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this is bbc news. international trade secretary liam fox is the future of the irish border can be resolved into the uk and eu reach a trade agreement. brothers alison elliott folsom are among five people who died when a stolen car hit a tree in leeds. nazanin rockliff‘s husband says allegations on tv were prejudicing her trial. i read a lot to airlines over the plume of ash from the volcano on the island of bali. ——a red alert. also in the next allah, changing guard buckingham palace. sailors performed the famous ceremony for the first time in history as a part ofa the first time in history as a part of a year—long celebration for the navy. at 11:30 p.m., a second look at the papers including the times investigation into children being used by criminal gangs as drug runners. living and welcome.
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divisions between the british and are still an over how the northern ireland border works after brexit have deepened today. international trade secretary liam fox says final decisions could only be made once the uk knows what its future eu trade deal would be. ireland has however said it could be to moving on to the talks in the next eu summit injust on to the talks in the next eu summit in just over two weeks. but among the border, hotspurs once were customs post. it will have to stop to show their papers, but that was a long time ago. attention, water crossing. the satellite navigation system may be able to tell you when
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you have crossed from northern ireland into the republic but there is little to show it. the irish government wants a guarantee that this land will remain open and the border in visible. and this is all as it gets its assurances, it will block the start of the next round of brexit talks. but the british government says you cannot talk away at the border without discussing trade. we cannot get a final answer to the irish question and till we getan to the irish question and till we get an idea of the end state. and until we get into discussions with the european union or the end state, it will be difficult. the quicker we can do that the better. we are in a position where the eu doesn't want to do it and we are getting close to 2018 but we will be talking about next you leaving the european union. this is a problem, the negotiations are still in their first phase. and while the uk desperately wants to move on to talk about its future trading relationship with the eu, brussels says it will only be possible once sufficient progress is
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made on three issues, and once the uk pays the eu as a sleaze, citizens rights, and what will happen to the currently completely open road that connects northern ireland and the republic. i am more troubled this morning because i read a quote from liam fox, the trade secretary, and he said the border issue, the irish issue, it will not be solved until the final stage, until we reach a decision on trade. i hope the uk isn't holding the irish situation to ransom in these negotiations. it is far too serious and critical. the british government has already said it wants to leave the single market and the customs union. which means after brexit, the uk's economy would be governed by different rules and could negotiate different trade deals to the eu. to ensure there is no hard border, the irish government suggested that northern ireland could remain in both. unionist is fear that if northern ireland were
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to stay inside the customs union and the rest of the uk was to leave, new checks would be needed to ships arriving at ports here effectively creating a border in the irish sea. that would be a border between two parts of the united kingdom and it would be totally unacceptable to the democratic unionist party whose support the conservative government relies on at westminster. talk to anybody in business in northern ireland, our biggest market is great britain and it would be absolute madness and a complete dereliction of my duty as a public representative if i didn't try to stop the border in the irish sea. what will happen on land in a place where political lands —— divides are more obvious than the border? i've been speaking to trade lawyer anthony will each, a partner at a law firm. he told me how likely it was that some kind of border would be introduced if the uk leads the market. i think it would be hard to
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avoid a border of some sort, the government has suggested that there could be solutions such as streamlining procedures, using technology to facilitate movement. but if there is going to be a border, if it is going to be, if we are leaving the customs union and of course republic of ireland as part of the eu will remain within it, there needs to be some way of controlling the flow of goods. so how would a border on literally the boundary between northern ireland and ireland affects trade? it doesn't necessarily have to be on the border. there is talk of controls being inside northern ireland. because obviously the political ramifications of having a physical border security post on the board itself could be significant.
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inevitably if you are going to have some sort of check, there is the possibility of some friction anyway being introduced in trade between the republic of ireland and northern ireland and that could be difficult because there is a lot of trade which passes in both directions every day. how different then would it be if the border were outside northern ireland and you used the whole of the island of ireland, north and south, as a sort of separate entity for trade purposes? then you would be talking about trying to introduce some sort of border between northern ireland and great britain. i think, the government has ruled that out already, and of course politically it would be very difficult for the dup to accept. what examples are there for lawyers to draw upon to
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possibly use this as a tinplate to get round this? there isn't a direct precedent. in cyprus between northern cyprus and the republic of cyprus, there are special arrangements based on eu law but there are border checks between the two. and there are security post. so, in similar in between bosnia and croatia which is another example which the uk government has cited. are border post between the two. from a professional point of view this must be very interesting. technical and legal point of view it is but commercially it is hugely important and politically is hugely important. police in leeds are investigating the deaths of five people, including three children,
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who were killed when a stolen car crashed into a tree. bbc news understands that two of the victims were young brothers. two 15—year—old boys have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. this report from alison freeman. the road was cordoned off all day which left officers facing ascent of com plete which left officers facing ascent of complete carnage. a stolen car crashed into the tree just before ten o'clock last night. five people died, one aged just 12. along with two other teenagers and two men aged 24 two other teenagers and two men aged 2a and 28. on social media, two of the victims were named as brothers. 14—year—old elliott and the youngest victors, alice. 0fficers painstakingly searched the area as they try to establish the cause of what they have described as a tragic accident. people living in the quiet area we re accident. people living in the quiet area were understandably shocked. accident. people living in the quiet area were understandably shockedlj
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looked out of area were understandably shocked.” looked out of the bedroom window and saw the blue lights and it's horrible, man, it's scary, at the straight end of the street, too, with my family here. it is known as all those who died had been travelling in the car. after the court was lifted, people came to this scene to pay their respects. some were clearly emotional. tonight around 60 adults and young people have gathered to hold a vigils of those who lost their lives here. tomorrow though, they will have many questions which will need to be a nswered questions which will need to be answered about how this crash came to happen. the husband ofjailed british woman nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe has accused iranian media of prejudicing his wife's case. it's after iranian state tv broadcast a programme showing pictures of a bbc pay stub and an e—mail, claiming new evidence she was working to train journalists. speaking a little earlier richard lister explained why she was told in october she will
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face new charges of spreading propaganda. what was broadcast last night suggest the authorities are going to take a hard line. the programme showed images of the bbc payslip that it had belonged to her and an e—mailthey payslip that it had belonged to her and an e—mail they said she had written involving training and again they said of bbc persian service journal of this. the bbc has never denied she was an employee briefly but the bbc trust, not for the bbc persian service, and it is repeated she was never a journalism trainee. its part the foreign office says it is disappointed by what it calls the unbalanced and incorrect reporting from the iranian state tv, it is repeated she was there on holiday, her husband says he fears she is spectacularly unlikely she will get afair spectacularly unlikely she will get a fair trial. the archbishop of york, john sentamu, has put his clerical collar back on nearly ten years after promising not to wear it until robert mugabe was no longer
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zimbabwean president. in 2007 he cut up his dog collar during a live bbc interview, as a symbolic protest at robert mugabe's rule. he's now put on a new one, saying a reconciliation process was needed to heal zimba bwe's divisions. i will try and put them all together using superglue. it would be a pretty ropey colour. —— collar. i think the lesson for zimbabwe is the same — theyjust can't try and stitch it up. something more radical, something new needs to happen in terms of the rule of law, allowing people to getjobs, because 90% of people are out of work. so they can'tjust stitch it up. pope francis has left rome for a week—long visit to myanmar and bangladesh, where he's due to address the rohingya refugee crisis.
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he will meet both the head of myanmar‘s army and the de facto leader ayng san suu kyi. more than 600,000 rohingya muslims have fled across the border to bangladesh amid a military crackdown. meanwhile, the pope has held a minute of silent prayer today for more than 300 people killed in friday's gun and bomb attack on a mosque in egypt. officials believe up to 30 gunmen were involved in the attack and the targeting of a mosque during friday prayers has shocked egyptians. in sinai, our middle east correspondent 0rla guerin has been hearing how some local people now want to take action themselves. trying to bring comfort after one of the deadliest attacks anywhere. in yea rs. the deadliest attacks anywhere. in years. among the survivors, the arm, who is leading the players when terry came to the mosque in sinai. —— imam. as soon as people heard firing, they started running, he
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said. some climbed the pulpit, were piling on top of each other. the attackers were shooting at anyone breathing. my friends lost their families. lost their cousins. their brothers. some of them lost their sons. this sinai journalist is from bir al—abed where the attack took place. he said it is a turning point tribes have decided to hunt the middleton themselves. they had a meeting of their chiefs and tribe members yesterday. almost 400 people we re members yesterday. almost 400 people were at the meeting. and they decided to take up arms and to find these people themselves. and to take revenge for these attacks. and here are the main suspects. let him from the egyptian branch of so—called islamic state. sino's remarked rain
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and history of neglect men there is fertile ground for is. and now it has really money, it has resources, it has weapons, and it has recruits, and sadly and tragically, the egyptian government has basically used only military means against the ices branch in north sinai but what you need is to dislodge isis from the social and economic and political grievances that exist in sinai. -- isis branch. for years, egypt has been relying on military solutions in sinai. but it is hard to wage war with the enemy can melt away. now more than ever experts say it is time to change the battle plan. at least 23 civilians are reported to have been killed in further syrian government attacks on a rebel held on clay of the outskirts of damascus. activist said towns in the
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eastern district have been subject to air strikes and artillery fire. ina to air strikes and artillery fire. in a report last week the un said food was so scarce in these areas that some residents had been reduced to eating animal fodder and that some residents had been reduced to eating animalfodder and even rubbish. do it in the first to ship carrying aid has arrived in northern yemen. —— the united nations. the vessel docked at a small port, carrying thousands of tons of desperately needed wheat. it is north of the main un aid facility, and the porta remains blockaded. theresa may has promised the government will fully fund the costs of dealing with the manchester arena bombing. the prime minister was criticised after an initial offer fell at least £5 million short of what was said to be needed. speaking —— speaking to the manchester evening news she said the city would get the financial support
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it needs. it is 16 minutes past 11. the headlines on bbc news: the international trade secretary, liam fox, says the future of the irish border cannot be resolved until the united kingdom and the eu have reached a trade agreement. two of the five people killed when a stolen car hit a tree in leeds have been named on social media as brothers ellis and elliot thornton. police are holding two teenage boys in custody. nazanin zaghari ratcliffe's husband says allegations broadcast on iranian state tv will prejudice her next trial. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's kapron. —— ). for a while it looked like manchester city would slip up for only the second time this season, but a raheem stirling goal in the 84th minute meant they took all three points against huddersfield — and are once again eight points clear at the top of
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the premier league. in the city would slip offer only the second time this season. this goal in the 84th minute. the equal the club record. they were beaten 4—1 by southampton. arsenal up to fourth after they beat burnley thanks to a controversial injury time penalty. celtic have won their fourth injury time penalty. celtic have won theirfourth domestic injury time penalty. celtic have won their fourth domestic trophy in a row as they retained the scottish league cup this afternoon, beating motherwell 2—0. motherwell held on untiljames motherwell 2—0. motherwell held on until james forest motherwell 2—0. motherwell held on untiljames forest golden excellent shot in. their hopes were over after this controversial challenge. mr dembele had no problems doubling it. six if domestic games without defeat. england are on the verge of defeat in the first ashes test. the hosts need just 56 more runs when play get under way shortly.
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meanwhile, the ecb says it has spoken to england wicket—keeper jonny bairstow after claims of an alleged incident involving australia's cameron bancroft during a night out earlier in the tour. andy swiss is in brisbane. play gets under way shortly. england face a serious issues on and off the pitch. they are heading for the heat in this first ashes test. australia needed just 56 runs to win this match. they should win that would total comfort. 0ff match. they should win that would total comfort. off the pitch, this incident involving jonny bairstow in a bar in perth at the start of the 24 weeks ago. the bbc understands it was having a drink in a bar in perth, the same at the australian cricket captain cameron bancroft when at some point that hazmat. it is understood they left amicably. the ecb have released a statement. there has been a report of any incident from the venue, security,
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or police and there was no injury reported. they said they would follow it up with the england management after this test match. clearly with the ongoing controversy surrounding ben stokes this is the last thing they need right now. england with some big questions to a nswer england with some big questions to answer both on the pitch and off it. france have won their 10th davis cup by beating belgium. world number 18 lucas pouille beat belgium's steve darcis in a deciding final match in front of a electric crowd in lille. it is france's first title since 2001. reigning champions exeter chiefs are five points clear at the top of the premiership after beating second place saracens byjust two points yesterday. the chiefs scored two tries in the second half to come from behind against sarries. both teams were missing a number of players to international duty. england boss eddiejones has been named coach of the year at the world rugby awards in monaco. the australian guided england to a second successive six nations title earlier this year.
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mercedes chris 0'donnell1—2 in the season ending grand prix. —— had a season—ending. sebastian vettel finished third. it was enough to secure him the runners—up spot in the drivers championship, which lewis hamilton already won. in netball, england have won the second match of the fatality international series against malawi. they led 31— 25 after half—time. they continued that dominance to win at the copper box arena in london. they go 2—0 up in the three match series. that is the series. it is back to you. thank you very much. owners of drones could have to register and take safety awareness tests as part of proposed new legislation. police will also be given new powers to crack down on criminal use of the devices.
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but asjoe lynam reports the government is also keen to develop the technology. they could be one of the most coveted presents this christmas. prices have come down and you can do a lot more with them. this potential customer says he would use one for aerial surveys and research. but he knows there needs to be more controls. it's all isn't it? we don't want drones crashing into planes and things like that. safety concerns surrounding drones were highlighted in july, when gatwick airport had to close when a drone was flown under a plane about to land. there have been near misses at leeds bradford, cork and manchester airports since 2015. and to prevent drones getting too close, the proposed drone bill could mean that owners of drones weighing more than 250 grams will need to register and do a test. they will be banned from flying near airports, or higher than 120 metres — or 400 feet.
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and police will get new powers to seize unmanned aerial vehicles. but drones have a growing list of useful applications. this prototype can fly into water and propel itself back out. these drones can be used on oil rigs to fix cables in treacherous conditions. and they are the types of uses that the aviation minister wants to encourage. we've looked at the drones today which can help in the construction industry, in the mining industry, an offshore oil rigs. and what's really exciting is that they can do the jobs that actually put people at risk, so hopefully it will help with safety as well. with the rising popularity of drones comes the issue of potential misuse by the public. this legislation could mean that new users won't be able to simply take it out of the box and start flying it straightaway. joe lynam, bbc news. thousands of people have been forced
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to flee the area around for the second time in a week. there are fears of a full scale eruption for the first time since 1963, when about 1,500 people were killed. indonesia has issued its most serious warning for aircraft, and many tourists have been left stranded. tiffany wertheimer reports. indonesians are used to sites like these, mount agung has rumbled back to life. for the second time this week it is spewing black ash high into the sky. right now vulcanologists have detected molten rock close to the volcano's surplus, which means a powerful eruption could be imminent. mount agung has been declared a danger zone and eve ryo ne been declared a danger zone and everyone within the seven and a half kilometre radius has been evacuated. translation: it has entered the
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magmatic eruption phase. although it is still spewing ash at the moment, we need to monitor it and exercise caution for the possibility of the strong explosive eruption. caution for the possibility of the strong explosive eruptionm caution for the possibility of the strong explosive eruption. it is this thick ash billowing 6000 metres into the sky that presents the greatest danger to human life. within it, sharp fragments of glass, crystal, and rock. authorities are handing out masks to everyone in its path. about 25,000 people have fled to evacuation centres. they are struggling to cope. in september, 140,000 people fled when mount agung first started rumbling. many of them never left the shelters, too frightened to return home. but while the aviation warning has been increased, on the grounds the alert status is at three out of four. authorities say the island is safe. the local residents are still going
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about their daily business. they're cleaning up the ash to make the place resented. bali is a major tourist destination. the airports near its tourist areas are still open. although many flights have been cancelled or diverted. the ash cloud is drifting east, towards the island of lombok. its airport has been closed entirely. of all the flights, we are cancelled. we don't know what to do. we are trying to find another flight and the place to sleep. indonesia is home to more than 130 active volcanoes and sits on the pacific ring of fire where there is frequent seismic and volcanic activity. mount agung is bali's most sacred mountain. the last time interrupted was in 1963, about 1500 people died. this time around, no one is taking any chances. tiffany wertheimer, bbc news. sailors from the royal navy have been performing the famous changing the guard ceremony outside
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buckingham palace in london for the first time in its 350—year history. the manoeuvres are usually carried out by a regiment from the army, as our correspondent jane—frances kelly explains. shortly before 11 this morning, sailors from the royal navy marched out of wellington barracks and into the history books. people from all over the world gathered to watch them into the gates of buckingham palace. this temporary change over from soldiers to sailors as part of a year—long celebration of the needy in the uk. leading them was lieutenant commander stephen elliott who is believed to be the first captain of the queen ‘s guard from the royal navy since sir walter rhali during the reign of elizabeth the first. it is a great opportunity
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for the royal navy in what has been turned the year of the royal navy. it is the seem to everything we have had this year and to coincide with the formal commissioning of hms queen elizabeth. my team have worked really ha rd to queen elizabeth. my team have worked really hard to get themselves ready for it. it is not something we are traditionally famous for in the navy, and a navy —— margin. traditionally famous for in the navy, and a navy -- margin. the hmas -- hms navy, and a navy -- margin. the hmas —— hms queen elizabeth is the biggest warship. another new recruit to the service is alex steacy, he never dreamt she would be undertaking sentry duty at buckingham palace —— who never dreamt. i only joined up in january and it is my training injuly. so i am still very new in the needy. it is an honourand am still very new in the needy. it is an honour and a privilege to do something like this. —— needy. sailors in the royal navy are undertaking guard duty at stjames's palace, the tower of london, and tomorrow at windsor castle, in what has been a very busy year for the service. jane-frances kelly, bbc
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news. now it's time for the weather. hello once again. a bit of a change again. it has been pulled through the weekend. i am not promising you a heatwave. this area of cloud has already brought quite a bit of rain through northern and western parts of the british isles. a little drip and drugs further east than that. come the morning, it will be all over the southern counties in what will be a decent start to the day with regards to the temperatures. i don't think we will see too much in the way of scraping of cars. my concern about the morning commute is across the southern counties you have a combination of wet and windy weather. it will be pretty filthy fa re across weather. it will be pretty filthy fare across the walls of the south—west and even further north where it may look dry at this stage, they will have had rain overnight, a lot of surface water and spray. the western side of the pennines, northern ireland, northern and western parts of scotland, quite a bit ajala activity. quite a bit of light -- bit ajala activity. quite a bit of light —— shower activity. not an
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issue as you are up and down the m8, for example. the persistent rain gets away from the north—east of scotla nd gets away from the north—east of scotland and clear there southern counties of england and wales. that leaves us with, that will be the warmest day of the week across the southern counties. the last of the mild air hangs on while that front is around, once that front disappears, that opened the floodgates to a loss of cool air to drift in from just north of scotland down through all parts on tuesday and it gets even colder as we move on through the week. that northerly is generated by the low pressure to the east, the high pressure to the west, and the air flows straight down these isobars, all the way from the arctic. modified as it comes to us. it will be colder than you have experienced perhaps three at monday. especially in the south. forget the double fingers. seven as a daytime maximum. 0n into wednesday, we will mmp maximum. 0n into wednesday, we will ramp up the wind on the eastern
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shores. it may dry more wintry showers in from the north sea to many of these eastern counties. —— may dry. maybe into profit. the daytime maximum again only about seven degrees also from wednesday into thursday, there will be a low pressure developing close to denmark, that it is a squeeze on the isobars. that denmark, that it is a squeeze on the isoba rs. that means denmark, that it is a squeeze on the isobars. that means even more wind across the eastern counties, and given this is the coldest day of the week, i suspect, given this is the coldest day of the week, isuspect, while given this is the coldest day of the week, i suspect, while many of the showers are across northern and eastern parts and they will be quite wintry. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first, the headlines.


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