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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 30, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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a lot of these players are going to peak maybe in two orfour years' time. but we can't just write off a tournament. i don't think anybody in england would accept that. if i offered you the quarterfinal of the world cup next summer now, would you take it? not now, no. but we haven't won a knockout match since 2006, so our last two tournaments have been a disappointment. so we've got to remember where we are starting from with this group of young players. equally, they are fiercely ambitious. the evolution of the england squad and southgate has seen an emphasis on younger players, and the manager says he has been impressed with their sense of unity. they've got so many foreign players at their club that i think coming together with other english players is actually a strength. it's something they look forward to. so, the environment we have is very healthy. this has been an unprecedented year of success for england's youth teams, with both the under—17s and under—20s crowned world champions. southgate must now hope such achievements rub off on his young squad, as he prepares for his first major
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tournament in charge. dan roan, bbc news, moscow. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's kamal ahmed. tonight, what happened to that special relationship? we'll examine the future of diplomacy for britain and the united states after an extraordinary 2a hours join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh ferris. the headlines tonight: excited about england's prospects for the world cup in russia. we hear from manager gareth southgate on the eve of the tournament's draw. "enthused and energised", is how sam allardyce describes the everton job. he's back in management after signing an 18 month deal at goodison park. and after ten months of injury and personal problems tiger returns to competitive golf in the bahamas. welcome along.
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it's the moment that really kicks off the countdown to the world cup. tomorrow the kremlin throws open its doors to england and the other 31 teams to qualify for the tournament in russia for the draw. in which they'll find out who, and where, they'll be playing. the draw will take place in moscow with england in pot two of four. which means they could be placed in a group with the likes of defending champions germany or brazil. manager gareth southgate has been talking to our sports editor dan roan. who asked him if he'd accept reaching the quarter finals if offered. not now, no. laughter
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but we haven't won a knockout match since 2006, so our last two tournaments have been a disappointment. so we've got to remember where we are starting from with this group of young players. equally, they are fiercely ambitious. everything is ahead of them and it is not the meter but a limit on their expectations. -- it is not for me to put a limit. excited. i've just been at a dinner with all of the other coaches, and you recognise we're one of only 32 countries to qualify. so it's an exciting moment for everybody. it will be nice to know who and where and when we will be playing. you have got to play whoever. it is not that the door is irrelevant, but i'm not thinking, i'm hoping we have this... —— draw. you can worry yourself silly, worrying about who you're going to play. we've got to be prepared to beat everybody. you have decided where you would like to be based? yes, we have.
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we've looked at what's best in terms of hotel, paired with training ground, paired with travel, paired with climate. of course, when you're looking at any venue, you never get absolutely everything you'd like. but we feel that was the best option for us. you have blooded several very exciting youngsters in recent times, is itfairto exciting youngsters in recent times, is it fair to say that realistically england are building a team for 2020 and 2022? we have got to try and do both. when we were in qualifying we had to qualify and also introduce young buyers and developed a way of playing. now in this interim period we are trying to experiment a bit —— young players. but we can't go to a world cup and not try and win it. we have got to be as prepared as we can be an see how far we can go. a lot of these players are going to peak maybe in two orfour years' time.
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but we can't just write off a tournament. i don't think anybody in england would accept that. just six months after leaving crystal palace saying he had no ambition to take anotherjob. sam allardyce has been tempted back. he's signed an 18 month deal to take over at everton. he completed the formalities of the deal today after watching the team beat west ham last night at goodison park. and says he is "enthused and energised" about returning to management with everton. allardyce becomes the permanent successor to ronald koeman. claiming the ambition of the club was key to him taking thejob. manchester city midfielder david silva has signed a one year contract extension. it'll keep him at the etihad until 2020. which will mark ten years at the club for the spain international. who joined city from valencia for £24 million in 2010. since then he's won two premier league titles, an fa cup and two league cups. meanwhile manchester city women's manager nick cushing has withdrawn his application to become the next england manager. cushing had made the fa's short list
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but has opted to stay with the defending wsl champions. tiger woods says he "did great" in his comeback to competitive golf. he's been out since february after more back surgery. woods carded a 3—under par 69 in his first round at the hero world challenge in the bahamas. this on the tenth was one of his five birdies. the 1a time major winner, now a1, is three shots behind the clubhouse leader, england's tommy fleetwood. fleetwood finished with a 6—under par 66 two weeks after winning the european tour order of merit. and one week before he gets married. also in the bahamas england all rounder ben stokes might be geographically a lot closer to his team—mates in australia. but he's no closer to playing in the ashes. he's signed for new zealand side canterbury as he remains unavailable to play for england following his arrest in september on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm after an incident in bristol. they will not review that stance until a decision has been made
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on whether to charge him. andy swiss reports from adelaide. welcome to the adelaide oval, the australian players are being put to their paces behind me. earlier on, england trained in sweltering conditions. temperatures up into the 30s. they are forecast to drop significantly over the next 48 hours. by the time play gets under way on saturday, temperatures expect to be down into the high teens. that will be much more to england's liking. after starting training news came through of the signing of ben stokes for the new zealand side canterbury. he could make his debut on sunday. the second day of the test here. but it seems increasingly unlikely ben stokes will feature for england
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in this ashes series. he might need to wait several weeks before he finds out whether he will be charged. the ecb will wait for that decision before any review of whether he can play for england. but what do the england players make of it? is this turning into something of a distraction for them? earlier on, we heard from jimmy anderson. it's not something we really think about. we don't not talk about it deliberately. it hasn't come up. we are really focused on trying to win this test series. i think it's important we do focus on that because any distractions outside of our group will probably inhibit that. we're trying to really focus on the cricket. jimmy anderson could be a key man as far as england are concerned here. the pink ball does have a tendency to swing under the floodlights and that would suit anderson's style of bowling. australia have the momentum after that victory in the first test in brisbane. they know if they win here in adelaide the ashes will be within touching distance.
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andy swiss there reporting from adelaide for us. well, as you heard there in that report the subject of ben stokes's immediate cricket future is never too far away. that of course lies for now in new zealand — here's the canterbury coach gary stead. he could be here until the end of the competition, as well. any time you get to rub shoulders with a player of that quality it is exciting for our players and i think thatis exciting for our players and i think that is great for us. scarlets centre hadleigh parkes will make his wales debut against south africa on saturday in cardiff. on the day he qualifies through residency the 30 year old new zealander will line up at centre alongside scott williams. parkes joined the scarlets in 2014. but wasn't eligible for the first three tests of the autumn which have seen wales lose to australia and the all blacks and narrowly beat georgia. two more russian athletes have been banned from the olympics
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after testing positive for banned substances. sprinter yulia guschina had already been stripped of three relay medals from the 2008 and 2012 games. the ioc said guschina was caught when her samples from the london games were retested. long jumper anna nazarova has also been banned. britain's gordon reid came from a set down to win his second pool match at the wheelchair tennis masters in loughbrough. the reigning paralympic men's singles champion lost the first set against frenchman nicolas peifer, but came back strongly 6—4, 6—3 to win his first match of the tournament. earlier andy lapthorne also won to qualify for the semi finals. but it was defeat for britain's alfie hewett. he lost to japan's shingo kunieda in three sets. hewitt dominated in the early stages, winning the first set 6—1. but the british number two was forced to call for a medical time out after the first set due to a shoulder injury and never recovered, losing the next two sets 6—4, 6—2. there was also disappointment for britain's lucy shuker. she lost her match to south africa's kg montjanyer 6—1, 6—2.
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that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me arejohn rentoul, chief political commentator at the independent, and political strategist jo tanner. she does appear on other paper reviews but we won't mention them. welcome to this one. and now to the front pages. the metro claims that the special relationship between the us and the uk looks to be injeopardy following the row over donald trump's anti—muslim twitter posts.
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the ft says the labour leader, jeremy corbyn has warned banks operating in the city of london, that he would be a threat to their business if he became prime minister. the express leads on the medical research which suggests that eating cheese could slash the risk of heart disease. the i says british and american diplomats are trying to repair the damage caused by the public falling out between donald trump and theresa may. the mirror reports on the calls to prosecute the us president for race hate over his tweets. the paper says the best response would be to cancel his state visit. the times reports that far—right group britain first has been boasting of an increase in support after donald trump re—tweeted the group's anti—muslim videos. the guardian covers the research which has found that children as young as two are being streamed on ability. and the sun leads on two of the army's ‘hero hounds' which are facing being put down
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because officials say they can't be rehomed. there is a lot of donald trump in this review. as you might have guessed. we start with the daily mirror, not wanted, it says, with the mock up of a western poster. calls to cancel the state visit, but that won't happen? this is the visit that won't happen? this is the visit that was presented to donald trump when theresa may went on her visit to meet him but i'm not sure we really ever thought this visit was going to happen anyway. it has been put off and put off and not spoken about and we have deliberately not wa nted about and we have deliberately not wanted to organise a date, like having one of those relatives you don't want to come to stay annual really busy. —— and you're really busy. that's not autobiographical, of course. of course not! there is 110w of course. of course not! there is now a clamour to say that he
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shouldn't be coming but actually i think there has been an effort to dampen down the conversation about it even happening at all. there was the suggestion that there was indecent haste offering the state visit in the first place, not letting him bed in and finding out what kind of presidency it was going to be. it was one of those decisions of theresa may's that has come back to bite her, but you could see her reasoning. you want to get in there early and impress the new president and you want to improve relations between britain and america especially because a brexit, we are going to need a trade deal with america. it has backfired rather spectacularly, and it is not as simple as the daily mirror implies, to on invite him, because the queen has invited him as the head of state. he has accepted and therefore it is quite awkward for the government to get the queen to
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disinvite him, that would not go down well. it is head of state to head of state, isn't it? yes, so the ideal solution is to keep putting off the actual date. i don't think donald trump wants to come. there are suggestions that he was concerned there could be protests,


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