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‘ theresa ‘theresa may's ' 1-43 wegfi- i'vé'firuf‘a "'->:-" ' 1-43 wagi- (mk-rash; "'-":-" 11-5; ‘theresa may's that has come back of theresa may's that has come back to bite her, but you could see her reasoning. you want to get in there early and impress the new president and you want to improve relations between britain and america especially because a brexit, we are going to need a trade deal with america. it has backfired rather spectacularly, and it is not as simple as the daily mirror implies, to on invite him, because the queen has invited him as the head of state. he has accepted and therefore it is quite awkward for the government to get the queen to disinvite him, that would not go down well. it is head of state to head of state, isn't it? yes, so the ideal solution is to keep putting off the actual date. i don't think donald trump wants to come. there are suggestions that he was concerned there could be protests, and if there weren't the >> studio:
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—— there weren't going to be then, there certainly are now. what about race crime? i don't quite know how that works, but no doubt that will be explained on further pages of the daily mirror. in america, the right to free speech, constitutional. yes. let's look at the i paper comedy special in tatters, this is a bit overwritten? —— i paper, the special relationship in tatters. anything which mentions the special relationship is overwritten, and we don't have an especially good relationship with donald trump. he likes britain, his mother was
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scottish. he has a golf course. but it is more than that. the relationship between this country and america will withstand this.” hope so, yes. this isn't the first argument, there are historical items, difficulties between thatcher and reagan is never got over them, and reagan is never got over them, and issues between tony blair and bill clinton over gerry adams. babies that was granted to him before the peace process, i think for the —— a viz that was granted to him. there have been issues before. this will be at the back of the minds of politicians, the trade deal, although they have got to speak out about things like these, the anti—muslim videos, but they will be thinking after brexit, we have said our relationship with america is going to be brilliant portable and they are going to give
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us portable and they are going to give usa portable and they are going to give us a great trade deal. —— brilliant and they are going to give us. well, are they? donald trump's whole thing was protectionist and america first, we we re was protectionist and america first, we were going to get much from him anyway, but you want to maintain the relationship at the official level —— we weren't. these things take a long time to negotiate a maybe donald trump won't be there for very long. the daily telegraph also has the kop story, he will not visit the uk in the foreseeable future —— the trump story. he was going to come here quite soon? the idea is that after the initial visit offer had been made and it was accepted, there was the suggestion it would be this year and was the suggestion it would be this yearand then it was the suggestion it would be this year and then it got, the narrative would be it would be around the new us embassy opening and that would be the reason, some flagship event, but i don't know, maybe that will...
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maybe they have got to polish the floor a bit more, maybe some gardening that needs to be done. maybe until our memories forget this latest episode. exactly. theresa may was ina latest episode. exactly. theresa may was in a bind, she had to say something about what he had put out on twitter. she did, she was pretty forceful about it, saying it was com pletely forceful about it, saying it was completely wrong. she wants to condemn it without drawing too much attention to this awful group and giving them the oxygen and publicity. she was as robust as she could be. the language was very specific, it was wrong of him, and amber rudd also repeated that in the house of commons, very specific language. it wasn't that donald trump was wrong, it was wrong to have tweeted that, it was very careful language. when the number
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ten official spokesperson mentioned and answered this question, very soofi and answered this question, very soon afterwards it was reiterated that they were speaking on behalf of the prime minister which is unusual, they don't always do that, but it was made very clear that she was very firm about her condemnation. the ambassador of the united states has made representations to the white house, but the idea that donald trump did this without thinking about the consequences, do you buy that? well, does he think about consequences? he knows how this will play with his supporters in the states. this is just the way he operates. he is like a teenager. there's something interesting, when trees away >> studio: -- theresa may was in the middle east, that was when another donald trump episode
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came out, and now again, almost as if he has seen her diary. and out to the guardian, we have some pretty pictures, which is great. winter arrives with a flurry, lovely picture. whitby, north yorkshire. looks absolutely beautiful. extremely cold even in london tonight. we normally get away with ita tonight. we normally get away with it a bit. outside here it was amazingly cold. i want that at christmas, i have a nine—year old and i'm desperate for a white christmas, the magical thing that you grow up with, getting a white christmas, it is so rare. i don't remember getting many when i was growing up, even further north than this. it is beautiful, but not a lwa ys this. it is beautiful, but not always easy to navigate. we talk about it down here. it is easy for
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us about it down here. it is easy for us down in london, to get a smattering of snow everything it is the end of the world, but other parts of the country, up in high land, scotland, the peaks, northern ireland... iwas on land, scotland, the peaks, northern ireland... i was on holiday last year, the people said they lived much further north in northern parts of canada, and their idea of cold was the kind of stuff which i thought they were making up numbers, that can't possibly happen? places like manitoba and saskatchewan. that can't possibly happen? places like manitoba and saskatchewanm it drops below freezing, we start to panic, but that was nothing to them. daily express, another picture, the snow chaos, which is a strange headline. and then, will it be a white christmas? it doesn't speak of yuletide joy. yes, yuletide joy, drive your car off the road. this
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was in brompton, north yorkshire. pretty grim. it is all happening in north yorkshire, and there was a flurry in westminster, as well. there was a flurry of snow when i came out of oxford circus, i thought, but someone had sprinkled something in the air, i felt conned. not quite gold dust. stardust. we are going to the financial times next. jeremy corbyn lashes out at big bank gamblers and speculators, not any bank. he has gone after morgan stanley, which had predicted snap elections next year and argued the prospect is much more scary from the prospect is much more scary from the equity perspective than brexit, and they seem to argue in the report that a jeremy corbyn government would mark the most significant political shift in the uk since
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margaret thatcher and might pose a bigger risk than brexit, sojeremy corbyn has decided to lash out in return. he doesn't like to be compared to brexit, clearly, although he might be a secret brexit supporter, although he said he voted to remain. if the banks are going to have a go at him, he is not a fan of banks generally. and capitalism. this time he has had a go at morgan sta nley this time he has had a go at morgan stanley by name. who have alistair darling on their board which is quite interesting, the former labour chancellor. in the past, it has been a general anti—wall street sentiment but this is particular. yes, this idea... this is all about he is feeling bolstered after the election, feeling he can be a bit more aggressive with his tone, but
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when, as leader of the opposition, he sees a report like that which they put out, i'm not surprised in they put out, i'm not surprised in the way he has responded. this comment will play well with his supporters. this reinforces his brand. he is antiestablishment, he is for change and he wants to tip everything over and start again, and this kind of thing is gold dust. to him. were he to be in power, he would realise that he needed the banks and had to create the right environment for business. you might know that. but... you make him sound like a sage, but that is the tussle for some parties. absolutely, even in some of the language he uses, he said, when they say we are a threat, they are right, we are the party of
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they are right, we are the party of the many. people will say that is the many. people will say that is the politics of envy. that is what the politics of envy. that is what the bank said. don't forget you can see all of the front pages on the website. online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — seven days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer thank you, john and jo. coming up next it's the weather. once again, the middle part of the week always looked as if it would be quite wintry, especially across the eastern part of the british isles. these pictures through thursday really highlight that story with the snow falling and unsettling to
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really low levels and a number of locations, and it wasn't like that everywhere, in the west the skies we re everywhere, in the west the skies were clear for a greater part of the day and that is the balance we will keep as we get into the small hours of friday. in the west temperatures falling away, especially in the countryside, and especially across the high ground of scotland, looking at —7, and in the east we have had the showers and we keep them going overnight, and the concern in the first part of friday is the untreated services, there is a met office warning to cover the possibility of ice. we might find that towards the north west of scotland, the first signs of a significant change in the weather type which will see it extending more widely across the british isles as we move into the weekend. friday morning at sub, foster ran across the central and western parts —— friday morning itself, frost around. still a notable northerly wind and
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that will be the wave for the greater part of the day but the contrast between thursday and friday is that many more of the showers at the lower level are going to be watery rather than wintry and there will be fewer of them. at west, the west midlands and the south—west of england and wales, sunshine, and maybe many locations will be a bit warmer compared to thursday. this trend to milder conditions continues apace through the course of the weekend, but the flow is no more from the north, it is more around the north eastern flank and the high pressure centred to the west of ireland, and we will see cloud and moisture in the flows which is dominated by the atlantic, not the most barking weekends, but slowly on sunday, many more will be looking at temperatures between 7—11, rather than 3—6, but on friday will have
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lost a great deal of the sunshine. this is bbc news. the headlines at 11pm: on a visit tojordan, the prime minister says she isn't afraid to call out the president when she believes he's made a mistake. i'm very clear that retweeting from britain first was the wrong thing to do. net migration into the uk falls sharply and it's mainly down to fewer people coming from the eu. six brits are reunited with their families after being held in india for more than four years. and on newsnight, whatever happened to the special relationship? we examine the future of diplomacy between britain and the united states after an extraordinary 2a hours of tweets and tiffs.
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