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this is bbc news. i'm nicholas owen. the headlines at 8... police looking for giaia pope said they have discovered a body and say they have discovered a body and say they are confident it is her. in zimbabwe, state television reports that president mugabe will meet army commanders tomorrow — as thousands of people take to the streets to call for him to stand down. i have walked here for the freedom of my children. today is the dawn of a new era. and i'm ben brown in harare where demonstrators are calling for a change of leadership. many march into the street and demanding that robert mugabe stands down immediately. the former trade union organiser richard leonard is elected leader of scottish labour — replacing kezia dugdale. tributes have been paid
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to captain mike green, a helicopter instructor who died when the helicopter he was in collided with a light aircraft on friday in buckinghamshire. three other men were killed in the crash. also in the next hour... memories of malcolm young, the co—founder of ac/dc, who has died aged sixty four. young played guitar , good evening and welcome to bbc news. some developments in the last few minutes. dorset police said that a body has been found on land near
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swanage in the hunt for missing teenager giaia pope. they also say they are confident it is the teenager. giaia pope disappeared in 11 days ago. earlier this week an item of clothing was found which match what she was believed to have been wearing on the day she went missing. that speaks now to our correspondent whojoins me in missing. that speaks now to our correspondent who joins me in the studio. bring this up to date with what we know so far. in the last few minutes we now know that a body has been discovered in swanage in dorset. police say they are confident that it is the missing teenager, temp macro pope. all day confident that it is the missing teené have emp macro pope. all day confident that it is the missing teené have been 'nacro pope. all day confident that it is the missing teené have been mass pope. all day confident that it is the missing teens have been mass figesezxtday- confident that it is the missing teené have been mass figemfi in ay- there have been mass searches in the area for the ‘11
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155 zf——1—:$hel on,..,, v' " 7 ' ' near ifififizzsfiel off” " ’ ' " near 7155 zrfifzi have fifi—f——7 ' " ' ' " arrested [magi in sense. 2 52.5595 ' 7 has % found l swanage and é believed 5, found l swanage and é believed 31 be |d l swanage and hammett” 77 they 7—7 r—f—f— , a statement saying they found the
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mg at around 3pm today. specialist body at around 3pm today. specialist search teams near the coastal path and field near where the items of clothing were located. they did find a body. the detective superintendent in charge said although the body has yet to be formally identified we are confident we have found giaia. thoughts remain with all her family and friends at this very traumatic time. they have requested princely and will make no further media releases at the moment. thanks to the local community who were very much involved in the search for the teenager. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe will meet military commanders for talks on sunday according to the state broadcaster. it follows a tumultous day with tens of thousands of people marching in the zimbabwean capital, harare, and in the second city, bulawayo, calling on president mugabe to step down. crowds have been singing at the gates of the president's official residence, urging him to go. mr mugabe has been under virtual house arrest since the army took control of the country
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four days ago. ben brown is in zimbabwe. yes, nick, there is a real party atmosphere in harare tonight. people are singing in the streets, tooting their car horns. they are really cheering after what has been, they believe, enters day for this city and for this country. tens of thousands of zimbabweans taking to the street behind me in harare. in yea rs the street behind me in harare. in years gone by it would have been unthinkable for them to not only criticise their president that go out onto the streets and demand that he resigned as that would have been unthinkable. today they abandoned their fear, lost the fear, went out and demanded he stepped down right away from that they have been emboldened and empowered by the military takeover on wednesday by the fact that not only the military
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but his own party say they do not wa nt but his own party say they do not want him as leader anymore. the people have shown that they want him to step down as soon as the. whether that will happen we will have to wait and see. our africa editor, fergal keane, reports from zimbabwe. something happened inside the people today. a shared energy that helped them into the streets. a common purpose in a place so long divided. voices that wouldn't have dared speak of robert mugabe a few days ago now sound his political requiem. this is a historic moment. it is so special. we have waited for this for 37 years! you have come back from england,
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you are happy to see this, i'm sure. indeed, i am very happy. this is a new beginning for the people of zimbabwe. what i am seeing here is the death of a dictator. —— a dynasty. all of the faces of the nation came into harare. joy was unrestrained. and exubera ntly expressed. who knows what freedom the military coup will deliver? but an army that was once an instrument of oppression is now celebrated. this tells you everything, this is what the people are thinking in harare. —— this is what the people feel about the army. fear has been cast off and expectations awakened. watching the march i met this man, a paramedic with a young family. do you believe the army will allow you to be free? yes. if they don't? well, it is difficult for them not
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to allow us to be free, because we have been free, we just never exercise our freedom. viva the people of zimbabwe. viva. those who forced this moment include many who were ardent supporters of robert mugabe. now they call for the departure of the president and his wife. the people of zimbabwe have spoken, and the people of zimbabwe have said you and your husband should go today and not tomorrow. robert mugabe is under intense pressure, yet this afternoon was refusing to stand down. at one of his official residences, the army was pushing back sees gases, %.% ease; —r—r — 7—7 . — — to this official residence, one of the president's official residences. a man told me we want to get
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in and tell these people what we think of them. everybody here is now certain that the moment of robert mugabe's departure is drawing near. we are hearing tonight that robert mugabe will again talk to army commanders here again tomorrow about whether he might or may not resign. we are not clear yet. indications are that he is still clinging on. according to his nephew, who was quoted today saying that he has no intention of stepping down. despite all the pressure from the army, his party and the people today, his nephew is saying that robert bekaa be ready to die for what is correct and he does not believe it would be correct for him to stand down after
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what he believes to be a military coup. if he does not step down, the central committee of zanu—pf is expected to meet tomorrow and will depose him as party leader. after that, it may be on tuesday that parliament will begin proceedings to impeach robert mugabe as president, so impeach robert mugabe as president, so he would no longer be leader of this country whether he likes it or not. back to you. thank you very much indeed. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in sunday mornings front pages. at 10:30pm and 11:30pm this evening in the papers — our guests joining me tonight are the broadcaster and former fleet street editor, eve pollard and the journalist, yasmin alibhai brown. the new leader of scottish labour has promised to offer voters what he called "a message of real hope". richard leonard, a jeremy corbyn supporter who was elected to holyrood 18 months ago, replaces kezia dugdale. she's to take part in the reality tv show, "i'm a celebrity, get me out of here." here's our scotland editor, sarah smith. applause
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electing richard leonard as their leader marks a left turn for the scottish labour party, as he becomes their fourth leader injust three years. there is now a settled consensus, established around a radical policy agenda, for the scottish labour party. richard leonard was only elected to the scottish parliament last year. he is a yorkshireman, a former trade union organiser and a committed corbyn loyalist. there are times in the past where it has appeared that the scottish labour party has looked to pick fights with jeremy corbyn. i won't be doing that. we can't afford the luxury of splits and divisions, we need to work together, and i am determined that the scottish labour party, from whom today i have received a mandate, will be working closely and in step withjeremy corbyn and the entire labour party. anas sarwar was the more moderate candidate in what was a fractious race. i think it is obvious to see at times this campaign has been conducted in the most comradely way.
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i would hope we can come together as a labour party now and focus on the real opponents — that is the snp and the tories. the labour party are facing a substantial challenge in scotland. they are in third place behind the snp and the tories. they are going to have to fight hard to even regain their place as the official opposition in the scottish parliament. and they are going to have to win a lot more scottish seats ifjeremy corbyn is ever going to form a government in westminster. on our way out, the departing leader kezia dugdale has sprung a surprise. she is to appear on i'm a celebrity, get me out of here, a decision that has been sharply criticised of members of her own party. sarah smith, bbc news. tributes have been paid to a helicopter pilot who has been confirmed as one of the four men killed when a light aircraft and helicopter collided near the village of waddesdon in buckinghamshire yesterday. captain mike green was conducting a flight instructor course with a student at the time of the crash. his company said it was an honour to work with mr green
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and he would be greatly missed. air accident investigators are trying to establish the cause of the collision. our correspondent dan johnson is at wycombe air park in buckinghamshire. he sent this update. this is the airfield on the edge of wycombe that the two aircraft took off from yesterday for that we don't know what time they left it or where they were heading and why they both came together over that patch of woodland, which is about 20 miles from here at midday yesterday. that is when eyewitnesses said they had heard a bang in the sky for that they've looked up and saw pieces of debris spiralling down to the ground. that is where the crash happened, on the edge of a country estate. crash investigators have
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been going through the patch of woodland trying to find all the bits of wreckage and work out what caused this crash. we saw them sifting through the remains of the aircraft, a light aircraft and a helicopter as well for that they have taken some pieces away for further examination. this difficult and delicate work at the best of times and today conditions are especially bad. we gotan conditions are especially bad. we got an update from thames valley police. as you know, yesterday, there was an air accident at the waddesdon estate for the eye can confirm the four people were in each of the aircraft involved. all the families have been informed and are being supported by specialist officers in the family liaison arena. three of the families have visited the site today, with our support, so they can understand a bit more about what has happened to their loved ones. we remain on site to work with the
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air accident on branch. we want to use their expert services to discovered the body is hopefully before the end of today. our inquiries will continue for the rest of the weekend and 90s about we will remain on site at least until tomorrow evening. confirmation that four men died in this accident, two on each of the aircraft, a pilot and passenger in the light aircraft and in the helicopter as well. the officer stated the investigation has much further to run. they expect to be on—site at least through tomorrow and into monday piecing together the evidence that will lead to them getting a full indication of exactly what went wrong in this crash. a difficult time for the families of those who died and those who knew them as well. never did the airfield was willing to talk about the men who died. they know the people who have lost their lives and it has
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deeply affected people. they were telling me instructors came here to be together and share each other‘s and it difficult time. the investigation work still has quite a long way to run yet. the headlines on bbc news: police looking for 19—year—old gaia pope say a body has been found on land near swanage. dorset police say they are "confident" it is the missing teenager. in zimbabwe, president mugabe will meet army commanders tomorrow, according to state television — as thousands of people take to the streets to call for him to stand down. the former trade union organiser richard leonard is elected leader of scottish labour — replacing kezia dugdale. loads of sport around today. let's get the latest from the bbc sport centre. we start with rugby union's autumn internationals and an impressive win for eddie jones'
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england at twickenham. they scored four tries as they ran out 30 points to 6 winners over jones's native australia. but as joe wilson reports, it was a closer encounter than the scoreline suggested. the bricks and mortar are the same but english rugby union is now defined by an australian. eddiejones has rebuilt it all with a cautious smile. eyeing up the posts, 0wen farrell, back in the starting line—up, partly to do this. on a day of persistent drizzle, any points were gratefully received. australia's coach simmered with officials at half—time. he had two players in the sin bin. but it was back to 15 versus 15 when an england clearance kick suddenly turned into attack. rugby‘s eternal unpredictable is the bounce of the ball. australia's kurtley beale waited for it to go out and, yet, daley kept it in. and the england player had just enough energy to finish it off. from one end to the other. replays agonised over the touchline. the ball stayed in, the try stood. much of the second half got stuck in replays. as australia crossed the line, officials decided
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the bald—headed maul was offside. in the way, no try. coach michael cheika choked. and england chased towards the try line again, jonathan jones diffusing the conditions. wet grass was made for this. the match had slipped from australia. johnny may scored a try and then made one for danny care. suddenly, england have 30 points. to win in this style could make anyone smile. there was a thriller at murrayfield as scotland came so close to upsetting world champions new zealand. it finished 22—17 to the all blacks in the end, but scotland had the world's number one test team up against it whenjonny gray found a way over for a deserved first score. that made it 15—10 but new zealand responded with this brilliant try, showing why they are back to back world cup winners, it was finished off by fly—half beauden barrett. but even that didn't stop scotland coming back again. they scored a great try of their own to take them a converted try from victory
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in the final few minutes. the edinburgh crowd thought they were about to see a famous moment when stuart hogg broke through, but he was just forced into touch in the final play of the match. scotland denied their first win over new zealand — the all blacks face wales next weekend. an experimental wales side warmed up for their clash with the all blacks next weekend beating georgia 13—6 in an unconvincing display at the principality stadium. wales made 14 changes from last week's defeat to australia, and young wing hallam amos got the home side's only try of the match. and a below—strength ireland beat fiji in dublin — but onlyjust. they started well and were 14 points ahead at one stage, but needed a late ian kearney penalty to finish the match off, 23 points to 20. manchester united came from behind
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to beat newcastle 4—1. paul pogba capped his return from injury with a goal and an assist in a man of the match display. romelu lukaku scored the fourth to keep manchester city just about within sight. city's lead at the top remains eight points after beating leicester 2—0, their first goal particularly worth a watch on match of the day a fabulous team effort put away byjesus. the second from kevin de bruyne wasn't too bad either. we are wanting to score one goal in that way. kevin did. he helped us a lot to win another one, to give more distance for the contenders. we will keep going. in the early kick off arsenal beat north london rivals tottenham 2—0.
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first half goals from shkodran mustafi and alexis sanchez meant a first win for the gunners over spurs since 2014. so confirmation of those scores and the other games today — a 10 man bournemouth thrashed huddersfield. chelsea thrashed strugglers west brom — 4—0. swansea are still deep in the drop zone, well beaten by burnley. bottom of the table crystal palace drew with managerless everton. liverpool romped to a 3—0 win at home to southampton, and manchester united are home to newcastle. in scotland celtic extended their run of unbeaten games to 64 with a 1—0 win over ross county. aberdeen lost ground on the champions after they lost 2—0 at home to motherwell. bottom of the table dundee drew 0—0 with kilmarnock. a steven mclean goal in injury time gave stjohnstone their first win in seven games — they won 2—1 at hibernian. and there was a 2—0 defeat for rangers — hamilton academical beating them
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in the league at ibrox for the first time since 1926. justin rose is making a spectacular late charge to win golf‘s "race to dubai" title for the highest money winner on the european tour. he's now leading the final event — the tour championship by a shot going into the last round while his rival tommy fleetwood is two shots behind him. david goffin has shocked tennis fans by knocking roger federer out of the world tour finals in london. the seven—time winner, federer was this year's favourite in the absence of nadal, djokovic and murray, but he's failed to make the last two, beaten in 3 sets by the belgian 7th seed — 2—6, 6—3, 6—4. goffin had previously only ever taken two sets off the swiss star. the second semifinal is just under way between bulgarian grigor dimitrov and american jack sock.
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that's all the sport for now. we'll have more for you on bbc news throughout the evening. malcolm young, co—founder and guitarist of the australian heavy metal band ac/dc, has died aged 64. he founded the group in the 1970s with his brother angus, retiring more than a0 years later to receive treatment for dementia. the band were best known for albums highway to hell and back in black, and were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2003. in a statement on the group's website, they described malcom as "a perfectionist" who ‘with enormous dedication and commitment, was the driving force behind the band. i've been looking back at malcolm young's career with the classic rockjournalist, jerry ewing. pretty much the biggest heavy rock band that the world has seen for the given the changes in the music
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industry, probably we will not see a band like that as big but inspirational to the big hitters today like guns and roses and metallica. malcolm young, it was him, wasn't it? he founded it with his brother. it was his band and he invited angus tojoin. his brother. it was his band and he invited angus to join. he was the engine that drove the band. everything they did came from malcolm young, the style of music and what went on the album is full to be wrote the material, often with angus. the huge iconic riffs or come from malcolm. he had a rock—steady rhythm section behind him and his driving, relentless guitar allowed angus to take the spotlight with his guitar antics. the engine, absolutely everything that ac/dc did came from malcolm young. he wrote all the material, didn't he? later it was very much
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malcolm and angus wrote all the material. he got dementia so they have been pretty inactive for a while. beat board. they did an album after malcolm retired. during the tour, brian had hearing problems and was told by the doctors that axl rose from guns and roses stepped in. ac/dc kept going as a tribute to malcolm. what do you think is the future for ac/dc? there have been one or two future for ac/dc? there have been one oi’ two members future for ac/dc? there have been one or two members that something might happen in the future. this throws all of that into question. i suppose fans will think that a couple of the guys who had retired might get back together for one last hurrah for malcolm. ac/dc have a lwa ys hurrah for malcolm. ac/dc have always played things by their own rules. they do not take any notice of the orthodox way of doing things
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you might never hear from them again. they might feel it is right to honour the guy who made the band. unorthodox but big sellers. 200 million album sales. 50 million for backin million album sales. 50 million for back in black. a lot of people like ac/dc. conservationists in malawi have completed the world's biggest ever effort to relocate more than 500 elephants. tributes have been paid to fashion designer azzedine alaia, who has died in paris at the age of 77. the tunisian—born designer rose to prominence in the 1980s and 90s, his figure hugging designs earned him the nickname "the king of cling". his dresses have been worn by many famous women including michelle 0bama and madonna. victoria beckham was among those to offer her condolences today, saying the designer was one of her "biggest inspirations".
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conservationists in malawi have completed the world's biggest ever effort to relocate more than 500 elephants. the reason? too many of the animals had bred in national parks in the south of the country after conservation efforts proved more than successful. ben tavener reports. the liwonde national park, in southern malawi, is home to some big animals. notjust hippos and crocodiles, but also elephants. lots of them. too many, in fact. conservation efforts have led to the elephants breeding prolifically. now they are straying more and more into local villages. but in nkhotakota wildlife reserve, over 400km to the north, the situation is very different. poachers here virtually wiped out the local elephant population. so, african parks, a non—profit conservation organisation, embarked on the world's biggest elephant translocation. it is no mean feat — darting and moving these massive animals takes skill and determination. to complicate matters further, families have to be moved together
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to reduce the stress of being transported and waking up in unknown surroundings. over two years, the $1.6 million project moved over 500 elephants to nkhotakota from overpopulated national parks in the south. now the area has been made safe with regular patrols and 400km of electrified fencing. this used to be an elephant country and it has been without elephants for some time, so the vegetation, the habitat is just perfect for elephants. we can see that most of the elephants are carrying young ones. that's one good sign that these elephants are settling in very, very well. so neighbours of the community, show them how the park can contribute to the local economy. there might be 520 elephants here now, but they are still not easy to find in such a big area. we venture out to look for them and after an hour of searching, success! tourist dollars have directly
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financed the work being done here in central malawi, and these 500 elephants now have a new home — 1,800 square kilometres of pristine forest. local people have been hired to protect and manage the park and local communities are being educated about the benefits of local wildlife. it's hoped they can be convinced that these majestic animals are worth more alive. an original drawing of the comic book hero tintin has sold for nearly half $1 million. the artwork was published in 1939 as the cover of the story. a book from the album the shooting star fetched a lot of money. destination moon failed to
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find a buyer. now it is time for the weather. it has been a cold day whether it has been grey and damn or you have seen sunshine. under the skies it has been frosty. it will leave some moisture around which could turn into fog. ice is a possibility in the north. it will be cold tonight with temperatures getting down to four, five below freezing. we will be scraping the ice off the car in the morning. central and eastern areas will have a bright day. more sunshine in the south although it will feel cold. you can see cloud building from the west. it will be cold and grey. with some patchy rain
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around to end the day fairly dismal here. we will see
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