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so, we were busy hiding them when they're checking up. 50, three men in a toilet hiding! well, that's it, it's part of history now. it is history. and 70 years on, alford, who worked in factories and had nine children, thinks getting on windrush was a great decision. you strike me as a man who has enjoyed life. and i'm still enjoying it. and i will always enjoy it. colin paterson, bbc news, leeds. beautiful. time for a look at the weather. thank you, good afternoon. changeable weather over the next few days and we started with mild temperatures as well. yesterday, we recorded 17 degrees celsius in nantwich, cheshire. the average is nine celsius. we have cloud with that, that is feeding in from the
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atlantic. outbreaks of rain and windy conditions. firmly in this mild airfrom the windy conditions. firmly in this mild air from the south, with windy conditions. firmly in this mild airfrom the south, with mild temperatures. this afternoon, we have got rain in the north and rain feeding into wales and north west england. temperatures today at a maximum of 1a, perhaps 15 celsius, where we see breaks in the cloud. this evening and overnight, cody outbreaks of rain, across scotland and wales into the midlands and east anglia, more rain pushing into the west into northern ireland and wales and north west england into the early hours. a mild night in the south, temperatures in double figures. cooler in the north. and into the early hours, for england and wales, the wind picks up. so tomorrow morning at rush hour, some outbreaks of rain in the far north, but largely dry across much of northern and central scotland. starting to see rain pushing into southern scotland, northern ireland,
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north west england and the north of wales, that could be heavy at points. elsewhere across england and wales, cloud around, temperatures quite mild already, a maximum of 1a celsius. windy, the wind having picked up. weather cloud is thick, light rain and drizzle possible. a windy day tomorrow across england and wales, possibly costs of 60 mph and wales, possibly costs of 60 mph and exposed coasts, outbreaks of rain across four north west england and southern scotland, and heavy rain. bright intervals in the south and east and more rain into the west in the afternoon, highs of 15 celsius. overnight into the early hours of thursday, some colder air so hours of thursday, some colder air so the return of something a bit cooler from the north which means so the return of something a bit coolerfrom the north which means by the time we start thursday, there is the time we start thursday, there is the possibility of snow over the hills in scotland and also perhaps down to low levels in the north. stay tuned to the forecast and we will keep you up—to—date. bright intervals across england and wales,
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rain in the south—west later, highs of around 1a, 15 celsius. friday, cooler temperatures into the north, perhaps holding on to double figures in the south. but by saturday, everybody is firmly in the cooler air. thank you very much indeed. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime: impeachment proceedings are underway against zimbabwe's leader, robert mugabe, who's still refusing to stand down. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me. and on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. you're watching bbc news. 1:33pm. this is the bbc sport centre. australia may have already retained the women's ashes but england have finished their tour on a high after levelling the series. they did it with a record run chase
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in the final t20 match in canberra. tim hague reports. other as she is already looking, no wonder australia looked so happy. under the sky, idea looked almost impossible. powerful and precise. but such hitting would make mooney only the second oz women to get the century, is the highest t20 chase in history. the game was surely up. but extra of calamitous catching and brilliant batting giving england some hope. going on to make history herself, becoming the first english women to score three figures in a
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t20. no urn to go home with... but plenty of pride. the england batsman alastair cook say they "have pretty much accepted" that ben stokes will play no part in their ashes series. the all rounder is awaiting the outcome of a police investigation into a fight outside a nightclub in september, he was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm but he posted this on instagram yesterday, keeping in shape in the nets in durham. bowling and batting. seemingly ready to join up with his team—mates if he is cleared. england have been training at the gabba in brisbane, where australia haven't lost a test in almost 30 years. the first test starts on thursday. england do hold the ashes but the last time they were in australia, almost four years ago, they lost 5—0. they are certianly a weaker side without stokes. it has been a while since the
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incident. those weeks after it, everybody was talking about it and it was not great. everybody really accepted that ben would not be here. if there's a bonus of him making the trip... great. but honestly it has not been spoken about that in the changing room. wales will have to take on new zealand on saturday without both liam williams and alex cuthbert. williams suffered an abdominal injury during 13—6 victory over georgia last weekend. the full—back will also misses the final autumn test against south africa because he must return to club side saracens. alex cuthbert is out with a calf injury. everton's oumar niasse has until six o'clock to respond to an fa charge of "successful deception of a match official". the striker won a controversial penalty, after minimal contact from scott dann,
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in saturday's 2—2 draw with crystal palace, with leighton baines converting. niasse went on to score the equaliser. he is the first premier league player to be hit with this particular charge, after new laws were introduced in the summer allowing players to be charged after a game for simulation. england women's hockey team have beaten china 4—1 in their last world league pool b match in new zealand. after two successive group defeats, the victory means they avoided a quarter—final clash with world number one side the netherlands. goals from sophie bray, alex danson, hannah martin and sarah haycroft earned a third place finish and set up a last eight clash with the usa. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. more from australia. first ashes test, midnight tomorrow. see you
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later. donald trump will later speak with the russian president on the issue of syria after vladimir putin said the defeat of the terror group islamic state there is close. the russian president was speaking in sochi, where he met syria's president assad, who was on an unannounced visit. mr putin said he wanted to hear the syrian leader's views on the peace process. speaking on russian television, president putin said he intended to talk with the american president and cou nterpa rts talk with the american president and counterparts from qatar. earlier, our moscow correspondent, sarah rainsford, explained just how important this unannounced meeting was. it is certainly extremely significant. even the symbolism is important. this was president putin welcoming al—assad for the first time in two years. essentially declaring an almost end to military operations in syria.
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he said the defeat of these terrorist groups was close and inevitable. both he and al—assad went to meet military leaders, russian military leaders, and congratulate them. both of them said it was absolutely pivotal. talking about the russian military having maintained syria's territorial integrity. putin said the russian military had seized the syrian state. and the message from these two leaders, it is time to push forward with political solutions for syria. just by the fact those men were standing side by side in russia, saying that, that suggest that al—assad sees himself as part of the political future going forward. extremely complex negotiation already under way. i think the idea is that would now accelerate.
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it is the first time in two years putin has welcomed al—assad to russia. what can we read into the timing? the conflict in syria, but also the domestic agenda. on that note, it is almost the beginning of the election campaign in russia for the presidential election in three months. putin expected to run. to be able to announce essentially russian victory in syria is an important plank. it is also part of the russian grandstanding, pushing itself as a global peacemaker, pivotalfigure in terms of the middle east but broadly syria. in terms of the peace process an important meeting tomorrow when putin hosts
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both the turkish and iranian leaders. going to be discussing syria. going to be meeting those countries that opposed each other. going with the message from al—assad, after three hours of meeting al—assad, and putin positioning himself as the man who can bring everybody together and get political future for syria. that was our moscow correspondent. britain is to lose its seat on the international court ofjustice in the hague for the first time since the un's principal legal body was founded in 19116. the uk's current judge, sir christopher greenwood, was hoping to be elected for a second, nine—year term. but the government withdrew him from the race after un members backed his rival indian candidate. borisjohnson has congratulated him
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on the appointment. the argentine navy says sounds picked up on sonar equipment did not come from a missing submarine in the south atlantic, as was earlier thought. the vessel — with 44 crew on board — had reported an electrical breakdown before it disappeared five days ago. russell trott reports. still hoping and praying. the naval base, it is fast becoming a shrine to the missing 44 members of the argentinian submarine as family and friends post messages of support to loved ones. the mood is generally good. clearly, some people doing better than others but generally, positive spirit. we hope we will $0011 positive spirit. we hope we will soon get some indication of finding them. the german built submarine had been returning from a routine mission on south america when it
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surfaced and signalled it had developed electrical problems. a multinational search is focusing on an ocean patch of 300km, radiating from the last point of contact. the navy revealed that several signals from the region or not from the missing satellite. the footprint could not correspond to the subs. bid could have been a noise from a living thing. all the submarine are designed to be difficult to detect and can stay at sea for months, the search is becoming a race against time. most of the crew live in this city. on them, south america's first female submariner. families are hoping for positive news. a scheme aimed at detecting lung cancer earlier, is to be extended to thousands more patients.
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nhs england says the use of mobile scanners at supermarkets and shopping centres in greater manchester proved so successful, similar schemes will now be rolled out to other parts of the country. caroline rigby has more. it has saved my life, definitely saved my life, because i could have gone maybe two or three years and it could have spread everywhere. michael brady was diagnosed with lung cancer thanks to a project which offered extra screening to smokers and former smokers in some of the poorest manchester areas. in an effort to boost early detection, patients thought to be most at risk were given ct scans in mobile trucks and supermarkets at shopping centres. lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the uk, claiming 35,000 lives year. nhs england says during the manchester pilot, one case was detected every 33 people screened and four out of five cases were diagnosed early when the disease is easier to treat. we have programmes already but people are reluctant because the c
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world to come forward. all of us think if i don't do anything... i'll be all right. it is the opposite. the more that we are tested, the better chance of survival. similar schemes are being rolled out in london and the north of england. many have welcomed it but cancer research uk warns there will need to be extra staff needed if more lives are to be saved. the security firm gas has commissioned an independent inquiry to review the "attitude and behaviour" of staff at an immigration removal centre it runs near gatwick airport. staff at brook house were allegedly caught "mocking, abusing and assaulting" people being held there in covert footage filmed for bbc panorama. the company has appointed an outside consultancy to conduct the inquiry but has not said whether the findings will be published. in a moment a summary of the business news this hour but first the headlines on bbc news: crowds
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gather outside zimba bwe's parliament as impeachment proceedings against president robert mugabe get underway. thousands of criminal cases may have been affected by alleged manipulation of data at a forensics laboratory in manchester. more money on offerfor the eu. theresa may agrees to increase the brexit divorce bill, if trade talks begin next month. in the business news... uk public sector borrowing rose to £8 billion last month. that's £500 million more than the same month last year, and higher than expected. we'll have more on this in a moment. competition authorities say the drugs company concordia has abused its market position and overcharged the nhs by tens of millions of pounds. ten years ago it's crucial thyroid medication cost around £11.50
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per packet. that's since gone up to £258 per packet. easyjet‘s profits have fallen during what the airline called a "difficult yearfor the industry". that figure came in at £408 million — that's down more than 17%. more now on the government borrowing. it rose to £8 billion last month. this comes the day before the chancellor announces his latest budget. economist vicky pryce joins us now... she should be coming. thank you for joining us. the government always make great play of cutting down on public borrowing, what is causing this figure to go up? although the economy has been growing, it has not
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been growing anything as fast as had been growing anything as fast as had been anticipated. no doubt that some of the revenue had been affected. if you would at the position overall, in the thing and shall year so far, corporate tax and also income tax have not done badly at all. and corporations have actually done reasonably well and a number of areas. we should notjust looked at the one month. overall, he is borrowing less than he had anticipated would be the case. overall, things have not been as bad in terms of collecting tax revenue, as he had perhaps anticipated. does he have more room to manoeuvre than the figures last month suggested?” think he does. the interesting thing is that he has been talking at
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looking at the debt. it has been rising of course, as high as almost 90% gdp. but actually he has had a lucky break in the sense that the office for national statistics has reassigned a large chunk of debt out of the public sector with the result that overall debt could be reduced by 70 billion. if that is the case, pounds, he could be able to say it is falling as early as next year and i could use the flexibility to borrow some i could use the flexibility to boi’i’ow some more i could use the flexibility to borrow some more and spend on their ears that matter such as infrastructure and housing. despite the fact he is good to have a lot of pressure on the hill service, universal credit. lacking in terms of size. and of course, removing the
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pay cap. we will leave it there. thank you. the us department ofjustice is going to court to try to block at&t‘s plans to takeover time warner. time warner owns cable news company cnn, which has been the target of criticism by donald trump. now the us justice department is saying the deal violates rules governing fair competition. samira hussain reports from new york. this is a deal that has always made sense for the two companies. at&t, one of america's leading mobile operators, owning these entertainment properties would give the competitive advantage. based on the competitive advantage. based on the precedent, of other takeovers, comcast and nbc, this at&t merger would like it would be accepted. but as soon as it was announced in 2016,
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then presidential candidate donald trump made it clear that he did not like it. donald trump has also been clear about his deep dislike of the news coverage of cnn. owned by time warner. responding to the news that donald trump was byjustice department is going to try to lock the deal, the at&t boss was not holding back from the politics. the bottom line, we cannot and will not be party to any agreement that would even give the perception of tom from icing the first amendment protections of the press. any agreement that results in us forfeiting control of cnn, directly or indirectly, nonstop. the department ofjustice, it denies any suggestion that the deal is being blocked because of the president animosity. the companies are clearly
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determined to challenge that view. it's been a bit of a flat day for the ftse 100. despite a 70% rise in the british explorer benedict allen, who was rescued in a remote area of papua new guinea, has returned to the uk. the 57 year old has denied that his rescue was a publicity stunt. he's been talking to the bbc‘s security correspondent frank gardner
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— who is also a friend of his — about why he didn't take any means of communication with him. i am known as an explorer. i am a specialist. i go to very remote places. i have been spending three decades doing this. i know papa new guinea very well. you still went missing? many circumstances going against me... one of the vine bridges we had to cross was swept away by floods. as we climbed higher and higher... i was trying to track down some people i used to live with, i was contracting chills, i knew i may well have malaria. had it five times. almost died twice. that was a problem. slowed me further. then, a war going ahead between different communities. i was blocked.
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just to be clear, you were very well looked after by everybody you were with? always. never threatened? you asked why go without a phone... my back up is not to summon a helicopter... it is to use the local resources. be friends with people. the forest to them is not a threat. it gives food, medicine, shelter. the local people, always friendly without exception. i was passing through different groups. it was great until the malaria kicked in. what was your worst moment? the realisation that this time it really was not looking good. and i was dropping into fever. i had to make a statement. you made a farewell video message to your family? yeah. i had never gone on an expedition like this, while a parent. before, just me.
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now, three children. ten, seven, two. i was talking to the camera about, well... how i was still aiming to get out, don't worry, but in my heart i thought i might fail them. i said, if anybody finds this, please take this to the high commission, i could be dead. i showd my camera my children. i said, maybe you have a family, i was speaking in the local language. lets join lucy for the forecast... good afternoon. we have started with
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some mild temperatures, around 17 yesterday. the average for the time of year, nine. but with that, plenty cloud. coming from the atlantic. some outbreaks of rain as well. thanks to milder air, the still looking at temperatures above average for the time of year. we have got some rain in the north, pushing to the north—west of england. temperatures at the maximum of 1a, england. temperatures at the maximum of 14, 15. england. temperatures at the maximum of 1a, 15. this evening and overnight, rain persists in the north, going eastwards to east anglia. the next area pushes to northern ireland, and the north—west of england. temperatures falling to an overnight low of 10—13. cooler in
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the north. winds pick up. tomorrow morning, largely dry. temperatures around about six, seven. starting to see some rain pushing to southern scotland, northern ireland and north—west england. far north wales. elsewhere, cloudy start. breezy. temperatures about 13, 1a. mild start. as we move through the daily for england and wales, gusts of 50/60. on the coast, we could have 17mph. rain heavy for north west england, temperatures in the south east at a maximum of 15. more rain moving to the west. and then as we move to dusty, starting to drag this cool air from the north.
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move to dusty, starting to drag this cool airfrom the north. going to continue to go south and east. some small to start the day on dusty for the north of scotland, perhaps even at lower levels. we will keep you up—to—date. across england and wales, brightness, rainforthe south west. as we move to friday, starting to see those temperatures dropping. double figures in the south. but by the weekend, everybody wa nts south. but by the weekend, everybody wants getting hit, that cool air mass.
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