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it's a creative part of the puzzle. frankie mccamley, bbc news in stoke—on—trent. ina in a surprise move frist has been named as the host nation of the 2023 rugby union world cup. south africa had been recommended by walden rugby board by the council members voted in favour of the french bid. ireland had also entered a bid to stage the tournament. —— the world rugby board. time for a look at the weather. here's lucy martin. while we had brighter conditions in the north than the south and moving through the rest of the day we start to see some outbreaks of rain moving into north west of scotland. that rain pushing south and east through the night bringing some heavy rain at times and a strong wind in northern ireland and far north of england. elsewhere in england and
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wales it is cloudy with some g rag deafeiiaping. of and far north south cloud start, fi ggres.’ same patchesfimistirrd should 5 fi ggres.’ same patchesfimistirrd should lift 1; fi ggres.’ same patchesfimistirrd should lift as i fi ggres.’ same patchesfimistirrd should lift as we fog around which should lift as we lee the morning. tomorrow move through the morning. tomorrow dominated by this cold front moving south and east. it brings a spell of rainfora time south and east. it brings a spell of rain for a time but by the time it gets to the south it should be liked and patchy. behind that we are dragging in colderair and patchy. behind that we are dragging in colder air replacing that milder air dragging in colder air replacing that milderair in dragging in colder air replacing that milder air in the south. so turning cooler as we move through thursday and into friday as well. the weather front continues to sink south east through the day tomorrow.
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behind that some brighter conditions, some showers in the far north that could fall as snow over the hills. a bit of a contrast to the hills. a bit of a contrast to the temperatures tomorrow, behind the temperatures tomorrow, behind the front temperatures largely in single figures but in the south highs of around 14 degrees. so a bit above average for the time of year. that clears overnight tomorrow night, high pressure pushing in, some tight isobars in the north so still some strong wind but that cold start to friday, many of us could be breaking up to some frost again first thing. a bit of a shock across england and wales, cloudy and mild with some good spells of sunshine and some showers just pushing into the far north and west later in the day in northern ireland and far north of england. across—the—board temperatures back into single figures. and that takes us into the weekend, mostly dry, some cold and
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bright weather around. rain pushing in laterfrom bright weather around. rain pushing in later from the west. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. the army in zimbabwe seizes control of the country but insists it is not staging a coup. that's all from the bbc news at one — so it's goodbye from me — and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. an on way to i am here with the latest with these sports. france will host the 2023 rugby world cup after beating preffered bidders south africa and ireland. a world rugby council meeting was held earlier today and the french were chosen to host the tenth event. france has staged the competition twice before — in 1991 and 2007. south africa last hosted the world cup in 1995, ireland was one of the five hosts in 1991.
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england's women will receive a match fee for the first time during the autumn internationals after negotiations between the rugby football union and the rugby players‘ association. england who were runners—up in the world cup earlier this year, had lost their full—time contracts. the new deal means their players will not be salaried employees of the rfu, but will be paid when on england duty. england face canada in a three—test series starting on friday. the countdown is on until the first ashes test, eight days to go now, chris woakes took six wickets on the first day of england's final warm—up game. there were a couple as well for craig 0verton who's trying to get a starting place in the test team. play finished with cricket australia on 249 for nine. our sports correspondent andy swiss is in townsville. well with the start of the ashes
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barely a week away, a decent start for england's bowlers. but, no doubt that the start of the —— start of the show was chris woakes, will with no ben stokes here in australia. a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, and he seems to be relishing that responsibility. two wickets also the craig 0verton, as he continues his push for a test debut in brisbane next week. there was also a latest injury scare for england, just after lunch, johnny about a hat to leave the field for treatment after hurting a finger on the field. he was off the pitch for about 15 minutes. thankfully, it has turned out to be nothing worse than a bruised finger. during his absence, ben stokes made his debut on this tour. he took a catch. also some encouraging signs from the nets, where james anderson has been back boiler. he mist... england now
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will be keeping their fingers crossed. there are no more injury square is, they need to be keeping fit as well as staying focused with the first test starting in brisbane on november the 23rd. england's women beat a governor general‘s xi easily in their warm—up ahead of the t20 phase of their ashes series. sarah taylor scored an unbeaten 93 as england won by 90 runs in sydney. the first of three twenty20 matches takes place on friday. england need to win at least two of the three and remain undefeated to retain the ashes. the uk anti—doping agency has closed its investigation into a package delivered to sir bradley wiggins‘ team sky during the 2011 criterium du dauphine. the jiffy bag contained a legal decongestant for sir bradley according to his team management. ukad say they cannot confirm or refute the claim but that they don't intend to issue any anti—doping charges in relation to the package. but, they have said their
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investigation was hampered by poor medical record keeping at british cycling and team sky and have passed theirfindings on to the general medical council. 0nto football and austrailia have booked their place in the world cup after a 3—1win in the second leg of their play—off against honduras. the first leg finished goalless but there was a hatrick for the aston villa midfielder mile jedinak, all set pieces his first a free kick from just ooutside the box, that's and i'll have more for you in the next hour. armoured vehicles are... appearing on state television, a general dressed in red, a statement said
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that he was targeting what he called criminals associated with robert mugabe, but he insisted that there was no coup. well, a statement in the house of commons earlier, boris johnson said it was impossible to know how events play out, and that it was still unclear whether the seizure of power marked the downfall of robert mugabe. allbritton has ever wa nted of robert mugabe. allbritton has ever wanted for zimbabweans is to be able to decide their own future in free and fair elections. mugabe's ambition was always to deny them of that choice. this has all members of the brutality of his seven years in office, the elections he rigged and stole, the murder and torture of his opponents, the illegal seizure of land, leading to the worst hyperinflation in recorded history. measured in the billions of
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percentage points, and forcing the abolition of the zimbabwean dollar. all the while, his followers were looting and plundering a richly endowed country, and the zimbabweans are now poorer than they were in 1980. britain has always wanted the zimbabwean people to be masked does —— masters of their own fate. authoritarian rule, whether in zimbabwe or anywhere else, should have no place in africa. there is no only one —— there is only one rightful way, which is through free and fairer elections. these elections are due to be held in the first half of next year. we will do all that we can, with our international partners, to ensure
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that this provides a genuine opportunity for all zimbabweans to decide theirfuture. opportunity for all zimbabweans to decide their future. that is what we are out on all parties. i will speak to the deputy president of south africa, later today. every honourable member will follow the scene in harare with goodwill antipathy for zimba bwe's long—suffering people. i undertake to keep the house updated as events unfold. boris johnson there, well, before he made that statement, the husband of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, has been decided his first face—to—face meeting with the foreign secretary, boris johnson. he called it positive and constructive. he met borisjohnson foran hour constructive. he met borisjohnson for an hour this morning to discuss the plight of his wife, who is accused of spying, charges that she denies. he said that it went well. so, i wanted to stress the urgency of my wife's situation.
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it feels to me that while i said, home as soon as possible, for him to go to iran as soon as possible, for her to go home as christmas, is because of that urgency. 0bviously, that is not in his gift and highly, but he did undertake to take her case very seriously, and to leave no stone unturned. we talked about his trip to iran, as of in the meeting, he said it is not quite decided yet, when. he talked about whether i would be able to accompany him, and he said that he is keen to take me, but it is a question to be resolved with the advice of the foreign office, but also in liaison with the iranians. that is something we will keep wishing for, and keep taking forward. it is clear to everybody in this room that for me, it is very important to be going on that trip, and to be standing alongside the foreign secretary. i understand that that is a big ask. reasonably unprecedented, but i think it is important in our circumstances.
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we talked about the work he had done, trying to get her released, talked about raising the health concerns with the leader. in and, he also said that he felt that the campaign has moved the nation, and that many people cared very deeply about her. i wanted to say thank you to all of you for your part in this, and thank you for the care that we receive, and that she receives, that she is aware of. i believe in public campaigning as a way of bringing her home, so thank you for all of the attention here. richard ratcliffe is speaking a
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short time ago. the prime minister was challenged by jeremy short time ago. the prime minister was challenged byjeremy called them to increase funding for public services. she also faced questions on brexit. 0ur assistant political correspondent, norman smith joins on brexit. 0ur assistant political correspondent, norman smithjoins me now from westminster. thank you very much. it's a licorice allsorts pmqs. a whole range of different questions. no big theme stood out, but we got a smattering of brexit questions, and a nudge towards that daily telegraph front page, when 15 tory mps were named and shamed for daring to rebel over brack said. mrs may was asked about the tone of the debate, and she seemed to suggest that it debate, and she seemed to suggest thatitis debate, and she seemed to suggest that it is perfectly 0k to have a lively a listen. there are strong rules on the
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european union on different sides of this house. what we are doing is listening to those. we hope that we can all come together, and have the decision that the country took to leave the european union. mr corbyn had a smattering of questions to the prime minister, on any, and universal credit. there is a lot of stagnation in the run—up to the budget as to whether mr hammond might be up to find more cash to twea k might be up to find more cash to tweak universal credit. this is what mr corbin asked. will be crime —— and the prime minister pause universal credit, or does she think it is right to put thousands of families at christmas through the trauma of knowing that they are about to be evicted, because they are in red arrears because they are in red arrears because of universal credit. let mile overall things with our
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panel today. i am joined let mile overall things with our panel today. iam joined by let mile overall things with our panel today. i am joined by some guests. panel today. i am joined by some gu ests. let panel today. i am joined by some guests. let me start, does mr hammond have to do something about universal credit in the budget? well, universal credit is doing some very good stuff. it is really, really helping putting people back to work. i think on the pmqs side, but people on my side of the house five straight in, is that the leader of the opposition has made state m e nts of the opposition has made statements about the impact of universal credit. in previous pmqs which has been found to be not factually correct. does miss the hammond have to do something kisslj do hammond have to do something kiss” do not know if he needs to do something. i know that we need to do
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something. i know that we need to do something to rethink these issues. is it something to rethink these issues. isita something to rethink these issues. is it a question of pausing, rethinking stabbing and looking at something else altogether? there are elements of universal credit that can work. but at the moment it is not working. there are lots of example is of how it is not working. the banks use is rocketing. we need it to be addressed. we understand behind the scenes that there are some talk of potentially slowing it down. but this needs to be addressed now, as people are suffering. jeremy corbyn has called for a pause, but we know that in january, corbyn has called for a pause, but we know that injanuary, there is going to be a pause, so is its time just to cut the government some slack, it has been rolled out very slowly, and just let them try and put the reforms in place gradually? no, that's living which do. the people suffering now, have no money, and —— simply which do. the government should be announcing a
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pause later way to deal with the consent that he will have. i've got constituents who moved —— from london to liverpool, and they have not had money since july. it isjust not had money since july. it isjust not good enough. i would say that changes are being made continually, nat is why we are doing these advance payments, but we must also remember the many millions of people who were left out when labour were doing their working credits. i have a constituent in my office this week, who had suddenly been given a... and she's going to be forced back to... because of these failures to be asked for money backs from the tiny ring control. we need to get this right. are doing it slowly, and there are still changes that need to
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be made. all i want, is that people are helped. there are suffering at the moment, and not it's been —— not a lot is being done to address this quickly enough. you were on the daily telegraph front page, does it bother you? it does look like quite a bizarre front page. it describes me as a bizarre front page. it describes measa a bizarre front page. it describes me as a mutineer, and if i am a mutineer than it is boring at the these days. the brexit view is very obligated. some of us, who have got that experience have put... we are working with the government ministers to make sure that that that goes in. the government ministers confirmed that last night. so, let's not say that there is division is where there aren't. we are all working to try and make this deep partnership that the prime minister wants be delivered. let me just ask you about labour's position? is their chance —— if
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there is a chance, even two for something a bit of note confidence, terrific, it's really the details of the bill any more? we want a brexit thatis the bill any more? we want a brexit that is forjobs and economy. we get the prime minister announcing without consulting her cabinet colleagues, this arbitrary decision to put an end date into the legislation. and all that is doing, is giving gloomy to the tory brexiteers. it is not a way to run a country or deal with the most serious challenge we face in our time. there was a positive meeting between our first minister and bpm yesterday. it was a good start. 0n one hand, you have got the labour party who are not making their position clear on brexit, on the other hand you have got brexit led
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by the tories. i wondered if that has been a cabinet reshuffle when i saw that front page, maybe that is coming. thank you very much indeed. i thought the most viking thing about pmqs, was how long it was. it was 51 minutes. bats most striking thing. iam was 51 minutes. bats most striking thing. i am waiting for the speaker to put foot down. the army in zimbabwe seizes control of the country with president robert mugabe thought to be under house arrest. the supreme court gives the go—ahead for the scottish government to set a minimum price for alcohol — the first country in the world to do so . the husband of a british woman serving a jail sentence in iran says he's hopeful the foreign secretary will do everything he can to bring her home by christmas. in
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i'm vishala sri pathma — in the business news... airbus has struck its biggest single deal with an order for 430 aircraft worth more than £37 billion. the buyer is the us firm indigo partners which owns several budget airlines. wings for the airbus aircraft are made in the uk — near bristol and in north wales. the deal was struck at the dubai airshow. it comes after airbus's main rival, boeing, had already secured a large orderfrom emirates for a0 of its 787 dreamliners. hsbc has agreed to pay £266 million to french authorities to settle a long—running investigation into tax evasion by french clients. french prosecutors claims hsbc‘s swiss private banking unit helped clients evade tax. hsbc acknowledged there were control weaknesses and are taking steps to address them. 16 million people in the uk have no contents insurance and have little in savings to replace damaged or stolen household items. a group of mps,peers and charities found that 60% of those earning
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£15,000 or less a year had no contents cover.the majority are tenants. after six months of negative figures today's leap in productivity to 0.9% in the three months to september is certainly welcome news. some good news — after six months of negative figures, we've seen a leap in productivity to 0.9% in the three months to september. its actually the fastest quarter—on—quarter growth rate since 2011. but, the overall picture isn't quite so rosy. my colleague sean farrington spent the morning at the manufacturer magazine conference where he caught up with seamus smith
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from the software company sage. there are plenty right across the floor. the whole idea is to become more efficient, and try and improve living standards folks everybody. you are from stage, one of our biggest software companies. is this a step in the right direction when it comes to productivity issues? suddenly growth is good. the reasons for that sajib and biotechnology adoption, as well as the move from low skill to high skilled money patching. in the sme segment, particular, where we have the privilege of serving overi million businesses, productivity is the issue. growth is good, but productivity is the achilles' heel. just to evidence that, sme employment growing by 18%. that means productivity wise, we are going backwards. the economy hasn't been growing, but not by as much
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people want? what is wrong? growth is good. but, productivity is key, productivity drive competitiveness, without productivity, we will be less competitive as an economy, and we would realise the full benefits that you might see if we are more productive. why is being so much more productive much more helpful for the chancellor on a budget? more productive much more helpful for the chancellor on a budget7m comes back to these efficiency keys. a large numberof comes back to these efficiency keys. a large number of businesses, particularly manufacturing and exporters, even with the sme space around 20% of small and medium enterprises export their services abroad. they need to be competitive, in orderto abroad. they need to be competitive, in order to drive growth in the uk. thank you very much. lots for the chancellor to die just in that budget next wednesday. he might be a little bit happier after today, but still much for him to think about.
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and some other business stories for you today. london's new bond street has overtaken the champs elysees in paris to rank in the top three most expensive streets in the world, according to new research. a survey by commercial retail estate company cushman & wakefield found that rents at the street have increased by 37.5% in sterling this year compared with 2016. telecoms group talktalk has fallen into the red during the six months to 30 september. it reported a pre—tax loss of £75 million compared to a £30 million profit last year. revenue also fell to £856 million from £902 million in the first half of last year. however, talktalk says that it has seen double—digit growth in its retail and wholesale businesses.premier foods says premier foods says the well known dessert angel delight is partly to credit for its latest set of strong results. it reported a 30% jump in sales thanks to its new ready—to—eat pots. premier foods which also includes brands such as batchelors and ambrosia custard has reported a 1.5% rise in the six months to 30 september after a stronger performance in the second quarter.
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sales rose to more than £350 million and it trimmed pre—tax losses to £1.2 million compared to £8.7 million in the comparable period. mining and oil stocks put downward pressure on the uk's top share index, which remained stuck at its lowest level in more than a month. that was in line with a broader decline among continental european indexes. glencore, rio tinto and anglo american were all down. it comes after further falls in global oil and commodity prices. the price of a barrel of brent crude was down. that was prompted by warnings from the international energy association about slowing demand and rising stockpiles. that's all the business news. time for a look at the weather. hello there, a grace that form of
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today. as we move through the next ready for hours, this cold front will bring about a change. it will introduce some wet and windy weather for a time. we will start to see a cool weather front from the east. we will start to see the temperatures dipping. here is that weather front, just leaping into the far north—west of scotland, bringing that heavy bursts of rain. it will edge its way south and east with across scotland. some heavy bursts when there and some strong winds. we could see some guilt at times. in england and wales, a largely cloudy nights to come, with temperatures just falling away while we get the clearest guys behind that front. tomorrow morning, that france continues to edge its way south eastwards, here we are at rush hour, a cloudy start in the south. some rain and drizzle possible in the east. temperatures largely in the double figures, that
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rain man sitting across north of wales, and the wind is picking up with that as well. behind that, the clear of that weather front, brighter and if you've scattered showers with some snow over the hills. windy as well. as we move through the day, that will move its way south and east, bringing some brighter weather. again, if you showers in the north, which could fall as snow in the hills. some strong with the further north you are. we can see temperatures staying in double figures in the south in the cloud, but in the clearance behind it it will start to feel cooler. as we move through tomorrow night, that will finally sink, clearing the sad case and very tightly packed ice bars in the north. there will be a chilly start to friday. a bit of a shock to the system in the south, and for england and wales, a lots of dry and bright
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weather around. some sunnis that in the north, but we will seize on showers pushing into the north—west. temperatures a little bit cooler, but... hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm simon mccoy. today at 2: the military takes control in zimbabwe and says president robert mugabe, in power since 1980, is safe. the streets, they say, are calm. as you can see, it is clear who is calling the shots, the city is subdued and the military have said they will make arrests of people they will make arrests of people they say have destroyed the party. ten people are dead following flash floods in athens. missing in thejungle — a search is mounted for british explorer benedict allen, who disappeared during an expedition to papua new guinea. coming up on afternoon live, all the sport. a surprise host for the 2023 rugby world cup... it has been announced in the last 30
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minutes, france will host the world cup in seven years' time, beating of bids from south africa and ireland
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