it is. and many businesses are now having pet days. take you so much for your input in the briefing this morning thank you as well for your comments and your input. so much more at the top of the here on bbc news so stay with us as we keep you up—to—date. —— at the top of the hour. hi there. yesterday was a pretty chilly day, with temperatures between five and seven celsius. it was even cold enough for a bit of snow in scotland. i know many of us go nuts for snow, but these scenes are likely to be short—lived, because the air
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is going to be turning a little bit milder today. the cold weather we had yesterday was due to these northerly winds moving down across the uk. but we've had a change of wind direction over the last 12 hours orso, dragging in much milder conditions. a weak weather front lying across central portions of the uk will thicken the cloud up, to bring us some spots of light rain or drizzle. but still, for most of us it is a cloudier, milder kind of day. now, first thing in the morning, these are the kind of temperatures you'll be contending with as you head outside the door, typically around 6—10 degrees. a little bit colder than that across rural parts of southern england, and perhaps cold enough for a touch of frost in sheltered parts of northern scotland first thing. but, for most of us, it is quite a mild start to the day. it's mild because it's cloudy, so cloudy skies for much of england and wales. notice that cloud, thick enough to give us some bursts of rain, particularly across wales, but also some dampness at times getting across the midlands and into east anglia. north—east england, particularly over the pennines, also pretty grey.
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a lot of cloud first thing in the morning, too, for northern ireland, but 10 degrees in belfast, mild conditions here. best of the early—morning sunshine will be across much of scotland, although there will be a few showers in the far north. through the rest of the day, slow changes overall. it will brighten up, though, for north—east england. the best of the sunshine continues to be in scotland. otherwise, a lot of cloud for northern ireland, england and wales, continuing to be thick enough for occasional patches of rain, not really amounting to too much. temperatures up on those of yesterday, 10—12 degrees for most. still a little on the cool side for the north and eastern parts of scotland. now, for tuesday night, if we see some cloud breaks, we may well see things turning rather foggy. otherwise, it stays cloudy for england and wales, and that cloud will help keep temperatures up, 8—11 degrees. the colder conditions there in scotland, again, with a frost, and probably becoming a little bit sharper, as well. bear in mind, though, for wednesday, some of us may well start off with some dense patches of fog. the thickness of the fog will depend on the length of those overnight cloud breaks. but, even if it doesn't start off foggy where you are, across england and wales,
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it will be grey — fog or cloud being the order of the day. further west, after a bright start in scotland, we'll see a band of rain moving into western areas. still quite cool for north—eastern parts of scotland, but otherwise temperatures around about where they should be, really, at this time of the year. for thursday, we keep rather cloudy conditions for much of the country. a band of rain slips southwards. cooler, fresher conditions following to the north—west. that's your latest weather, bye for now. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. a major milestone on the road to brexit, as mps begin debating the eu withdrawal bill. it will convert european laws into british ones, but it's unlikely to pass smoothly, with more than 160 amendments already tabled. good morning.
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it's tuesday, 1a november. also this morning: a call for compulsory eye tests for motorists, as new figures show many ignore warnings that they shouldn't be driving. thousands of survivors of a powerful earthquake that struck iran and iraq are spending a second night without shelter.
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