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this is bbc world news. i'm alpa patel. our top stories: how much longer can robert mugabe hang on — as his own party calls for him to go. president mugabe has been recalled by zanu pf as being a leader of the party and the country. president trump tweets about the sexual abuse allegations surrounding democratic senator al franken — but stays silent on republican senate candidate roy moore. donald tusk gets tough — the president of the european council tells the uk to speed up with the brexit talks. while good progress is and citizens rights has been made, we need to see much more progress on ireland and on a financial settlement. and the road ahead for tesla — the electric car maker unveils the prototype of its new truck. hello and welcome to bbc world news.
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pressure is growing on president robert mugabe with his own party zanu pf calling on him to go. that's been echoed by the veterans of the war against white rule in zimbabwe, who until now have long been the president's most ardent supporters. their leaders have called for a mass demonstration in the capital harare on saturday. here's how zanu pf‘s uk representative, nick mangwa na, explained what was happening to his party's long—time leader. president mugabe has been recalled by zanu pf from being leader of the
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party and country. what has started today, he still the president, but what has started within the party is to effect that recall. so all ten provinces have voted to say ok, we think the president should take a rest, and they have directed the central committee, which is the highest policy—making body outside congress, to recall the president. zanu pf‘s nick mangwana. well, mr mugabe made his first appearance in public on friday, despite being placed under house arrest by the zimbabwean military, at a university graduation ceremony in harare. our africa editor, fergal keane reports from zimbabwe. here in harare, the sense of crisis is swelling. after a day of the surprising and a surreal. it began with an appearance nobody expected. the aura is gone. robert mugabe is a man reduced
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in stature and in options. in this coup, unlike any other coup, he emerged today to open a graduation ceremony. the voice that once preached revolution now reciting the mundane requirements of the moment. applause. in the passing of any era, there are emblematic moments. caught napping — it has happened a lot to him these days. that appearance illustrates just how much robert mugabe's world has
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shrunk. he was let out on licence today by the army — briefly shown to the world and then taken away again. the fear with which he ruled his people, the patronage with which he invoked loyalty has gone. but there is a growing disquiet at the fact that he remains president. by lunchtime the pressure was intensifying. these are veterans, old allies now publicly calling on mr mugabe to go. between now and tomorrow, we are sending a warning to mugabe, to his wife, and to anybody who still wants to be associated with him. the game is up, finished, done. the workaday normality of the street is only on the surface, and expectations of real change are going. there is long overdue, we expect things to change economically, socially and politically, and people should be free to choose who their next leader should be. we just want to be at peace, we don't want war,
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we don't want civil war, we don't want anything that is to do with us not having pace. with us not having peace. but the military has a dilemma. hence these photographs, smiles and handshakes. under pressure from regional powers and the international community, they need a transition with a veneer of legality, ideally with president mugabe agreeing to resign. so far he will not. that ambivalence has become a problem, for the military, having to play the legal constitution on one end, but at the same time they want him out. but by early evening it was apparent most of his own party want him gone, a majority of provincial branches called on him to resign and there is talk of impeachment. these moves could be decisive. if you want to keep up to date with this story go to the bbc website. there you'll find all the latest updates on zimbabwe. that's
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the prime minister of lebanon, saad al—hariri, has left saudi arabia, where he was been staying for the last fortnight. he had announced his resignation on the fourth of november during a visit to the kingdom, saying he did not feel safe in lebanon. that had led to claims he was being held against his will. but he has denied that, and just two hours ago, he tweeted: a tv station with links to his family has announced that he is now flying to france. let's go to the united states — where after days of relative silence about a series of sexual misconduct scandals, donald trump has now spoken out. but while he could have offered his thoughts on several individuals, he chose to target a senator from the opposition democratic party — al franken.
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it comes after a journalist, lee—ann tweeden, put this photo onto social media, dating from 2006, which appears to show mr franken groping her while she was asleep. he has issued a statement apologising for his actions. cue mr trump on twitter: and he then added thatjust last week, mr franken was lecturing people about sexual harrassment and respect for women. now, it's worth pointing out that al franken is not the only politician whose actions are being scrutinised, but he is the only one mr trump is tweeting about. the president did not, for example, comment on republican roy moore, who's hoping to win a senate seat in alabama next month, and has been accused of making sexual advances towards several teenagers. mr moore denies those claims, which he says
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are politically motivated. mr moore's wife has been speaking out in his defence. he is a loving father and a grandfather and most important he is a christian. so let me set the record straight. even after all the attacks against me and my family, and against the foundation, and my husband, he will not step down. (applause.) laura bicker in washington updated us on sexual allegations against roy moore. two more women came forward to days ago, and today you heard from his wife that he denies all of the accusations against him. he is accused of preying on teenage girls, one of the women who has come
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forward said that he abused her when she was just 14. so they have been a number of accusers come forward, roy moore says that all of the stories have been fabricated, he says that this is a democratic conspiracy to try and force him off course and his campaign of course. what it has done is before all these accusations came forward by the washington post, he was well in the lead, now it appears that his rival doug jones is taking the lead in the polls. why is this so important? not only does it feed into a so important? not only does it feed intoa number of so important? not only does it feed into a number of accusations against politicians right across the united states, this is an incredibly important senate seat, the senate hangs in the balance republicans hold it by just hangs in the balance republicans hold it byjust two votes. so when it comes to this seat, all eyes are on it because it could swing the balance to either the republicans or democrats. also president trump has
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come under increasing pressure to comment on whether or not occur one should stay in the race. the senate leader mitch mcconnell has already said that his fellow republican roy moore should step down, he was already a controversial candidate and now establishment republicans think be distancing themselves from him. president trump has not, but his daughter issued this statement, saying "there is a special place in hell for people who play on —— prey on children. i have yet to see a valid explanation and i have no reason to doubt the victims." if we can turn to george bush senior, because there are more allegations against him? a number of women have come forward to say that they were touched inappropriately by george hw bush. and when it comes to his defence, a spokesman says that back when the allegations first came out that it was because he was a wheelchair at the time, and he says
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on occasion he had patted women's rear ends in what he intended to be a good—natu red manner. rear ends in what he intended to be a good—natured manner. mr bush has yet to come forward since the latest allegations have come out. the former opposition mayor of caracas has led house arrest and left venezuela. he says he is planning to travel the world and speak out against human rights abuses in the country. he was detained in 2015 and accused of plotting a coup against the president. speaking in colombia earlier, he says he would continue his opposition to nicolas maduro's government. i will do nothing but fight, fight for britain than as well, democracy in venezuela. —— fight forfreedom well, democracy in venezuela. —— fight for freedom in venezuela. this
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government has defrauded thousands of venezuelans. let's get the latest from our colombia correspondent who is in bogota. tell us more about this man, he was in house arrest, how did he managed to escape? this man, he was in house arrest, how did he managed to escape7m this man, he was in house arrest, how did he managed to escape? it is quite unclear, what he said was that his trip from caracas into colombia was a movie like experience, where he had to cross 29 checkpoints, we have not clear picture of how he entered eastern colombia where he entered, the colombian government said asa entered, the colombian government said as a tourist, he did not do the redigolo paperwork —— he did the regular paperwork for a tourist, and from there he complained to bogota, where he boarded another plane which
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is currently taking him to madrid in spain where he is going to be reunited with his wife and his daughter ‘s who are expect thing in there. —— expecting him there. daughter ‘s who are expect thing in there. -- expecting him there. tell us there. -- expecting him there. tell us why he was under house arrest in the first place? he was the mayor of caracas, during the 2014 demonstrations against the government, and he is accused by the government, and he is accused by the government of trying to plot a coup against nicolas maduro, and he was expect did and waiting to be tried by venezuelan justice and he said he was tipped off that something might happen, that something was going to happen, that something was going to happen and he was having to leave, he said he did not even speak with his wife and daughters, and he took the decision by himself to leave the country and join other members of the opposition who are currently away from venezuela. and has there been any reaction from nicolas
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maduro's government? nicolas maduro himself said very, if you will, playfully, that he is going to have a wine in madrid, and dismissed him, and said that "we expect spain will return him." very critical of his decision to leave the country. tank you very much, speaking to us from boca ta. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: a north korean soldier who defected to the south is found to be riddled with parasites. benazir bhutto has claimed victory in pakistan's general election. she has asked pakistan's president to name her as prime minister. jackson has been released on bail of $3 million after turning himself in to police in santa barbara.
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it was the biggest demonstration so far of the fast—growing european anti—nuclear movement. the south african government has announced that it's opening the country's remaining whites—only beaches to people of all races. this will lead to a black—majority government in this country and the destruction of the white civilisation. part of the centuries—old windsor castle, one of the queen's residences, has been consumed by fire for much of the day. 150 firemen have been battling the blaze, which has caused millions of pounds' worth of damage. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: regional branches of robert mugabe's zanu—pf party have called on him to quit the presidency as opposition to the long—term leader continues to grow.
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the prime minister of lebanon, saad hariri, says he is leaving saudi arabia after denying claims he was being kept there against his will. it is possible that teresa wei went toa mini it is possible that teresa wei went to a mini eu meeting on sunday, hoping to come back with positive news on the brexit negotiations —— theresa may. if that was the case she didn't hear what she was hoping for. you will remember how the uk wa nts to for. you will remember how the uk wants to start talking about future trade relations, but the eu has refused to do that until other financial issues are settled. the earliest time trade talks can begin its december, but the president of europe in council donald tusk said that won't happen until much more progress is made. while good progress on citizens‘
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writes is being made, we need to see much more process on ireland and on financial settlements in order to avoid any ambiguities about our calendar. i made it very clear to prime minister may that this needs to happen at the beginning of december at the latest. if there is no sufficient progress by then, i will be not being in a position to propose new guidelines on transition and the future relationship at the december european council. pretty tough talking dead, but mrs may limited her comments to a brief statement on her way out of the gathering. we are agreed that good progress has been made, but we should move forward together to move towards that point where sufficient process ca n towards that point where sufficient process can be —— progress can be declared and we can look ahead to
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what i‘ve already said i want to see isa what i‘ve already said i want to see is a deep and special partnership between the uk and the remaining 27 members of the european union. thank you. to, the uk wants trade talks to start. this is the amount of money the uk will pay to meet its liabilities to the eu. the divorce bill, so to speak. the status of european union nationals in the uk once brexit removes their existing rights. and what will happen to the only land border between the uk and the eu — the frontier between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. 0ur europe correspondent adam fleming has been watching developments from brussels, and he sent this update. just listen to donald tusk, the president of the p in council, the man who will be chairing the crucial summit of eu leaders in mid—december web they will decide if the brexit process ca n web they will decide if the brexit process can move onto phase two,
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about trade, the future relationship and any transition deal, the stuff the british government really wants to get its teeth into. he is prepared to do that. in fact there are teams of people quietly getting ready for that to happen in brussels. but, and this is a big but, donald tusk says that can only happen if the uk gives more quality on big issues —— quality on big issues, namely how much money does the uk are once it leaves the eu? hadi workout physical infrastructure between northern ireland and the republic of ireland ? between northern ireland and the republic of ireland? the eu wants details from the uk are not written down. and donald tusk says all of that has to happen by the first week of december if there is to be enough time for them to prepare for the summit to get onto the second phase when it actually happens. it sounds like quite a tough deadline. the doctors who‘ve been treating the north korean soldier who fled across the demilitarized
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zone with south korea say their efforts are being hampered by an extremely high level of parasites in his intestines. the discovery is being put down to the way north korea produces its food. philippa thomas reports. that soldiers in north korea have a pretty grim life has long been obvious. tough military duties on a diet that doesn‘t provide enough nutrition. now the case of a defecting soldier, shot by his own side while escaping, has given a remarkable insight into just how bad conditions are in the north. the doctors in south korea have displayed photos showing dozens of flesh coloured parasites on 127 centimetres long, removed during a series of operations to save his life. translation: in may over 20 year career as a surgeon at only
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seen something like this in a textbook. so how could the parasites have taken textbook. so how could the parasites have ta ken hold ? textbook. so how could the parasites have taken hold? experts believe diminishing supplies of chemical fertiliser have alleged north korean farmers to find a solution a little closer to home. translation: they need fertiliser to continue farming. however, due to the lack of fertiliser, north korean fertilise their fields with human excrement and this becomes an immediate cause of the parasitic infection. the world food programme says a quarter of north korean young children who receive its help suffer from of north korean young children who receive its help sufferfrom chronic malnutrition. the factor carefully vetted or the guard is in such a condition shows the sheer scale of deprivation the country is now facing. i want to take you to some breaking news. the story we were hearing about the french president, who has
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invited mr hariri with his family to paris for a few days. we are hearing that mr hariri, who has been in saudi arabia, has left saudi arabia, where he has been for the past fortnight. it appears he will be meeting with the french president, president macron, in the next few days. we will bring you more on that when we have it. tesla has unveiled its first electric truck. its chief executive elon musk boasting it will "blow your mind clear out of your skull". the tesla semi is claimed to travel 400 miles, afterjust half an hour‘s charging. but with the firm already struggling to meet demand for existing models, some analysts are asking whether tesla is promising more than it can deliver. from the launch in los angeles, dave lee reports. by by bringing some of its trademark
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speed and style to trucking, kessler thinks it can unseat diesel as king of the road. —— tesla. thinks it can unseat diesel as king of the road. -- tesla. it looks like it‘s not moving. of the road. -- tesla. it looks like it's not moving. elon musk has promised it will be able to travel up promised it will be able to travel up to 500 miles on a single charge and when dragging the heaviest trailer allowed on american roads it will still accelerate to 60 mph in just 20 seconds. he wouldn‘t say how much the vehicle will cost, but argued that when fuel and maintenance are factored in it will be cheaper and more efficient than diesel. claims that were met with considerable scepticism by some. it's considerable scepticism by some. it‘s really a very much economics driven type of industry and diesel has proven to be a matched in that combination of features, of being very fuel—efficient, very reliable and durable. tesla is in the first to unveil such a lorry. here is an effort from the us truck builder, although its range is over —— only
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100 miles. elon musk also had a secret in the back of the trailer, a surprise new roadster capable of doing 0— 60 in less than two seconds. what was your first impression? no way. just nuts. it's a stupid cool. stupid awesome. but there is a cloud hanging over kessler that has investors worried. right now it is unable to build cars quickly enough to meet pre— orders of its more affordable model three, a car unveiled in 2016. elon musk said he was going through production hell it was even camping on the roof of his battery factory in order to save time getting there each day. the astronomical value of tesla relies very much on this cult of elon musk, a strong belief that he is on course to change the world. what he is running out of time to start producing results. staying on a technology theme.
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scientists and engineers have been working on the development of humanlike robots for years, but the machines have always had a rather embarrassing problem, they fall over a lot. that is until now. this is one of the latest creations of american engineering firm boston dynamics. they hope it will eventually be agile enough to carry out search and rescue missions. as you can see, it is already capable of pulling off stump that many human genus would be proud of —— gymnasts. it is quite impressive! don‘t forget you can always get in touch with me on twitter. goodbye for now. cold air is in and disdain for the weekend before mild air makes a fight back next week. friday had sunshine and showers and cold air in scotla nd sunshine and showers and cold air in scotland across southern and eastern
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parts of england. hardly a cloud in the sky. there is a view from the isle of wight. scotland will have the best of the sunshine. there will bea the best of the sunshine. there will be a brisk wind, with isobars close together. cloud and patchy rain extending across wales and south—west england and other parts of england and wales through the day. patchy frost to stop the morning. the day. not as widespread as friday. sunshine becomes more limited for many of us through the day. not the case in scotland. blustery showers in the north, the northern isles, wintry through lower levels. plenty of sunshine in scotland. mainly dry in northern ireland, but a fair amount of cloud around. showers working south in northern england early in the day, but then the sun comes out for the afternoon. the south—east of england with a touch of frost, not lasting long. cloud across wales and into south—west england and that‘s going to extend eastwards through the day, taking some occasional outbreaks of
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rain. never amounting to much. you can see the sunshine is in northern england, and especially into scotland, with a brisk wind in the far north and blustery showers. technically milderfor far north and blustery showers. technically milder for some in wales and south—west england. not feeling that way with a cloud and rain. most have single figure temperatures again. expecting some rain in cardiff for the rugby. maybe patchy rain in twickenham. cold for murrayfield. looking at things through saturday evening and saturday night. wet weather affecting wales and southern england overnight and becoming confined to the far south—west of england, elsewhere, clearing skies. frost will be more widespread in the sunday morning. temperatures lower than this away from towns and city centres. but with sunshine to follow on sunday a cross scotland, northern england and the east of england, clouding over in the midlands,
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south—west england, wales, northern ireland, not as chilly. but we have cloud and some outbreaks of rain. most of us in single figures. another cold day. this is bbc news, the headlines. state television in zimbabwe has state television in zimbabwe has confirmed that eight out of ten regional branches of the governing party have passed a vote of no—confidence in robert mugabe. the prime minister of lebanon has left saudi arabia on a plane for france. he had announced his resignation during a visit to riyadh earlier this month — but tweeted that it was a lie to suggest he had been held there against his will. the president of the european council, donald tusk, has warned theresa may
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that there will need to be "much more progress" on brexit talks, before discussions can begin on a future trade deal. the opposition mayor of the venezuelan capital caracas has fled house arrest and crossed the border into colombia. antonio ledezma said he planned to speak out against human rights
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