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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 22, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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while the axe has fallen on monaco and borussia dortmund, in the champions league. england pull off a record run chase, to finish the women's ashes level against australia. and bolt strikes down under before the ashes. hi there, wherever you are around the world. welcome to sport today. in tuesday night's champions league, real madrid went through to the next stage with a 6—0 thrashing of apoel nicosia. that included two goals for cristiano ronaldo. but monaco and borussia dortmund were knocked out in the group stages. monaco were semi—finalists last year, but lost 4—1 to rb leipzig, while dortmund went out with a 2—1 loss to tottenham. spurs are already through to the last 16. i think the team is starting to play very comfortably, be comfortable on
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the pitch, and i think it is fantastic for us. a fantastic achievement. first, top of the table, qualifying for the next stage of the champions league, i think, is a great thing for us. translation: it's not about missing shape or condition. i think we have conceded a goal against us, and this affected the confidence of our players. this should not be, but we have seen this again today. outthink a performance in the first half, especially in the first 30 minutes, was very decent. we defended very well, were very compact —— i think our performance. elsewhere, sevilla came from 3—0 down to draw 3—3 with liverpool. no club is through from group e yet. manchester city are already through to the next stage, and beat feyenoord by a single goal. napoli beat shakhtar, to keep alive their hopes of qualification. besiktas will be the first turkish side to finish top of a champions league group. holders real madrid are through, after thrashing apoel nicosia. like manchester city, tottenham are guaranteed to finish top of their group, but the city manager wasn't entirely happy
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with his side's performance on tuesday. of course, a win is better than not. of course, a win is better than not. of course, a win is better than not. of course, we are going to analyse the performance. the first half, we could do better. but sometimes it's difficult, when you win a lot of games, you already qualified, you say ok, i have to finish first, and you have another chance to first. we had the right tension to play, but thatis had the right tension to play, but that is normal. less than a week after guiding australia to next year's world cup, in russia, coach ange postecoglou has resigned. the announcement comes after weeks of uncertainty about postecoglou's future. he guided the socceroos to a two—legged playoff victory over honduras. postecoglou had been in charge forfour years, and said thejob had taken a toll on him both personally and professionally. after, you know, a great deal of thought and soul—searching, i have decided that the journey for me and as soccer i’oo coach. as
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decided that the journey for me and as soccer roo coach. as i have said many times, it has been the biggest privilege of my life, and probably not the ending i had envisaged when we started, but at the same time, knowing it is the right time for me, and the right decision. —— socceroo. manchester united's romelu lukaku has been forced to pay us police just $450 for causing noise disturbance. the red devils star agreed to pay compensation to beverly hills police after they responded to five noise complaints at a house he was renting in the last off—season. his payment means the case will be reduced from a misdemeanour to a charge which carries a fine as a maximum punishment. england's women may have lost the ashes, but they ensured they finished the series level with australia, by winning the final t20 with a record run chase. australia made 178—2 from their 20 overs. beth mooney scored an unbeaten ii7, but england reached the big target with an over to spare. henry moeran was in canberra for the finale. well, one of the most extraordinary
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gains of t20 cricket you could ever wish to see. two centuries, a record run chase, a multitude of dropped catches, and the net result, england winning the draw this ashes series. australia may retain the trophy but england will be leaving the ground with a smile on their faces. charlotte edwards, have you ever seen a game of t20 cricket quite like that? i haven't, no. it was sensational, beth mooney‘s 100, england 30 sensational, beth mooney‘s100, england 30 43, and then the partnership of wyatt and knight, it was outstanding, but it was the dropped catches, wasn't it? and that for australia was the disappointing way to end the series. not for england it was a great way to end the series, 8—8, they will be pleased to leave australia but sad to leave without the ashes. beth mooney‘s 117 not out, we thought
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that would be the innings that defined the match, but wyatt stepped up, and she has a talent. she is, andi up, and she has a talent. she is, and i think every england play a new wyatt was capable of doing that. i knew she was capable of it, it was whether she was capable of it —— whether she was capable of it —— whether she was capable of it —— whether she knew she was capable of it. this could be the turning point for her. she has been put to the top of the order, she has taken her opportunity, and let's hope she can stay in this england t20 side or one day international side for a long time now. we hoped to come out of this series knowing who was the dominant side in world cricket. at the end of it, 8—8, we still don't know. that is how evenly matched these things are, we'll centred at these things are, we'll centred at the start. we thought australia looked early on like they were the more dominant side. england came back brilliantly, and that is the sign they have really grown as a tea m sign they have really grown as a team and the signs are really good for the west indies in 2018. what women's ashes it has been, and what a finale here in canberra.
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the ashes is nearly upon us. this time tomorrow, the crowds will be filling up the gabba in brisbane for the first test between australia and england. the fire was stoked by nathan lyon, who said he wants to end the career of some english players, but opener alastair cook has shrugged off the pre—match verbals. all the talk, all the stuff that has happened this morning, just makes you chuckle. it is about what happens at 10am on thursday, and for the next five days, and whichever side plays better, whichever side bowls better, it that's better, ta kes bowls better, it that's better, takes the catch is, will unsurprisingly dominate the game. we obviously respect our opposition. they have picked the best team that they feel is going to be here to try and beat us. and yes, i think they are going to hold their own. we start fresh tombaugh one, and that first session is the key to definitely how the game will evolve.
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and hopefully the weather holds off for us. well, lightning already struck the gabba, when usain bolt dropped in to give the aussie cricketers some speed training. the fastest man on the planet said cricket was his first love, and he would have tried to play for the west indies. most of the england team is all but decided, with just one of the bowling places to be filled by jake ball or craig overton. ball's fitness has been in question, so overton could be in line for a test debut. and watching back home in south—west england will be his twin, jamie, who is hoping to follow his brother into the england side. born within three minutes of each other, the overton twins have never been far apart. that is, until now. craig overton back on. nice and smooth. while craig is in australia, younger brotherjamie will be watching. 10,000 miles away, back in
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taunton. the only times when we are in different classes, because mum and dad wanted us to be split up. because if we are together we cause a lot of trouble. we have played literally every sport together. we have always been in the same team. so he will properly find it pretty strange that i am not there, but we spend so much time together, it is nice to get some known. both brothers were tipped the great things. at school they were already tall, and bowling a lot faster than anyone else, so it wasn't long before somerset‘s academy took notice. i can remember the first timei notice. i can remember the first time i saw them, they were tall, they were gangly, they want to do everything, they wanted to bowl, that can keep wicket, both of them. so it was obviously had some ability. they are very competitive, so they have constantly charged each other, but they have leapfrogged each other as they went through the yea rs. each other as they went through the years. craig took 13 wickets for somerset this season and has impressed in england's warmup games but he is not taking anything for
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granted yet. it is making sure i am ready to play that first test, where ifido ready to play that first test, where if i do get called up i am not out here to fill in the drinks or fill the shoes, it is to take the opportunity if it does come. he has been brilliant, he has thrown himself into every game in every opportunity. whenever he has got the ball he has stood up and he has really put his hand up to be selected. 9996 really put his hand up to be selected. 99% of the population wouldn't be able to tell the two of you apart. you were intended to nick his passport and beat the airport?|j think his passport and beat the airport?” think they might notice the action, andi think they might notice the action, and i have a sore back, they might notice it is not the same person. but i think it is one of those things, i would love to be over there with him. hopefully one day it will happen. jamie's time will come, but it looks like older brother craig is going to be first again. that is all we have time for right
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110w. that is all we have time for right now. always more on the bbc website. from myself and the team, see you soon. goodbye. hello there. we have heavy rain, gales, even some snow, all in the forecast for the next few days. the coldest air is still waiting in the wings. we have several areas of low pressure all pushing up from the south—west, bringing these weather fronts, and in turn bringing rain. so, having seen the rain ease off overnight, it's going to be turning wetter by the morning. mild to the south, some colder air perhaps beginning to arrive in the north of the uk. let's head into the morning, for the rush hour, and for much of southern england, it well may be dry. midlands, east anglia too. windy by the morning, a very mild side to the day, too. then we're back into the rain across wales, especially wet
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to the north—west of wales. some rain for the north of england, the north—west in particular. and this rain in ireland could become heavy and begin to arrive in the south—west and south of scotland. then we've got a slice of drier weather before we're back into something a bit wetter in the far north of scotland. this main area of rain could be as much as 100mm of rain falling by the end of the day over the hills, south—west scotland, cumbria, and north—west wales. and ahead of that, across much of england and wales, it will be windy. strong to perhaps gale—force winds, very mild air, especially if you get the sunshine in the south—east and east anglia. could be some rain and cold air across the north of scotland. this rain still around in the evening, with strong winds. some squally rain sweeping eastwards across england and wales. poor day in the rain, and cold air across scotland. squally rain sweeping east. then in the cold air, we start to see some snow falling overnight in scotland, particularly northern
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parts of scotland. further south, much milder, but still windy. the winds do ease down on thursday, and that snow continues for a while, even to some lower levels in northern scotland, too, before easing down through the day. we're seeing some bands of showers pushing their way southwards, but there'll still be some sunshine in between. still pretty mild, actually, across the south and south—east, 13 or 1a degrees. much colder, though, not just for scotland, but also for northern ireland and the north of england, too. now, heading into friday, a lot of uncertainty about the position of this area of low pressure. this is probably the last of those low—pressure centres moving up from the south—west. the rain more likely across southern england for a while on friday. and this could be the last of the milder air, if you like, because colder air that's in the north and north—west will come sweeping its way southwards just in time for the weekend. now, you may well be dry for much of the weekend. there'll be some sunshine, too. but we are going to find some showers, particularly in the north—west of the uk, and those showers not just of rain, but possibly of hail, sleet, and snow. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe.
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my name is mike embley. our top stories: celebrations continue into the night in zimbabwe after robert mugabe resigns as president of zimbabwe. i tender my resignation... robert mugabe's surprise resignation was made by letter just as proceedings to impeach him were getting started. we're here right at the moment that they've heard that robert mugabe has resigned from the presidency. and you can hear it from zanu—pf mp5, from opposition mps, from members of the public who've come here to witness what's happening.
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