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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 20, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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now it is time look at the stories that are making the headlines in media across the world. we begin with zimbabwe's online newspaper newsday. no surprises, it's leading what's dominating many front pages — president robert mugabe refusing to resign and now facing possible impeachment. in the german media, we go to deutsche welle online this morning. with the story we've been talking about — german chancellor angela merkel facing political uncertainty after coalition talks collapse. it's also raised the prospect of new elections. uk prime minister teresa may is today convening her new brexit inner cabinet ahead of december‘s european council meeting. she's expected to get the green light from ministers to increase her brexit divorce bill offer. staying online for the guardian, the publication claims that internal inquiries following four terrorist attacks in britain this year will clear mi5 and the police of making any serious mistakes. making news for china daily,
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staggering statistics from the recent singles day sales with retailers taking in over $1 billion an hour — that's almost triple the size of last year's black friday and cyber monday in the us. and finally looking to the daily telegraph, the queen and her duke on their 70th wedding anniversary today and what they think are the reasons for their relationships longevity. we did ask you to send us your thoughts on what you can do to mark the anniversary, platinum, we will talk about that in a moment. now jeremy is back. let's get started. the zimbabwean publication here, mugabe resignation not just the zimbabwean publication here, mugabe resignation notjust yet, it seems. indeed. people were really
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surprised to watch his speech and what would he had to say, or didn't say. widespread anticipation that he would be announcing his resignation, stepping down, but clearly he seems to be taking a fair degree of pressure to remove him from office his party have removed him from the leadership, it is the case that it could well be moving towards an improvement process which would require a two thirds majority in both houses of parliament but because of the scale of the support to his former party, if the process does push through, it would suggest his tenure is coming to an end but he does seem to be remarkably belike don't leave office. he is clinging on as it were but notjust him who is being removed, his wife grace mugabe and other supporters of him and her. indeed, that seems to be the crystallisation of the crisis, the crystallisation of the crisis, the fact that he was seemingly intent on securing her the candidacy to ta ke intent on securing her the candidacy to take over from intent on securing her the candidacy to take overfrom him. leaving aside
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a long—standing ally of his, and it is really sort of lead to this criticism from the army and really forced their hand, as they did last week, in order to facilitate the crisis and ultimately one would expect for set from office as i say it is very much the case that he wa nts it is very much the case that he wants his wife to succeed him and she is not particularly well liked for a number of reasons in zimbabwe. and the mood for change is there, the countrywide demonstrations on the countrywide demonstrations on the weekend really proved that. there was a real at the fear and excitement almost —— atmosphere. the decades of rule by macau they could soon be at an end. —— by mugabe. decades of rule by macau they could soon be at an end. -- by mugabe. the country was formed in 1980 and he has presided over an economy which has presided over an economy which has been driven into the ground by his policies, his cronyism, if there is an opportunity for change, it embraces a lot of opportunities to improve the life and economy of zimbabwe. there has been an enormous
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degree of emigration from the country and maybe an opportunity for some of that to reverse and improve prosperity but we do not of course know how the leadership will resolve itself after the car they and if it can move itself forward. —— after robert mugabe. we cannot guarantee anything. we will keep a close eye on it. now to germany, the talk that happened late on sunday night, this is the online deutsche welle. in germany now, facing an election in the near future perhaps. indeed. this is an economy and a country which has prided itself on electoral stability over the course of the last 70 years or so and certainly the way the system has been designed as to prevent or conclude politicians going back to the country on a regular basis to try to enhance their own political success
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so this goes against the grain of what we have seen in recent years. we can argue that someone like italy who also faces election soon have had numerous elections over 70 years there has been a complete contrast, a couple elections in spain again. and a few here as well! indeed! it is uncharted in germany though, it is uncharted in germany though, it is the nature of the election result we had in september did leave mrs merkel requiring this very broad—based coalition, where you we re broad—based coalition, where you were looking at the greens on the left and the ftp on the bright which had very divergent views particularly about immigration but also energy policy and both are resolved and they are leaving germany in a political crisis. another woman under pressure, theresa may in the uk, meeting with herinner theresa may in the uk, meeting with her inner cabinet today, her brexit subcommittee, however you describe it, those who need to describe what the new divorce bill will be. they
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need to make headway, don't they, if possible, before the next eu summit. which is close now. i want to trade on the agenda as soon as possible. if you think that we tripled —— triggered article 50 in march, it is a two—year timetable and we are now heading into almost the second half of that because if there is an agreement with the eu summit in mid—december, the next gathering will be not until march of that is 12 month until the end of the article 50 process, and it's critical the uk move on to the transition but also notably the trade talks and there are of course three thorny issues that need to be resolved, one of which is the financial settlement, and the prime minister moved the uk position some distance to say that no nation would lose out effectively saying we would meet a obligation until the end of 2020 but it isn't enough and now we are seeing the cabinet discussing additionalfunds to
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are seeing the cabinet discussing additional funds to meet pension liabilities, and other new liabilities, and other new liabilities that we signed up for it could add another 30— $40 billion to overall budget. now we will skip the guardian but if viewers want to look at it, talking about m15 and police clearing liability of terror attacks in the uk but the article points out this was an internal investigation so perhaps not the most independent view. the china daily, e—commerce propelled singles day sales. this last year, it was mammoth. but this year, this is not the saturdayjust gone but one before but all of the figures are now in, $1 billion spent per hour. it underlines the scale of the chinese economy. and the burgeoning middle class now have money to spend. it is a classic scenario that of course this singles they've assess was described by alibaba, the they've assess was described by aliba ba, the chinese they've assess was described by alibaba, the chinese ebay. to boost their own sales. indeed, and remarkable sales, 5% of monthly
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sales on the one given day. emphasising in a sales driven process that people can be enticed to spend. it demonstrates when you say 1 to spend. it demonstrates when you say1 billion per hour, how enormous mainland chinese as a market. you do not get our heads around it outside of china. why companies like google and facebook and apple are so keen to get in there. it underlines the scale of the chinese economy but the change in the transition, which moved away from the low—cost worker backdrop and we are now seeing increasing numbers of middle—class people, increasingly earning sizeable incomes, and actually having money to spare. we have the anniversary, the telegraph, and many other papers, she loved him from the first time she saw him, he was at rebellion, she his act of conformity. it is a lovely quote. it isa conformity. it is a lovely quote. it is a really good way of putting it.
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when you have a notion of service, rebellion doesn't necessarily follow through obviously. but yes, it is an amazing story, 70 years for any marriage is astonishing. they must run out of gift ideas. one would assume so. you need to start a round again. a glass of something nice to celebrate i think is the most appropriate thing to do. thank you so much, jeremy. just a few other ideas— he should give her all she should give him a middle or both or to each other. and leslie, a letter of love. that is her suggestion. thank you for your comments on the briefing. have a good day. goodbye. hello. it's safe to say there is a lot of weather coming our way this week. low pressure will be in charge. low pressure after low pressure will be coming in from the atlantic.
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this is how we are starting the week. still cold enough for a bit of snow into the scottish hills for monday morning. but milder air will be pushing in across much of the uk for a time this week, because it looks like this will be pushed away by colder air, again from the north, by the end of the week. but this is how we start off on monday — some snow on the hills in northern scotland, so some slushy roads for higher—level routes here. a lot of rain elsewhere in scotland to begin with, and a lot of cloud across the uk. still chilly, then, in northern scotland. we'll see the rain and the snow tending to fizzle out as we go through the morning in scotland, and some outbreaks of rain to begin with for northern ireland and northern england. come further south, yes, there's plenty of cloud. there isn't a huge amount of rain. damp and drizzly in places but what we will notice the most is how mild it is compared with recent mornings. starting the day across much of wales, the midlands, south—west england, the temperatures into double figures. so the milder air moving in, but it's doing so with plenty of cloud.
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so we're hard—pressed to find much in the way of sunshine at all on monday. just a few brighter breaks to the east of high ground. outbreaks of rain fizzling out, but there will be patchy, mostly light rain still around into the afternoon in some spots. double—figure temperatures maybe even into southernmost parts of scotland, but elsewhere in scotland, still single figures for another day. so still a chilly feel, especially the further north you are. 0n through monday night and into tuesday morning, we'll take another spell of rain through northern england, through northern ireland, and into scotland. but any snow on the hills turning back to rain as we turn ten things milder here eventually, as we go on into tuesday. a very mild night elsewhere, but again with plenty of cloud. it looks pretty wet on tuesday, especially in northern scotland. though to the east of it, before any of it gets in, given any brighter breaks, again temperatures very mild, and a few spots reaching into the mid teens for a while midweek in the uk, with stronger winds for a time. you can see low pressure systems are queueing up some wetter, windier weather for a time mid—week,
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but we are expecting things to turn cold again by the end of the week. so the milderfeel may just be brief. rain at times, and a bit of snow, especially on the hills in scotland. 0ften windy at times this week, as well, and a colder wind by the end of the week. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. robert mugabe clings to power, as he refuses to stand down as president of zimbabwe. in an extraordinary speech live on tv, in which he had been expected to quit, the 93—year—old instead promised to stay on for weeks to come. the operation i have alluded to did not amount to a threat to our world cherished constitutional order. nor was it a challenge to my authority as head of state and government.
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