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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 17, 2017 9:00pm-9:06pm GMT

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this is bbc news. robert mugabe, the robert howley first time since the military takeover. a rally in support of the military‘s action has been called for saturday. that has been recalled from zanu—pf from being a leader of the country. we will be bringing you the country. we will be bringing you the latest from our correspondent. also coming up: the president of the reviewing counsel to the uk to speed up with the brexit talks. while good progress on citizens rights is being made, we need to see much more progress on ireland and on the financial settlement. president trump tweets about the sexual abuse allegations surrounding democratic senator al franken but stays silent on republican senate
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candidate roy moore. and as robots become increasingly sophisticated, we will look at why the un wants to put limits on what mechanical humans can do. hello, and welcome. state television in zimbabwe has confirmed that eight out of ten regional branches of the governing zanu—pf party have passed a vote of in president mugabe. it follows a military takeover on wednesday, which left the 93—year—old leader under house arrest. nick, the uk representative of mr mugabe's zanu—pf party, explained to us just what happened. president mugabe has been recalled by zanu—pf from ian leader of the party and country. so, what started
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today, he is continuing hisjob because he is still the president but the process that started within the party is to effectively recall them. all ten provinces have voted to say ok, we think the president should take a rest. they have directed the central committee, which is our highest policy—making body outside congress, to recall the president. that was zanu—pf‘s representative in the uk. while mr mugabe made his first public appearance in freddie, despite being placed under house arrest by the zimbabwe military, at arrest by the zimbabwe military, at a university graduation ceremony in the capital. president mugabe shuffled down the red carpet towards his first public engagement in over a week. the 93—year—old leader remains defiant, despite facing the biggest challenge to his decade—long rule. many had
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not expected him to show up to a relatively insignificant engagement. by relatively insignificant engagement. by the authority vested in me, i declare this congregation of the zimbabwe university duly constituted asa zimbabwe university duly constituted as a graduation ceremony. nothing on this server suggests that this is a crisis, and there is no heightened military presence here. president mugabe in his first public appearance is looking relaxed. but, then again, this is no ordinary takeover. following guns and explosions on tuesday night, many thought it was the end for the long—time leader, but the violence has been replaced by an almost surreal normal. zimbabweans are new to this and do not know how to react. the negotiations over whether he should step down, president mugabe does not seem to be losing any sleep. there
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is no deal yet, no exit package that president mugabe and the military could agree on. sources suggest that he wants to continue as a figurehead and the pa rty‘s he wants to continue as a figurehead and the party's congress in december. the catalyst of this crisis, agrees mugabe, has not been seen for days. many suggest that she is confined to their private residence in the capital. —— grace mugabe. it is her ambitions to take over as vice president that led to his events and alleged to sacking of the vice. the army is there to predicted the constitution, republic and everything to stop we, the war veterans, idea to change things. the veterans of the liberation war say a mass rally will be held on saturday to pressure the leader to go. the table that mugabe turned on so many of his wartime comrades are now being turned against him. the party have already put in motion a series of meetings to consider his
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expulsion. it has been suggested that the military offered to sweeten the deal, leave now and face no retribution. it is not clear how long he will hold out before the curtain closes on his career. our correspondent is in demba ba we and is in zimbabwe and i put it to him that we are nearly at the end of mugabe's role. yes, you get the sense that power is draining away from robert mugabe almost as we speak. he just does not have any friends, any allies hardly, left. you have listed them there. the war veterans, the people he thought that war of independence with, they have called for a huge rally on saturday in harare.


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