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an extraordinary night in zimbabwe as robert mugabe addresses the nation, but does not resign. and after four decades nation, but does not resign. and afterfour decades in nation, but does not resign. and after four decades in office, nation, but does not resign. and afterfour decades in office, there was still no goodbye. the operation i have alluded to did not amount to a threat to our well—cherished constitutional order. nor was it a challenge to my authority as head of state and government. from zimbabweans, disbelief and confusion about how the mugabe era will be brought to an end. we need him to change his mind, we need him to resign. he does not speak for our interests, at he only speaks for his personal interests and his family. we'll be live in zimbabwe, to assess what happens next. here, the chancellor says this week's budget will set out plans for 300,000 new homes
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a year in england. the international hunt for an argentine submarine, missing with more than a0 crew on board. the royal navy joins the search effort. and england make it through to the semi—finals of the rugby league world cup. good evening. robert mugabe remains president of zimbabwe tonight, despite a tumultous weekend that saw popular protests against him and an ultimatum from his own party. in the last few hours, a live address to the nation — widely expected to include his resignation — saw him pledge instead to preside over his party's congress next month. but the party has already replaced him, and said if he hasn't resigned by midday tomorrow, he faces impeachment. let's cross live to our africa
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editor, fergal keane, in harare. these are the hours after anticipation. when it was announced earlier today that robert mugabe would address the nation, it was taken to mean one thing, he was going to resign. and that was encouraged by officials, that idea, by official said to be close to the negotiations. the world's oldest head of state has defied predictions and the hopes of many of his people. the very music seemed designed to drain any drama out of the moment and perhaps the geniality of the encounter was a giveaway. robert mugabe did not look like a man about to walk into the wilderness. and his words, delivered 15 minutes into a rambling address, confirmed that he intended to stay as leader of the country and party, at least until the party congress in december. the congress is due in a few weeks from
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110w. congress is due in a few weeks from now. i will preside over its processes , now. i will preside over its processes, which must not be repossessed by any axe calculated to undermine it or to compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public. he praised the military and acknowledge the crisis in his country and party. the way forward for us cannot be based on swapping buying cliques that ride roughshod over party rules and procedures —— defying. there has to be a net return to the guiding principles of oui’ return to the guiding principles of our party, as enshrined in its
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constitution. this appearance as shocked zimbabweans, who were preparing to witness his resignation. i think we are being played. we are being played. ifeel let down. by now, we have produced some sort of result. we have nothing, we are back to square one. but you make of that comment you expected him to resign?” but you make of that comment you expected him to resign? i think the whole nation was expecting him to resign. i think we are all shocked, i think people are going to be at depressed, confused. people don't understand what is happening. but i do think we are in a post—mugabe era. tonight, tomorrow, the next day, it is going to happen. there are big questions now. how can robert mugabe preside over a party which today removed him from the leadership? 0nce loyal supporters met to warn that he would be impeached by parliament if he did not step down from the presidency by midday tomorrow. an old friend read out the sentence. tonight's non—resignation doesn't
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change the feeling of the party. and it's doesn't remove the bitterness against his wife, grace, and her friends. it has to be over now? 0h, yes, it has to be over. what he don't is enough, enough is enough! the people of zimbabwe so enormous, but they are fed up with this. a new era is beginning. look at my back. this is the moment when robert mugabe lost power in his own party. the party he dominated for so long. and has now been replaced as party leader by a man who was one of his closest allies for decades. a crocodile! the new readability macro is known as the crocodile, celebrated here for his ruthless
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cunning —— the new leader emmerson mnangagwa. he may have agreed to pause, but he is unlikely to stop until he ousts his own brushes old comrades. 0n the streets of harare, the president's people seem to already occupy a different nation. here praying for reconciliation and healing. they have already started to move beyond the trauma of the age of mugabe. so how ordinary zimbabweans reacting the night? shingai nyoka has been speaking to residents of the city, to get their reaction to mr mugabe's refusal to resign. we must learn to forgive. i came to listen to what president mugabe had to say. after a meeting with army generals responsible for a takeover earlier last week, they had expected to hear his resignation speech. at
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this bar, they waited and waited to be told by president mugabe in a stumbling address... all this now has to stop. that he was going nowhere. he does not speak for our interests, he only speaks his personal interests his family. so why are you so disappointed? we are suffering. we are suffering. we have had enough of suffering. we need him... we need him to changes mind. we need him to resign. he did not actually saying he is resigning or anything, so we are still waiting. the people marched yesterday, they expressed their views. i am beyond gloria in zimbabwe. i have been practising law for the past three yea rs. practising law for the past three years. it is pathetic. the country has gone to the dogs. the consummate politician appears at least for the moment and on the surface to have negotiated a deal on his own terms.
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this is not the announcement that some zimbabweans were waiting for. robert mugabe is still the president and it is not clear whether parliament will now begin its impeachment process. people here today were expecting to hear the resignation they have demanded. but those hopes have been damaged. the wild celebrations we have seen on the streets stand in dark contrast to the sombre mood in harare tonight. after a night that turned out differently to what people expected, what happens now? frankly, i shudder to speculate. nobody is quite sure. we were being told by a source close to the negotiations that it was definitely going to happen. we heard that he agreed to resign and then changed his mind. i believe the generals have no intention of forcing him out at the barrel of a gun. they are going to be content to allow the party to carry out its
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procedures, worked through impeachment in parliament if necessary. and remember, they are backed up by huge public demonstrations like those we saw yesterday. we are told tonight that tomorrow morning, the military will give a press conference and so will the war veterans, a very important constituency. all of them opposed to robert mugabe continuing. so i think this is a pause, it is not a conclusion. all africa editor in harare, thank you. here, the chancellor, philip hammond, has said measures to boost the housing market will be at the heart of his budget on wednesday. he says he wants 300,000 homes to be built every year, a big rise from the recent levels of around 200,000 a year in england. but mr hammond stressed there was no "single magic bullet" to increase housing supply, as ben wright now reports. building up expectations ahead of the budget for a raft of measures to fix the housing crisis. the chancellor wants to stop developers sitting on land that has been given the green
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light for housing. there are lots of things we can do using planning powers, using intervention powers to get planning permission that have been granted built up. we will use money, we will use the powers of the state, we will use the powers of the planning system, but we are determined to get those missing homes built. today, mr hammond gave hints and winks about government help for smaller house builders and the possible cuts to stamp duty. housing seems set to be the centrepiece of the budget, but will it add up to the giant house—building leap another cabinet minister has called for? wednesday will tell us. labour says the government should borrow billions more for house—building and stretched public services. stop giving the tax cuts to the corporations and the rich and recognise you've got an emergency out there in terms of public services, invest in those public services. the head of the nhs in england has said health needs an urgent £4 billion spending boost. the chancellor said he would seek to address particular pressure points, but a spending splurge on any front looks unlikely. balancing the books is still
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the government's aim. there will be some cash for driverless car technology and artificial intelligence, but will robots eventually put millions of us out of work? mr hammond said that won't happen, but did say this. where are all these unemployed people? there are no unemployed people... there are a lot of unemployed people! because we have created three and a half million newjobs since 2010. the chancellor's clumsy claim there are no unemployed people was quickly clarified by him. mr hammond meant that previous periods of technological change had not left millions out of work. phillip hammond will walk out of that door on wednesday knowing that the contents of his budget box could be crucial to the political fortunes of theresa may's struggling government, as well as his own. unusually, cabinet colleagues have been arguing publicly for more money to be spent on the health service, on house—building. tory mps are urging him to come up with some bold ideas to prove this is a government that has a purpose beyond brexit. the chancellor knows as well
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that there are critical tory mps who want him out of his job, because they don't think his heart is in the task of getting britain out of the eu. we won't be a government that is defined just by brexit... the outcome of the brexit negotiations will matter much more than any single budget — and tomorrow, a core group of cabinet ministers, including the chancellor, will discuss how to unblock talks, knowing that an offer of more money might be the key. ben wright, bbc news, westminster. kamal ahmed, our economics editor, is here. how do you think the chancellor is going to chart a course through this terrain? it is interesting, john macdonald's position shows some of the problems mr hammond is facing. his claim is straightforward, increased taxes on businesses and on the wealthy and pay for public services from those increased taxes. mr hammond has a far harder equation to solve. he is hemmed in by the
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politics. no majority in the house of commons. that makes tax rises or spending cuts difficult to force through. the one option left is to borrow more, but that could jeopardise the offer that party made to the public to balance the books by 2025. so more borrowing could be controversial. it is also hemmed in by the economics. we expect a big productivity downgrade. the economy has not been as good at producing wealth as we expected, that means it does not grow as fast, the government does not get the tax reve nu es government does not get the tax revenues that it expects, so mr hammond's room to manoeuvre is constrained. robert do something on housing and also on health. and let's look at that public sector pay gap “ let's look at that public sector pay gap —— probably something. 0ne let's look at that public sector pay gap —— probably something. one big question, can he sound big and bold politically for all those families who have got falling real incomes, without putting the economy and the public finances at risk? we will see on budget day, thanks very much. a post—mortem examination carried out on the body of the teenager
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gaia pope hasn't identified injuries that would suggest anyone else was involved in her death. the 19 year old's body was found yesterday, close to a coastal path in dorset. a british sailor has died after being swept overboard during an international yacht race. 60—year—old simon speirs, from bristol, was sailing between south africa and australia, as part of the clipper round the world race. he was rescued from the water, but never regained consciousness. the broadcaster aled jones won't be appearing on the bbc while an allegation of inappropriate behaviour is investigated. a spokesperson said he accepted the way he acted more than a decade ago was "occasionallyjuvenile", but he never intended to harass or distress and he strongly denied any inappropriate contact. the conservative mp anna soubry says her office has received 13 death threats against her over the last week. she says the messages were directly linked to the way she and other party members were branded "brexit mutineers" by the daily telegraph newspaper.
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she said that she had been "quite frightened" by the threats. a huge air—and—sea search — involving five countries, and including the royal navy — is underway to try and locate an argentine submarine. the sanjuan has been missing since wednesday, with 44 crew on board. contact was lost as it returned from a routine mission near the southern—most tip of south america, but there are now signals being detected which may provide clues as to its location. dan johnson reports. this is a vessel designed to play hide and seek in the deepest depths. so finding the sanjuan, its crew and the 22 torpedoes it carries is a real challenge. fresh satellite signals, albeit weak ones, have revived hopes of rescue. seven call attempts have been received, says the navy spokesman, but they were incomplete and need to be checked to pinpoint the location. he stressed that they are making every effort to find the submarine, searching the open ocean and the sea bed.
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this is now an international effort. the us navy has flown in deep—sea rescue equipment. and hms protector, the royal navy's antarctic patrol ship, has been diverted to help scan beneath the waves of the south atlantic ocean. the sanjuan left the southern port of ushuaia last monday, after a routine mission. it was making the 2,000—mile journey back to its base in mar del plata, not far from argentina's capital. the search is focused around halfway, in the sanjorge gulf, where the submarine last made contact on wednesday. one of the 44 crew members is argentina's first female submariner. the best hope of finding her and her crew mates alive is that a powerfailure knocked out the submarine's communications. six countries are now hunting for the san juan, but it's lost in a huge area of ocean and bad weather is making
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a difficultjob even harder. dan johnson, bbc news. now it's time for the sport. hello, lizzie. thanks very much, mishal. good evening. england are still on course to reach their first rugby league world cup final in over two decades. they're through to the semis against tonga, after beating co—hosts papua new guinea 36—6. john watson reports. flying the flag down under, a trip worth making for england to make the semifinals. papua new guinea, rugby league is that national sport and they fanatical. silenced the crowd and you may silence the team and 12 minutes in, england that. it is going to be yet another try for germane to mcgilvray! ten tries and ten matches. papua new guinea tried to knock england of their stride but
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the fast hands of kallum watkins, a moment of magic as mcgilvray found the line again. the huddersfield flyer turned provider in the second, watkins eyeing the try line. is he going to be caught? no, he is not. and a semifinal spot. he may have hit top gear, but england have still to do so despite brian hall finishing with a flourish. a bit scratchy at times, still a lot to work on, but really pleased to be progressing in the competition. the boys looking forward to it, we need to better to be in a semifinal of the world cup is special so we are going to make the most of it. time for the plans to extend their stay two games for england to find fluency to take them to the title. match of the day 2 and sportscene follow the news, so if you want to wait for the results, you know what to do. david moyes‘ reign as new manager of west ham began with defeat at watford. they were beaten 2—0 at vicarage road and stay third from bottom in the table. hearts drew their first game back
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at the newly developed tynecastle. 1—1 the score against partick thistle in the scottish premiership. chris coleman, who resigned as wales manager on friday, has taken charge of the struggling championship side sunderland. he led wales to their highest world ranking and took them to the semi—finals of the euros. sunderland are currently bottom of the table. coleman is their eighth manager in six years. well, it may not have been the line—up tennis fans had hoped for, but the season—ending world tour finals in london finished with a gripping duel, as grigor dimitrov battled past david goffin to win the biggest title of his career — and the £1.9 million bonus — for going the whole tournament unbeaten. tommy fleetwood held off a charge by justin rose to win the race to do i is the season's number one. he finished 21st in the final event,
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the tour championship, but it was enough to stay top of the money list afterjustin rose fell apart in his final few holes. england's women's cricketers could still draw their ashes series, after winning the second 20/20 in canberra by a0 runs. australia have already retained the trophy, but england have closed the gap in the multi—format points series, and a win in the final game will level the series. great britain's four—man bob sleigh tea m great britain's four—man bob sleigh team have won a surprise world cup bronze medal. they put aside a difficult off—season to come third at park city in the usa, behind germany, their best world cup result forfour germany, their best world cup result for four years. that is the sport, back to you. thank you very much. a series of portraits of the royal couple have been released to commemorate their wedding on november 20th, 19117. there are no public celebrations planned. instead, the royal platinum wedding anniversary will be marked privately, with family. you can see more on all of today's
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stories on the bbc news channel. including the ongoing situation in zimbabwe. that's all from me. stay with us on bbc1. it's time for the news where you are. hello. this is bbc news. more now on our top story, in an extraordinary day in zimbabwe, president robert mugabe has not resigned from power, despite pressure on him to do so from within his own party. atjust after seven o'clock london time, president mugabe made a televised address from his state residence, flanked by military men. and despite the widespread speculation he was about to stand down, he disappointed many by not resigning, and instead said he intended to lead next month's congress of the ruling party, zanu—pf. let's listen some of that speech now. zanu—pf isa
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zanu—pf is a party of traditions. and it has been served by successive generations, who bound together by shared ideals and values, which must continue to reign supreme in our nation. hence, —— hints of intergenerational conflict must be resolved through harmonised melding of old established players, as they embrace and welcome new rules. new ones, through a well—defined sense of
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hierarchy and succession. indeed, all bees matters will be discussed and settled at the forthcoming congress —— these matters. within the framework of a clear road map that seeks to resolve once and for all any omissions or contradictions that have affected our party negatively. the congress is due in a few weeks from now. i will preside over its processes, which must not be repossessed by any acts
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calculated to undermine it or to compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public. as i conclude this address, iam of the public. as i conclude this address, i am aware that many developments have occurred in the party, or have been championed and done by individuals, in the name of the party. given the failings of the past and the anger these might have triggered in some quarters. such as developments, such developments are quite understandable. however, we cannot be guided by bitterness or vengefulness. both of which would not make, would not make us any
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better party members, or any better zimbabweans. 0ur hallowed policy of reconciliation, which we pronounced in1980, and reconciliation, which we pronounced in 1980, and through which we reached out to those who had occupied and the press does for nearly a century. —— and oppressed us. nearly a century. —— and oppressed us. and those we traded fire with in a bitter war. surely cannot be unavailable to our own, to our own, both in the party and in our nation. we must learn to forgive and resolve
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contradictions, real or perceived, ina contradictions, real or perceived, in a comradely zimbabwean spirit. i am confident that from tonight, our whole nation at all levels gets refocused, as we put shoulder to the wheel, amidst the promising agricultural season already upon us. let's all move forward, reminding ourselves of our wartime mantra. i thank you. and good night. sorry. 0ne
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thank you. and good night. sorry. one or two places. i hope we can correct that. it is a long speech. 0k, ok, thanks. the address given to the nation on live television by robert mugabe a little earlier. more to come on that story and others in the papers ina come on that story and others in the papers in a moment. first, let's look at the weather prospects. hello. some snow on the hills, it could be slushy on high—level routes. but the
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rain and snow fizzles out. elsewhere, plenty of cloud, patchy rain or drizzle into the afternoon, but dry weather as well with brighter breaks to the east of high ground, and a cloudy but much milder day. southern scotland may reach double figures. chilly elsewhere in scotland, but that change is going into tuesday. more rain north east into tuesday. more rain north east into tuesday. more rain north east into tuesday the parts of wales, northern ireland and northern england, into scotland, where it does look quite wet on tuesday, especially in the north. but milder. these are the temperatures around midweek. some spots in the mid—teens and heavy rain in places and strong winds for a time. although it is milder, by the end of the week, it looks like it will turn colder from the north. that is it, goodbye. hello.
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this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines. the president of zimbabwe, robert mugabe clings on to power after failing to announce his resignation ina failing to announce his resignation in a televised address to the nation. flanked by military chiefs, he said he intended to chair the co ng ress he said he intended to chair the congress of the ruling zanu—pf party next month. in doing so he defied an ultimatum by his party to resign by tomorrow. the leaders of zam
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