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tv   Meet the Author  BBC News  November 19, 2017 7:45pm-8:01pm GMT

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uhhllrf fit vwnc insisted it wasn't a coup, outset insisted it wasn't a coup, insisted robert mugabe was head of state, throughout. they want him to 90, state, throughout. they want him to go, to resign? ambivalence has caught them out, in my view. the second thing is you have the individual chairman of the south african minister, meeting on tuesday in angola. yes, i think he is playing for time. he cannot survive in office, surely, he is going to be impeached? i don't think so, i don't think he will be impeached. i think given what happened today, and our suspicion is there where parallel processes today, the meeting at state house but also the zanu—pf central meeting. what he said today, the emphasis that these special c0 ng ress the emphasis that these special congress would determine what happens in the party means ipso fa cto happens in the party means ipso facto what happened today is null and void. we saw so many people here yesterday on the streets,
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demonstrating in huge numbers, celebrating because they thought they had got rid of robert mugabe but they haven't. they are going to be furious and they, angry? we will see. i think he is playing for time, in my view. he is playing for time, during which time he can get guarantees for his safety and that of his family. he can't stand out for too long but in the meantime he is not resigning. i don't think the central committee proceedings are anything to go by. i don't think even the issue of impeachment will go ahead, given what he said. it depends. we have heard from the war vetera ns, depends. we have heard from the war veterans, the men who fought alongside him in the war of independence. they are saying the impeachment process will begin now, because of that speech, because he didn't resign. that might be an opinion. we have to ask the military, the generals themselves. with whom he agreed on the speech he made. they were sitting there and watching him. they went through that
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speech together. so would the war vetera ns speech together. so would the war veterans or anyone else there overall what was said today? did generals cannot be happy. they launched this military takeover, they want him gone, they want their man, emmerson mnangagwa, to replace robert mugabe. so far they have failed in that objective, surely?” don't think there is a consensus emmerson mnangagwa should come in. i don't think so. i think in many respects, the statement by mugabe might reflect the broad, a broader discussion today to stop it might be also... people have always said he isa also... people have always said he is a stubborn man. is this typical robert mugabe? yes, for sure, for sure. he will fight to the end, that's how he is. even though the game is over. in my view, the game
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is over. for us, most of us, we are concerned about what happens after. but i don't think there is much to go. this is typical mugabe, you would say? yes, typical. is it sad, in some ways, to see a man of his age, 93, refusing to bow out quietly and maybe with a bit of dignity? yes, but also the point is people are forgetting... the very people who have been wanting him out, in my view the coup took place in 2008. when he lost the election, tsvangirai and emmerson mnangagwa reinstalled him. he was playing with danger anyway. he was never on his own, ever. the guys who are sitting there are the ones in charge of this country, of the estate. from the war
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vetera ns country, of the estate. from the war veterans there has been a call for more demonstrations on wednesday, an attempt to use people power of the kind we saw yesterday, to try and force him out of office. you don't think that will be successful? i'm rather cynical, because these other people... never before. three or four days people were rather removed from the scene, because they fear the army. it required mobilisation on friday night to get them on the streets. people are nervous. people know, it's beginning to think now that really they are dealing with the same problems that they thought was over. what is the future for zimbabwe now, more generally? people obviously had great hopes yesterday, those hopes, have they been dissipated? i don't think so. on the positive side, the mugabe era is
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over. that is the positive. it's how we organise ourselves moving forward. thank you. we are going to talk to oui’ thank you. we are going to talk to our africa editor in a moment but let me read capcom the news that we have had. we had that speech from robert mugabe on television, on zimbabwean television, said bc, which according to some reports said he was going to resign. reuters news agency said he had agreed to offer his resignation, but that turned out not to be true. he is, as many people have said for a very long time, a pretty stubborn man. our africa editorjoins me now here live in harare. an extraordinary speech in the end from robert mugabe, and perhaps not what we were expecting?” from robert mugabe, and perhaps not what we were expecting? i don't think anyone expected it. i think the only person who didn't believe robert mugabe was going to resign
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his robert mugabe, and probably his wife, grace mugabe. having watched what has happened over the last few days here, you have had the people on the streets yesterday in their tens of thousands, the central committee, which he dominated for 37 yea rs, committee, which he dominated for 37 years, ruling he should be removed from the presidency of the party, and setting in train threats to impeach him by next monday. and then tonight, in spite of all of that, he appears on television and he says, i will preside over the party congress in december, in three weeks' time. one has to stand back a bit from the natural sense of deflation that you get from members of the public, and not just people get from members of the public, and notjust people who are members of the opposition. what your previous guest said, it is the end of the era of mugabe but he has managed, probably by playing an international card, probably by saying, look, it is the policy of the african union and the international community that leaders are not removed by coups. he has bought himself some extra time.
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but does anyone believe, given the strength of feeling in the party and on the streets, that he is going to end your as president of zimbabwe question not know. i'm willing in terms of analysis to say no, that's not going to happen. you talked about frustrated the people will be. we saw people power on the streets in harare. a call from the war vetera ns to in harare. a call from the war veterans to come back onto the streets on wednesday, but it doesn't look like robert mugabe listens to the people, certainly not the people demonstrating yesterday demanding that he goes. it has never been his style, hadzic question not listening to the people. that is not the kind of politics... he is a graduate of the revolutionary politics of the 50s and 60s, trained in leninist principles are power. you control party organs and the military and the security forces. the key is he doesn't control any of those animal. that's why i am saying to you, yes, tonight is a big anticlimax for many people who came onto the streets,
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but it is not the end of the story of robert mugabe's departure. when you have the party calling for people to come out on the streets, they are potentially worrying dynamics. all the excitement we saw yesterday, all of those people who believe change was imminent, that it was going to come in a matter of days, if not hours, when that is brought onto the streets, it be problematic. one more question. impeachment is what he has been threatened with by zanu—pf. they say if he doesn't resign by midday tomorrow, which are clearly won't do, that is when the impeachment process begins. will that get rid of him and how quickly would it get rid of him? potentially possible they might go ahead with this. the other possibility is you will get some kind of fudge. there will get some kind of fudge. there will be a lot of talking now between the leaders of the military and the other branches of the state security forces. the war veterans and the party itself. remember, the man we
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haven't mentioned so far, emmerson mnangagwa. the heir apparent that the party wants to replace robert mugabe. he is going to have eight he say in whether that impeachment process goes ahead or not. it is still a very top—down party, zanu—pf. he is the new top. if he decides, i can wait another few weeks for this party congress to appoint me, i suspect the party will fall into line. whether the people will is another matter. thank you very much indeed. fergal keane with the very latest. it has been another extraordinary day here in zimbabwe. first of all, the day starting with zanu—pf‘s central committee deposing robert mugabe after 37 years as the leader of the party. and then issuing an ultimatum that if he doesn't resign by midday tomorrow local time, he would be facing impeachment proceedings. he made that tv address on zimbabwean television this evening and didn't say he would resign. he is not going
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that will disappoint many millions of zimbabweans. that is the latest from here in harare with the bbc special coverage. back to the studio. a good deal of sunshine today but pictures like this are going to be few and far between in the week ahead. the sunshine that many of us have enjoyed today is about to be replaced by something cloudier, milder and wetter. our weather over the coming week is going to be coming in from off the atlantic. this is the next frontal system. ahead of it, some clear skies this evening in the eastern side of the country, meaning an early frost. eventually the cloud will build, al brings a eventually the cloud will build, al bringsa rain eventually the cloud will build, al brings a rain heading into northern ireland, northern england and scotland, where we will see some snow on the mountains and some outbreaks of rain in wales and the outbreaks of rain inmate‘sandtbef but outbreaks of rain inmate‘sandtbe but quite patchy. cold in midlands, but quite patchy. cold in northern ireland and scotland, 4—5. much milderfurther south, particular converter reeson morning.
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quite a wet start the day across much of northern england, northern england and scotland. further south, more cloudier and breezy but mainly dry. a little bit of patchy rain but look at the temperatures compared to morning. some outbreaks of rain in east anglia, and it will be slow to clear here. a cool start the day. rain slyly easing from northern ireland. it will take its time to go from northern scotland. snow above 400 metres. the rains slowly clears eastwards through the day that takes its time to go from parts of northern england, the midlands and eastern parts of england. the south and west, some patchy outbreaks of rain in the afternoon. once that rain in the afternoon. once that rain clears, some brighter skies. much milder, 12—13, but still in some colder air across scotland and northern ireland. there has been a battle going on between the cold air to the eastern something milder to the west. in the coming days, that milderair the west. in the coming days, that milder air will generally win through. it is quite unsettled.
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this is the picture as they go into tuesday, anotherfrontal this is the picture as they go into tuesday, another frontal system pushing its way across, strengthening the wind and bringing some outbreaks of rain, mainly to scotland, northern ireland and northern england in the morning, arriving in wales in south—west england later. by and large, the further south unease, holding onto something drier. 12—14 for most of us. something drier. 12—14 for most of us. through much of us this week ‘s wet and windy weather, driest for a time in the south and east but all of seeing something a milder. this is bbc news. iam ben i am ben brown reporting live from harare and the continuing crisis in zimbabwe. the news is that president robert mugabe has made a televised address in which he has refused to resign. he vowed to stay on in power until december, for the special congress of the ruling zanu—pf
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party. against some expectations that he would step down after huge pressure and the military takeover here last wednesday, he did not say anything about resigning and he did
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