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1 eveflton will team. scoring against everton will always win over the liverpool fans. one thingl always win over the liverpool fans. one thing i like as he has great height. i am very happy to be nominated for the bbc player of the year. i nominated for the bbc player of the year. lam nominated for the bbc player of the year. i am happy to nominated for the bbc player of the year. lam happy to be nominated for the bbc player of the year. i am happy to be part of them. if he left liverpool i would be gutted. i play for liverpool. mane is joined on the short list by pierre—emerick aubameyang, naby keita, victor moses and mohamed salah. you can vote for your favourite at the bbc sport website. the countdown is on until the first
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ashes test, eight days to go now, chris woakes took six wickets on the first day of england's final warm—up game. there were a couple as well for craig overton who's trying to get a starting place in the test team. play finished with cricket australia on 249 for nine. our sports correspondent andy swiss is in townsville. ben wynter‘s last match before the ashes, the last chance to convince the doubters they are ready for the challenge. —— england's last match. chris walks, who was to enjoy quite a day. within minutes he struck again. but after lunch jonny ba i rstow again. but after lunch jonny bairstow was at the centre of england's biggest injury skier, hurting the middle finger of his left hand and leading the field for nearly an hour. it turned out to be only bruised but in his absence, ben
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foakes only bruised but in his absence, ben foa kes and chris only bruised but in his absence, ben foakes and chris walks, a combination. overton finish with two wickets, chris woakes finish with six. in the absence of ben stokes he is noa six. in the absence of ben stokes he is no a key player for england. six. in the absence of ben stokes he is no a key playerfor england. —— now a key player. with them being away it means we have all got to step up. hopefully i can do that and score runs and take wickets. that is the plan. i will be trying to do that. i feel like i the plan. i will be trying to do that. ifeel like i am building well heading into that test series. good work—out for england's bowlers but after the latest injury skier england will be hoping they can stay fit as well as focused. well australia is a hotbed of sport at the moment. as well as the men's and women's ashes the men's rugby league
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world cup is well under way. the women's version will soon start alongside it. england are one of six sides competing for the trophy but, as stuart pollitt reports, the players are in a very different situation to their male counterparts. a wet and windy morning in wigan. final training session on home soil for the england women's team. this site head down and as underdogs. as everin site head down and as underdogs. as ever in this sport favourites on paper are australia and new zealand. it is easy to see we are not going there to win the world cup. i am pleased with the players. we are in the best shape. the men's and women's world cup may be played at the same time and in the same
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country that the preparation is worlds apart. players like jenny worlds apart. players likejenny have worlds apart. players like jenny have full—time jobs, they play for nothing, that rugby football league on the peace for travel and training. it is difficult. you are working and then you have to fit training around it. i have managed to save up holidays, lam using i have managed to save up holidays, i am using holidays to go out there for that amount of time. are you happy with the level of support that you get? we would always liked more. the women's game has progressed over the last few years. the first two i went on we had to fund ourselves. maybe the profile of the women's game could be more in the spotlight, showcased more. these players know
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they may not have the best resource tea m they may not have the best resource team to leave these shores but victory in australia would do plenty to raise the profile of this sport. the man who coached jadejones, has resigned as head of taekwondo. paul green guided jones to success in london 2012 and helped her retain her title in rio four years later. green, who himself competed in the 2004 athens olympics, has not worked with jones since disagreeing with her decision to take part in channel 4's ‘thejump' programme late last year. england's women will receive a match fee during the autumn internationals after negotiations between the rfu
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and the rugby players' association. the players had lost theirfull—time contracts but will be paid when on international duty. england face canada in a three—test series starting on friday. ronnie o'sullivan has had a busy day at the shanghai masters. he came through notjust one but two rounds of the tournament today. after a quick dash from coventry he dispatched of gary wilson first before disposing ofjoe perry here to progress to round three. bulgaria's grigor dimitrov did a demolitionjob on david goffan beating him in straight sets to reach the last four of the atp finals in london. dimitrov thrashed the belgian seventh seed 6—luv, 6—2. sixth seed dimitrov made it two wins out of two with the dominant performance in the pete sampras group. peru are taking on new zealand with the game goalless
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from the first leg. and these are the lengths peruvians will go to to reach their first finals since 1982. here's a group of shaman performing a ritual they hope will see their country reach the finals and at the same time curse their opponents. new zealand are trying to make the finals for a third time. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. for many of us it was a horrible day, lots of mist and drizzle. not everywhere but many of us don't have that merck, and that will continue, but there is a change on the way for tomorrow. tonight, we still have a lot of cloud, mist and hill fog as well, but this line, that is a cold front, behind it, calderand
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brighter are moving into scotland and northern ireland. later in the morning, scotland, northern ireland, northern england, it will be beautiful and sunny, in the south it might cloud over in the afternoon. temperatures a lot colder, chilly are moving in from the north. by thursday evening, we are all in that clearair thursday evening, we are all in that clear air mass which means that on friday for many of us it will be a chilly, but beautiful sunny day. you're watching beyond one hundred days. it looks like a coup, it sounds like a coup — zimbabwe's army insists it isn't. but it has seized control of the country and put president mugabe under house arrest — is this the end of his 37 year rule? the military blocks access to government buildings, while soldiers take over the national broadcaster — we've the latest from zimbabwe. as a conservative american
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politician you know you're in trouble when even fox news turns against you — so does this make judge roy moore nervous? for me, thejudge has 2a hours. you must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies that i just showed. also on the programme. are foreignjournalists agents of the state? the american and russian governments move to limit the freedom
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