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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 27, 2017 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme. australia win the opening ashes test against england by ten wickets. we'll head live to australia for reaction next. jordi alba scores a stunner as leaders barcelona rescue a point at valencia. and "vive la france!" lucas pouille wins the deciding rubber as the hosts win a 10th davis cup title. hello, and welcome to the programme. we start with the breaking news in the past hour that australia have won the first ashes test against england in brisbane by ten wickets. openers, david warner and cameron bancroft, shared an unbeaten stand of 173 leading their side to victory at the gabba. let's head live to australia for some reaction and join abc sports reporter, chris glassock. what does the general manner of this victory mean coming by such a large margin in the end? good morning. first—blood to australia. they continue their love affair with the gabba. 2010 earning
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yea rs affair with the gabba. 2010 earning years unbeaten at the gabba. —— 29 yea rs years unbeaten at the gabba. —— 29 years unbeaten. england fell away at the back end of the day which we thought was a strength for them. stuart broad was unlucky to get out on the snicko. it happened to him last series as well. it was easy today. david warner, 87. cameron bancroft, a debutant, a great run for him. he is up and away for international cricket, scoring many i’u ns international cricket, scoring many runs in domestic cricket. look out for him. he has a technicalflaw runs in domestic cricket. look out for him. he has a technical flaw not hitting the ball as well in the offsiders as the leg. and steve smith shows you don't have to have the technique to be a world—class
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player. good news as well for shaun marsh, getting a half—century. the questions about the australian middle order, they are still bear. by middle order, they are still bear. by the australia are happy they have gotten 10 wickets. this was going to be the best chance for england to win at the gabba because it was not the traditional fast seamer. speaking of adelaide, they have got all three there so far. had this going to be for them? -- how difficult is this. it will be difficult is this. it will be difficult and they will be disappointed. but they looked good this time. stoneman has shown he can handle this level. the bowling still has some issues. there is a doubt
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around james anderson. the english camp says it is all fine. he would bea camp says it is all fine. he would be a blow. we have seen with the pink ball test so far, as soon as dusk comes, the dew comes. it is exciting cricket, but you have to ta ke exciting cricket, but you have to take your opportunities when the ball is swinging widely. we are hoping they got it right. england desperately need to win it. if they go 2—0 down, they go to perth, and australia don't lose there often with their speed attack. as we know, the ashes series can swing in an hour. as neutral as ever. thank you
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very much for your time. thank you very much for your time. thank you very much. now to the footballing news that a controversial decision not to award a goal cost barcelona victory away to valencia in the spanish primera division. the decision went against lionel messi at the mestalla and came due to no goal—line technology being available in spain, although replays showed the ball clearly crossed the line. rodridgo then put the home team ahead on the hour mark before jordi alba levelled matters. that means the catalans still remain four points clear of their oppnents at the top of the table. elsewhere, deportivo la coruna and athletic bilbao finished 2—2. so did real sociedad and las palmas, with the canary islands outfit moving off the bottom with the point. fifth—placed sevilla continued their habit of coming from behind, this time they went 2—0 down to villarreal only to win 3—2, ever banega with a penalty to win it 12 minutes from time. so, confirming that barcelona missed the chance to extend their lead at the top to more than four points, while champions, real madrid, still find themselves eight points adrift of barca, with valencia and atletico madrid also ahead of them, manchester city scored two second half goals
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to re—establish their eight—point lead at the top of the english peremier league winning 2—1 at huddersfield town. pep guardiola's side equalled the club record, set in 2015 by securing an 11th successive premier league victory, despite falling behind through a nicolas 0tamendi own goal. raheem sterling scored the winner with six minutes remaining which added to the penalty converted by sergio aguero shortly after the half—time interval. it was the first time city have come from behind at half—time to win a premier league away match since april 1995. a controversial stoppage—time penalty from alexis sanchez handed arsenal a 1—0 victory against burnley at turf moor. the win moves the gunners up to fourth in the table ahead of north london rivals tottenham, while the clarets remain seventh. elsewhere, everton‘s wretched season continues losing 4—1 at southampton with saints striker charlie austin scoring two second—half headers on his first league start of the season. france have clinched
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their 10th davis cup title, after lucas pouille's convincing straight—sets victory over steve darcis in the deciding match in lille. it's their first title since 2001, as katherine downes reports. there is nothing quite like a davis cup finalfor there is nothing quite like a davis cup final for atmosphere. the way david goffin celebrated, you would be forgiven for thinking belgium had just won it. his victory was only pa rt just won it. his victory was only part of the story on a dramatic day. as lucas pouille gave the hostss the lead, the crowd got louder. —— hosts. in truth, is match was a one—sided affair. but the home crowd did not mind. a set—up, and he never looked back. after 12 games in a row, the belgians new a heartbreaking defeat was inevitable. —— knew. in the end, lucas pouille
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got it easily. time for some long overdue celebrations. having lost three finals since their last success , three finals since their last success, this win will be all the more enjoyable. bbc news. lewis hamilton may have the championship title all wrapped up. but he couldn't sign off his season with a win at the abu dhabi grand prix. that honour went to his mercedes team—mate valterri bottas with hamilton settling for second place, but still managed to stay ahead of his main rival this season. tom clarkson was there for us. the abu dhabi grand prix is the final race of the 2017 world championship. for many observers, the end could not come soon enough. this race was far from a classic. there was very little overtaking up and down the order, and once again, it was dominated by mercedes, as we report. the greatest spectacle at the circuit came after the chequered flag. unfortunately, what went before was less dramatic. valtteri
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bottas us, lewis hamilton, and sebastian vettel started and ended the race in that order. for drama, you had to look down the order. they could not finish in the points. daniel ricciardo could not either. a hydraulic issue costing him the race. carlos's they ended prematurely. but hulkenberg ended six. —— day. third place was enough for sebastian vettel in the title standings. it is an important win for me. again, congratulations to lewis hamilton and sebastian vettel. i will hopefully do better next year. i gave it everything every single lap. it is very hard to ove rta ke single lap. it is very hard to overtake there. i struggled a bit
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but i gave it everything. overtake there. i struggled a bit but i gave it everythinglj overtake there. i struggled a bit but i gave it everything. i am happy for him. very much congratulations to lewis hamilton on his season. deserves to win the championship. i hate to say it, but he is the better man. we will do our bit during the winter and hopefully come back better. it is not everyday beat lewis hamilton in the same car. —— every day you. it is not long until melbourne, australia. what can ferrari due to close the gap on mercedes to make sure we have a good battle next? ——. a reminder of our top story. australia have completed a 10—wicket victory over england in the first ashes test. here's how the scorecard looks at the end of day five. chasing a target of 170, the hosts got the 56 runs
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they required in little more than an hour. the next test, a day—nighter in adelaide, begins on saturday. looking forward to that. well, some people are, anyway. that is all we have time for. thank you for watching. goodbye. hello once again. after a pretty chilly weekend quite widely across the british isles we will see a change of weather tonight, albeit only for a little while. it is thanks to an area of low pressure throws a great veil of cloud down the british isles. first thing on monday there will be a wet and windy start to be had across the south. not many of you will be scraping your cars first up. there will be other concerns, i suspect, if you are commuting across the southern counties of england and wales. the first part of monday, it will be really quite wet. even that little bit further north will have had rain overnight. quite windy as well. tricky conditions. a lot of surface water and spray. into the northern half of the british isles. persistent rain in the very far north of scotland. elsewhere, a supply of showers from the word go. les along by a north—north—westerly wind pushing these showers ever
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further towards the south. they replace the rainband which quits the scene on the southern counties of england but will be a bother for the channel islands for a good part of the day. following on behind, not particularly cold air. not at that stage. probably the mildest of the days of the week. tuesday, increasingly cold as we move towards the middle part of the week. the low pressure moves further east. that opens the doors for the isobars to run north to south across all parts of the british isles. down the spine of the country, a gloriously sunny day. if you are fully exposed to that breeze, mainly from the northern and eastern perspective, you are going to see some showers across the high ground, not just in scotland, they will be wintry. single figure temperatures abound. wednesday, perhaps a subtle change in wind direction could draw the wintry showers a little further inland and push them further south, down through the lincolnshire wolds, maybe into the north of norfolk as well. down the spine of the country
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there is still that bright weather to be had. on thursday, we may see an area of low pressure. that puts a squeeze on the isobars. it means more wind. a bitter wind at that. right down the eastern shores, particularly. look at that temperature, four, five, six. it will be cold with a biting wind, especially in the east. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm duncan golestani.
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our top stories: indonesia's disaster agency warns that mount agung on the island of bali is close to a full scale eruption. yemen's first aid shipment in weeks arrives at a rebel—held port after the saudi—led coalition eases its blockade. more details emerge about the attack on a mosque in egypt which killed 300 people. officials believe up to 30 gunmen were involved. and just months to go before the winter olympics begin in south korea, but will tensions with north korea cast a shadow over the games?
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