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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 28, 2017 6:50pm-7:00pm GMT

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arnie went into knows. arnie went into politics! lets see where things go. he is a big blueprint for me. setting high goals for himself. coming home from america and said he wanted to be the best. people laughed when he went into acting because of the accent. he achieved that the same with politics. i have a big driven person, i have lofty dreams. but i have set the goals by dzagoev achieved the goals i set up 19 so who knows. congratulations, fantastic achievement. finally how's this for a show of muscle — at hinckley rugby club over the weekend. the east midlands side drove opponents luctonians back towards their own tryline. not content with that they also managed to wipe out the goalposts as well. that takes some muscles!
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the game eventually had to be completed on an adjacent pitch. hinckley went on to win but victory came at a cost — replacing the posts will cost seven thousand pounds! that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. goodbye for now. let me bring you some breaking news. reports from south korea say pyongyang has fired a ballistic missile. no further details of where or how
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the test was detected. but we have confirmation from us officials that they have detected evidence of the missile being fired. there had been some warnings that this may happen, a japanese source, government source said they had spotted some radio signal activity from the north koreans which was similar to that which has preceded previous tests although they also noted that there had been a few false dawns but it appeared the north koreans were sending out signals as if they were going to carry out tests and then did not do it. we're waiting for a formal us reaction but again the us had itself said as well as confirming in the last few minutes that this particular missile launch has taken place, had said it was expecting that there might be one coming up soon. interesting that for the last couple of months there had been no tests, they had been going
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on at the rate of 12 per month since april until september this year and then just april until september this year and thenjust a april until september this year and then just a couple weeks ago we had then just a couple weeks ago we had the visit of donald trump to the region and some fairly strong rhetoric and counter rhetoric from the north korean leader. but both sides expected that the missile programme would continue and of course once we get more details on what exactly the test, what form it has taken and whatever the north koreans have claimed about it, we will bring it to you here. let's get more now on pope francis' trip to myanmar. in a speech earlier today the pope called for respect for all ethnic groups and for human rights — in what was seen as a reference to the plight of the country's rohingya muslims, but he did not mention them by name. translation: i would also like my visit to embrace the entire population of myanmar. to offer words of encouragement to all of those who are working to build a just, reconciled and inclusive social order. myanmar has been blessed with great natural beauty and resources. yet its greatest
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treasure it is people who have suffered greatly and continue to suffer. from civil conflict and facilities that have lasted all too long and created deep divisions. one of the journalists following pope francis on his visit to myanmar is the vatican correspondent at the catholic newspaper, the tablet — christopher lamb. hejoins me now on webcam from yangon. thank you for being with us. had you picked up a sense from vatican officials who you have been speaking to them that they're concerned about the status and safety of the minority in the country and therefore that might have influenced therefore that might have influenced the pope and his thinking?” therefore that might have influenced the pope and his thinking? i think that might have been part of the assessment by the vatican. i think the other main issue was the fact that the pope would like to try and
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build diplomatic relationships and the holy see has just established diplomatic relationships with the country. and also aung san suu kyi, widely felt to be the best hope of transitioning into democracy. so a number of factors at play in the decision not to use the word rohingya. we're having some difficulties with the audio, although the picture is excellent. catching several words but not all of them. you spoke about the aspects that may have influenced it but nonetheless there will be critics who say he would have had much more impact if he had used the word that however offensive it might be to the regime, isa however offensive it might be to the regime, is a reflection of the reality, that the rohingya exist and they are in myanmar, many have been
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forced to flee the country and if anything, if any responsibility rests from the pope to be a figure of influence on the world stage, it is for him to speak the truth. that is for him to speak the truth. that is right and i think that was part of the dilemma he faced. but i think in the end he took advice from the church on the ground and decided that to use the word would be inflammatory. and later on in his trip is going to be meeting the rohingya in bangladesh or representatives of the community. but i agree that this was a big test for the pope and he did decide to ta ke for the pope and he did decide to take the diplomatic option. i think what the vatican feel is, at least the pope, the papal visit is not just about what is said but also what is done. the presence of the popein what is done. the presence of the pope in the country, the fact that he's gone to myanmar at this difficult moment when he could
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easily have stayed back at the vatican. of course he has raised the issue of the rohingya by name there. but he could've stayed at home, he an 80—year—old religious leader but he has decided to go out to country and to offer his hope. try to offer his contribution in terms of myanmar trying to build a more peaceful society. so i think the vatican can be pragmatic and the pope has decided to be more pragmatic on this occasion, to try to open up a process of dialogue. how important do you think it will be when the
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pope visits bangladesh where many of the rohingya are being held in pretty difficult conditions, many of them, as we have been hearing. pretty difficult conditions, many of them, as we have been hearinglj think that is important because this isa think that is important because this is a moment for him to meet with their representatives, to encounter them and hear their stories first—hand. their plight is something that the pope has been moved by. he has raised it on a number of occasions. so i think the visit will be seen as a whole, but perhaps more diplomatic side here in myanmar and then during his pastoral care. we will have to leave it there, thank you so much. thank you for bearing with the technicalities and for staying up so late for us. let's ta ke let's take a look at the weather. good evening. a cold might to come
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tonight, many places will be dry and clear. a bit drierfor northern ireland but across scotland and eastern parts of england, continuing to feed in some wintry showers on that stronger wind. so a cold night with patchy frost once again. most of the showers on wednesday across the north—east of england and down through the east midlands, east anglia, largely dry for the south east. sunny skies elsewhere with fewer showers but it will be cold. temperatures around three, 7 degrees. then a change in wind direction bringing more showers back in on thursday passed northern ireland, wales and the south of england. in between a lot of dry and sunny weather but feeling cold. you're watching beyond 100 days.
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donald trump travels to congress desperate for a political win. but even today his tweets seem to get in the way — top democrats cancel a meeting after he disses them online. the president has insulted so many senators that capitol hill isn't exactly friendly territory — but he needs them now to pass tax reform. why is this native american princess suddenly part of a fierce political debate? president trump calling a us senator pocahontas has created a firestorm. north korea has fired a missile and it raises tension in the region.


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