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before leaving earlier this month. we started having ups and downs because we do not agree with a view things and i am a young girl who once media opportunities so we clashed about with that. since rio dejaneiro clashed about with that. since rio de janeiro she has clashed about with that. since rio dejaneiro she has not coached me but i have to be forever grateful for what he has done and we cannot stop and cry and just finished and we have to keep moving forward. sad that he is gone and i will miss him because i thought i was going to go to tokyo with them but we cannot do anything about it, we have to start again and continue what we are doing and hopefully winning and look for the new goals and targets and coaches. see what happens but he will be dearly mist. now there are numerous examples of sporting success running in the family. you've got graham and damon hill peter and kasper schmeichel... but this is a father—daughter tale. the father: a leicester
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rugby legend. the daughter: aiming to follow past leicester women to olympic hockey glory. ian stringer reports. the surname back is synonymous in leicestershire. 18—year—old olivia is doctor of rugby legend neil but top—flight hockey is how chosen sport. and lest the ladies in the national premier division. —— at leicester ladies. my earliest memory we re leicester ladies. my earliest memory were seen my dad loved the world cup when i was four years old and have a sport i love playing. like her dad, olivia is playing elite level sport. she has been with the england programme for three years and already team gb under 21 trials.|j see her as my daughter and i am so proud of her. she sort of caddies in
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the family ethos which is to never feel through lack of effort. both in sport and academically. she is a hell of an athlete as you'd imagine being related to her father and that is her biggest asset. have hockey skills are as good as they need to be to be people with that amount of pace. she has something about her, and determination that sets her apart from some of the younger girls that you see. i have big aspirations. i would like to play hockey at the highest level. i have a long way to go to reach anything here that but i would love to win olympic gold, i think that is everyone's dream. she is at the nightclub. the olympic gold medal winning team contained eight players who played for leicester but no pressure from dad. i am the polar opposite of a pushy parent. this is her driving have aspirations to play hockey. it is not parents, not me. it isa hockey. it is not parents, not me. it is a debrief and the cargo?|j
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speak it is a debrief and the cargo?” speak my thoughts and he listens to me and gives me some advice if i needed. ever heard the one about the ice hockey player who's allergic to ice? chris truehl is the new belfast giants goalkeeper — spotted while playing in a college tournament last year in the city — and he suffers from a condition that makes him susceptible to the cold. but it's not deterred him from pursuing a career in a sport on ice, as nigel ringland reports from belfast. chris is well aware of the irony, an ice hockey player allowed it to all things cold. but the disorder has forced him from a career in the us military to pursuing his love for the sport. when i was first there i got caught any weird storm and survival exercise and got pretty frostbite and my skin got beat up. it means that i break up and hives
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and my skin has direct contact to ice and cold and wind. it be the wind and rain but it is not really a problem i play as much. i sweat and and stay warm that it is ok. a little bit extra that i have to deal with and the story broke up a little more because of the irony of a hockey player. but it is not too bad, something i have under control. 12 months ago he was making saves for his university but last weekend he made his debut for the belfast giants. the legacy of the collegiate event. a lot of north american kids like me do not good enough what it is about over here so getting the chance to see at first hand and get excited and hear the crowd, it really gives you an option that you do not know was there. i really think that bringing us over here is a great experience and opens doors that we may not have had before. it
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isa that we may not have had before. it is a good option. with economic starting on friday, chris is showing what can be achieved overcoming life's little obstacles along the way. that's all from sportsday. coming up on bbc one at seven o'clock — the nominees for this year's bbc sports personality of the year will be revealed — find out who's on the short list to follow in the footsteps of last year's winner andy murray and get their hands on this trophy. we'll have more throughout the evening. by by for now. temperatures ranging from around 80 degrees in london to only three
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celsius and glasgow. it is getting cold out for all of us over the next few days. brief mild air today but wind direction changing, not to north—westerly winds and temperatures dropping in the next few days. the milder westerly winds brought the cloud and outbreaks of rain as well. rain across south wales and southern england, moving southwards through the skies following, showers as well in northern ireland and wales and the south—west and went to showers across northern scotland. tonight cold the last eight, not desperately cold the last eight, not desperately cold just yet and patchy frost maybe 80 patches we have wintry showers and north of scotland. sleet and snow remaining over the highlands and some winter weather possibly over the southern upwards and borders. a few showers screaming and bunny north—westerly wind across northern ireland and the irish cn to west wales, showers and north—east england near the coast so for many
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inland areas and try and sunny but into the showers across the south—west of england. frequent showers here and also crossed west wales with northern ireland ilonen are now strengthening winds. wintry showers across northern scotland, near the coast and north—east england will get blown inland through the morning down towards the midlands and across east anglia and the afternoon. more cloud around here so that is a change as the day goes on. temperatures lower than today, feeling colder especially in the wind but many places will be dry. this is the pressure pattern on tuesday into wednesday, and for a good few days after, i pressure to the west, low pressure to the east with the wind is coming down from the north. a cold wind blowing, but as many showers from northern ireland and west wales and the south—west this time, more showers eastern coast of england where the wind will be cold and strong, wintry showers from northern scotland again but inland parts, but it is more sheltered from the showers and wins
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it will be dry with sunshine showing. not much change into thursday, a few showers running end across northern ireland and clapping west of scotland at the far south—west of england but more showers down the eastern side of england and more cloud so here it will feel particularly cold. these are the sort of textures on thursday, three to 5 degrees, likely to be the coldest day of the week ahead. you're watching beyond 100 days. the one—time wild child of britain's royal family is a bachelor no more. prince harry will marry his american girlfriend meghan markle in the spring of next year. he's the 33—year—old grandson of the queen. she's a 36—year—old actress and divorcee. they revealed they got engaged in secret earlier this month. i could barely let him finish proposing. and then there were hugs
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andl proposing. and then there were hugs and i have the ring on her finger and i have the ring on her finger andl and i have the ring on her finger and i was like, can i give you the rink was my goal, yes, the ring! as for the royal rock — the prince included stones from his mother diana's collection and designed the ring himself. in washington, congress is back in town with a full to—do list, but it's allegations of sexual misconduct which dominate the political news. also on the programme: before brexit talks go any further — the issue of the irish border must be resolved.
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