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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 17, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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race to dubai. still unbeaten — roger federer fights back to win against marin cilic at the atp finals in london. and they're having a party in peru as the "los incas" make the world cup for the first time since 1982. welcome to the programme. let's start with england's justin rose who has been showing his class at the european tour's season ending tour championship. he shot a 6—under—par round of 66 in thursday's opening round — to lie one shot behind leader patrick reed. now this event is really all about the race to dubai — and the olympic champion, rose, is well—placed to overhaul tommy fleetwood in his bid to win it. our correspondent, iain carter reports. this definitely advantaged justin
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today. one shot off the lead. as it stands he would be the race to dubai winner. the highlight for him, an eagle at the 14th from a greenside bunker. as far as he was concerned, a nervous start to whizz round. , that's for patrick read. he had to claw his way back. the part was never as dependable as it has been through most of this year. as a result he carded 73. that leads him seven shots behind justin rose and eight of the lead and now in an awkward position of whether or not he feels he has to play aggressive golf to get back in there. that could bring the danger of pressing a self—destruct button. steady and from sergio. he was not terribly consistent that he has not done too much damage to himself. remember, he has to win this week to have any
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chance of winning the race to dubai. that you needed to get needed to get off toa that you needed to get needed to get off to a fast start? i was happy to be patient. i was conscious that i have one from a back or the last two times but that is not a recipe you wa nt to times but that is not a recipe you want to follow because it is hard to come back and win from those sort of margins back. i was cognisant today of getting off to a strong start. margins back. i was cognisant today of getting off to a strong startm was an up—and—down day. varies down at the start and then gradually got better. overall it is not a very good score but the course is clearly score a bull so you to move on. todayis score a bull so you to move on. today is gone. three more rounds, let's see what happens. staying with golf, there are five players in contention to end the year on top of the lpga tour — and south korea's park sung—hyun made the best start of them all at the season—ending tour championship in florida. peiyun chien of taiwan and australia's sarahjane smith are the joint—leaders on 6 under par but neither of them is in the hunt to win the "race
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to the globe" title. park claimed her first major this year by winning the us open and she is one shot off the lead, after carding a 5—under—par round of 67. she's four shots ahead of "the globe" leader lexi thompson. alongside park, in a tie for third, is the former world number one lydia ko. the new zealander, who won the race in 2014 and 2015, produced one of the shots of the day with this par—saving chip at the last, on her way to a 67. world number two roger federer has maintained his unbeaten run at the atp world tour finals in london. now he had already qualified for the semi—finals, but he beat maric cilic to make it three wins out of three in the round robin phase. he had to come from a set down however to do so. federer won the decider 6—i to finish top of that group. he'll find out on friday who he'll face in the last four. ina way
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in a way it is nice to play tennis this way where you can maybe play a little more freely and i think i could do that midway through the second set and remind myself that i am through regardless. of course i wa nt to am through regardless. of course i want to do well and keep the momentum going and play the right way and for that a win is helpful. and jack sock is also through to the semi—finals as the runner—up in that group. he was up against germany's alexander zverev in a "winner takes all" clash — and the number eight seed from the united states came through in three sets to seal his place in the last four. that was a rollercoaster match,
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falls short. i was down some breakpoints early, ice for the mob. he played well in the second and served well and saved a lot of points. not the hottest start in the third set but my theme has been to hang in there and keep fighting and anything can happen. thank you all. peru have been celebrating their qualification for next year's world cup finals. they beat new zealand in lima on wednesday to claim the final place in russia — and they're through to the world cup for the first time since 1982. peruvian midfielder christian cueva said "it's a child's dream". austin halewood reports. joyous scenes on the streets of lima. peru have made it to the world cup for the first time since 1982 the south american nation have qualified for the tournament. the party went long into the night. translation:
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for the tournament. the party went long into the night. translatiosz is one of the strongest emotions that i have had in my life. everytime you win something or get something there are always very strong emotions but this is an entire country. it is something different. it unites everyone. after a goalless first leg, the national stadium was overcome with tension. 30 minutes n, the nerves were carved with an opening goal. into the second half their spot to russia was sealed with a second goal which put celebrations. cued celebrations. fireworks were set off outside the new zealand team's hotel and even military jets flew overhead to try and disturb their sleep. the better tea m and disturb their sleep. the better team won tonight. we know that. ca rew team won tonight. we know that. carew is a good team and i wish them the best with the world cup. i think
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it is amazing for the country and the people have been fantastic. be better tea m the people have been fantastic. be better team won bart, bottom—line, i am proud of my players the parisien president said that they have waited more than 35 years to be on a —— in a world cup again. thank you for giving thisjoint. a world cup again. thank you for giving this joint. tickets to the game was selling for as much as $800, roughly the average monthly wage. and now, it is time to start saving for the world cup. the world cup finals draw is on friday, first of december at the state kremlin palace in moscow. for a breakdown of which teams have qualified and how the draw works just go to our website — that's in europe, the last of the quarter—final places in the women's champions league have been decided. manchester city beat lillestrom 2—1 — to complete a 7—1 aggregate victory over the norwegian side, and slavia prague are through after a goalless d raw against stjarnan of iceland.
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the czechs won 2—1 on aggregate. that is the confirmation thereof those results. these are the eight teams left, with two from england, and two from france — including the holders lyon. and one each from spain, sweden, the czech republic and germany. the draw for the quarter—finals takes place next friday. sri lanka's cricketers have made a strong start to the first test against india in kolkata, with suranga lakmal taking three wickets for no runs. after a long rain delay the indian openers went cheaply. rahul gone for a duck and darwin just eight. fewer than 12 overs were bowled — and india will resume in a few hours from now on 17 for three... the conditions were brilliant for batting and we did not get an extreme passage of play. you have 15
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01’ extreme passage of play. you have 15 or 20 overs bowled in a particular fashion and our batsmen could not get into a river. it was similar to a day night test. it seemed like that. at times when you play in such circumstances, playing with a red ball, it becomes difficult because it is more difficult to pick the red ball. i think the wicket was receptive and it was very helpful and it will be a big challenge and we were expecting that, we knew it would happen. by saying that, the job is not finished and it has only started. itjust started. is a fast bowler, as fast bowling coach, i would love to be on wicket like this. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. a cold night out there
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and frost on the way. first thing on friday morning you might even have to scrape your car windows. the good news is that the weather is looking good. lots of sunshine around. lots of clear, crisp autumn weather on the way. on thursday we saw a cold front moving across the uk and behind the cold front we have colder air and that cold air is in place right across the country right now. through the course of the night these have cleared the cold front out on the continent there. temperatures in towns and cities around 2—3 degrees. in rural spots it could be as low as minus four celsius just before sunrise. really chilly nights out there. the cold nights won't last for very long. we have some slightly
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milder weather on the way. more on that in just a second. this is what it looks like around eight o'clock in the morning on friday. a slightly different story in scotland. not quite the sunny skies. plenty of showers around in the western isles and the north of scotland. quite strong winds. across northern ireland, wales, and much of england it is a crisp start to the day. you can see the city centre temperatures around 2—3 degrees. even three degrees in the centre of london, which is pretty nippy and for exeter at eight o'clock in the morning. beautiful morning on the way right across the uk. quite a wind blowing across scotland and particularly the far north, even touching gale force at times. showers moving in. some of the showers will be wintry, particularly across the hills. a polar air mass from the northern climes. temperatures will get up to only about eight degrees for most of us. that is briefly. earlier in the day it will be lower than that. it looks like we are in for another clear and cold friday night. that will not last for very long. there is some cloud and light rain heading our way. saturday morning looks like it will be cloudy across many parts
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of england and wales, particularly in the south. by the time we get to about lunchtime those clouds will start to break up and there will be some sunshine on the way. saturday, admittedly, is looking a little bit mixed. sunday we are between weather systems. one weather system in the baltic and one in the atlantic. we are in a weak area of high pressure. there will be some sunshine around, particularly in eastern areas. there is a low in the atlantic heading our way and the anticipation is that there will be cloud and rain spinning into some western and south—western areas a little bit later on on sunday. as i said, the cold air will not last for very long, by the time we get to sunday night and into monday the colder air is swept away and the milder atlantic air returns. goodbye. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is gavin grey. our top stories:
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after talks with zimbabwe's military chiefs, president mugabe remains under house arrest, with more pressure for him to step down. in the interest of the people of zimbabwe, mr robert mugabe must resign, step down immediately, in line with the national sentiment and expectation. desperation for millions in yemen living under blockade and on the brink of famine. saudi arabia's foreign minister says his country is not to blame. twenty people allege the actor kevin spacey, behaved inappropriately towards them when he was artistic director of london's old vic theatre. and we have a glimpse of the biggest archaeological museum in the world,
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