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tv   Our World  BBC News  November 25, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines: the government in pakistan has called for the army to send troops to the capital islamabad after running battles between police and islamist p rotesto rs. battles between police and islamist protestors. they a re battles between police and islamist protestors. they are demanding a government minister is sacked and accuse him of blasphemy. egyptian officials investigating the killing officials investigating the killing of more than 300 worshippers at a mosque in sinai say the attackers we re mosque in sinai say the attackers were carrying the flag of the so—called islamic state. it's the worst attack in the country in recent memory. president trump and time magazine are involved in a row over whether it's planning to name him person of the year. mr trump says the magazine told him he would probably be nominated. time says thatis probably be nominated. time says that is incorrect. lionel messi has ended speculation about his future at barcelona. he's extended his contract until 2021. coming up at10,
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coming up at 10, clive myrie will have a full round—up of the day's news. first, it's would have world and gabriel gatehouse reports from myanmar. a warning that there are images of graphic violence from the beginning. these people have just crossed the border. they're in no man's land, they've been driven from their homes in myanmar. now, they're waiting for permission to enter bangladesh. the rohingya are a people that neither country wants. what happened in your village? theyjust burnt our houses. these are some of the survivors. they're hungry, they're sick, and they're scared. across the river, there's a deliberate campaign of terror going on. a campaign from which no one's safe. well, we don't know how many
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people have been killed. but we do have some idea of how many have been burnt and chased out of their homes. these are just a tiny fraction of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who have fled. in our investigation, we're going to focus on the events of one day, of one massacre in one village, and its name is tula toli. since august, more than 600,000 people have sought refuge in the camps in bangladesh. people who brought little with them but the nightmarish memories of their experiences at the hands of the burmese military. we've come here to find survivors of the tula toli massacre. we've spoken to six of them. we've cross—referenced
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their testimony with video evidence. absolutely horrific pictures. with maps of the local area, as well as with interviews collected by human rights organisations. what emerges is a picture of systematic violence. violence that has been described as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. using a satellite photograph of the area, a rohingya elder showed me how the massacre unfolded. the village of tula toli consists of a number of settlements surrounded on three sides by the meandering flow of a river. in previous days soldiers had set
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fire to other villages on the opposite bank. that wednesday morning, the 30th of august, they crossed into tula toli. there was panic. everyone mentions the river. with the soldiers advancing from the north west and a police post to the south, many of the villagers ran east. they ended up on the river bank. they were trapped. gunfire.
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and you yourself were on the other side of the river? anora showed me and others where she swam across the river. to a point downstream where it was narrow enough to cross. they used banana trees and plastic canisters as life rafts. did you see this with your own eyes?
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from a hill on the opposite bank, they watched the horror unfold. the horrific scenes she witnessed still give her nightmares. anora watched the bodies of her neighbours‘ children wash up on the river bank. a scene that was filmed by another villager. the children's names were rashida, five years old, kushida, three, and zahidia, who was 11 months. anora begum, her husband
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and her four children all managed to escape with their lives. mohammed was not so fortunate. he and his youngest daughter survived but three of her sisters were killed, and so was their mother. the violence began five days before the massacre at tula toli, on the 25th august, when members
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of a rohingya militant group attacked a number of police posts inside myanmar, killing 12. in response, the burmese military began what they called clearance operations. that was three months ago. boats filled with refugees have been coming over since. the overwhelming majority of people in myanmar are buddhists. rohingya muslims make up only a small minority overall. but in rakhine state, the region that borders bangladesh, they might be in the majority, if it weren't for the fact so many have fled. even before the latest violence, the rohingya of myanmar were denied the most basic rights. the right to vote, the freedom to travel, and access to decent education and health care. now, some have accused the burmese
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government of using the attacks by the rohingya militants as a pretext. a pretext for a vicious and indiscriminate crackdown against rohingya civilians. the bangladeshi authorities monitor what goes on on the other side of the border. and i've been told that from the beginning of august, so about three weeks before the violence started, they noticed an increase in military activity on the myanmar side. now, if that's true, that would suggest an element of preparation for the violence that followed. and this is the suggestion that we've heard corroborated by some of the witnesses we've spoken to, as well. we were told about an incident that happened nearly two weeks before the massacre in tula toli. also before the attacks
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by the militant group known as the arakan rohingya salvation army which, the burmese military claims, prompted their clearance operations. were they trying to recruit people in the village? was there some truth to that? witnesses said the policemen were called in by the village administrator, a local buddhist government official. a few days later that same official called a meeting — elders from both communities were asked to sign
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a kind of peace treaty. was that unusual, to be asked to do something like that? the rohingya of tula toli saw that document as an explicit guarantee of their safety. it's because of this that they stayed in their homes even when they saw other villages being burnt. now they believe the administrator double—crossed them. almost everyone we spoke to mentioned this village administrator, the local government representative. his name is mr singh. he would accuse the villagers of supporting the militants some said, others that he tried to force them to register as foreigners.
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another rohingya elder told me that before the massacre he and mr singh had been in regular contact. do you have his phone number, can you call him? human rights investigators and journalists have been trying to talk to this man for months. none have managed to contact him, until now. mr hussein lost a son and three grandchildren in the attack. now, over a crackly phone line, he accuses the village administrator of complicity in the massacre. at the end of the conversation, mr hussein seems unconvinced. do you believe him? the majority of myanmar‘s rohingya muslims have by now already fled.
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dispossessed and stateless, the mud—soa ked camps of bangladesh are what they must, for now, call home. the burmese government says its military operations, just across the border from here in are a response to attacks by militants on 25th august. but what about those reports of troop movements weeks earlier, before the rohingya militant attacks? well, we are on our way now to meet an officer in the bangladeshi border guard who might know more about this and might be willing to talk to us. hello, major. how's it going? yeah, fine. good. well, the major said he wasn't authorised to speak to the bbc on camera
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but we did have a conversation off camera. and he said i could quote him with the following. that they saw from around 5th august, a huge concentration, those were his words, of myanmar military in the border area. he said apart from burning people's homes, they extorted valuables, took their money. i asked him what the purpose of all of this was. he said they are trying to make rakhine state rohingya —free. there are members of the arakan rohingya salvation army in these camps. we spoke to two of them. they said they lacked weapons. experts who've studied the group tend to agree. they almost certainly carried out some of the attacks that sparked the latest violence. but they were unlikely to be capable of the kind of co—ordinated action attributed to them by the burmese military. here's another thing that the officer we spoke to in the borderforce said to me. he said that there is some merit in the claim that at least some of those attacks were staged.
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he said, to our knowledge there are hardly any active members of this group. but even if the militants did do all the things that the burmese government said it did, nothing, surely, could justify the horrific nature of the response that followed. by late morning on the 30th august, on the river bank at tula toli, dozens of people had already been murdered. 7:: 552 :2 5.22252:zisggzéz'i'zézgztz— .. —..——.r.r.r.r.—.. severely burned and wounded, mumtaz managed to crawl to safety and eventually escape under cover of darkness. she came to bangladesh with her seven—year—old daughter. her daughter was beaten by the soldiers, but survived. mumtaz is only 30 years old.
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the men who raped her, who killed her children, were soldiers. but she, like others, told us that non—rohingya civilians took part in the attack that day as well, demanding money and valuables. i wondered about the buddhist village administrator. no one we spoke to said he personally took part
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in the attack, and it seems unlikely a local civilian official could have stopped the powerful burmese military. but there remains the question of whether he deliberately misled the rohingya villagers into believing they would be safe in their homes. hello sir, it's the bbc here, just to say we are recording this call. can i ask you why did you not warn the villagers that the army was going to come in? the burmese government doesn't regard the rohingya muslims as citizens of myanmar. stuck in the camps in bangladesh without official status, it will be hard for them to return home, even if they felt it was safe to do so. the united nations has called this ethnic cleansing. others prefer the term genocide. by whatever name you call it, the massacre at tula toli was a monstrous crime. a crime the burmese authorities is not investigating.
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every evening on the border, more people try to cross from myanmar to safety in bangladesh. new arrivals say their villages are still being burned. that they are still being chased and terrorised from their homes. we asked the burmese government for a response to the evidence of a massacre at tula toli. they never got back to us. for now, the violence continues with impunity. if it goes on like this there won't be many rohingya left in myanmar. and perhaps that's exactly what the burmese government wants. hello. time for our extended look at the weather and i don't think it's giving the game away too much to say the outlook is a cold one. saturday was a chilly day. we saw a dusting of snow across the tops here. less in the way of showers i think on sunday and a slightly lighter wind. another cold day with a widespread frost to start. a lot of sunshine
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around first thing and central and eastern areas should manage to hang on to that. a cold feeling day. this weather system towards the north—west will start to come into play through the evening for northern ireland and scotland, bringing wet and windy weather. the weather front will sink south across england and wales to bring some wet weather come the end of the night. the biggest difference that weather system makes is, it will make for a milder life, so a frost—free start to the week. a wet rush hour across the south and then we are left with a mixture of sunny spells and hefty showers for monday day time really. wintry showers into the highlands and the grampians. a windy story. temperatures in double firs for london. we won't be seeing anything like an 11 in the coming days though, the reason being that once this weather system pushes out
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of the way, we again line up our isobars from north—to—south. low pressure to the east almost close enough to be throwing a few showers at eastern coasts. we'll see some of those on tuesday, keen winds here as well. in the west, some showers could appear in wales. lots of sunshine on offer however but it will feel chilly. 0n sunshine on offer however but it will feel chilly. on tuesday, the low pressure to the east, slight change in the orientation of the isobars. perhaps we'll see stronger winds along the east. showers shifting off shore. another cold day, especially with the biting wind. it's the subtle shift between wednesday and thursday. the weather system in the north sea, if anything, the area of more organised showers, if you hike, threatening the east coast for thursday. we could see strong winds
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by then and it looks like we'll start to see more showers feeding into wales and the south—west of england. again though, still a cold day to come and still plenty of winter sunshine away from the exposed coasts. for friday, a similar picture, showers in the east. feeling much colder in the wind. as for the outlook for the following weekend and the week after that, well, we are still going to be stuck with a lot of cold air. mild airwaiting to stuck with a lot of cold air. mild air waiting to move in in the atla ntic air waiting to move in in the atlantic but it's all tied into an area of high pressure that's kind of got blocked and isn't going to go anywhere in a hurry. we keep that low to the east, the high to the west, the chilly air stream, perhaps if the high extends us towards us a little more, that will bring wintry complications in the form of fog. looking at widespread frost. it's
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definitely going to be a proper wintry feel towards the start of december.
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