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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 29, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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for snookerfans, this for snooker fans, this city has a special resonance. this man is no different. since 1977, sheffield crucible theatre has hosted the world championship. the crucible theatre is the gym of my life. i told myself i would get in the wedding my uniform, holding my queue and playing inside it. he will have to wait a little bit longer before he can play here. she has onlyjust joined snicko's professional tour. victory at the applicant should —— championship in tunisia earlier this year saw him america a two—year tour card. last year, she moved to sheffield and we met at the city's star academy where the practices. despite his dedication to snooker, it's been a hard for the 35 google to make a living from the sport, with the help of any sponsors.” spent all my life playing snooker. i refused all the jobs, i just
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spent all my life playing snooker. i refused all the jobs, ijust wanted to be sheer, want to compete. he also lives in a house owned by the academy. moving away from egypt has resulted in one of the challenge. she has had to learn how to cook, something he has never had to do before. i will make rice or pasta, with chicken. i enjoy eating from my hands, you know. it's a strange experience because i had never cooked at home. he is now preparing for his first—round match at the uk championship and it couldn't be any tougher. he is playing the defending champion, who is also the world champion, who is also the world champion and world number one. yes, it's an interesting match. i work at the jaw and i just laughed. it's an interesting match. i work at the jaw and ijust laughed. it will give mea the jaw and ijust laughed. it will give me a big list in my career. it's good experience as well, whatever the result will be, it's good experience. to play with him,
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something great. his name he means the man who smiles. she will be grinning from ear to ear if he pulls offa grinning from ear to ear if he pulls off a shock victory against the world number one this week. it's a big week for one of rising stars of womens boxings. —— it's a big week for one of rising stars of women's boxings. on saturday, chantelle cameron has her first chance to win a world title since turning professional. she won her first four fights in devastating style and has been back to her old boxing gym in northampton, where james burridge went to meet her. the most famous face in this gem as female. making her name in the ranks back at the club where she started, head of our first world title fight this weekend. i'm an ad for the exciting fights, the challenges. making think i am ready and i want the challenge and i think people will see the best out of me when i
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have a challenge, because when someone have a challenge, because when someone hits me, i will get more determined to get stuck in. in her corner, one of british boxing ‘s most famous faces. barry mcguigan snapped her up in the me, and ever since heartless and the ring has been a roller—coaster ofjabs, uppercuts and big nights under bright lights, on national tv. uppercuts and big nights under bright lights, on nationaltv. she is tough. she has a phenomenal engine. she can go and go and call and she has power. plus the fact that now we are working on her punch placement, so that when she heads she hits with horrific accuracy. she has power in her legs, great power and shejust has power in her legs, great power and she just loves the fate. here, the wallpaper is made of newspaper headlines. everybody knows they can
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get goals coming into boxing and we —— trigueros coming into boxing. we have a session for women on tuesday and thursday nights just for an hour. one time i wasn't interested, but she has brought women's boxing all across the country into the boxing clubs. since starting off as a kick boxer at the age of 12, she wa nted a kick boxer at the age of 12, she wanted to prove people wrong. an outstanding amateur, she was crushed by herfailure to outstanding amateur, she was crushed by her failure to make the olympics, but world temple built —— the world title belt would put that behind her. it's not even nerves, the excitement. i get excited to fate and that is what is really paying off. as soon as the dell goes, i love it. a big step in from this general —— for this girl. a world title could be in weight. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. goodbye.
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reportedly as much as 50 billion euros. a cold night tonight with a frost is more widely. a lot of cloud that we had in inland areas will tend to melt away and we'll have clearer skies. likely to keep some cloud down in eastern areas where we had some showers around today. we've also got some strong winds for eastern scotland, eastern coastal areas of england where we will see showers continuing overnight. more showers continuing overnight. more showers overnight clipping the far south—west. anywhere you catch the shower there is a risk of icy patches overnight. lowest bridges inland with a widespread frost. particularly cold in the countryside. another cold data, on
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thursday. away from northern scotland, the rest of scotland probably bright and sunny. rain showers across northern ireland probably. cool this area is down these eastern coastal areas where there is a mixture of rain, hail, sleet and snow. a sunny start for many and then back into some showers running into pembrokeshire and towards cornwall. those showers in the west will continue all day and those strong winds will continue to blow some showers down eastern coastal areas of scotland and england. some of those showers wintry. a large parts of the uk tomorrow will be dry. quite funny as well but a cold day. those temperatures no better than three or 4 degrees for many. towards the end of the week and the first day of december, cloud coming in from scotla nd december, cloud coming in from scotland and northern ireland. but brighter with some sunshine to england and wales. showers down eastern side of england with a few wintry ones in east anglia and the south east. for most the wind
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becoming lighter. temperatures struggling up to 4—6d. high—pressure beginning to shrink out towards the west allowing these weak weather fronts to topple in around the top of that, coming into the uk. the really cold air gets squeezed away to the near continent and instead we get more of a westerly wind. that will lift the temperature is drawing in some milder air. coming with a good deal of cloud. by the second half of the weekend a little more sunshine for scotland and northern ireland and the temperatures could be in double figures. you're watching beyond 100 days. president trump creates a firestorm by retweeting videos from a far right british group. the inflammatory images are anti—muslim — downing street says he shouldn't have done it. far right groups in both the uk and
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the us bank the president for the retweets. britain first says it is pleased with the publicity. the tweets drews condemnation in parliament, but at the white house they are defending the president's decision. look, again whether it is a real video. the threat is real, and that is what the president is talking about. and another one is gone. one of the biggest stars in us television has been fired after allegations of sexual misconduct. also on the programme. i am rejecting the court's ruling. stop please.
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