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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00. a defiant robert mugabe defies expectations in address to the nation by not resigning. the operation i have alluded to did not amount toa operation i have alluded to did not amount to a threat to our well—cherished constitutional order. nor was it a challenge to my authority as head of state and government. from zimbabweans, disbelief and confusion about how the mugabe era will be brought to an end. we need him to change his mind. we need him to resign. he does not speak for our interests. he only speaks for his personal interests and his family. here, police investigating the death of 19—year—old gaia pope say there are no injuries on her body to suggest any other person was involved. also, we'll take our
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second look at tomorrow's front pages, including the guardian, to show what it calls the chaos in zimbabwe following mugabe's decision not to give up power. good evening and welcome to bbc news. robert mugabe remains the president of zimbabwe despite protests that saw an ultimatum from his own party. widely expected to include his resignation saw him instead expected to oversea his party congress next month. but the party congress next month. but the party has replaced him and called on him to resign by tomorrow. our africa editor fergal keane has the
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latest from harare. these are the hours after anticipation. when it was announced earlier today that robert mugabe would address the nation, it was taken to mean one thing, he was going to resign. and that was encouraged by officials, the idea was encouraged by officials who were said to be close to negotiations. well, the world's oldest head of state has defied the dictions and the hopes of many of his people. the very music seemed designed to drain any drama out of the moment, and perhaps the geneality of the encounter was a give away. robert mugabe didn't look like a man about to walk into the wilderness, and his words, delivered 15 minutes into a rambling address, confirmed that he intended to stay as leader of the country and party, at least until the party congress in december. i will preside over its processes, which must not be prepossessed
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by any acts calculated to undermine it, or to compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public. the way forward thus cannot be based on swapping lying clicks that ride roughshod over party rules and procedures. there has to be a net return to the guiding principles of our party as enshrined in its constitution. this appearance has shocked the people of zimbabwe who were prepared to witness his resignation. i think we are being played.
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i feel let down, by now we should have had a result, but it is like we are back to square one. what did you make of that? i think the whole nation was expecting him to resign and we are all shocked, i think people will be depressed, confused, people do not understand what is happening, but i think we are in a post—mugabe era. it will happen. there are big questions now, how can robert mugabe preside over a party which today removed him from the leadership? once loyal supporters met to warn that he would be impeached by parliament if he did not step down from the presidency by midday tomorrow. an old friend read out the sentence. he is to resign forth with as
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president of the republic of zimbabwe. tonight's non—resignation does not change the feeling of the party and it does not remove the bitterness against his wife grace mugabe and her friends. it has to be over now? yes. enough is enough. the people of zimbabwe have shown in numbers that they are fed up with this dynasty and a new era is beginning. this is the moment when robert mugabe lost power in his own party, the party he dominated for so long and has now been replaced as party leader by a man who was one of his closest allies for decades. the new leader emmerson mnangagwa is known as the crocodile. celebrated for his ruthless cunning. he may have agreed to pause, but he is unlikely to stop until he ousts his old comrades.
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on the streets of harare the people of the presidency to occupy a different nation. here praying for reconciliation and healing. they have already started to move beyond the trauma of the age of mugabe. so how are the ordinary zimbeawea ns reacting? our correspondent has followed this crisis from the beginning and she has been out gauging the feelings of fellow citizens. at this bar, they waited and waited
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to be told by president mugabe in a stumbling address... that he was going nowhere. he does not speak for oui’ going nowhere. he does not speak for our interests. he only speaks for his personal interests and his family. so, why are you so disappointed? we are suffering. we are suffering. we have had enough of suffering. we need him, we need him to change his mind. we need him to resign. he didn't actually say he's resigning or anything so we're still waiting. the people marched yesterday. they expressed their views. i'm a young lawyer in zimbabwe. i've been practising law for the past three years. it's pathetic. the country has gone to the dogs. the consummate politician appears at least, for the moment, and on the surface, to have negotiated a deal on his own terms. this is not the announcement that
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some were waiting for. robert mugabe is still the president and it is not clear whether the parliament will begin its impeachment process. people were expecting to hear the resignation they demanded but those hopes have been dashed. the wild celebrations we've seen on the streets stand in stark contrast to the sombre mood in harare tonight. we were told to a source close to the negotiations that it was going to happen. we heard that he agreed to happen. we heard that he agreed to resign and then changed his mind. what i believe is that the generals have no intention of forcing him out at the barrel of a gun. they are going to be content to allow the party to carry out its procedures, work through impeachment in parliament, if necessary, and remember, they're parliament, if necessary, and remember, they‘ re backed parliament, if necessary, and remember, they're backed up by huge public demonstrations like those we saw yesterday. we're also being told tonight that tomorrow morning, the military will give a press conference. so too will the war vetera ns conference. so too will the war veterans — a very important constituency. all of then, of course, opposed to robert mugabe
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continuing. so my take is that this isa continuing. so my take is that this is a pause, it's not a conclusion. earlier my colleague ben brown in harare spoke to nick mangwana, the representative for zanu—pf in the uk who said he was disappointed by president mugabe's speech. president mugabe has just rained president mugabe hasjust rained on zimbabwe's parade, really. ithink everybody, every one of my compat is —— compatriots is downcast and broken. i'm very sad because what's going to happen from here now is the humiliation of president mugabe. big time humiliation, which is something that throughout the week, i was saying we don't need. and it's very sad, because when the evidence... i mean, when the impeachment evidence comes, it will be very, very embarrassing and humiliating and we
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didn't to drag him through this mud, but he has asked for it. as far as he's concerned, he's going to preside over congress in december. that's ridiculous. which congress? as far as we're concerned, he's no longer president of our party. he's done. the central committee, the highest policy making board within zanu—pf outside congress has made the decision — he's gone. the province is here on friday. all ten of them made the decision that he's gone. so who does he represent? who's interests? who's constituents does he represent? the military says he's gone. at the moment, they are just holding on to the title of commander—in—chief because obviously he hasn't stepped down formally, but in every... in terms of authority, he doesn't have authority over anybody. all he has is an office but absolutely no authority. so i don't know what he's playing at. as far as zanu—pf is concerned, we have a new leader, the leader that was
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appointed today in an interim capacity, emmerson mnangagwa. that's it. that's it. so come congress, zanu—pf will confirm a new leader. the nation has to do what it has to do— the nation has to do what it has to do — impeachment has to start on tuesday, and let it play. and i mean, the opposition and zanu—pf are agreed on this — the president has to step down. he is three months away from that. tell us about that impeachment? tell us quickly, how quick do you think that impeachment process will take? how long could it take? will he be gone within a few days? what's your estimate? i'm thinking by the end of the week because what has to happen is the committee has to be set in place to investigate the allegations against him, and then it has to report back and then people have to vote on it. that's pretty much the process. so it might not happen overnight but it
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might takea it might not happen overnight but it might take a few days. it depends on the co—operation of all the parties a nyway of the co—operation of all the parties anyway of the emmerson mnangagwa there from zanu—pf here in the uk. the chancellor philip hammond has said measures to boost the housing market will be at the heart of his budget on wednesday. he says he wants 300 thousand homes to be built every year ——a big rise from the recent levels of around 200 thousand a year in england. but mr hammond stressed there was no "single magic bullet" to increase housing supply — as our political correspondent ben wright reports. building up expectations ahead of the budget for a raft of measures to fix the housing crisis. the chancellor wants to stop developers sitting on land that has been given the green light for housing. there are lots of things we can do using planning powers, using intervention powers to get planning permissions that have been granted built up. we will use money, we will use the powers of the state, we will use the powers of the planning system, but we are determined to get those missing homes built. today, mr hammond gave hints and winks about government
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help for smaller house builders and the possible cuts to stamp duty. housing seems set to be the centrepiece of the budget, but will it add up to the giant house—building leap another cabinet minister has called for? wednesday will tell us. labour says the government should borrow billions more for house—building and stretched public services. stop giving the tax cuts to the corporations and the rich and recognise you've got an emergency out there in terms of public services, invest in those public services. the head of the nhs in england has said health needs an urgent £4 billion spending boost. the chancellor said he would seek to address particular pressure points, but a spending splurge on any front looks unlikely. balancing the books is still the government's aim. there will be some cash for driverless car technology and artificial intelligence, but will robots eventually put millions of us out of work? mr hammond said that won't happen, but did say this. where are all these unemployed people? there are no unemployed people... there are a lot
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of unemployed people! because we have created three and a half million newjobs since 2010. the chancellor's clumsy claim there are no unemployed people was quickly clarified by him. mr hammond meant that previous periods of technological change had not left millions out of work. phillip hammond will walk out of that door on wednesday knowing that the contents of his budget box could be crucial to the political fortunes of theresa may's struggling government, as well as his own. unusually, cabinet colleagues have been arguing publicly for more money to be spent on the health service, on house—building. tory mps are urging him to come up with some bold ideas to prove this is a government that has a purpose beyond brexit. the chancellor knows as well that there are critical tory mps who want him out of his job, because they don't think his heart is in the task of getting britain out of the eu. we won't be a government that is defined just by brexit... the outcome of the brexit negotiations will matter much more than any single budget — and tomorrow, a core group of cabinet ministers,
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including the chancellor, will discuss how to unblock talks, knowing that an offer of more money might be the key. ben wright, bbc news, westminster. the headlines on bbc news: the president of zimbabwe, robert mugabe, clings on to power after failing to announce his resignation in a televised address to the nation. flanked by military chiefs, he said he intended to chair the congress of the ruling zanu—pf party next month. police investigating the death of 19—year—old gaia pope, say there are no injuries on her body to suggest that any other person was involved. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's hugh woozencroft. there was no roger federer or andy murray in the world tour in london that we had a big victory for greek dimitrov. —— grigor dimitrov. he is called baby fed because his style is so like federer‘s. he went on to win
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the biggest title of his career and in the process, nearly £2 million. david moyes has returned to the premier league, having taken over by west ham side in the relegation zone. it is clear that points will bea zone. it is clear that points will be a premium for them that they will have to do more to get more. beach and 2-0. back to work for david moyes, and with his new club west ham in the relegation zone, back to basics. well, that was the plan, but there were no early signs of a new—look organised defence. no one took charge until will hughes did — for watford. this his first premier league goal. not the start moyes wanted but it could, and perhaps should, have been worse. richarlison and femenia coming close to getting watford's second. when west ham's chances came, there was an obstacle they couldn't overcome. these were some of heurelho gomes‘
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entry for save of the season. somehow, it wasjust 1—0 at the break. hughes turned provider, releasing richarlison to watford's their lead. the brazilian's first goal at vicarage road. lanzini saw his effort cleared off the line. it isn't getting any easierfor west ham. for moyes, it's back to the drawing board. we want to be in the games, we stayed in the game for most of it. we made a couple of chances to get ourselves goals, we didn't get them today. goals change games, you get them, it covers a multitude of sins. we didn't take the chances today. we have to play better, that's what i think. i didn't really enjoy bits of the performance, but if we got the goals, then i think it would have turned things round a little bit. there was only a 1—0 draw managed
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against partick thistle. chris coleman has been confirmed as the new boss at championship side sunderland after resigning as well as manager. he signed a 2.5 year deal to replace simon grayson who was sacked last month. sunderland are bottom of the championship after just one win in 17 matches. coleman's first game will be at aston villa on tuesday. tommy fleetwood has won golf‘s race to dubai title. he held offjustin rose to top the european tour's money list but it went down to the final hole of the final event of the season. he could have claimed it with an eagle on the 18th that he could only manage a birdie. not massively sunk in. kind of a long day, especially when we finished it. it wasn't pretty today. didn't play how i would liked to. it shows golf
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can be not a fair game. i how i would liked to. it shows golf can be nota fair game. i mean, yeah. the raised to dubai champion, it sounds pretty cool. exeter has gone back to the top of english premier league's championship that made to work for it by harlequins. wasn't the best performance bonus point win. there were wins for barf and leicester. that is the sport for now. you will find you the details on the bbc sport website. a british sailor has died after being swept overboard during an international yacht race. 60—year—old simon speirs, from bristol, was sailing between south africa and australia, as part
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of the clipper round the world race. he was rescued from the water, but never regained consciousness. the broadcaster aled jones won't be appearing on the bbc while an allegation of inappropriate behaviour is investigated. a spokesperson said he accepted the way he acted more than a decade ago was "occasionally juvenile", but he never intended to harass or distress and he strongly denied any inappropriate contact. fifteen people have been killed in morocco in a stampede as food aid was being handed out. officials in the rural town of sidi boulaalam, in the western province of essaouira, said at least five others were injured. the crush occurred during an annual food aid distribution by a local charity. morocco has been suffering from a drought which has pushed up food costs. the conservative mp anna soubry says her office has received thirteen death threats against her over the last week.
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she says the messages were directly linked to the way she and other party members were branded "brexit mutineers" by the daily telegraph newspaper. she said that she had been "quite frightened" by the threats. a huge air and sea search involving five countries, and including the royal navy, is under way to try and locate an argentine submarine. the sanjuan has been missing since wednesday, with 44 crew on board. contact was lost as it returned from a routine mission near the southern—most tip of south america, but there are now signals being detected which may provide clues as to its location. dan johnson reports. this is a vessel designed to play hide and seek in the deepest depths. so finding the sanjuan, its crew and the 22 torpedoes it carries is a real challenge. fresh satellite signals, albeit weak ones, have revived hopes of rescue. seven call attempts have been received, says the navy spokesman, but they were incomplete
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and need to be checked to pinpoint the location. he stressed that they are making every effort to find the submarine, searching the open ocean and the sea bed. this is now an international effort. the us navy has flown in deep—sea rescue equipment. and hms protector, the royal navy's antarctic patrol ship, has been diverted to help scan beneath the waves of the south atlantic ocean. the sanjuan left the southern port of ushuaia last monday, after a routine mission. it was making the 2,000—mile journey back to its base in mar del plata, not far from argentina's capital. the search is focused around halfway, in the sanjorge gulf, where the submarine last made contact on wednesday. one of the 44 crew members is argentina's first female submariner. the best hope of finding her and her crew mates alive is that a power failure knocked out the submarine's communications. six countries are now
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hunting for the san juan, but it's lost in a huge area of ocean and bad weather is making a difficultjob even harder. dan johnson, bbc news. volunteers restoring the last paddle steamer to be built in britain are appealing for help to track down artefacts and equipment which disappeared from the ship. ‘the maid of the loch‘ was left derelict after it was moth—balled 35 years ago. now a group of enthusiasts are hoping she will set sail again. our scotland correspondent, lorna gordon has been aboard to take a look. in the grey drizzle of an on—time all day, the last paddle steamer to be built in britain. —— autumnal. the part of the time, she has been
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left to rot until steamship enthusiasts saved her from sinking. bello it needs a lot of work and a lot of money spent. —— it needs a lot of money spent. —— it needs a lot of money spent. —— it needs a lot of work. rotten wood, all that will be replaced. the paddle boxes will be replaced. the paddle boxes will be replaced. the paddle boxes will be bright. royals and heads of state were amongst the millions of passengers that graced their decks. ona passengers that graced their decks. on a saturday night, they would be entertainment and donna summer's day, it would be full of families. —— in summer. it would have been packed with passengers enjoying a day out on the water. many of those who are helping to restore it have fond memories of this ship and want a new generation to enjoy it, too.
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is it exciting as a boy? yes, fantastic. never had seen anything like it in my life. a wonderful feeling about watching the power. this is raw power. all of these pistons going backwards and forwards, turning the shafts, making the paddles go through their cycle, making it go through the water. it's just a mean, making it go through the water. it's justa mean, magic making it go through the water. it's just a mean, magic is the only word to it. hard work by volunteers has raised some of the damage caused by the years of neglect that of anything overvalue stolen, any metals melted down and stolen as scrap, they now need help tracking down any artefacts that still exist, like this recently returned ship's wheel. over the years, we have had one or two things back. the most important one is the ship's bell. do you want to hear it? yeah. ifi
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lived it up, you can give it a ding. there are lots of other ones people have taken off. we need to know if they are safe, with people please give them back. securing the heritage of this historic ship and moving one step closer to seeing the maid of the loch sailing once again. in the last few hours, after seeing the coverage on the bbc this morning, someone stopped by the ship and handed in the original build plate — as you can see in this picture, it has the name of aj inglis, the shipyard where maid of the loch was built in 1953. the queen and the duke of edinburgh will celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary tomorrow with a series of portraits released to commemorate the occasion. their wedding was on the 20th of november 19a7. there are no public celebrations planned — instead they'll be marking their anniversary privately with family.
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ray moving in across the uk. some of us ray moving in across the uk. some of us had some lovely sunshine today. with the wet weather moving in, the temperature was actually rising through the night. some spots close to freezing, east anglia. those temperatures are heading up but for many of us, mild but wet. the heaviest rain across the northern half of the uk. into western scotland. as you can see, it is not just rain, it is some snow. maybe splashy on some of the morning. as the morning goes on. a chill —— actually feel to things. 11 degrees. the milder air pushing in. with a lot of cloud around, as we had further south, might not be a few —— much rain. three consecutive monday
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mornings of cold and frosty. it certainly isn't the case as we go into tomorrow morning. again, it will be a wet start in places. the rain tends to fizzle out but we will still keep some areas of cloud and patchy rain around and even into the afternoon and sunshine, really hard to come by. a few brighter breaks in east of the pennines, wales, into the afternoon, for example. don't hold out for much in a way of sunshine. the double figures may reach up to scotland. based chilly feel. —— actually feel. another area of cloud and rain is moving northwards on monday night. it link is in scotland on tuesday, we think, with heavy rain in places that temperatures are heading up. elsewhere in the uk, another mild start. very wet in northern scotland on tuesday. a spell of rain and outbreaks of rain spreading south—east england and wales. once again, ourwindy day
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south—east england and wales. once again, our windy day on tuesday as areas across the eastern parts the state drive and a bit of rightness, it will feel mild. across the board, temperatures double figures, almost across—the—board, except temperatures double figures, almost across—the—boa rd, except in temperatures double figures, almost across—the—board, except in the northern isles and some in the mid— teens. two areas of low pressure close by on wednesday so you get the idea. it's an unsettled week of weather. it is milderfor a time with rain, wind, but it looks like by the end of the week, things will be turning colder again. we will keep a close eye out. the forecast of where you are and where you are going, this week available online. first the headlines. the president of zimbabwe, robert mugabe, clings on to power
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