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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 28, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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the remove debris spacecraft could be the answer, the world's first attempt to test how we can clean—up celestial clutter. it will see if it's possible to snare a satellite in a net and review how effective a harpoon is. it will then bring everything back down, burning up as it enters the earth's atmosphere. it's been assembled in surrey and it's cost £15 million. this is the last chance to see it before it's packed up for its launch early next year. this is the remove debris platform and it's going to be one of the world's first missions to actually demonstrate cleaning up space junk. this mission is incredibly important. we have technologies on here that have never been demonstrated in space before and it's urgent that we actually launch this mission now so we can develop these technologies for use in the future. since the early days of exploration the area around the earth has grown more and more cluttered. it's estimated there are about 7,500 tonnes ofjunk, made up of old bits of rocket, fragments from defunct spacecraft,
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even tools dropped by an astronaut. scientists believe there are now half a million pieces of debris the size of a marble or bigger and each piece has the potential to do some serious damage. last year the international space station was hit. this chip in a window was caused when it was struck by a tiny fleck of paint. but the bigger pieces ofjunk are a more pressing problem. this european satellite, the size of a double decker bus, suddenly stopped working in 2012. since then, it's been circling the earth, threatening other key satellites in its path. the problem is going to grow. it's going to grow because collisions are going to take place in the orbital environment. we're going to lose the satellites that we rely on. that's going to be costly to us, it's going to be costly to the future generation. all eyes are now trained on the remove debris spacecraft. if the technology works, the hope is future missions can be scaled up and the space
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clean—up can begin. rebecca morelle, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. good evening. welcome to bbc london news. tonight — the vulnerable young women who are being treated like slaves behind closed doors. that's the view of one au pair agency in the capital. a bbc london investigation has found that some au pairs are being exploited and even bullied by their host families, who are supposed to be looking after them. we have this special report. some on this march are strangers. almost all are foreign au pairs. they have come to support each other and make a stand against exploitation and abuse.
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we meet ellie, not her real name. we have disguised her face and changed her voice for legal reasons. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm katherine downes. manchester united turn up the heat on a chilly night in watford, scoring four. we'll have the highlights of this evening's premier league action. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm katherine downes. manchester united turn up the heat on a chilly night in watford, scoring four. we'll have the highlights of this evening's premier league action. rich pickings for england's women too — they put five past kazakhstan to maintain their perfect record in qualifying for the next world cup. and he's flown down under, but ben stokes could play his cricket in new zealand — not australia. we'll have the latest ashes news from adelaide. good evening. we'll start with this evening's premier league action — four games tonight. and there were goals galore at watford where they were beaten 4—2 by manchester united. united then keeping up the pressure on manchester city at the top of the table. patrick gearey was watching. in the freezing tuesday night in a distant and this was manchester united boss mike premier league endurance test. nights like this are
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supposed to separate the men from the boys but this was a night to be young... ashley young here. he knows this turf, and whatever the distance he was able to plot the perfect route straight to the watford gap. stunning, in every sense. watford froze, and before they knew it it was three. the only consolation this time... anthony martial, and not young. they started the match like they had the season, bright and bold, but nothing went for them until this decision. penalty, bold, but nothing went for them untilthis decision. penalty, over the troy deeney. the hornets had not given up. seven minutes left when the striker struck, and everyone expected an examination of united's metal. butjesse expected an examination of united's metal. but jesse lingard expected an examination of united's metal. butjesse lingard decided to settle this on his own. 4—2, an evening of injuries and quite some work—out for manchester united. evening of injuries and quite some work—out for manchester unitedm should be five, 6—0, then it is 3—1,
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3-2 should be five, 6—0, then it is 3—1, 3—2 and a couple of minutes. that is football. when you missed chances sometimes these situations can happen and we missed too many chances to kill the game. happen and we missed too many chances to kill the gamelj happen and we missed too many chances to kill the game. i told them, starting 0—0 for us, forget them, starting 0—0 for us, forget the result and go and play our game, play in our style. forget the mistakes. easy things, the right thing in the right moment as well, then everything was different in the second half. but the three mistakes we made in the first half, that made it hard for us, but again we showed good character, good spirit as well to come back in the second half and try to change the score. leicester city are into the top half of the table after a 2—1 win at home to spurs. jamie vardy got the first and riyad mahrez doubled leicester's lead before half time. harry kane pulled one back after the break, but spurs couldn't find another and they stay fifth. i think we didn't play the way we
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normally play, and i think the first half was poor, poor performance, and thenit half was poor, poor performance, and then it is difficult to come back. it is true that the game was very open, but it is true that we started very sloppy, and it is difficult in this way to win games. things are going good. the manager says we are still a work in progress which we all agree with, and we just need to keep making sure we work hard for him, taking on what he says of the training field and taking it into the games. we look forward to burnley on saturday, having picked up burnley on saturday, having picked up nine now. crystal palace earned their first away point of the season with a 0—0 draw at brighton. roy hodgson will be the happier of the two managers — palace had lost all of their last six away games, and let in 13 goals. brighton slip down to 10th in the premier league while palace stay bottom. west brom letter two score—mac lead slip to newcastle, ciaran clark
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pulling one back at half—time then a jonny evans on gold levelling things in the second half. newcastle move up in the second half. newcastle move up to 16th —— west bromwich move up to 16th while newcastle are 12. there were a couple of games in the championship as well. derby cou nty the championship as well. derby county beating ipswich —— losing 1—0 to ipswich,... england's women have made it three wins out of three in their world cup qualifying group with a convincing 5—0 win over kazakhstan 0bviously
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obviously there is a process, and application process on the 17th, and thatis application process on the 17th, and that is when obviously was when i first did it. i agreed to bid on my cv and they and they said they would have a little look at the end. i think now it is about letting the players enjoy it, you know. hopefully the players are pleased with their own performances, then we will all sit down, have a little look and see what is right for the tea m look and see what is right for the team moving forward. wales will finish the year on top of their women's world cup qualifying group ahead of england, after they beat bosnia herzegovina 1—0 this afternoon. wales are one point clear thanks to kayleigh green's goal, and a late penalty save from goalkeeper laura 0'sullivan. so wales are top with ten points, although they've played a game more than england. northern ireland gave their campaign a much needed boost by beating slovakia 3—1 earlier. they lost their first two matches and despite their win are only fourth in their qualifying group. england have arrived in adelaide ahead of the of the second test against australia and as the squad travelled, their missing member
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all rounder ben stokes was also getting on a plane. he was spotted at heathrow airport and may well be playing cricket again soon, though not for england. here's our sports correspondent andy swiss with the latest developments: welcome to adelaide airport where england's players have arrived from brisbane. plenty for them to think about over the next two days before the second test gets underway on saturday, but while they were flying here the big talking point was another cricketer making a plane journey. a picture appeared on twitter which was claimed what's ben stokes at an airport, prompting fevered discussion he was on his way to australia. the australian cricket board say he is not but he is on his way to new zealand. the ecb say he is making a private trip to new zealand to spend some time with his family, but it seems as if he also wa nts to family, but it seems as if he also wants to play some cricket out there, because the new zealand side canterbury say they have been holding initial informal discussions with him over his availability for
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forthcoming matches. although ben stokes is suspended from england duty it is understood they would be happy for him to play for at side in new zealand, so it is another intriguing development in this ongoing saga. that was andy swiss in adelaide for us. tiger woods has spoken to the media ahead of the first round of the hero world challenge in the bahamas on thursday. woods will return to competitive golf for the first time in almost 10 months at the event after recovering from another back injury. the 1a time major winner says he's spent most of the last two years in bed but is now pain free. i don't know. i'm winging this by ear, because i don't know what my body can and can't do yet. ijust got the go—ahead a little over a month ago to start letting it go, but i still don't know. as i was saying to you guys, i don't have any pain any more in my back but i still do have some stiffness. no duh! its
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views. so i'm learning what my body can't do yet and what it can do, so just give me a little bit of time —— it is used. we look forward to seeing tiger woods back on the course. england head coach wayne bennett has finalised his squad for the rugby league world cup final against australia on saturday and there's only one change to the line up that survived a late fight back to beat tonga at the weekend. with josh hodgson injured, veteran forward chris heighington has been recalled. he takes a spot on the bench, with james roby starting at hooker. to rugby union, and wales will be without lock jake ball and flanker justin tipuric for their final autumn international, against south africa on saturday. ball dislocated his shoulder in the defeat by new zealand at the weekend and needs surgery, so dragons' cory hill is favourite to partner captain alun wynjones in the second row. tipuric has a thigh injury. finally how's this for a show of muscle at hinckley rugby club over the weekend 7 the east midlands side drove opponents luctonians back towards their own tryline. not content with that they also managed to wipe out the goalposts as well.
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the game eventually had to be completed on an adjacent pitch. hinckley went on to win but victory came at a cost replacing the posts will cost £7000! an expensive when then! an expensive win then! that's all from sportsday. thanks very much for watching. goodbye. that was the bbc sport centre. stand—by for the papers. we will be with you in a moment, but first some news just in the us. theresa may has arrived in the middle east for a three—day visit and the prime minister said she will use the visit to highlight the need for the uk to build new relationships in the world after brexit. 0ur political correspondent alex forsyth is in the
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capital, amman. the prime minister has embarked on a three—day visit to the middle east, the second time this year she has been to this region, and this visit is about showing in part while the uk is leading the european union it still has global reach. the prime minister spoke to journalss has global reach. the prime minister spoke tojournalss on has global reach. the prime minister spoke to journalss on the aeroplane on the way over and she spoke about the importance of the uk forging confident and bold partnerships in the world. she says it was in britain's enterss to ensure as much as possible the stability of this region. while injordan she will meet king abdullah as well as some business leaders and women involved in local enterprise, the focus very much on economic prosperity of the country. she will also travel to saudi arabia where she will meet the crown prince and there she is expected to raise concerns about the humanitarian crisis in yemen. so while the domestic political focus very much on brexit and some uncertainty that brings for the uk's future with the eu, theresa may is very keen to stress the uk still has
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a very high standing in the rest of the world. that was alex forsyth, oui’ the world. that was alex forsyth, our political correspondent, with the prime minister injordan. now, the prime minister injordan. now, the papers... with me are laura hughes, political correspondent at the daily telegraph, and political commentator lance price. welcome to you both. we will look at the front pages. there is widespread reporting that a deal on brexit has been struck, at the moment. but let's bring you up—to—date with the front pages. the divorce dealfor brexit is reached, reads the metro's front page. the ft claims the uk has bowed to the eu's demands on the size of the brexit divorce bill. the telegraph also leads with the agreement on the brexit bill. there is also a picture with meghan
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markle, and has a buzzard matchmaker. the i says the reported brexit deal is close, whereas the times see the —— says the uk will be paying eu bills for years to come. this one in the guardian, £50 billion divorce bill. and the suggestion that david davis might be a matchmaker for the royal wedding! the express suggests there's a rise in diabetes sufferers also developing cancer. laura, lance, welcome to both. laura, lance, welcome to both. laura, i start with you. it was the telegraph that began at all this evening with the reports suggesting a deal had been reached. let's look at the front page first of all. talk us at the front page first of all. talk us through it. yesterday my colleague peter foster


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