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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 14, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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david thank you very much. huw. david thank you very much. david ornstein for us there in wembley. the olympic champion, mo farah, is now sir mo after receiving his knighthood from the queen at buckingham palace today. sir mohamed farah, for services to athletics. sir mo came to the uk from somalia as a young boy and went on to become britain's most decorated athlete. this summer, he retired from his track career to concentrate on running marathons. he described the knighthood today as a "dream come true." newsnight is coming up on bbc two, here's evan davies. something funny is going on in zimbabwe right now, an apparent struggle to succeed president mugabe, who's the world's oldest head of state. for a moment, it seemed like a coup was under way today. we're trying to work out what's going on. join me now on bbc two. that's newsnight with evan. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a good night.
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hello and welcome to sportsday i'm jessica creighton. here's what's coming up in the programme. ireland's world cup dream is over, thrashed by a dazzling denmark in dublin. a dream comes true for mo farah. britain's most decorated track and field star receives his knighthood from the queen. and roger federer closes in on a place in the atp world tour finals in london. roger federer has defeated a
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battling alexander zverev. good evening. we have a busy programme ahead, but we'll start with football where the republic of ireland's world cup dream is over. they were thrashed in the second leg of their play off qualifer against demark 5—1. our correspondentjoe wilson is in dublin for us. joe, a great start from ireland but they couldn't hold on against a brilliant denmark tonight. yes, it's funny, i guess we are reflecting really the republic of ireland scoring too soon and we wondered if they would score a goal. being defensively strong has been the reason for their success in getting to this stage and it was 0—0 in the first leg in copenhagen but they had the perfect start here, a free kick after five minutes and the ball was floated in, a mistake by a danish
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defender, he miskicked his clearance but there was shane duffy in. —— shane duffy. ireland were caught in two minds. a mistake by christy, defending the post, just one of the errors we saw. ireland were behind by half—time and then it was the eriksen show, three goals from him, best player on the pitch, one of the most talented attacking midfielders in europe and he was given space to shine. three g:;': from shine. three goals from him. it was” nicklas shioo, three goals from him. it was,— nicklas bendtner scoring from 5—1. nicklas bendtner scoring from the penalty spot. martin o'neill went for it, making attacking substitutions at half—time, hoolahan coming on. some people thought he should have started the game. the defensive strength we've seen throughout from the republic over the years in the martin o'neill era just disappeared. as the game opened up, they fell apart. a lot of dismal
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faces and pessimistic opinions from the supporters as they left the stadium. what i would say is that the republic have got further than many teams with similar resources to reach the play—offs and with the euros to come, 32 teams these days, they have a strong chance for qualifying. martin o'neill has recently signed a new deal with the tea m recently signed a new deal with the team along with roy keane. do we really expect him to go, to resign after this? i don't see it but it would take a lot to revive irish spirits after the manner in which they exited world cup qualifying this evening. indeed it well. thank you forjoining us. england have already qualified for the world cup of course, but they were in action against brazil tonight, in a friendly at wembley. our sports correspondent david ornstein was there to see the goalless draw. when the samba boys come to town, you expect glitz, you expect flair, did it live up to its billing? you expect glamour too but it was
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more of a grind although england will take plenty away from this. it's worth pointing out the pedigree of this brazil team, after the 2014 world cup when they lost at home 7—1 by germany, they've slowly rebuilt and under the new manager, they go into the world cup next summer among the favourites. they are that good under him and with neymar leading the way, they are always going to be one of the most attacking sides. for england to get a 0—0 draw with them was creditable. this being such a young and inexperienced team. there was another debut tonight. five against germany and one more tonight, dominic solanke e of liverpool, formerly chelsea, making his debut. he was the start of the under 20 world cup in the summerfor england and he really impressed. joao gomes in defence was man of the match. brazil had the best chances,
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a shot by fernandinho of manchester city that skimmed joe hart's post. england nearly nicking it through that man, dominic solanke, and it will be a night to rememberfor him. it would have been incredible if he had marked it with a goal. manager gareth southgate will take plenty of encouragement. that's it for 2017 for england, their next match will be in late march when they go to the netherlands and then host italy at wembley. then the squad will be named for the world cup and it's all eyes on russia. works like england will go to the world cup with a vibrant, young, inexperienced squad but perhaps that will be encouraging for the fans. 90,000 packed into wembley, two sell—outs in a couple of days. gareth southgate, cause for optimism, it's fair to say. thank you forjoining us. wales didn't qualify for next year's world cup but they too were in friendly action, against panama. it finished 1—1 at the
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cardiff city stadium. wales took the lead with 15 minutes to go, a great run from the left wing by derby county's tom lawrence. the 23 —year—old hammered in this brilliant low drive. but panama, who will be heading to the world cup next summer, equalised in injury time. armando cooper in the 94th minute. roger federer beating alexander zverev this evening in three sets. federer taking the first set on a tie—break but alexander zverev took the second so it went to a decider and in the last few minutes federer sealing victory, taking the final, 6-1. britain's most decorated track and field star mo farah has received his knighthood from the queen. farah came to the uk from somalia as a young boy, and went on to become
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a four—time olympic champion. this summer sir mo called time on his track career to concentrate on running marathons. he's described the knighthood as a "dream come true". our sports correspondent richard conway reports. he is britain's most successful track athlete. after a career that has brought four 0lympic gold—medal is and six world championship medals... mohamed farah, for services to athletics. today it was time to add another title with the queen on hand to convert sir mo's knighthood. it is recognition for a career that has scaled the heights. sirmo is career that has scaled the heights. sir mo is the second athlete in modern 0lympic history to win the 5010, 000 metres titles in successive games. this is definitely way up there, close to the olympic medals. to come here to britain at the age of eight, not speaking english and achieving what i've achieved over the years and to be
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knighted, there's no words to describe it. moments like this, a sport start meeting the palace and getting a medal normally means the end of their career but not so in this case. sir mo has plans for his future, albeit with a different focus. a switch to the road and marathons now awaits with the prospect he may compete for britain at the tokyo 0lympics prospect he may compete for britain at the tokyo olympics in 2020. having recently split from his controversial coach, alberto salazar, he remains under investigation —— who remains under investigation, sir mo is also returning to live in london. the city bore witness to his ascent to the top of world athletics and now celebrates a momentous career. a special moment for mo farah and his family. that's all. coming up, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are laura perrins, co—editor of the website, the conservative woman, and journalist and broadcaster rachel shabi. the telegraph leads with a line—up of the potential conservative mps threatening to derail the eu withdrawal bill. the express claims labour is secretly plotting to stop brexit. the financial times says thatjeff sessions faced more questions about
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contacts with russia during the presidential campaign. the metro reports general sir richard barrons' warning that the army is dangerously underfunded. the guardian leads with claims that russia has been meddling in british politics via twitter. the i is concerned about the rise in development on areas of outstanding natural beauty. the daily mail reports that half of pensioners take at least five drugs a day. let's begin and i thinkjust to get away from brexit for a couple of minutes, let's start with the metro and the front page, cuts, the army is 20 years out of date. quite a big story, if not for brexit this would be believe an perhaps some of the main newspapers. the dangerous state of the british army and how underfunded it is, some say it is at
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least 20 years out of date and that it needs an injection of at least 2 billion a year, which is obviously a very significant sum. further down it says that it is predicted that the north korean leader kimjong—un could acquire the capability to nuke london within 18 months, which is never something you want to read about this late at night. quite a significant story and whether they'll be able to find that 2 billion a year in the current climate, we'll have to see. of course there is a budget next week, is this why the tightening of the story? i'm sure it is and i'm sure there will be other stories from other departments asking for money from the treasury. but the defence of the realm is very important. up until recently you'd expect it to be properly funded. worth pointing out that this prediction is being made bya that this prediction is being made by a formerforces
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that this prediction is being made by a former forces chief. always useful to have someone no longer in office who feels they can speak out. of course, you'd expect them to do so. of course, you'd expect them to do so. let's move on, having ignored brexit for a couple of minutes! the papers are full of it with that eu withdrawal bill being debated today. the daily telegraph, rachel, a hall of shame for the daily telegraph. this not at all sinister headline, the brexit mutineers, listing the conservative mps who are planning to rebel against theresa may's idea to put into law a date, and actual date that britain leaves the eu. and these remain supporting conservative mps, mainly, and they say it is ridiculous because we are saying that we don't want to leave, we
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aren't trying to overturn the rendered decision, where just trying to ensure that believe safely and get a good deal, that we don't rush and leave just because we committed ourselves to this arbitrary date. the labour party is completely opposed to the date, dismissing it asa gimmick opposed to the date, dismissing it as a gimmick and as theresa may pandering to the eurosceptics in her party. just kind of boring them a fish to keep them quiet and stop them from bickering and being divisive. and at the expense of the country. not a great thing to try and do and therefore no supplies that she's facing this rebellion from our own mps. i would find it very unlikely that this move to put the date into law were actually passed. it's a very interesting
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dispute. a number of things happened today, not that i want to jump the gun, but the daily express covers it as well. there was a vote to repeal the european communities act and a plan to transfer all eu regulations into british law on the day we leave. and then the ultimatum essentially is a vote for the deal we have other macs we —— or we will leave without one. a question about whether the date on the bill, the date of leaving should be on the bill. it would be unusual to type parliament's bill. it would be unusual to type pa rliament‘s hands bill. it would be unusual to type parliament's hands in this way. it is an interesting point of conscience, some of these mps wanted to remain in the eu themselves but represent leave constituencies. ultimately, i think it was edmund burke who said you are a member of


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