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closer still. this is a delicate operation, and all sides agree a unique solution is needed for the irish border. they agree that pulling that off is an incredibly tricky manoeuvre. chris mason, bbc news. tricky manoeuvre. our ireland correspondent chris buckler is in belfast. there chris buckler is in belfast. seems to be a picture bi of there seems to be a picture building of frustration on both sides of the border? yes, the british and irish governments have always talked about the shared interest they have a long shared border, but the language is definitely. even today you have an eu commission from ireland saying that it will use its veto to prevent talks moving on to trade unless they get guarantees about the border. the republic of ireland has been dangling this idea that even if the rest of the uk were to leave the customs union and the single market, northern ireland could potentially stay in it. however, that is a solution that is completely unacceptable solution that is completely u na cce pta ble to solution that is completely unacceptable to the democratic unionist party. they say that, in simple terms, it would create a border between one part of the uk
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and another, essentially a border along the irish sea. you have a difficult situation. the dup's voice really matters, not least because the conservative government are relying on their support at westminster. the minority government in ireland have their own problems, and a political row is threatening to force a snap election there. but there is a consensus across the parties in dublin about this issue, they are making clear they will do all they can to ensure there is no ha rd all they can to ensure there is no hard or physical border on this island. five people, including three children, have been killed after a stolen car crashed into a tree in leeds. officers were called to the meanwood area of the city last night, just before 10pm. two 15—year—old boys are being held in custody on suspicion of dangerous driving. in custody on suspicion our correspondent alison freeman is at the scene. alison. freeman is at the scene. well, freeman is at the scene. the cordon has just been
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down well, the cordon has just been taken down in the past few moments. we have watched throughout the day as officers have examined the scene, trying to understand what caused this crash. we have also seen young people coming here, wanting to lay flowers a nd people coming here, wanting to lay flowers and pay tribute to those that lost their lives. officers said they were faced with a scene of complete carnage when they arrived here last night. with a scene of complete carnage a with a scene of complete carnage stolen renault ci this a stolen renault clio crashed into this tree just before ten o'clock. five people lost their lives. this tree just before ten o'clock. it this tree just before ten o'clock. included two broti 14 it included two brothers, aged just 14 and i2. it included two brothers, aged just 14 and 12. the family have paid tribute to the boys, along with three others aged 15, 2a and 20 eight. people living in this quiet area are understandably shocked. eight. people living in this quiet area are understandably shockedlj looked out of area are understandably shocked.” looked out of the bedroom window and saw the blue lights. it is horrible. it's scary, a scary thought, with it being at the end of the street. with
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my family here. debris from the crush is strewn across the road. the crash investigators are sifting through, trying to establish exactly what happened last night in what police are describing as a tragic accident. it is not yet known if all of those who died had been travelling in the car when it crashed, or if some had been walking along the road at the time. police say two died at the scene, and three others died later in hospital. two 15—year—old boys have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. they are being questioned whilst investigations continue. more details are emerging about the mosque attack in egypt on friday, which killed more than 300 worshippers — the worst the country has suffered in recent memory. officials believe up to 30 gunmen were involved. as our middle east correspondent 0rla guerin reports, local people are asking what more needs to be done in the fight against extremists in sinai. needs to be done in the fight this
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needs to be done in the fight report contains some distressing this report contains some distressing images. trying to bring comfort after an attack that has horrified egypt and caused shock around the world. among the survivors, the imam. he was leading the prayers when terror came to the mosque. as soon as people heard firing they started to run, he says. some climbed onto the pulpit. they were piled on top of each other. the attackers were shooting at anyone breathing. my friends lost theirfamilies, their at anyone breathing. my friends lost their families, their cousins and brothers, some lost their sons. this sinai journalist is from bir al—abed, where the attack took place. he says it is a turning point for local tribes, who have resolved to hunt the militants themselves.
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the tribe members yesterday, almost 400 people were at the meeting. they decided to carry arms. in a propaganda video, the main suspects, the egyptian branch of is, which has found fertile ground among the desert sand and neglect in sinai. now it has money, resources, weapons and recruits. sadly and tragically, the egyptian government has basically used only military means against the isis branch in north sinai. you need to dislodge isis from the social and political grievances that exist in sinai. experts say the egyptian army has been relying only on military might to try to defeat is in sinai. now,
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more than ever, it needs a new battle plan. owners of drones will have to register — and take safety awareness tests — as part of proposed new legislation. police will also be given new powers to crack down on criminal use of the devices. but asjoe lynham reports the government is also keen to develop the technology. they could be one of the most coveted presents this christmas. prices have come down and you can do a lot more with them. this potential customer says he would use one for aerial surveys and research. but he knows there needs to be more controls. it's all for safety, isn't it? we don't want drones crashing into planes and things like that. safety concerns surrounding drones were highlighted in july, when gatwick airport had to close when a drone was flown under a plane about to land. there have been near misses at leeds bradford, cork and manchester airports since 2015. and to prevent drones getting too close, the proposed drone bill could mean that owners of drones
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weighing more than 250 grams will need to register and do a test. they will be banned from flying near airports, or higher than 120 metres — or 400 feet. and police will get new powers to seize unmanned aerial vehicles. but drones have a growing list of useful applications. this prototype can fly into water and propel itself back out. these drones can be used on oil rigs to fix cables in treacherous conditions. and they are the types of uses that the aviation minister wants to encourage. we've looked at the drones today which can help in the construction industry, in the mining industry, an offshore oil rigs. and what's really exciting is that they can do the jobs that actually put people at risk, so hopefully it will help with safety as well. with the rising popularity of drones comes the issue of potential misuse by the public. this legislation could mean that new users won't be able to simply
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take it out of the box and start flying it straightaway. joe lynam, bbc news. the archbishop of york, john sentamu, has put his clerical dog collar back on — ten years after saying he wouldn't wear one until zimbabwe's president robert mugabe resigned. as far as as faras i'm as far as i'm concerned, from now on, iam as far as i'm concerned, from now on, i am not going to wear a dog collar until he is gone. in 2007, the archbishop, who was born in uganda, dramatically cut up his old dog collar during a bbc interview. he's now put on a new one, saying mugabe should apologise for taking a prosperous country to the brink of ruin. with all the sport here's reshmin chowdhury at the bbc sport centre. england are on the verge of defeat in the first ashes' test after australia dominated the fourth day in brisbane. they need just 56 more runs to win. meanwhile, the ecb says it's spoken to england wicketkeeper jonny bairstow after claims of an alleged incident involving australia's cameron bancroft during a night out earlier in the tour. andy swiss has more.
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so, was this the day england's ashes optimism faded? at first it was the batsmen that struggled. captainjoe root, gone before lunch. the rest soon followed. moeen ali, contentiously. was he stumped? anything behind the line and he was 0k. it was agonisingly close. at an age, he was out. england didn't hang around. australia left with a target of just 170. led by around. australia left with a target ofjust170. led by david warner, they ruthlessly set about the run chase. by the close, england's demoralised and all but defeated. very disappointed. i thought the first three days we played well and we we re first three days we played well and we were in the game. today, we let ourselves down. with the bat especially, we never really got that big score we needed. hours later, another problem. claims jonny ba i rstow another problem. claims jonny bairstow was involved in an incident
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in perth four weeks ago while in the same baras in perth four weeks ago while in the same bar as australia's bopanna cameron bancroft, also playing in this match. it is understood that their heads met at one point, although they both left amicably. in although they both left amicably. in a statement, the england and wales cricket board said there was no report of an incident from the venue, security or police and there was no injury reported. with the ongoing controversy surrounding ben stokes, it may raise more questions about teen culture. the ecb say they 110w about teen culture. the ecb say they now understand the context of the incident and will follow up with management after this test. both on and off the pitch, this is hardly the start of the ashes they had hoped for. in scotland, celtic have won the scottish league cup, the first major trophy of the football season. they beat motherwell 2—0 at hampden park, james forrest with the opener and then a penalty as the visitors went down to ten men. it isa it is a fourth consecutive domestic trophy for celtic. manchester city restored their
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8—point lead at the top of the league after coming from behind to beat huddersfield 2—1. but the game of day came at southampton, who beat everton 4—1. saints striker charlie austin with two on his first league start of the season. elsewhere, arsenal beat burnley with a late penalty to move to fourth place. it was a mercedes one two at formula 1's season ending abu dhabi grand prix. valterri bottas, starting from the front of the grid, claimed his third victory of the year. world champion louis hamilton finished second and ferrari's sebastian vettel came third to secure runners up spot in the drivers‘ championship there's been more success for britain's men's bobsleigh team on the world cup circuit. after a bronze last weekend, there was a silver in the four man event at whistler this time for lamin deen‘s crew. they led after setting a track record in the opening run, but were pushed into second by russia in the decider. more on those stories on the bbc website. that's it we're back with the late news at ten o'clock —
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0n on bbc 0n bbc news. there's take a look that a lot of stories this hour,. at least 23 civilians are reported to have been killed in syrian government attacks on a rebel—held enclave on the outskirts of damascus. activists say towns in the eastern ghouta district have been targeted by air raids and heavy artillery fire. here's our middle east regional editor, alan johnston. after the bombs and shells have fallen, the medics do their best with what little they have. some seem almost resigned to the horror of it all. others are too young to understand anything of syria pulled my war, all they know is the pain and the fear. there are those for whom nothing can be done. the scene of one of the attacks, it hardly seems worth cleaning up. some things can be patched and repaired and life
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will go on. but nobody here will forget what has just happened. translation: and there are martyrs, including two children, one who was 12 years old. there are no checkpoints here, no army post, it isa checkpoints here, no army post, it is a residential area. everyone knows it is a popular neighbourhood. these people have lived under siege for years. government forces surround the enclave, pressuring the rebels here to fire missiles into nearby damascus. the un says food in this place is so scarce that some people have been reduced to eating animalfodder and people have been reduced to eating animal fodder and even garbage. there have been reports of death by starvation. some of the worst of syria's suffering is injordan on these ruined streets. —— is in deal on these. the international trade secretary
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liam fox says the future of the irish border will not be resolved until the uk irish border will not be resolved untilthe uk and irish border will not be resolved until the uk and eu have reached a agreement on future trade. two of the five people killed when a stolen car hita the five people killed when a stolen car hit a tree in the leeds had been made on social media as brothers ellis and elliott. they are holding two teenage boys in custody, the police. those flying above airports are subject in law proposed by the government. —— drones. in modern rescue team in the brecon beacons are out of action after fire destroyed equipment union headquarters. the fire could have cost u p headquarters. the fire could have cost up to £500,000 worth of damage. the mountain rescue team is funded by volunteers. fire crews were called to the mountain rescue team is due at 830 last night to tackle the blaze inside the building. it is not clear
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how the fire started by the team's incident control vehicle wasn't really destroyed. this was our area of controlling incidents. that has gone. the winners blown and popped. it really has been destroyed. —— windows. devastating is the word. we spent a lot of time in the heart, raising the funds to purchase the vehicle and keep it on the road. to see this now is a sad sight. bouts regular viewers are familiar with the central beacon mountain rescue team. they feature any station identical screened between programmes. volunteers fear a fire could have cost up to £500,000 worth of damage and will impact on safety. we and our non—operational in terms of responding to mountain rescue incidents for the fanciable future. given the time of year and the
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weather and the dark nights, we are ready into our record—breaking year for incidents. 130 this year. we have got christmas coming up, and the winter weather in front of us. it is going to impact severely unhappy operate over the next few months. insurers claim being assessed and the vehicles off the road, the volunteer rescuers say they now have to respond to emergencies in their own cars. let's get more on one of our main stories. police could be given the power to crack down on illegal use of drones. owners of devices over a certain size will also have to register with the authorities and sit safety awareness tests. the measures are included in the draft drone bill to be published next spring. let's speak now to ian leslie, a commercial drone pilot and director of a civil aviation authority— regulated commercial drone company, high level photography. it is good to have you with us. good
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to hear about your perspective. i wa nt to to hear about your perspective. i want to ask you about your own experience of a near miss, not as a going operator but has a pilot. had a licence for 25 years and five yea rs a licence for 25 years and five years ago i was flying from gatwick to my home base, just in surrey. 100 feet below me i did see a drone and it flies past frequently. that was five years ago before the proliferation of drones happened. it was a close call. itjust brought the reality of what can happen home. how great is the rest from drones to commercial aircraft? there is a risk, absolutely. if anything does hit, there will be some significant damage and potentially catastrophic. the proliferation of them is certainly a bit... unventilated use,
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professional operators know what they are doing. we communicate with local air—traffic control, police, we are operating today in hampstead, and which indicated with the police, we did not need to let air—traffic know that it was no particular issue is nearby. but we have operated close to london city airport, heathrow, and in our own local airports. we do a lot of our testing and are communicating with the traffic controllers. given the operators like you, professionals, are well aware of the dangers and risk, is there a danger that this legislation is just going to be a sign of the government doing something but won't make a difference to the people you recall... and those who are using drones for criminal purposes? the speed limit is 75. that gets broken
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every day. the regulation, everybody knows the speed limit, everybody who drives knows it. there are people who drive that do not have a driving licence, they might not know the speed limit. the regulation and the publication of the awareness... i think it is important. you can go down to costco, whatever shop and buy one. they get out and go flying. with impunity. that is where the biggest risk is. rose we are hearing one of our guests earlier said he shops are being flooded with big imports in the run—up to christmas. it is one of the gifts that people are keen to get for fun and pleasure. what practical difference can legislation make when you have got all of this commercial activity, some of it from abroad, stuff being
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brought in, even some of the technical restrictions that we are talking about, geo— fencing, talk of that being broken by an app. everything can be hacked, your iphone can be hacked, everything. but everybody goes to knows extremes. you will never stop the determined person. ithink extremes. you will never stop the determined person. i think that is just a fact of life. someone who buys it from the shop and their garden happens me underneath a flight garden happens me underneath a flight path, and theyjust decide to fly it up, that is where the geo— fencing will come in and kick in. it was prevented from going. you got a level of regulation and my understanding is that it is less than 250 grams, you will not need the rest of it. anything over will need to be registered. you will need to ta ke need to be registered. you will need to take an awareness course. that is about making sure you understand
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when you take your drone off, you know where it is, you know what else is around you. there are many that will tell you exactly that you are ina will tell you exactly that you are in a control zone. people will not use them because there's no need for them. the is a requirement. that is them. the is a requirement. that is the regulation billy dardis need to comment. to stop this. that is a good reason for regulating, but another development we are hearing about is the idea any not too distant future of hiding large drones from air traffic control systems. perhaps i am not aware of that, you are talking about stealth drones may be, but to be fair i do not think many of the smaller drones can be seen by a traffic. in the eu consultation document, they talk about some form of identification lighted transponder. it is mass is
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big enough or it has an elegant mixing ajar, that is stuff that needs to be developed would be useful. as a pilot, i can have something in say there is another aircraft near, traffic collision avoidance system, that'll tell you there is something nearby. that is not mandatory. commercial operators have it, they get instructions on what to do. it looks like it is quite a carbon trading area the government will have to regulate. we look forward to see the details in the spring. we may trust you again then. —— talk to you again. thank you for talking to us. in 39—year—old man has been charged with aggravated burglary and the attentive murder of a dd veteran. this 96—year—old was seriously injured in an attack in his home on
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taunton in somerset. the attacker will appear in court on monday. two men being questioned about an altercation which led to mass panic on oxford circus had been released without charge. the men attended a police station voluntarily after the incident closed oxford circus underground station on friday evening. england are on the verge of losing the first ashes test after that earlier dominated the fourth day in brisbane. england started the day in brisbane. england started the day with a slender lead and eight wickets in hand, but may build out forjust 195. wickets in hand, but may build out forjust195. joe wickets in hand, but may build out for just 195. joe root wickets in hand, but may build out forjust195. joe root was the captain, and julia parred target was 170. at the close of play, the hosts we re 170. at the close of play, the hosts were 114, no wickets. 56 runs they need tomorrow to secure a convincing victory. off the field, the ecb says it has broken the wicketkeeperjonny ba i rstow it has broken the wicketkeeperjonny bairstow following reports he head—butted the australian batsmen cameron bancroft during a night out in perth and beginning of the tour.
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back on the field, where it is all going wrong for england? andrew miller is here. it is good to speak to you. you will know a lot about the stats. i was looking back at some of the copy, and to be fair to england they do not have a great record in first ashes test when they play down under. what had been wrong with the performance this time? as you say, their performances traditionally are shocking, so in mitigation not a lot. it was actually i witnessed a lot of slaughters at the abattoir. as it is known. this is probably going to be another of those. in terms of the final result. it would have fought as hard as i have seen them fighting as hard as i have seen them fighting a first test. it has come down to the people. england have lacked the pace of mitchell stark that they have been able to bring to the game.
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a slightly slow wicket they have, england have some success with the new ball, stuart broad for example, to be fastest bowlers. they are technicians, not express bowlers. i feel you managed to see them off, indolent‘s back—up has not been good enough. it is being the bowling. england have fought very hard and i have been impressed in some ways, but they are doing to get another black mark at the abattoir.m but they are doing to get another black mark at the abattoir. if it goes as predicted, and it is a bad start to the tour, they have got out of the group. they may think more about how they are playing. what sort of thing you think they are going to need be focusing on? finding a fast bowler, they have got the lies squad out there, they are shadowing the main squad, and mark wood, one of england might fastest
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bowlers, injury prone, is playing tomorrow against queensland. if he comes through that, ever not be surprised to see him shoehorned straight into the starting line—up. they need someone who is quick and can be hostile. it can be flat wickets with the new kookaburra ball gets old. how is joe root doing? when it comes to converting 50s into a hundred, he was showing up a little bit by steve smith. smith produced a magnificent 100. he made 51, he is now mentally and certainly tactically i thought he was brilliant. he will you tried every trick in a book in the field to keep and lead in command. theyjust lack that little bit of incisiveness to really break open innings that then you bowler gave him a chance in.
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that you so much for sharing your insight. good to speak to. —— speakto —— speak to you. the head of armed groups and his deputy had been suspended by police scotland under allegations of gross misconduct. assista nt allegations of gross misconduct. assistant chief constable bernard higgins was suspended by the scottish police authority. it is the latest in a series of suspected of senior officers in the uk's second largest police force. there is talk more about this story with our correspondent in glasgow. caitriona ruane tonne, hello, four officers suspended on friday, what more is emerging? two names emerged today, superintendent curt carnell, head of armed police at police scotland. his deputy chief inspector bob glass. glass was head of the former strathclyde police armed response unit at the time of the 2007 glasgow
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airport terror attack. another officer whose name we do not know was also suspended on friday, and two additional officers have been placed on restricted duties. all wrongdoing has so far been denied. this is the latest in a series of controversies to effect police scotland, a quite new force. how difficult has this been? this force has had to chief co nsta bles. this force has had to chief constables. the burst chief co nsta ble constables. the burst chief constable is being investigated over allegations of bullying and he is on leave. the body to oversee the force has also had its problems. the cherub that has resigned over questions about his combat. michael matheson told the bbc he is not
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convinced there is a problem with the culture within police scotland asa the culture within police scotland as a whole, but he is willing to investigate if there are lessons to be learned at the end of these investigations. when you have senior police figures within police
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